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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Las Vegas Mold Damage Repair

The mold damage at this Las Vegas residence resulted from undetected water damage behind the walls. Household mold removal begins with closing off the affected ... READ MORE

Water Damage in Bathroom in Summerlin, NV

Our team responding to a water loss at a commercial facility. We quickly began extracting and getting drying equipment in place to start the restoration process... READ MORE

Las Vegas Storm Damage – Portion of Roof Blown Off

The flood damage at this Las Vegas home occurred during a powerful rainstorm carrying high gusty winds. A portion of the customer’s roof was blown away while th... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Las Vegas Garage

Fire Damage to this Vegas garage, as the before photo shows, required complete fire and water damage restoration. In this instance, we could have called our ser... READ MORE

Flooding in Summerlin, NV Home

Our team responding to a water loss in Summerlin, NV. Upon our arrival there was a lot of water in the facility. We quickly extracted and mitigated the damages ... READ MORE

Flood Damage - Las Vegas Warehouse Facility

Flood damage at this Las Vegas warehouse required flood damage restoration to 75,000 square feet of flooring and some interior water damage to walls. SERVPRO wa... READ MORE

Water Damage at Las Vegas Home From Roof Leak

Water Damage at this Las Vegas home was the result of an undetected roof leak. The damage to the roof was barely noticeable. However, repeated rains led to an a... READ MORE

Water Loss in Summerlin, Nevada

SERVPRO of Summerlin/ Sun City responding to a water loss. As we arrived we quickly got rid of the water and placed drying equipment to get the facility dry and... READ MORE

Water Damage in Summerlin

This Summerlin home had water come into their garage because of flooding. The water came under the garage door flooding the area. This was a nice garage. It was... READ MORE

Mold Damage Remediation in Las Vegas

Mold damage remediation can be a pain to deal with, especially when it's found behind the walls. That is why it is important to utilize SERVPRO of Summerlin Nor... READ MORE

Visible Mold Damage - FAQ

What is mold? It is microbial growth from the fungi kingdom. It's primary purpose is to break down dead organic materials. Where does it grow? Mold grows on any... READ MORE

Severe Mold Damage in Las Vegas Home

Severe Mold Damage in Las Vegas Home Having mold is a big problem for a home. Once there is visible mold in a home it will grow quickly as time goes on. Each mo... READ MORE

Sun City Kitchen Mold

You can often find mold in the kitchen. Most of it is even edible; blue cheese and mushrooms for example. But, when the mold is growing behind the cupboards and... READ MORE

Water and Mold Problems in Las Vegas Home

This Las Vegas home called us after they found a spot of mold growing on their ceiling. The culprit was a couple of broken tiles on the roof that allowed water ... READ MORE

Severe Mold Damage in Sun City

This water heater was in a closet during the summer and nobody really checked on it until the water started to get too cold when showering. The homeowners knew ... READ MORE

Commercial Water Restoration

SERVPRO of Summerlin North/Sun City responded to this commercial restoration project. It had flooded on the main floor and the water was rapidly evaporating in ... READ MORE

Commercial Water Mitigation in Sun City

The main floor of this hotel flooded after a pipe break. SERVPRO of Summerlin North/Sun City in order to keep the humidity levels down in the building. The faci... READ MORE

Commercial Water Cleanup in Shoe Store

This shoe store had water damage in their stock room. The store room was soaked and the boxes in the room started taking on some of the water. We were called in... READ MORE

Las Vegas Offices Flooded

The damage to this office when a pipe broke was incredible. There was about an inch of standing water throughout the offices. The first thing we did when we arr... READ MORE

Hotel Damaged on Top Floor

This hotel in Las Vegas had flooded on the top floor. There are fire sprinklers in each room with a little sign of a circle with a crossed out clothes hanger in... READ MORE

Church Fire and Smoke Damage

This church suffered a fire and smoke in their sanctuary. The fire started when a candle had fallen during cleanup of the services at the end of the day. The wa... READ MORE

Las Vegas Church is Flooded

The assembly area of this church had a fire which caused the fire sprinklers to be set off. The fire started when a candle had fallen during cleanup of the serv... READ MORE

Sun City Home Destroyed by Fire

When a home has this much damage the adjuster and the Project Manager have to determine if it is more costly to clean the drywall vs replacing the drywall. Tech... READ MORE

Non GFCI Outlets Causes Fire

Older homes have older outlets in their bathrooms which have continuous currents going to electrical items. This Summerlin home bathroom started on fire after a... READ MORE

Church Office Damage from Fire and Vandalism

A church in Las Vegas had suffered a small fire and vandalism. The kids broke into the church and started throwing things around the offices. They destroyed pro... READ MORE

Storm Damage to Las Vegas Home

Storm Damage to Las Vegas Home This home had water damage from heavy rains. Rain water had gone behind the cabinets and caused mold to start growing. The entire... READ MORE

Thermal camera to detect storm damage

This classroom had water leaking into this room. The corner of the roof had blown up during high winds and storm which allowed the water to come in and leave th... READ MORE

Containment During Storm Damage

This home had a containment built to keep damages from spreading further. Flooding came though the main floor but soaked and broke through the top floor. The pr... READ MORE

Storm Damage In Las Vegas Home

This Las Vegas home was unfortunate to have flooding after the monsoon rains passed through. The homeowners were devastated with the damage that was in their ho... READ MORE

Wind Driven Rain Ruins Room

When the wind blows hard enough that the rain hits under the shingles and eaves of a roof. The top of this window also had its seal damaged over time which allo... READ MORE

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