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Know the 3 Types of Contaminated Water

5/23/2020 (Permalink)

Background of blue water and on the middle a sign that says water categories Know the three types of water categories

Know the 3 Types of Contaminated Water

The moment you see water in your Sun City Summerlin, NV, home, getting it cleaned up as quickly as possible is vital to mitigate damage. Before diving into the cleanup process, it is important to understand that not all water is equal. There are three main types of contaminated water. Depending on which type you are faced with will determine the necessary precautions to be taken during cleanup.

1: Clean Water
This type of water issue comes from a clean source, such as a supply line, faucet, melting snow or toilet holding tank. It is considered sanitary water that does not contain contaminants harmful to humans and animals. While this is the best type of water damage to deal with, if left unchecked, it can lead to mold and other issues that bump it into the next category within 48 hours.

2: Gray Water
This type of contaminated water often comes from dishwashers, showers, washing machines or other appliances that may have chemicals or bacteria that could be harmful if ingested. Although it may seem relatively safe, it can still be an irritant when cleaning. Like the first category, if gray water sits too long without being addressed, it can quickly become the third category.

3: Black Water
The level of contamination in this category is considered hazardous. It often contains raw sewage, chemicals, pathogens, and other harmful organisms. This unsanitary water, which can be caused by natural flooding or sewage backups, can quickly absorb into the porous materials of a home, creating much bigger issues than just the water itself. Instead of addressing this category, it is best to call a water remediation and restoration expert to safely handle the cleanup and get your home back to normal without any lingering issues.
While water may just look like water, there is a chance it could be contaminated water. Instead of jumping into cleanup mode, it is important to verify the type of water damage and get the appropriate help for safe, proper cleanup.

What To Know About Restoring Documents After Water Damage

5/10/2020 (Permalink)

Wet documents Wet documents can be restored with professional help

What To Know About Restoring Documents After Water Damage

After flooding at your Summerlin, NV, place of business, there’s a chance that wet documents could be left behind. These important files are often needed for operations, budgeting, client information, or other reasons beaning they’re not something you want to lose. This is paperwork you may want to be restored as soon as possible. Here’s what you may want to know about this process.

1. A Professional Can Help

One of the first steps toward restoring your paper documentation is to contact a local water damage restoration service. These professionals have the tools needed to salvage your damaged files without causing further damage. It’s a good idea to talk to them beforehand about your files so that you can know what to expect from this process.

2. The Document Can Be Freeze Dried

Often times the process of document drying includes freeze drying the damaged materials. This method of dealing with wet documents is the same process used by the Library of Congress in their own restorations. This means that you can feel confidant in the fact that your business paperwork can be saved and restored for future use.

3. Sterilization is Also Possible

Your paper documentation can also be sterilized after the drying procedure has been completed. This is achieved via a gamma irradiation process, to help ensure that these documents are free from any bacteria, parasites, pesticides, or other materials that could be carried by flood water. After this, your restoration team may even be able to help you digitize these files if you so desire.

It’s important to know that wet documents can be restored with professional help. Many restoration services have the ability to freeze dry this paperwork, as well as sterilize it. Soon these files can be safe to use again in your daily business operations. Remember, if you have any questions your restoration team should be able to help.

4 Things To Know About Mold

5/10/2020 (Permalink)

Removing mold from the wall in the house. Hand in blue glove tears off wallpapers damaged by fungus Mold removal in a Sun City Summerlin, NV building

Four Important Things To Know About Mold

Business owners in Sun City Summerlin, NV, should understand the ins and outs of mold growth. After all, it's a situation that can happen very quickly and easily, catching proprietors by surprise. In fact, people may wonder how something so natural could become so deleterious. Here are four important things to know about mold.

1. Fungus Loves Hydration
High humidity helps mold thrive. In fact, it's a special love potion for the microorganism, encouraging breeding in a very short time. Therefore, you should try to maintain a dry space, removing any additional moisture from the air. Do this by running your air units regularly, adding dehumidifiers in over wet rooms, and placing absorbent products in dark, dank locations.

2. Spores Are Already There
You can't keep spores out. They exist in nature as decomposers, and they are everywhere. You pick them up when you walk outside, the wind blows them in through the doors and windows. In fact, they even creep into the space through the air handler. To prevent mold growth, you simply have to remind yourself to clean regularly. Wash spaces, vacuum floors, and clean up spills. Don't leave any water lingering around.

3. Bleach Doesn't Always Kill It
The water damage you saw could develop a funky scent and black spots if it's allowed to linger. You may think a household cleaner is enough, but it isn't those little microbes that have seeped into the material, finding a nice cozy home. Spraying it with something may get the outside, but it doesn't necessarily get into the problem.

4. Rot Needs Removal
Your infestation is cared for by bringing in a mold restoration team that can evaluate the area and determine a cleanup procedure. To effectively reduce your risk, you'll need to take out what has been ruined. That means tearing out carpet or drywall, replacing it with something new. Doing so takes the active fungal growth away.
It's not a simple issue. Mold growth needs professional attention. To avoid severe situations, keep it dry and clean often. When something happens, though, take it seriously.

3 Reasons to Make Home Repairs Quickly After a Storm

4/27/2020 (Permalink)

Warped wooden floor from water damage Warped wood damaged by flood waters in Las Vegas, NV

Here's What You Should Know

After a storm, you may want to wait until your flood insurance adjuster can visit your Las Vegas, NV, home. However, it’s okay and even advised to begin repairs before they arrive. There are a few reasons for this. Here’s what you should know.

1. Acting Quickly Can Prevent Additional Damage

Acting quickly is one way to avoid additional damages such as warped wood, soaked carpeting, damaged personal items, and even mold. Your insurance agent may recommend working with a local restoration service to help clean up and repair any flood damage, as these professionals can have the tools to do so quickly and safely. One of the first steps they may take is removing flood water from the home.

2. Some Repairs Can Start Early

While waiting for your flood insurance adjuster some repairs can start early. This is especially true if a restoration service is working on the home as they can document everything as they go. Some things you can start before the adjuster arrives include the removal of any flood water, and boarding or tarping over damaged areas to help prevent additional damage from occurring.

3. Long Term Problems Can Also Be Avoided

When you act quickly to make repairs you can help prevent possible long term problems that could arise from storm damage. Removing flood water quickly can help you avoid mold damage, as well as possible structural problems that can occur when the wood of the home has been soaked. The professionals working on your home restoration should know how to help you avoid long term issues such as these.

After experiencing storm damage in your home you should contact your flood insurance provider however, you don’t have to wait for them to visit before you can begin repairs. Especially if you're working with a preferred vendor. Making repairs as quickly as possible can help prevent additional damages and long term problems.

Replace Lost Revenue With Insurance

4/19/2020 (Permalink)

Causes of business interruption Interruption insurance may not be right for all small businesses

A company thrives on incoming revenue. Without revenue it can be difficult to meet payroll, fix equipment, pay the energy bills and replace inventory. Unfortunately, as a business owner in Sun City Summerlin, NV, you know that many disasters can happen to your business, including storms, fires, and floods. While commercial property insurance will pay for damages from covered perils, it will not pay for lost revenue due to a closed business. That is the province of interruption insurance. When a business is shut down for a period of time, this coverage replaces the money and profits you are losing out on while the property is being restored.

Business Interruption Information
As always, when dealing with complicated insurance issues, it is best to consult with your insurance agent. Interruption insurance may not be right for all small businesses. The coverage provides the following benefits:

  • Replaces lost revenue while the company is closed
  • Pays for operating expenses during this time period
  • Is added to your commercial insurance policy
    Increases peace of mind

The coverage can be combined with an extra expense policy. This provides an incentive for a company to stay open in challenging times. Extra expenses such as building a temporary warehouse to service customers would likely be covered.

Fire Restoration Information

Working with a qualified storm mitigation company is another way to meet the financial challenges of a business interruption caused by a commercial fire. A company that works on the philosophy of Faster to any size disaster knows that time is of the essence. A professional team that works 24/7 and 365 days a year can arrive on site fast and begin putting things back in order. After an inspection and assessment, a plan of recovery, with a solid estimate of costs, is put together. The goal is to safely clear away all signs of damage and allow your company to get back to work again.

How To Keep Safe in a Thunderstorm

3/31/2020 (Permalink)

Lightning rod on roof Maintain a lightning rod if one is on the property

How To Keep Safe in a Thunderstorm

A severe thunderstorm can unleash massive amounts of energy on your business in Summerlin, NV, in a short amount of time. It is a rain storm with a big bite. Winds can easily exceed 60 miles per hour. Hail stones sometimes as large as an inch in diameter can pound windows and roofs. Flooding can occur. Your focus when dealing with a big storm is the protection of your property and the safety of your employees and customers. The safety concern can be broken down to a before, a during and an after. Before a storm the following actions are helpful:

  • Trim trees and shrubs that might fall on buildings
  • Maintain a lightning rod if one is on the property
  • Educate employees with drills and information
  • Designate a safe area

During the Storm

When the rain storm is underway, employees should be urged to stay away from windows and skylights, especially if lightning is active. If it is too dangerous, workers should head to the safest place in the building, and all outdoor activities should be cancelled. It is crucial the everyone stays away from electrical systems and uses battery-powered devices. If possible, listen to local news outlets for real time information on the storm. As long as it is still safe, shutter windows and close doors securely to protect against high winds.

After the Storm

This is the time to verify that everyone is okay, and to seek medical attention as needed. A quick assessment of the property will give you a good idea if any dangerous damage exists, such as downed power lines or flooded areas. For help with recovery from a severe rain storm, a professional storm remediation team in your area has the tools and the training to respond to a disaster. All water from flooding should be considered contaminated. A trained team will have the necessary PPE equipment to deal with an emergency cleanup.

Restoration After A Fire Loss In Las Vegas

3/24/2020 (Permalink)

Dirty air duct When is the last time you had your air ducts cleaned?

Restoration After A Fire Loss In Las Vegas

There are many homeowners in the Las Vegas, Summerlin Nevada and Sun City Nevada that are looking for a simple way to make their home safe again. The house will not have clean air, and they must get a team on the site as soon as possible. This article explains how someone will ensure their home has been cleaned properly using the techniques of the day. Someone who has been searching for a simple way to repair their home will ensure they have a home that is worth going back to.

#1: Fire Damage And Its Extent

The water damage from fire, soot damage, and smoke damage must be repaired as soon as possible before the home is overtaken with the dirt and soot that is left behind. There are many different people who are struggling with home fires and damage because they did not have it repaired, and they will notice the house is recovering the air quality it once had. Vegas homeowners must make the call quickly, and they will learn how to keep their homes in better condition.

#2: The Simplicity Of The Service

There are many people taking services that are quite simple, and they start with water damage from fire. They will continue with soot damage or smoke damage, and they will scrub the house until they believe it is clean. The house itself will be repaired in like manner, and it will look s it did before it was damaged.

#3: Waiting For The Exterior Repairs

Exterior and carpentry repairs are important as they will help close up the house. The company cannot do anything on the interior of the house. They will ensure the exterior of the house looks as it should, and they will do quite a lot of work that ensures the home looks as it did before. They will paint everything to ensure it matches, and they will use the repair time to check for any gaps in the home's air system.

#4: Cleaning Air Ducts

Las Vegas air quality is a concern as the air ducts may not have been cleaned before, and every Summerlin Nevada or Sun City Nevada homeowner must ensure they have had the ducts cleaned. They will see the repair company go into the ducts, and they will notice how simple it is to increase the quality of air in the house. The house will begin to smell fresh, and they will notice a difference when the tests are continued. Anyone who lives in Vegas must have the system cleaned at least once a year, and they will have it tested to ensure the house is in the finest condition.

The home that is struck by fire must be cleaned as soon as possible, and it will be cleaned by an emergency crew that arrives at the home with a plan of action. They will check to ensure the house has been cleared of all debris, and they will clear the homeowner to reenter the space. 

How to Identify Toxic Black Mold in Your Home

3/24/2020 (Permalink)

Black mold Mold in Las Vegas, NV

To most humans, mold seems pretty gross – yet, the vast majority of molds are not only harmless, they’re entirely beneficial to the world. However, some homes in Las Vegas, NV, have been found to harbor a more insidious form, commonly called black mold. This type can cause significant damage to building materials, and it needs to be eradicated from indoors. Only a mold inspection from a qualified local expert can determine if your home has mold damage that needs remediation.

The World Is Full of Mold

Mold is one of many forms of fungus. There are at least 120,000 species of fungus identified and probably at least 2 million yet to be individually labeled. Fungi have three key properties:

  • Fungi can’t feed via photosynthesis like plants do; they need to feed off other life forms.
  • Fungi are immobile like plants (except their spores) but are actually more closely related to animals.
  • Fungi can be beneficial to its host organism, harmful to it or neutral.

Black Mold May Not Be Black

Also known as Stachybotrys chartarum, it can be black, grey or a dark green color. Only a professional mold inspection can properly determine if house mold is S. chartarum or a harmless type.
Black mold requires cellulose to feed upon, but it isn’t commonly found outdoors. Instead, it’s strongly attracted to building materials with a large amount of cellulose, such as drywall, wood studs, carpeting, wallpaper and some types of insulation.
All these materials are absorbent, so when they receive water damage, they encourage mold growth. Once a colony is established, it can invade hidden areas and cause substantial damage to the walls and even the structure of the home.
If you suspect that a mold growth is S. chartarum, you’ll need a mold inspection that can locate excess moisture behind walls and trace down the source of water damage. Once the source is fixed, they can begin the process of mold cleanup, removing heavily damaged materials and reducing the humidity levels with air scrubbers. SERVPRO will make it “Like it never even happened.”

Essential Tips on Handling a Fire Loss in Summerlin and Sun City Nevada

3/22/2020 (Permalink)

Fire loss in a kitchen Fire damage in Summerlin, NV

Essential Tips on Handling a Fire Loss in Summerlin and Sun City Nevada

Often times fire issues come when we least expect them. It is likely for one to get devastated after such a horrible experience, especially if the right restoration measures are not taken. Therefore, even with so much agony and pain from fire and soot damage, you will be required to brace yourself and immediately roll the recovery ball. Here are some steps to take when in such a predicament:

Contact the professionals from the fire department. They come in handy and advise on whether it is yet time to reoccupy your house. Experts from Las Vegas will ascertain when the degree of air quality is fit for the habitats, and also when the effects of smoke damage are fully dealt with.

Check with your home insurers. Normally there are so many issues that arise from fire issues. Among them is water damage from fire. The Summerlin Nevada professionals advise that you follow up with your insurers so that they advise on every step to take.

Avoid Power Re-connection Without Approval by the Relevant Department. There are times we have seen men and women from Sun City, Summerlin Nevada rush to do utility rewiring, and it turned out to be dangerous. It happens when unsafe appliances are connected, which should have otherwise been replaced.

There are lots of things you will buy when the calamity of fire damage catches up with you. We are advised to preserve the receipts. In the future, your Vegas insurance companies might ask for them for the purpose of verification, particularly because of the income tax. Bear in mind that there are several essentials you might have to purchase to enhance air quality.

We have to understand that as fire burns, smoke emanates, and out of it we suffer smoke damage. On settling on the surface, it goes further into causing soot damage, which is not easily removable from fabrics. As well, soot is harmful to the human race when inhaled, hence the need for people across Las Vegas and Sun City Nevada to get informed. Here are more damage cases to expect:

Dealing with Water Damage from Fire

Normally this is not a simple process considering that there will be so much water left after putting out the fire. We all know that the wetness fosters mildew growth, which is a threat to healthy living. Basically, water removal takes two phases;

Manual removal of water. Hi-tech wet vacuums are powered and used to suck water from your setting. They also slurp water from your other valuables. Reliable Sun City Nevada firms will come in handy for you.

Drying. After all the water has been sucked, dehumidifiers will be necessary to completely dry the atmosphere. De-humidification is also done on the walls to ensure minimal chances of mold development if any.


We see that fire damage can be such great pain. We may never fall victim, but should it happen, there is a way out. When you know how best to confront the issue through ideal recovery options, you will regain all your salvageable valuables. For the completely damaged ones, Vegas residents already understand how best to go about compiling a comprehensive report to their insurers for compensation.

5 Tips for Being a Good Landlord

3/8/2020 (Permalink)

Cropped image of beautiful couple talking with realtor, who is showing where to sign the documents As a landlord, it is important to build a strong relationship with residents in your property

Check Out These Five Landlords Tips

You are a landlord in Summerlin, NV, who rents out properties not just because you enjoy doing so, but also because it provides a viable income. Good businesses attract exceptional customers, including tenants. As a landlord, it is important to build a strong relationship with residents in your property from the beginning and keep the momentum going, even with plumbing issues. Check out these five landlord tips to keep you on the right track.

1. Communication Does Matter

Make sure tenants can get in contact with you when necessary. If you want to keep your personal life separate from your business, provide a company number that residents can reach you on, along with a business email address.

2. Safety is Priority

Keep your tenants safe by making sure there are no safety hazards in or around the property. You should also make sure there is ample lighting around the building so tenants can feel secure.

3. Promises Are Important

Fulfilling promises that you have made to tenants builds trust and shows that you run a dependable business. If you tell a tenant that a plumbing issue like an overflowing toilet will be resolved on Friday, make sure it is fixed that day and not next Wednesday. You can hire a commercial plumbing company to get the job done quickly.

4. Privacy Does Matter

It is understandable that as a landlord, sometimes you will have to show up at a property for things like inspections and repairs, but no one likes a nosy landlord who shows up just to snoop around. Give your tenants the privacy that they deserve and give advanced notice when you do have to drop by.

5. Documentation is Key

Documentation is an absolute must-have when it comes to renting out a property. Make sure all tenants sign a lease and provide a copy for yourself and residents. Keep documentation for all types of repairs, including leaks.
Being an excellent landlord involves exercising good business practices. To keep tenants satisfied, you should keep promises, like fixing plumbing issues, ensure safety, respect tenants' privacy, keep documentation and provide open communication.