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How To Restore Electronic Devices After Water Damage

6/21/2022 (Permalink)

Prise multiple Disconnect devices from their power source.

How To Salvage Flooded Electronics

If a monumental flooding event impacts your business, not only will the building require repairs but various electronics are compromised as well. Luckily, these devices can be restored. Here are a few steps you can take to salvage flooded electronics from your Las Vegas, NV, business.

1. Disconnect Devices From Their Power Source
To restore any water-logged device, it's important to cut off its power source first and foremost. Items like desktop computers or other large devices that are connected to a plug can be disconnected by shutting off a circuit breaker, so be aware of where to locate that in your commercial space. For handheld, battery-powered devices, turn them off but be wary of signs of a shorted battery, including smoking, melting or heat. If none of these hazards are present, drain excess water from the device and remove the battery.
During this step, be mindful of any shock hazards and do not attempt to grab flooded electronics if standing water remains. Let a water damage cleanup company remove excess water and fully dry the space first.

2. Clean Circuit Board
After gadgets are removed from their power source, disassemble them and locate their circuit board for cleaning. Take either a cotton swab or toothbrush, dip it in isopropyl alcohol and move along the circuit board. This ensures that any dirt or buildup from the water damage is removed. After a thorough cleaning, let the board dry completely.

3. Test for Further Electronic Damage
Once the circuit board is dry, re-assemble the device and install a new battery, if applicable. Turn on the gadget and evaluate if it is now usable or if more repairs are needed. If the device is not working properly, it's possible that the LCD screen or logic board will need to be replaced.
Saving flooded electronics from water damage is possible. The restoration process involves disconnecting from power, cleaning the circuit board and testing devices with a new battery.

The Importance of Storm Services for Insurance Agents

6/7/2022 (Permalink)

Office flooded by stormwaters Stormwater enters an office in Sun City, NV.

Insurance Agents and the Importance of Storm Services

If there has been a storm or natural disaster in your Sun City, NV, you may find yourself needing storm restoration services to repair the damage. While it may seem overwhelming, the good news is that there are ways to address the damage quickly. Here are some things to keep in mind if you have experienced a storm and property is damaged. 

1. What You Need To Know About Storm Restoration
Whether it was strong winds, hail, or flooding, there are many different ways that a building can become damaged by a storm. These kinds of damage can be minimal, or they may have a serious detrimental impact on the building. In either case, taking care of the damage quickly can be important for keeping that building functional. 

2. The Importance of Quick Response
For those in Sun City, NV, it can be important to make sure that you are getting a quick storm response especially when it comes to severe damage. Contacting the right storm restoration specialists can make a significant difference in how quickly your issues are addressed and resolved. Often, the faster that a company can respond, the faster that the claims process will go, and the more quickly restoration can be taken care of. 

3. Types of Repairs To Understand
When it comes to storm damage, there are a few different types of damage that you are most likely to encounter. For example, flood damage is very common. Damage to the exterior of the building due to high winds are also common, as is damage due to hail. Some may also experience fire damage, as well. 
If there has been storm damage, then you may need restoration services to help make the necessary repairs. By making sure that you contact a location that can provide fast service, you can start the claims process more quickly.

What To Consider When Buying Smoke Detectors

5/26/2022 (Permalink)

Dual smoke detector Dual-sensor alarms contain components of both sensors, making them ideal for home use.

What to Keep in Mind When Purchasing Smoke Detectors

As a homeowner, you know the importance of fire safety. Limiting blazes can keep your loved ones safe and prevent flames or smoke from destroying your cherished assets.
Buying smoke detectors is an easy way to protect your Summerlin, NV, house and family. However, there are many different options on the market. It can thus be hard to decide which smoke alarm to get. Here are some factors to consider before you make your purchase.

Type of Alarm
There are three main kinds of smoke alarms. They are identified by the censors they use:

  • Photoelectric
  • Ionization
  • Dual-sensor

Photoelectric alarms are designed to detect smoldering fires, including those that occur in beddings or electrical wires. Ionization alarms, meanwhile, detect quickly burning flames from grease or paper. Dual-sensor alarms contain components of both sensors, making them ideal for home use.
Place one alarm on each floor, one in each bedroom and one in every hallway that leads to a bedroom. You can even purchase a system that electronically connects the detectors. This way, they will all beep when one of them is triggered.

Other Features
Some smoke detectors have additional features for added convenience. Look for a smoke alarm that is simple to test. Ideally, the detector should have a button that you can press to ensure the device is working. If you do not want to climb a ladder to reach the alarm, pick a detector that can be tested via remote control.
You should also get an alarm with a "hush" feature. This lets you silence the detector during a false alarm without actually disabling the device.
Cleaning a smoke detector regularly can limit these false alarms. You may want to consider alarms with removable or hinged covers that make it easier to vacuum the device.
The right smoke alarm can limit your need for fire damage cleanup services. Pick detectors with modern features and those that can detect several types of blazes.

4 Critical Components of Commercial Fire Preparation

5/22/2022 (Permalink)

People escape to fire exit door A drill should educate workers on where to go in an emergency and identify fire exit doors.

Commercial Fire Preparation

When it comes to scary disasters, a business fire ranks quite high in the minds of managers and owners, and for good reason. Not only does it have the potential for serious damage, but it is also fairly common, with over 100,000 commercial fires reported every year. Getting your business in Las Vegas, NV, prepared for a fire comes down to a few essential actions.

1. Create a Fire Safety Checklist
It can be easy to overlook some of the essential elements of fire safety. Writing down these elements and adding to them when necessary increases the chances of solid fire preparation. A complete checklist makes sure fire extinguishers are up to date, exit doors are marked, combustibles are stored safely and fire alarms are in working condition.

2. Train Employees With Fire Drills
A business fire is one of the most chaotic situations that can happen to employees. While drills cannot completely duplicate the event, they still provide many benefits. A drill should educate workers on where to go in an emergency and identify fire exit doors. At least some employees should be trained on the proper use of fire extinguishers. In some cases, the use of an extinguisher can reduce the level of damage.

3. Send Out Emergency Contact Numbers
Key personnel should have multiple points of access to the contact information of emergency personnel. This includes the local fire department, emergency first responders and experienced fire mitigation and recovery team. 

4. Review Fire Damage Insurance Coverage
If a fire does break out in your facility, you will soon learn the value of your commercial insurance policy. To make sure you have adequate coverage, it is smart to review your policy on an annual basis and make necessary upgrades as your business grows.
A business fire is something that requires a high level of preparation. The right actions ahead of time can reduce your company's exposure to this catastrophic event.  

3 Steps To Confirm Commercial Mold Coverage

5/17/2022 (Permalink)

Mold on a wall Mold damage in Sun City, NV.

Commercial Mold Coverage

The cost of cleaning up a mold infestation in a commercial building can add up to thousands of dollars. Building and business owners may want to carry sufficient commercial insurance coverage that includes at least a limited amount of coverage for mold. These three steps will help you confirm your current level of coverage for mold remediation at a building in Sun City, NV.

1. Review Your Property Policy
Check the terms of your property insurance policy with regard to water damage and mold damage. You should also review any relevant endorsements and exclusions.
While many general property policies cover primary water damage, coverage for secondary damage may be cut out or limited. It can be challenging for a business or commercial property owner to account for every factor that could impact coverage levels.

2. Consult With an Insurance Agent
It may be more effective to go over your coverage with a commercial insurance agent. Professionals can identify circumstances under which mold coverage could be available, as well as factors that could prevent coverage.
You may also find it helpful to review limit amounts in light of the average costs of cleaning up and restoring damage. The average cost of mold damage remediation ranges from $15 to $30 per square foot. Be aware that some insurers require agents to report clients’ intention to file a claim.

3. Consider Additional Mold Coverage
Owners of flood-prone properties may want to obtain mold coverage as a rider on an existing policy or a supplementary policy. Ask an expert about how multiple policies such as general commercial property insurance, flood insurance and mold insurance could affect coverage.
Expenses can add up during the removal of mold from a commercial structure in Sun City, NV. Check your level of commercial insurance coverage and take timely measures to restore water damage to reduce the degree of secondary mold damage.

Fire Restoration Tips for Businesses

4/26/2022 (Permalink)

Hard drive connected to a computer, on the top of the picture it says IN CASE OF A FIRE Have all important documents located in a fire-safe or saved in online cloud storage.

When you experience an emergency at a business or commercial property, one of your main concerns is getting your business up and running again. Fire restoration takes time but is essential for creating a safe and welcoming environment for customers and employees.

Choose the Right Restoration Servicer

Know what your professional restoration options are in Summerlin, NV. When in doubt, read online reviews. Companies that have poor customer service or are hard to get ahold of are a definite no.
Emergencies can happen at any hour, so you want a fire damage restoration servicer like your local SERVPRO franchise that will be there for you no matter what time it is. Some companies may not offer all the services you need, so make sure you do your research. It's a good idea to find a company that handles everything so you're working with the same provider throughout the entire fire restoration process. The property may need some or all of the following services, depending on the extent of the damage:

  • Water damage restoration
  • Smoke and soot removal
  • Cleaning and sanitizing
  • Restoration and rebuilding services
  • Odor control

Keep Track of the Details

Before an emergency ever occurs, get your ducks in a row. One of the best things you can do for your business is to keep track of current merchandise and equipment and have all important documents located in a fire-safe or saved in online cloud storage. Accurate records of your inventory are essential when making an insurance claim.
Discuss your policy in detail with your insurance provider. That way, when a professional comes to inspect the area and assess the total damage, you know exactly what is covered by your insurance. You should also keep any relevant receipts to track your expenses during the fire rebuild process. Most insurers have SERVPRO as a preferred vendor, making it more convenient to file claims.
The aftermath of an emergency can seem discouraging. Choosing the right fire restoration service is just one way you can help yourself and your business while undergoing rebuilding services and restoration.

Important Tips on Commercial Roof Upkeep

4/21/2022 (Permalink)

Tree fallen in the middle of the street Wind damage is a real possibility.

If your company experiences roof damage after a powerful storm, it is important to take quick action. A delay could result in additional damage to your facility in Las Vegas, NV. If the harm is major, your building could be vulnerable to another downpour. Therefore, a professional storm restoration company might be needed. A trained crew will arrive quickly and assess the situation. If the building is exposed, they could decide to put a tarp over the roof to prevent more rain from coming in. This will secure the building until more permanent repairs can be undertaken.

The Power of Heavy Winds

The winds from thunderstorms often reach well over 60 miles an hour. Tornadoes and hurricanes easily exceed these speeds, sometimes reaching over 100 miles per hour. Roof damage can include torn shingles, damaged gutters and destroyed flashing systems. These situations can expose your commercial building to several expensive situations:

  • Roof leaks
  • Flooding
  • Standing water
  • Saturated support boards

No matter where you are located, wind damage is a real possibility. You can minimize the chances of a failing roof by making necessary repairs as soon as problems are discovered. Eventually, a new roof will be needed as most roofs only last from 20 to 30 years. If possible, it is a good idea to budget for a new roof.

The Benefits of a Roof Rebuild

If there is enough damage after a storm, it could be necessary to rebuild parts of the roofing system. A professional team can accomplish this, strengthening your company for the next storm. When it comes to your roof, you always want to make sure the work is done according to the highest standards. This will protect your business and everything beneath the roof.
When strong storms come, roof damage is a possibility. It is always important to make repairs quickly to prevent more damage and to protect your property.

4 Things To Know About Mold Caused by Roof Leaks

4/8/2022 (Permalink)

Hand pointing to mold growth on ceiling Mold damage on the ceiling due to a roof leak.

Mold Caused by Roof Leaks

Developing black mold can be worrisome, especially if you're unsure where it came from. One possible cause is a leaking roof, which could create mold all over your Sun City Summerlin, NV, building. If you want to learn more, here are four things to know about mold caused by roof leaks.

1. Causes of Roof Leaks

There are several different ways a roof leak can occur. It's most likely to happen if your building is in a temperate climate. There are a few potential causes:

  • Hailstorms
  • Erosion
  • Lack of maintenance
  • High winds

If you suspect any roof damage has occurred, be sure to get it fixed as soon as possible.

2. Timeline of Growth

After a leak develops, you could find mold soon after. These spores are practically everywhere, so locating water is fairly easy. In fact, it may only take 24 to 48 hours for black mold to develop after moisture is accumulated.

3. Types of Mold Growth

When it comes to fungus that originates from roof holes, there are generally two kinds of accumulation. One is limited. This form will occur if your ventilation system is fully outfitted and working properly. The mold can be contained to the area surrounding the leak. The other kind is systematic, which causes accumulation in numerous areas. If your leak is left unattended for a while, the buildup of moisture could spread mold all over the ceiling or attic.

4. Next Steps

The first step you'll want to take is turning off your HVAC system. You don't want to spread the moisture even further than before. Next, look for a ceiling leak and other ways the fungus may have spread. You should also call a mold remediation company to get everything cleaned up. Try to dry any wet property, but stay away from the developed mold. Lastly, look into your insurance policy. Commercial insurance usually provides little for mold remediation, but your policy may cover your specific cause.
Black mold is a disturbing thing to find in your ceiling. In order to avoid this, keep an eye out for roof leaks or other causes of water damage.

3 Types of Odors That May Exist After a Home Flood

3/24/2022 (Permalink)

Mold growth on wall due to humidity Water can lead to mold damage in your Downtown East, NV home.

Three Types of Odors That May Exist After a Home Flood 

After a flood at your Downtown East, NV, home, you may be facing a variety of problems. However, one that you may not expect is the odors flooding can create. Mold growth, sewer water and debris can all leave foul smells behind, even after the water is drained away. If you have recently experienced a flood in your home, there are a few ways to sniff out the source of these smells so you can have them eliminated.

1. Musty Smells

After flood water enters your home, it may be absorbed by drywall and other porous building materials. This can cause mold to grow in the interior walls, especially if they contain insulation. Mold can cause a musty, foul odor due to the mycotoxins it can release. In most cases, the stronger the musty smell, the more serious the mold growth invasion.

2. Dirt or Earthy Odors

When outdoor flooding invades your home, it can also bring mud, clay and other types of dirt along with it. Earthy or wormy odors can be left behind in your walls or under carpeting, where they can linger for weeks afterward. Having porous building materials replaced can alleviate this issue. Consider having drywall and molding torn out and the rooms professionally cleaned before any reconstruction takes place.

3. Sewer Smells

Few odors are as unpleasant as those that come from a sewer. If your home experienced a flood due to a sewage loss, the bitter, foul smell could remain long after the water is drained away. Calling in a storm damage and flood restoration service may give you a number of options for removing this smell, from the use of ozone machines to special cleaning techniques that typically cannot be found elsewhere.

Mold growth, dirt and foul sewer smells can make your Downtown East, NV, residence smell unbearable after a flood. Learning where these smells come from and how to eliminate them can restore your happy home.

4 Things Landlords Can Do To Reduce Plumbing Maintenance Costs

3/19/2022 (Permalink)

Leaking plumbing Regular maintenance can reduce your chances of plumbing issues.

Landlords Can Do These Four Things To Cut Plumbing Maintenance Costs

Landlords are responsible for maintaining the plumbing in their rental units. Fortunately, they can do a few things to reduce the total cost they pay for maintenance and repairs.

1. Regular Maintenance

Landlords are required to provide a property that is livable throughout the entire stay of their tenants. One of the best ways to fulfill this responsibility and lower the chances you will have to pay for a water remediation company in Winchester, NV, is to perform regular maintenance. This means ensuring that even your oldest polybutylene pipes receive regular treatments. Additionally, it also means taking measures to prevent clogs and other plumbing issues.

2. Check Working Condition

One way to check the working condition of polybutylene pipes is to have an inspection conducted. Regularly doing this will alert you to any small clogs and weak spots in your pipes that need to be fixed before they worsen.

3. Check Tenant’s Behavior

Your polybutylene pipes require basic monthly maintenance and special treatment. Therefore, you want to make sure that your tenants don't put fats, grease, and other oily substances down the drain that can trap hair, soap scum, and food particles and cause plumbing issues. This includes not only sink and shower drains but the toilet and laundry pipes as well.

4. Transfer Risk to Another Party

Regular maintenance can reduce your chances of plumbing issues, but it cannot eliminate the threat. Earthquakes, tree roots, and misuse can still be sources of problems, so you should take measures to transfer the risk to other parties. This means getting a proper insurance policy for problems outside of your control and having a plumbing clause in your lease that requires your tenants to take responsibility for their actions.
As a landlord, you are responsible for the plumbing maintenance in your units. To lower these costs, you should take action to prevent excessive water damage and limit your liability.

Smoke, but No Fire- You Could Still Be Covered by Insurance

3/8/2022 (Permalink)

Walls of a room with soot damage, wooden furniture with tv with smoke damage Smoke damage in a Summerlin, NV property.

Smoke Damage - Where Can This Happen?

There are plenty of instances in which you could experience smoke damage without having had a fire occur on your property in Summerlin, NV. If you have fire insurance, this may still be included in your coverage. What are some real-world scenarios where you could see this happen?


Depending on where your property sits, wildfires could be a recurring issue, especially during the summer fire season. A large wildfire can spread smoke for miles and cause soot damage to nearby structures. You may need to consider cleaning the soot out more than once throughout the season, so it does not build up or sit, causing more destruction. There are a handful of ways you can help reduce your building's exposure to wildfire smoke:

  • air filters
  • room air cleaners
  • humidifiers
  • tightly sealed windows and doors

Trouble With the Neighbors

Most people wish the best for their neighbors, but sometimes the worst happens. If you happen to be located nearby when a fire strikes, your commercial property may also be affected- smoke damage is likely. If you are close enough, you may also experience damage from fire suppression materials like water, foam and pressurized hoses. You could attempt to coordinate with your neighbors and use the same fire remediation service after calling your insurance.

Kitchen Mishaps

Not everyone can be a chef, no matter how hard you try. Another common occurrence of smoke damage, especially in the kitchen, is from small kitchen fires or burnt food. While one individual incident may not cause a lot of visible smoke, over time and with accumulating occurrences, soot can build up enough to require a more thorough smoke cleaning.
Even if you've managed to escape having any fires, you may still experience the damaging effects they cause. However, if you are protected from fire in your insurance policy, smoke damage can easily be taken care of. It's a good idea to give your insurance company a call to clarify if you are unsure.

Insurance and Water Contamination

2/17/2022 (Permalink)

Clear water standing under bedroom Standing water in the bedroom after a pipe burst.

Ways of Categorizing Flood Water

When flooding strikes a home, it’s important for homeowners to have an idea of what to expect from an insurance, repair and restoration standpoint. Insurance companies generally have three different ways of categorizing flood water. Each level corresponds with how dangerous the water can be. Additionally, the varying levels help to inform both insurance companies and water restoration specialists how to best address the contaminated water problem.

How Do Insurance Companies Categorize Water

Insurance companies generally separate floodwater into three types of categories.

• Category 1 – Clean Water. This comes from a sanitary water source, such as your supply line and water heater.
• Category 2 – Grey Water. This is usually from your washing machine and dish washer.
• Category 3 – Black Water. This comes from the outside in storm and flood situations, or when a sewer line breaks.

How Dangerous Are Each of the Categories?

Category 1 water levels are not dangerous but can promote mold development if left untreated. For this reason, you want to ensure that you completely dry any flooded areas and follow a dehumidification process to discourage mold production.

Category 2 water levels can be somewhat toxic if consumed, but are not dangerous if a person is only exposed to them. The risk of mold production remains intact, however, with this kind of water.

Category 3 is for contaminated water that is toxic to the point that the rest of the house needs to be barred from the affected area. It is crucial to take the utmost precaution with category 3 water levels, so be sure to call your local water removal specialists if you are dealing with black water damage.

Even the cleanest water can make its way to unseen places and later cause mold problems. Therefore, regardless of whether your home is flooded with clean or contaminated water, you can benefit from the assistance of emergency flood damage restoration professionals in Las Vegas, NV.

What to Do When Your Household Fire Alarm is Making Noises

2/10/2022 (Permalink)

Changing battery to a smoke detector This is your reminder to change the batteries in your residential fire detectors.

The shrill sound of your home fire alarm going off in Sun City Summerlin, NV, can evoke feelings of fear and panic. That is why they are so effective. But it can be irritating when no fire is present and the unit is still making noise. Taking out the batteries to quiet it would leave you unprotected against fire damage.

When an alarm chirps repeatedly, it is usually because it requires some kind of attention. The batteries may be low, the unit may require cleaning, or it may have outlived its usefulness. Here are some steps to troubleshoot the unit.

What To Do if Your Fire Alarm Is Chirping

1. Reset: Perform a reset by disconnecting the power source, removing the batteries and holding the test button for 15 to 20 seconds. Replace the batteries and reconnect the power supply.

2. Change Batteries: If it is still chirping, it could be low battery power. Put in fresh batteries and see if that helps. This should be done every six months or so anyway for optimum performance.

3. Clean it: Smoke damage from a previous fire or cooking smoke can leave the sensor dirty and ineffective. Gently clear away any dust, cobwebs, sawdust or other debris from all openings.

4. Test: Remove the batteries and push the test button with no batteries in place. This can help if the silent button was pushed by someone who was irritated with the noise, or by accident.

5. Replace: The average lifespan of a smoke detector is eight years. If it has been longer, or if the above steps failed to stop the chirping, it has likely failed and needs to be replaced.

If your alarm fails to warn you, you could have a disaster on your hands, requiring the help of emergency restoration experts in Sun City Summerlin, NV, and a long and drawn out process. A properly working fire alarm can help you have peace of mind and avoid extensive fire and smoke damage.

10 Items That Should Be in Every Business’ First Aid Kit

2/5/2022 (Permalink)

First aid kit supplies. Check your first aid or emergency kit for these 10 necessary items.

10 Things Every Business Should Have in Its First-Aid Kit

If someone is seriously hurt in your company’s building in Summerlin, NV, it is important you have the right tools to help address common injuries while waiting for first responders or a disaster recovery team to arrive. Check your first aid or emergency kit for these 10 necessary items.

1. Gauze Pads: With this essential item, make sure you can appropriately dress wounds of various sizes without risk of painful sticking from bandage adhesive. Keep several different sizes on hand.

2. Bandages: Hold dressings in place or easily take care of smaller bleeding wounds by stocking plenty of bandages. Include Band-Aids, gauze roller bandages, triangular bandages, and elastic wraps.

3. Wound Cleanser: Keep antibiotic cream or sealed cleansing wipes to clean wounds and prevent infection.

4. Gloves: Have gloves in your first aid kit to prevent the spread of bodily fluids. Consider latex-free gloves in case of an allergy.

5. Scissors: Include scissors in your emergency kit to cut bandages. There are medical safety scissors created for this exact use you can buy.

6. Blankets: Keep at least one blanket in your first aid kit in case one is needed to help someone stay warm and retain body heat. There are emergency blankets on the market designed to be effective while taking up minimal space.

7. Tweezers: Ensure tweezers are available to remove debris from wounds, address splinters, or to take out bee stingers.

8. Adhesive Tape: Easily secure bandages with the use of adhesive tape that is latex free.

9. Resuscitation Equipment: Include CPR masks made for adults and infants, resuscitation bags, or disposable airway kits.

10. Splint: Avoid any further damage or added pain to a broken bone or injured body part with a splint. This can prevent movement until a medical professional arrives.

You never know when an emergency might occur or how long it will take for help to arrive. Make sure your workplace is prepared by keeping all these important items in your business’ first aid kit.

Home Mold Proliferation

1/28/2022 (Permalink)

wet crawl space Water can lead to mold growth in your crawlspace.

How To Protect Your Homes Crawlspace

Certain places in your Las Vegas, NV, residence can harbor mold growth, even if your environment is usually dry. Learn how to protect your home’s crawlspace from problematic fungal activity by familiarizing yourself with some common treatment methods.

1. Location and Inspection

The first step in stopping mold growth is to understand the sites from which it frequently spreads. Due to its low-lying location and lack of sunlight, the crawlspace beneath the lowest floor of your home is a frequent culprit of fungal growth. Leaking pipes can create problem areas on upper floors, as the resulting flooding is retained in porous surfaces. Regardless, you should contact a local mold inspection agency to get an estimate if you suspect mold in your home.

2. Blasting

If an inspector finds mold in your home, he or she will schedule a mold removal process. Most companies will use a media blasting technique in which wood and other surfaces are treated with soda under high pressure. Chemically speaking, this soda is sodium bicarbonate, which is the same as the baking soda used in many cooking applications. The use of dry soda in the blasting technique is due to its abrasive properties, which scour the mold away from the wood.

3. Benefits

The use of an inert soda compound means that it is totally safe for your family and pets. Unlike some chemical methods such as fogging, you will not lose access to your home for any substantial length of time. The procedure is also fast and inexpensive compared to scrubbing the affected surfaces by hand. Depending on your degree of coverage and the specifics of your mold damage, your homeowner’s insurance may cover the media blasting and other professional restoration services.

Mold growth in your residential crawlspace is not the sort of problem you want to leave unaddressed. Stay on top of your home maintenance and inspection by obtaining an estimate from a local media blasting professional.

How To Repair a Leaking Toilet Tank

1/20/2022 (Permalink)

Woman starring at a toilet tank. If you notice your toilet tank leaking it is time to repair it.

Eight Steps To Fix A Leaking Toilet Tank

When you find water pooling near your home’s toilet in Sun City Summerlin, NV, don’t panic. Check to see if the leak is coming from the tank or the base. If the leaking toilet is at the tank, you can easily fix it with the following eight steps.

1. Shut off the supply water.

The tube below the tank is connected to a valve. Simply turn the valve until the water is off.

2. Remove the tank’s water.

Use a small container to bail the water out of the tank. Once most of the water is gone, use a sponge to absorb the last of it.

3. Loosen the tank’s bolts.

Using an adjustable wrench and screwdriver, loosen and remove both of the tank’s bolts. This will ensure easy removal of the tank.

4. Lift the tank from the base.

Very gently move the tank from side to side until you feel it lift. With the help of a friend, lift the leaking toilet tank and lay it on its side so you can access the bottom.

5. Eliminate the leaking retaining washer.

Remove the washer by turning it until it comes loose. If it is tight, use an adjustable wrench to loosen and remove the rubber piece.

6. Clean the remaining rubber.

Use something hard to scrape the remains of the gasket from the hole and surrounding area. Make sure the area is clean.

7. Install the tank’s new gasket.

Insert the new gasket into the hole and turn until it is tight. Make sure it turns easily because there is a danger of cross threading.

8. Replace the tank’s bolts and nuts.

Reinstall the nuts on the bolts by hand, making sure they are snug, but not overly tight.

9. Reattach the tank to the base.

Move the tank into position on the toilet base. Gently tighten the nuts and bolts until the gasket looks snug in the base. This will prevent a future bathroom leak.

You have just repaired your leaking toilet. However, if you don’t want to do the job yourself, consider calling a water specialist team to do the job quickly and efficiently.

3 Ways to Prevent Extensive Damage From a Fire

1/5/2022 (Permalink)

Fire Drill words in 3d Fire drills should be scheduled at least twice a year.

Fire Prevention Practices

Your commercial property in Summerlin, NV, is your responsibility, but it is not always completely under your control. Many people make decisions in your building every day that affect your building’s fire safety status. While you can’t always stop a fire from happening, you can protect your building and its inhabitants from the effects of extensive damage with adequate fire prevention practices.

1. Cooperation

You are not alone in your quest to keep your building standing. Both state and federal fire marshals conduct inspections of commercial properties and can advise you on how to bring your building up to code. Fire marshals can also help you come up with a comprehensive fire safety plan. By cooperating with fire marshals, you not only make their job easier but also keep your building safer with excellent fire prevention strategies.

2. Protection

A building that is well protected by a proper fire suppression system is less likely to sustain significant damage even if a fire breaks out. Every point in your building should be no more than 75 feet from a working fire extinguisher. Fire restoration specialists recommend a fire system equipped with sprinklers that will douse flames and reduce fire damage in the specific area where the fire occurs.

3. Education

Knowing how to avoid or respond to a business fire is the best way to protect your building. Each employee should know safety standards and how to use a fire extinguisher. Fire drills should be scheduled at least twice a year so that all employees know the evacuation procedures in case a fire gets out of hand. Sharing responsibility improves your chances of avoiding damage.

While complete fire prevention is the best way to keep your building safe from damage, it’s also important to have a backup plan when a fire does break out. Enlist both fire experts and your employees to help with your plan.

How To Care For Water-Damaged Contents

12/7/2021 (Permalink)

Flooded carpet or wet carpet floor in a commercial building. Water damage in a commercial building.

Water-Damaged Contents

Some water-damaged contents can be cleaned, while others should be disposed of and replaced. Restoration professionals can recommend the right content cleaning methods. However, you can learn more about caring for contents with water damage at a flooded company or commercial structure in Las Vegas, NV, by reviewing these important steps.

Assess the Condition

It is important to consider the condition of items to determine the best restoration methods. Owners or facility managers should keep in mind certain factors:

  • Category of water damage
  • The extent of the deterioration
  • Porosity of contents

Category One water damage involves clean, treated water from a broken pipe. Category Two gray water is polluted but does not contain solid waste. Category Three black water is highly contaminated. A flooded company with a classification of Category Two or Three is likely to require disinfection and the disposal of some porous contents and building materials.

Clean or Replace Contents

Several cleaning methods can be used to handle water damage. These methods may include the following:

  • Abrasion
  • Dry cleaning
  • Foam
  • Immersion
  • Spraying and wiping
  • Wet cleaning

Delicate items may benefit from being dry cleaned, treated with foam, or sprayed and wiped. Delicate non-porous items made of ceramic or glass can be safely immersed in a cleaning solution. If a porous item is saturated with contaminated water, it may be advisable to throw it away and obtain a replacement.

Restore Contents

Contents should be cleaned and allowed to air dry. These items can be restored after water is removed and surfaces are cleaned and disinfected, if necessary. Do not attempt to repair building materials or restore contents until the affected area is completely dry. Restoration professionals can provide a helpful timeline for completion.

All of these methods can help a facility manager or the owner of a flooded company care for contents after water damage to a building in Las Vegas, NV. Consulting with mitigation and restoration specialists is recommended to make the best choices about cleaning or replacing contents.

Fire Recovery: 4 Household Staples To Discard

12/7/2021 (Permalink)

Melted cosmetics Discard cosmetics that have been exposed to fire.

Fire Recovery

While many items may be obvious to throw away after a fire, like open containers and scorched materials, some items are less apparent, like sealed food items. Unfortunately, depending on proximity to the fire and heat, many items may have been exposed to toxic fumes or other harmful elements, like bacteria. Therefore, it is essential to know the four household staples you should discard after a fire.

1. Nonperishable Food

If nonperishable food has been exposed to high heat, it will likely need to be discarded. The increased temperature can cause food to spoil, bacteria to develop, and may lead to changes in taste. Additionally, noxious fumes may be able to permeate sealed jars and cans, even those made of glass and aluminum.

2. Perishable Food

The consensus is to throw away perishable food that has been left at room temperature for an extended period. This is no different in a fire; however, if a fridge is damaged or it was near the heat, then the food inside may be spoiled. If you see soot within the refrigerator, the freezer no longer feels cold, or the food was above 40 degrees for over two hours, then you should discard everything.

3. Medicine and Cosmetics

Check your makeup bag and medicine cabinet for any signs of fire damage: warping, soot, fire extinguisher dust, etc. If you notice any charring or other signs of damage, throw the items out. You can always buy more makeup and most physicians, if not all, will refill prescriptions lost in a fire.

4. Clothing and Other Materials

As with makeup and medicine, it is a good idea to discard clothing and other materials that have visible and irreparable damage. However, you may be able to salvage clothing by seeking the assistance of a fire remediation specialist in the Summerlin, NV, area. While these individuals and companies may not offer cleaning services, they may facilitate cleanings through other contractors.

The general practice is to throw away items that may pose a health risk to you and your family. If you are unsure of anything, then ask. Don’t risk your health for any reason.

Your Action Plan for Fixing Broken Pipes

12/2/2021 (Permalink)

Standing water in bedroom, due to. broken pipes Standing water in bedroom after a pipe burst.

Fixing Broken Pipes

If you are like most homeowners in Sun City Summerlin, NV, your home is your most significant investment. Not only do you expect your house to appreciate over time, you want it to be a comfortable place. As you probably know, few things can ruin the value and comfort of your home faster than a broken pipe. While bursting pipes require immediate attention, you must also take certain steps to contain secondary damage.

Water Gets Everywhere

Water is a liquid that has the potential to infiltrate virtually all parts of your home. Even if a broken pipe sprays water for just a few minutes, you could sustain damage to the following:

  • Drywall
  • Tile
  • Carpeting
  • Furniture
  • Personal belongings

Plumbing Systems Break Down

Nothing lasts forever. Just as you must occasionally replace appliances, furniture and other things in your home, you must swap out old pipes for new ones. While you may be able to fix a broken pipe, you may also want to replumb your entire house to avoid future breaks.

Flooding Often Causes Extensive Damage

Some of your possessions should stay dry. If bursting pipes soak your belongings, you may need to throw them away. They may be salvageable, however. Before you toss your keepsakes into the trashcan, consider contacting a flood restoration service. Professional technicians have the equipment, knowledge and skill to analyze water damage and recommend a plan.

Mold Grows Quickly

Finally, you must think about post-flood mold growth. Mold reproduces by spreading microscopic spores throughout your home. As such, mold can show up within just a day or two of a flood. Fortunately, the same restoration service that can clean your personal belongings can likely remove mold from your home.

To preserve the comfort and value of your home, you must keep it dry. While bursting pipes can cause extensive damage, you can protect your home by acting quickly. With the right team, you can limit damage and make repairs quickly.

What to Expect from Storm Remediation

11/27/2021 (Permalink)

Round wooden table, two black plastic chairs a broom on top of chairs, water inside building. Concept of flooded building Stormwater enters the building in Summerlin, NV.

Storm Remediation: What to Expect

There’s much more to repairing extensive flood damage than just removing standing water and letting a room dry. There’s tear out repair, disinfecting and much more. Whether you’re hiring a storm remediation expert or doing things yourself, here’s a handy checklist to know what steps should be taken to get your Summerlin, NV property back in top shape.

More Than a Bucket Brigade

It’s important to know that flood and storm restoration involves much more than simply vacuuming water out. Proper remediation involves several steps such as:

  • Extraction
  • Removal
  • Disinfection
  • Deodorization

Extraction and Removal

This is the first and most obvious step of flood or storm remediation. Powerful pumps and vacuums must be employed and hundreds or thousands of gallons of water removed from your property quickly. Once the water’s gone, any wet materials should be taken out. This may include a tear-out if there is insulation located behind the wall that could have absorbed some of the moisture.

Drying and Disinfection

Ensuring all moisture is dried is a critical part of preventing mold, mildew and odors. Use of heavy duty industrial fans is recommended to expedite the process. Opening windows and using dehumidifiers is another way to remove moisture. Once surfaces are dry, nonporous items must be carefully wiped down with disinfectants and antimicrobials to deter the growth of mold.

Restoration and Deodorization

Once all the moisture and water damage-affected materials are gone, it’s time to install new drywall and use natural baking soda and other odor lifters to clear the air and get your property looking like nothing ever happened.

Submersible pumps, tear outs, industrial dehumidifiers and more mean flood and storm cleanup is a big job. If your business is facing the aftermath of a flood, make it easy on yourself by contacting a flood remediation company. They have the know-how and experience to make thing right quickly and efficiently.

How To Fix a Flooded Basement

11/23/2021 (Permalink)

Completely flooded basement. It is visible line showing maximum water level higher than 7 feet. Basement flood in Las Vegas, NV.

Four Steps To Fix a Flooded Basement

A basement can flood for a variety of reasons. Pipes burst, appliances leak, or flooding may be caused by heavy rains, groundwater overflow, or a sewer backup. Regardless of the cause, you may wish to rely on the expertise of basement restoration specialists. Following these four steps can help to fix a basement flood.

1. Turn Off the Utilities

Electricity and gas may pose a risk when you have standing water in your basement. Contact your power and gas providers and then turn off the master switch on your breaker box. A gas company may send an employee to close the valve located outside near the meter. You may also need to shut off the water supply and contact a plumber for pipe repair.

2. Hire a Restoration Service

Basement restoration can be a risky process. Pumping out flood water often changes the pressure balance between your basement and the surrounding soil. While it is important to eliminate flooding water in a timely manner, pumping too quickly may damage basement walls. Professionals can resolve the situation quickly and safely.

3. Verify Structural Integrity

If the floodwater originated outside of your home, examine the building’s exterior for signs of damage or deterioration. Restoration professionals can check to make sure your outer walls are structurally sound and provide recommendations about which building materials may need to be replaced.

4. Dry Your Basement

After all of the water has been pumped out of your basement, which may take several days, a restoration service can use blowers, fans and dehumidifiers to ensure that your basement is free of excess moisture that can lead to mold. Depending on the duration of the basement flood, professionals may also recommend mold testing or mitigation procedures.

Consider hiring skilled restoration professionals to fix flooding in your basement. Look for a company specializing in residential water damage in Las Vegas, NV.

6 Reasons Your Fire Alarm May Be Erroneously Beeping

11/18/2021 (Permalink)

white smoke detector and red warning light The average lifespan for most smoke detectors is 8 – 10 years.

6 Reasons Your Fire Alarm Might Be Beeping Incorrectly

In addition to potentially causing significant fire damage, flames and smoke can endanger the lives of everyone inside your home. A properly functioning fire alarm can alert you to danger and help save lives. For this reason, every household in Sun City Summerlin, NV, should have this extremely beneficial device.

Sometimes, however, a smoke detector may act sporadically, chirping loudly or going off despite the absence of smoke. Often, there is a simple explanation for this erratic behavior.

1. Weak Battery

Most batteries have a limited lifespan. A chirping alarm may indicate that your device needs a new battery.

2. Improperly Installed Battery

It’s important to ensure you properly install the new battery. A loose battery or terminal obstruction may cause your fire alarm to intermittently chirp.

3. Dirty Sensing Chamber

Dust and dirt can sometimes obstruct the sensing chamber, resulting in a false alert. To help prevent this problem, you should routinely wipe your detectors with a dusting cloth.

4. Interference From Steam

Steam can also interfere with your detector’s sensing capability. This may be a particularly challenging problem for units located near bathrooms. To help reduce the likelihood of an inadvertent alert, close the bathroom door while showering and turn on the fan.

5. Interrupted Power Supply

An interrupted power supply may also cause erroneous beeping. You should examine each detector’s wiring for loose connections. If you notice lights dimming spontaneously, especially when an appliance is in use, contact a licensed electrician to help you inspect your home’s wiring.

6. End of Lifespan

The average lifespan for most smoke detectors is 8 – 10 years. After this period, the unit’s sensing capacity may diminish, reducing its effectiveness. If an older device is chirping, it may be time to replace it with a new one.

A fire alarm may not spare your home from a destructive fire, smoke damage or the need for extensive cleanup and restoration, but this valuable safety device may one day save your life. To help safeguard your well-being, you should promptly investigate a chirping detector and replace batteries, or the entire unit, as needed.

Cooking Safely With Oil and Grease

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Burnt kitchen stove and oven Kitchen fire in a Summerlin, NV home.

The Aftermath Of a Grease Fire

Fried foods have become increasingly popular in Summerlin, NV. As home chefs attempt to recreate their greasy restaurant favorites, sometimes things get out of hand. If oil or grease is overheated, it begins to smoke. If the temperature continues to rise after that, it will quickly catch fire. A grease fire is among the most dangerous types of house fire because it’s often not handled properly, and nothing ruins a good dinner party like a full-scale home evacuation. Here are some ways to prevent, extinguish, and handle the aftermath of a grease fire.


The easiest ways to prevent your cooking oil from overheating are to take these precautions:

• Never leave oil/grease unattended on or near a heat source
• Use a thermometer to prevent overheating

These simple practices will ensure your time in the kitchen is safe and flame-free.


In case your oil does get too hot and catches fire, turn off the heat source if you can do so safely. Do not attempt to put water or other liquids on the fire as they will only feed the blaze. Instead, here are a few ways to safely extinguish it:

  • Cover the pan with a metal lid or a cookie sheet
  • Smother it with baking soda or salt
  • Us a Class B or K fire extinguisher

Remember that your safety is the most important thing. If the fire gets out of hand, don't hesitate to leave the house and call 911 for help.

The Aftermath

After you've experienced a grease fire, it's difficult to know what to do next. The best option is to find an experienced fire restoration company to help repair your home. The professionals will be able to handle the fire cleanup, help salvage your possessions, remove any harmful byproducts from your ventilation system, and restore your kitchen to its former glory so you can give that dinner party another try.

Tips on Dealing With Canceled Flights

10/18/2021 (Permalink)

Cancelled flight board A canceled flight is often an inevitable consequence of traveling.

What Do You Do If The Weather Affects Your Travel Plans?

A canceled flight ranks as one of the most frustrating experiences travelers can go through. It happens to thousands of fliers each year and never gets any easier. The best way to be prepared is by having a plan in place.

If storms cause you problems at home in Las Vegas, NV you can contact specialists to help with the cleanup and address the mess. Traveling is a different beast altogether. 

Planning Ahead

No matter where you are, the best storm tips will always come down to planning:

  • If possible, don’t fly at all in bad weather.
  • Check weather reports at your current location and where you are landing.
  • Consider flying direct instead of making more than one stop to lessen the chance of running into a storm cancellation or delay.
  • Try traveling with only a carry-on to avoid the hassle of checked bags if you end up rebooking your flight.
  • Always arrive at the airport on time even if there has been a delay.

Contacting the Airline

The moment you hear the announcement that your flight has been canceled, you should immediately call the airline. You might be tempted to stay in line, but contacting the airline directly will take some of the wait and inconvenience out of catching another flight.

Ask your airline if it has a canceled flight policy for placing you on an available seat on the next scheduled flight – even if on a different airline. Be sure to also find out about a possible reimbursement from your airline and other types of assistance it can offer.

Finding a Hotel

If you are unable to be rebooked on another flight immediately, it’s important to seek out a place to stay for the night. When you call your airline, see if it can assist with booking a hotel. There are also apps available that can help you find a nearby room.

A canceled flight is often an inevitable consequence of traveling. Planning ahead and being prepared for possible delays is the best way to avoid a terrible day and get yourself safely in the air once the weather allows for it.

Protect Your Home From the Flood With These Preparation Tips

10/11/2021 (Permalink)

Hand wearing an orange glove holding leaves from a dirty gutter, cleaning a dirty gutter. Keep your gutters clean.

Use These Flood Preparation Tips to Protect Your Home

If you live in an area prone to flooding, you need to take measures to protect your home from flood damage. Though prevention measures require time and monetary investment on your part, they will be well worth it when you can spare your home from significant and costly damage. There are several flood prevention tips you can implement:

  • Know your risk
  • Clean your gutters and drains
  • Invest in storm windows and doors
  • Secure hazardous items
  • Check up on your insurance policy

Preparation Is the Key to Prevention

If you live in a flood-prone area, the worst thing you can do for your home and your wallet is to enter storm season ill-prepared. If you are not sure whether you live in a flood zone, visit your local Las Vegas, NV council and request flood records. Talk with your homeowners’ insurance provider about your risks. If your home is in an area with a high flooding risk, your insurance agent should help you select a strong policy.

Once you’ve assessed your risk, it’s time to implement preparation measures. Clean out your gutters and make sure they’re all in good condition. Check your drains to ensure they’re clear of debris. Install storm windows and doors to keep storm damage limited to the outdoors. By investing in such preparation measures, you can prevent significant damage and, as a result, negate the need for costly repairs.

Develop an Emergency Plan

While your home is important, your safety is even more so. In addition to securing hazardous items in the home, devise a plan for escape if necessary. Have a disaster bag packed and ready to go when you are, a tank full of gas, and a safe place to go in case your home becomes compromised. The safety of your home means nothing if you are not safe in it. For more tips on how to prepare for storm season and the flooding that comes with it, read the NFPA Journal.

3 Factors To Consider When Hiring an Environmental Hygienist

10/6/2021 (Permalink)

Hand holding moisture meter against wall with black mold. Technician checking for moisture problem to a wall with mold growth.

Three Things to Think About When Hiring an Environmental Hygienist

An environmental hygienist is a certified mold testing professional qualified to make recommendations regarding mold cleaning. The American Board of Industrial Hygiene grants two levels of certification: Certified Industrial Hygienist and Certified Associate Industrial Hygienist. You may obtain more reliable mold remediation results when working with a certified professional.

Here are three factors to consider when hiring an environmental hygienist.

1. The type of certification a hygienist holds: The ABIH is the major professional board for environmental hygienists. Other mold cleanup professionals may hold IICRC certification or NAMP certifications, but this does not mean that every employee specializes in the field of environmental hygiene.

2. The extent of the testing and mold cleaning recommendations you need: Depending on the extent of the testing you need, you may be able to rely on a general mold testing and remediation service If you want to have a highly trained specialist perform testing and interpret results, you should seek out a ABIH-certified environmental hygienist.

3. Whether you want to rely on one service or have independent testing done: You may want to have an outside opinion, both with regard to diagnosing the types of mold present in your home and verifying that no traces of mold remain following cleanup and remediation.

Make sure that the hygienist you hire holds a current certification. In order to obtain CIH certification, a hygienist must hold a bachelor's degree and have completed industrial hygiene coursework, worked in the field for at least four years, and be able to provide professional references. The ABIH also requires members to recertify every five years in order to keep up with changing standards over time.

All of these professional credentials translate to more accurate, professional, and trustworthy testing, containment, and mold cleaning. If you are concerned about mold damage in your home, contact a certified environmental hygienist located in Sun City Summerlin, NV.

Mold Removal Begins With an Assessment of the Problem

9/27/2021 (Permalink)

Mold growth on wall and hand removing damaged materials. If you are facing a mold problem, especially if it’s black mold, your best course of action would be to bring in mold cleanup experts.

Mold is a problem that has plagued homeowners since the beginning of time. There are many strains of mold out there, waiting for the opportunity to move into your home. Your job is to fend them off by keeping your home as dry and as clean as possible. It is a good idea to perform a regular mold assessment so that you can detect it in the early stages. This is especially true if moisture is a persistent problem.

Testing provides answers to some typical homeowner questions.
• What is that strange smell?
• Is that mold growing on the wall?
• What kinds of mold do I have?

Consider Bringing in a Mold Expert
If you want a complete and accurate mold assessment, skip the personal test kits and go straight to the experts. A certified mold specialist in Summerlin, NV, would have the knowledge and skills to determine your mold situation, but an environmental hygienist would do just as well. They can test your air and surfaces for mold. They can also take samples of various materials throughout your house looking for evidence of a mold problem. With this approach, experts can determine the types, levels, and likely locations of mold.
Understand the Final Report and Recommended

Course of Action
When the assessment is complete, your expert will deliver the final report. It will tell you, in detail, about the mold and mildew in your home. It will also recommend a course of action if one is required.

When reading the mold assessment report, the one thing that homeowners do not want to see is mention of a black mold problem. They may not understand exactly what that mold is or does, but they know that they want it out of the house quickly.

If you are facing a mold problem, especially if it’s black mold, your best course of action would be to bring in mold cleanup experts who know how to safely, quickly, and completely handle these situations.

3 Worst Water Leaks for a Commercial Property

9/15/2021 (Permalink)

Yellow stains on ceiling due to water leak. A small water leak may seem harmless but if it persists over the long haul, it can cost you thousands of dollars.

Buildings in Summerlin, NV, can have non-visible water leaks. Often leakages occur in underground pipes. By the time owners discover they have a problem is when they're hit with an excessive water bill. In other instances, a water leak is obvious. Continue reading for tell-tale signs of potential plumbing hazards.

1. Plumbing System

It's often difficult to detect leaks because the pipeline is located underground and behind the walls. These leakages occur when you have a pipe break during freezing weather. Additionally, sewer lines deteriorate over time, which leads to leaky pipes. Here are a few commons signs to look for:

• Wet soil
• Spongy floors
• Crumbling plaster
• Water stains
• Warped walls
• Mold patches
• Musty odors

Generally, insurance companies cover the cost of water damage due to busted pipes. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your property is protected.

2. Ceilings

Do you notice damp patches on the ceilings? If so, you likely have a malfunctioning waterproofing membrane. When this happens, water seeps through porous concrete slabs. In this instance, a water leak travels from the top floors to the lower floors, especially in bathrooms. The constant dripping often results in structural damage and mold development.

3. Faucets

Leaky faucets drive up water-related costs. Heavy use of these fixtures places lots of wear and tear on its parts, such as the washer. The ongoing dripping comes with its own expenses, such as higher than usual water bills. In many cases, other faucet components malfunction requiring a replacement of individual parts or the whole fixture.

A small water leak may seem harmless but if it persists over the long haul, it can cost you thousands of dollars. If you notice any plumbing, ceiling, and faucet leakages in your building, chances are you have a major problem. In these instances, it's best to enlist the services of a disaster company in Summerlin, NV, to handle the situation, especially if you notice any large leaks.

Weathering the Storm: What To Do Until Help Arrives

9/9/2021 (Permalink)

Large tree fallen on house. Severe storm damage can be a devastating thing to witness and survive.

Las Vegas can experience severe weather several times a year, and getting caught in any one of these weather events can be intimidating; however, it is in the aftermath that most people feel lost and confused. When a storm is over, and you’ve survived, it is common to experience some degree of shock; therefore, it is a good idea to get comfortable with the following storm tips, so that in moments of shock you will have something to fall back on.

1. Evaluate Your Safety

The main thing to do after a storm is to evaluate your safety. You should check your surroundings for any potential dangers, like downed power lines, broken glass, or weakened structures, and get clear of these areas if at all possible. If you find that you are trapped and are near a cell phone, try and call 911. If you are not near a phone, make noises consistently to help people find you.

2. Avoid Hazardous Areas

If you can safely get out of your home, it is essential that you remain safe by avoiding any other potentially hazardous areas. While your home may not have been safe, that doesn’t mean that the outside is any more reliable. You still need to be on the lookout for potential risks. Most storm tips suggest finding a safe structure or a clearing that is free of debris or damage.

3. Perform Basic Clean Up

When the chaos of the storm has settled and you have found a safe place; you may be able to assist your neighbors and friends in some necessary cleanup efforts. The idea is that anyone who has been injured in the storm or those who have lost all of their belongings will need a clean area to rest until help arrives; therefore, those who are able should help in preparing this space.

Severe storm damage can be a devastating thing to witness and survive, and, while these storm tips may help you in the event of such an experience, the main thing to keep in mind is just to stay safe.

Keeping Mold Contained During Remediation

8/20/2021 (Permalink)

Mold Quarantine Mold remediation in Sun City Summerlin, NV.

Mold Containment During Remediation

Mold exists almost everywhere you go. Spores are present in the air we breathe, both indoors and outdoors. If those spores find a warm, damp place in your home in Sun City Summerlin, NV, however, it can lead to mold contamination. There are several measures that mold remediation specialists take to contain the mold as much as possible during the cleanup process.

1. Preventing Air Circulation

Air that circulates throughout your home is the perfect vehicle for mold spores looking to escape. Before remediation begins, professionals turn off the air conditioning units and any fans that might contribute to the spread of mold. Once remediation is complete, some specialists might clean your home's air ducts or be able to direct you to someone who can.

2. Sealing the Work Area

One of the first steps of the remediation process is sealing off the contaminated area from the rest of the home. The specialists will likely surround the space with plastic sheeting as a mold barrier. This controls the spread of mold spores.

3. Creating Negative Air Chambers

Once the mold contamination area is sealed off, the specialists can direct air to create a negative air chamber. This is typically accomplished by using blower fans and air pressure machines to bring in clean air from your home and release moldy air outside.

4. Bagging Moldy Items

Any item in the area that has become infested with mold will have to be bagged and probably discarded. Many remediation specialists will place the affected objects in thick plastic bags, and they might even double bag them to trap mold inside. Then they clean the outside of the bag before it is removed from the contamination area for disposal.

Mold remediation in your home can take some time, but it's worth it to rid your home of the musty smell of mold. Proper remediation deals with mold contamination and keeps it from spreading.

Water Damage Around Your Electrical: Here’s What You Need To Know

8/20/2021 (Permalink)

water coming out a light fixture Water damage in a light fixture.

What You Should Know About Water Damage Around Your Electrical System

Water damage is never easy to deal with, but when that damage is surrounding your home’s electrical, it becomes dangerous. If you notice water in a light fixture or ceiling damage close to an electrical source, there are a few steps you can take to prevent further damage and to ensure the ongoing safety of you and your loved ones. Those steps include:

  • Shut of your home’s electricity
  • If the leak stems from a pipe, shut off the water valves
  • Contact a plumber
  • Contact an electrician
  • Contact a Las Vegas, NV, water restoration team

Safety First

The very first step you should take if you notice water damage surrounding a light fixture is to shut off your home’s electricity. You can do this via your home’s service panel or breaker box. Confirm that the power is off by testing other dry electrical sources in the home with a non-contact voltage tester.

Shut Off the Water

Once you’ve confirmed that the power is off, look for the source of the water in the light. This may be a leaky roof or a leaky pipe. If it’s your roof, contact a roofer to patch the area and possibly consult them about a full roof replacement. If the source of the problem is a pipe, shut off your water valves and contact a plumber.

Hire the Right Professionals

Depending on the source of the problem and the extent of the damage, there are a few different professionals you may want to call. The first is a plumber. Without repairing the source of the problem first, you risk damaging any new wiring or drywall. Once a plumber has fixed the problem, reach out to an electrician. Have them repair or replace the bad electrical and confirm that the wiring no longer poses a safety hazard.

Once you’ve repaired the ceiling damage and eliminated the water in the light, contact a water restoration team. Your local Las Vegas, NV, remediation team can make sure there is no residual damage or mold growth you have to worry about.

3 Reasons Containment Techniques Are Needed During Mold Remediation

7/21/2021 (Permalink)

Open ladder beside a wall, wall is covered with white plastic and red tape. Concept of mold containment Mold containment in Summerlin, NV.

Containment Techniques Are Required During Mold Remediation For Three Reasons

As a business owner in Summerlin, NV, you have to make tough decisions when your commercial property is affected by an unexpected disaster. If you find mold growth after a flood, for example, you have to figure out which commercial remediation team to call. Once you find the right team, your decisions become easier. If the experts suggest you use a containment unit, it's often a good idea to take their advice.

1. Stop the spread of mold. A big part of mold removal is making sure the spores do not get to other parts of the building. Because mold spores can travel so easily in the air and settle anywhere with moisture, your remediation team will likely suggest setting up containment as soon as possible to keep your growth contained to a smaller location. Without some sort of separation, you may have to start a new mold cleanup process after the current one is finished.

2. Make other areas safe. You know that black mold can affect the health of those who work near it, which is why you called in a team so quickly. The containment system ensures other parts of your commercial building are usable even when the mold removal process is going on.

3. Keep the rest of the building clean. Taking out mold can get messy. Sometimes teams have to rip out drywall, tear up flooring and remove insulation. With all of this demolition taking place, dust and dirt can become a big factor. When you have a containment technique in place, other areas of your commercial building may stay clean.

When you have to tackle a mold removal project in Summerlin, NV, you know it's a good idea to turn to professionals for help. Because the experts have advanced knowledge in this area, you should also realize that it's important to follow their cleanup procedures to the letter. Often, this includes setting up some sort of containment.

Two Types of Fires Not Covered by Insurance

7/20/2021 (Permalink)

An Executive holding a piece of paper stating ARE YOU COVERED? Beside, house made out of paper and burning The best way to know what is covered and what is not is to review your policy carefully with your insurance agent.

Two Circumstances Of Fires Not Covered by Insurance

No one wants to experience a home fire. Thankfully, homeowner’s insurance is there to help you through the cleaning and remediation process in most cases. There are, however, two circumstances in which insurance usually does not cover fire damage, and it is important to know what they are so that you can better prepare yourself. Read on to learn more.

1. Arson

When a home fire is started on purpose by the homeowner, it is defined as arson. Arson often occurs when a homeowner wants to commit arson insurance fraud, burning down his or her home to collect insurance money. Both arson and arson insurance fraud are serious criminal offenses that can result in fines and jail time.

In the case of insurance claims from house fires, investigators will come out to the property to determine the cause. If the fire is the result of arson, the claim will be denied.

2. Vacant Home Fire

Do you own a home that no one has lived in for more than 30 consecutive days? If so, your house might be classified as vacant. Every insurance company defines a vacant home differently, but the 30-day rule is the most typical guideline. If fire damage occurs in a vacant home, insurance companies will not provide coverage.

There are still opportunities for vacant home coverage, however. Homeowners can buy an add-on to their policies that allows them to seek protection for a vacation home, for example. Other companies specifically offer vacant home insurance that mirrors home insurance policies.

Homeowner’s insurance is vital for covering your Summerlin, NV property against home fire, theft, wind and vandalism. Still, there are certain circumstances that will void your policy coverage. The best way to know what is covered and what is not is to review your policy carefully with your insurance agent and see if there are any options to keep your home covered.

Don’t Let Secondary Damage Bring Your House Down After a Leak

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Wall with mold growth. Mold from water damage.

Types Of Secondary Damage

When water creeps into your home, it’s important to minimize damage to the home’s structure and help your family avoid health effects. Unattended water can cause black mold and other issues that will likely need to be resolved in a timely manner. Here’s what you need to know about these types of secondary damage that can result from a wet home.

Hazardous Water

Not all water that leaks into your home is the same. Some leaks are more hazardous than others, and the water coming into your home will fall into one of three categories:

  • Clean: This is usually water from a plumbing supply line or an otherwise clean source.
  • Gray: This water comes from a contaminated water source, such as a broken fish tank, appliance discharge, or toilet bowl overflow. It can come from clean water that isn't dispersed as well.
  • Black: This is the most unsanitary water; it comes from a pathogenic source, such as toilet backflow, ground surface water, or flooding from rivers and streams. It also can come from gray water that was ignored.

Mold Damage to Your House

When water is trapped in a location, mold easily grows on indoor surfaces. Mold can eventually cause rot and structural damage beyond repair, eating away at building materials. The most common places mold grows are in bathrooms, basements and attics.

Mold in Your HVAC System

Mold can also grow in HVAC systems. The effects from mold being in your HVAC system are potentially the most damaging because the mold not only spreads throughout your house but is also very difficult to remove from ductwork.

Black mold is especially concerning because it’s the most harmful. Places, where it can grow without disturbance, are places that are out of sight, such as within walls, in corners and ceilings and under floors.

Using a restoration service is the only guaranteed way of effectively handling instances of mold and other forms of secondary damage. Water damage restoration professionals can remove hazardous substances and repair the damage quickly, thoroughly and safely.

3 Steps To Put Out a Grease Fire

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Pan on flames while cooking Avoid a grease fire in your home.

Tips To Prevent A Grease Fire

There are many flammable objects in a kitchen, making it one of the most dangerous rooms of any house. Without adequate cleanup regularly, a grease fire can develop. While you will need to hire professionals in Las Vegas, NV to take care of the fire cleanup, it may be possible for you to extinguish the fire on your own for the time being. Naturally, you want to follow the tips of the National Fire Protection Association and never do anything that makes you uncomfortable or puts you in harm’s way in relation to fire.

1. Avoid Pouring Water on It

One of the worst things you can do for a fire caused by grease is poured water on it. Although it sounds counterintuitive, water does not mix with oil. Therefore, it will seep through the grease and evaporate on the hot stove.

2. Turn Off the Heat Source

You can prevent the grease fire from getting worse by turning off the heat source if you can do so safely. You can also attempt to starve the fire of any oxygen by placing a pot or pan over the grease. You will need to have protection for your hands, so you do not burn them once the pot gets hot.

3. Extinguish the Flame

There are a few methods available for getting rid of the grease flame. You can try pouring baking soda over the fire. You will need to pour a lot for it to work. Another option is to use a fire extinguisher, but you need to make sure you are several feet away from the fire. If you are too close, then the extinguisher will simply spread the flame around due to the force of the spray.

Make sure to clean your stove regularly to avoid a grease fire in the first place. If you are unable to put out the fire on your own, then contact professionals and evacuate your home for the time being.

Keeping Your Business up During Power Downtime in 4 Steps

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Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) on a white background Backup power saves documents and computers.

Keeping Your Business Up During Power Outage

A power outage at your Las Vegas, NV, business can become detrimental to operations if handled improperly. Even worse, winter weather can often lead to several outages throughout the season. To handle its shocking effects, here are four tips to keep your technology-reliant business afloat during an outage.

1. Backup Power Saves Documents and Computers

A computer suddenly shutting off can lead to data loss from damage due to an improper shutdown or a failure to save whatever important document an employee was working on. By having a battery backup, you can safely wrap up whatever was being done and properly turn off the computer.

In cases where downtime could be expected to last a long time, like in severe winter climates, a portable generator or emergency building power supply should be ready to go. If the backup has limited power, it should only be used to complete baseline business operations to preserve energy through the storm.

2. Cellular or Satellite Service Are Reliable Internet Backups

Typical business internet is often intermittently functional due to winter weather. By having a backup business hotspot using cellular or satellite data, you can stay connected and operate using the internet despite having no regular service at your property.

3. Surge Protection Prevents Surging Costs

A sudden power outage brings massive jolts through outlets that are impossible to stop reactively. This can destroy electrical equipment and lead to costly repair or replacement. By having everything valuable plugged into a surge protector, you stop nearly all damage to anything electrical.

As an added bonus, a surge protector can also serve as battery backup since this functionality is included in uninterruptable power supplies (UPS).

4. Planning Is Essential for Prevention

Whether it’s creating an occasional backup of all valuable data or establishing which local storm damage restoration company to use, preventative action is key. A plan should be established to continue operations while taking into account limited electricity or necessary repairs.

Every major weather threat needs a special plan for before and after the event. Following these tips can let you know what to do if that weather ever leads to a power outage.

3 Things To Know About Homeowners Insurance and Mold Damage

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Spots of mold growth on drywall. Mold growth in a drywall.

Homeowners Insurance and Mold Damage

In the event that your Sun City Summerlin, NV, home develops damaging fungus growth, you'll need to take decisive action. This is particularly important when it comes to handling insurance. Therefore, it's important to understand how mold damage insurance works. If you're unfamiliar with the particulars of this issue, here are three things to know about homeowners insurance and mold damage.

1. Few Cases Are Covered
Unfortunately, most home insurance policies don't cover mold damage. This is especially true when it comes to preventable mold growth. You're also unlikely to be covered if a flood occurs. However, you may get mold coverage if the damage came from a "covered peril". Here are some examples of covered perils:

  • Theft
  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Vandalism
  • Vehicle Damage

Check your policy to make sure that these "perils" are listed.

2. Level of Risk Matters
When it comes to insurance coverage, the risk level of your home is important. Basically, insurance companies don't appreciate covering high-risk homes, especially if you've filed claims before. If you're unsure whether your home has a high risk of getting mold, start by considering your location. Tropical areas are far more likely to experience fungus growth. You should also factor in your house's materials. If your home is high-risk, you'll need to prepare for higher fees or even coverage refusals.

3. There Can Be Exceptions
While most home mold insurance policies don't cover preventable damage, yours may be an exception. It's also possible that your policy can provide limited coverage. Therefore, it's essential to speak with your insurance company. In order to have a full picture of the situation, it would also be helpful to converse with mold damage restoration experts.
Dealing with your insurance policy can be stressful, to say the least. Ergo, it's vital to be prepared in case of damaging fungus growth. Do your research and talk with the insurance company. If you understand the situation, you'll have a better chance of handling it well.

3 Ways Property Managers Can Prepare for the Next Storm

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Office building there are boxes thrown all over places. Concept of flooding in an office building Flood damage to an office building in Summerlin, NV.

Three Ways To Prepare For The Next Storm

When it comes to property management in Summerlin, NV, there is always something to do. If it hasn’t happened already, the top of that list should be storm preparedness. While you can count on a storm damage and restoration specialist to restore the property, ensuring anyone on-site is safe and minimizing the damage are vital to fully weathering the event. Below are three ways to better be ready for the next big storm.

1. Have Updated Data
Whether you have one property or dozens, a lot happens throughout the year. Maintaining accurate records is essential when it comes to an emergency situation. Ensure that you have updated contact information for all residents, as well as trusted professionals you can call after the storm ends. On the flip side, ensure everyone knows how to reach out for help if the times come.

2. Develop a Plan
A storm preparedness plan is essential. While every situation is different, an emergency plan needs to take into consideration everyone’s needs. Part of it should include an evacuation plan. This should be clearly posted to ensure a safe, smooth escape if one is needed. If possible, designate someone on-site to help direct any evacuation efforts. Once a plan is in place, it only works if people know about it. Be sure that everyone gets a physical copy and understands what to do.

3. Secure the Property
Although there are always unknowns, staying on top of maintenance and housekeeping goes a long way when the winds kick up and the rain falls hard. From keeping trees trimmed to encouraging tenants to secure outdoor items and taking care of leaks the moment they are discovered, attention to the small details can minimize potential damage.
Storm preparedness is a key component of managing properties. Even starting with a few simple steps helps make dealing with the next weather event easier.

4 Important Steps to Remember When Making a Fire Escape Plan

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Exit sign Locate all Exits

Creating A Fire Escape Plan For Your Business

When preparing your Las Vegas, NV, business for a fire, it is important to have a fire escape plan. This will help get you, employees and guests, out of the building safely during an emergency. The following are some things to keep in mind when creating this plan.

1. Locate All Exits
To make a thorough fire escape plan, you need to know where every exit in your building is. This will include all doors as well as some windows. While they may not be an ideal exit, windows on lower floors can be used to quickly leave the building.

2. Keep Maps on Every Floor
Particularly if you operate in a large building, it can be helpful to have maps in common areas. Exits should be marked clearly so they are easy to find. This can be especially useful for guests or visitors who may not be familiar with the layout.

3. Designate a Meet-Up Spot
If there are often many people in the building, it can be difficult to know if everyone has made it outside safely. Having a meet-up area allows you to determine if anyone is missing. Make sure this area is a safe distance from the building and that it is easy to reach.

4. Practice Often
Once you’ve created an emergency escape plan, you should have practice drills regularly. Doing this will make it easier for everyone to react calmly in the event of a real fire. Having a drill every six to 12 months is usually enough for most businesses, though you may want to do so more often if there is a high fire risk.
It is easy to panic during an emergency such as a fire, but creating a fire escape plan can make things go more smoothly and keep your employees safe. If the damage to the building is severe, fire damage remediation can be done to return your building to its previous state.

Mitigation Versus Restoration: How Do They Differ?

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office, round table, black plastic chairs, broom on top of chairs, floodwaters inside the office Flooded office in Sun City Summerlin, NV.

When flooding and violent storms strike your Sun City Summerlin, NV, business, the aftermath can leave you reeling. Between damaged inventory and ruined building materials, you may not know where to begin when it comes to salvaging your property. Working with a flood cleanup company may help you to better understand the process, especially when it comes to the differences between mitigation and restoration.

What Is Mitigation?

When your property first suffers from storm damage, your emergency response team will come out and perform mitigation tasks that may help reduce the effects of future damage. This may involve a variety of processes, including:

  • Using tarps to cover leaks in the roof
  • Removing standing water
  • Blocking off areas to protect them from secondary flooding

Mitigation protects your business from suffering further damage before the restoration process begins. Your restoration company will likely advise you about which steps they plan to take so you remain in the loop and can better plan an eventual reopening strategy.

What Is Restoration?
Restoration takes place once your flood cleanup company has reviewed all the damage and taken steps to reduce its effects. The restoration process will probably include actions such as flood cuts, which include cutting into the drywall approximately a foot or so above the flood line to inspect the interior for any problems, such as wet insulation. Existing wet insulation cannot be dried, so your restoration professionals will likely replace it instead.

How Far Apart Does Each Action Happen?
Depending on the degree of storm damage your property suffers, mitigation and restoration may take place close together, such as in the case of minor flooding paired with roof damage from high winds. The greater the damage, the longer it may take for restoration to begin. Your flood cleanup company representatives can help guide you through the process so you feel more comfortable about the outcome.
Your Sun City Summerlin, NV, business is likely a major financial and emotional investment, and both can take a hit when storm damage strikes. Understanding the mitigation and restoration process may offer you peace of mind when you need assistance after a major storm.

How To Replace Toilet Supply Lines

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Old leaking shutoff valve that connects to a toilet that is dripping water. If water is leaking from your supply line you should replace the supply line immediately.

Supply line damage can cause a bathroom leak. Leaks can cause damage to belongings and building supplies and increase the risk of mold growth in your home. Homeowners in Sun City Summerlin, NV, should know how and when to replace supply lines.


Toilet supply lines can be replaced in just a few easy steps:

  • Turn off the water supply
  • Empty the tank by flushing the toilet
  • Remove the supply line
  • Install the new supply line
  • Turn the water back on and test for leaks
  • If there are leaks, tighten the nuts

When to Replace Supply Lines
The lifespan of supply lines depends on the material they are made out of. Plastic lines typically have warranties of 5-8 years and should be replaced when the warranty is approaching. Metal braided supply lines typically have lifetime warranties and do not need to be replaced. Of course, if you notice supply line damage or a supply line leak, replace it immediately.

What to do When You Have a Leak
A bathroom leak should always be addressed swiftly. If you notice a leak, you should turn off the water supply and turn off the power in the area if the water is in contact with any electrical circuits. You should then clean up the water or call a professional to help with the cleanup. It is important to make sure the area is fully dried with fans after the water is removed. Once the area is dry and the supply line has been replaced, mold remediation specialists should spray the area with special cleaners and sealants to prevent the growth of mold.
If you've noticed toilet supply line damage in your home, you should replace the supply line immediately. You can follow the easy steps above or enlist the help of a plumber. You can prevent a supply line leak by replacing supply lines when they approach their warranty deadline. If you do experience a bathroom leak, you should clean up the water and have the area treated for mold immediately.

What Does Renter's Insurance Cover?

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Renters insurance form and dollars on the table. Renters should consider purchasing insurance even if it isn't required.

Many landlords in Summerlin, NV, require renters insurance, but renters should consider purchasing insurance even if it isn't required. Different policies have various coverage, but most policies will cover liability, property damage, loss of use and more.


Renters insurance generally includes liability coverage. This coverage protects you if you are sued for accidental injuries or property damaged that you caused. Some examples include:

  • Your pet biting someone
  • A person getting injured in your apartment or house
  • Fire damage that originated because of your negligence
  • Accidentally damaging someone else's property

Provided that the incident is unintentional and the circumstances are covered by your insurance policy, your provider will cover the expenses of lawsuits and some medical bills for any injured persons.

Property Damage
Property damage coverage applies to many different scenarios in which your personal property is harmed, such as fire damage. They will reimburse you for the costs of replacing or repairing damaged items. Policies have pre-determined coverage limits that determine how much your provider will pay. Renters should carefully consider the value of their personal property and purchase a policy with a coverage limit that fits their needs.

Loss of Use
If something happens to your rental property that requires you to temporarily live elsewhere, loss of use coverage will reimburse you for associated costs. For example, you may have to stay at a hotel in Summerlin, NV, while fire restoration is being done in your apartment or home. When the fire restoration service has finished their work, you can move back in. Your insurance coverage should include the expenses of the hotel stay and other living expenses incurred because of the fire.
The benefits of renters insurance include, but are not limited to, liability, property damage and loss of use coverage. Renters should carefully read the terms of policies and compare available options to find the coverage that best fits their needs. They should also make sure they are familiar with the terms of their policy.

4 Ways SERVPRO Serves Adjusters and Their Clients

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People receiving training Our technicians undergo extensive water restoration training and certification through an IICRC-approved school

4 Ways SERVPRO Serves Adjusters and Their Clients

The SERVPRO team understands the responsibility an insurance adjuster has to provide top-notch service while controlling the costs of a claim. These are four of the ways SERVPRO franchises help adjusters and their clients.

1. Immediate Response
Our team takes pride in being Faster to Any Size Disaster. Our quick response helps your clients get their property restored as quickly as possible while also reducing the cost of the insurance claim by providing prompt damage mitigation. We have franchises near Las Vegas, NV, ready to be on the scene to quickly dry out water damage, provide storm or fire clean-up, or remove the mold before the problem can get worse.

2. Lower Claims Expense
We know it is more cost-effective to restore property than to replace it. Our team will work with the insurance adjuster to pretest all losses to ensure that property that can be restored will be.

3. Easier Claims Processing
Our franchise professionals provide a detailed loss inventory, complete with an Excel report and photos of valuable items. Additionally, our Claims Information Center furnishes prompt, accurate information. Adjusters can access an electronic job file that includes the first notice of loss, digital photos, detailed estimates and digitally scanned paperwork and forms. They also have online access to claims files, including new and pending assignments, and finished jobs.

4. Industry Leading Training
All franchise staff is trained to Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification standards in water and fire restoration and cleanup. We also provide continuing education courses for insurance clients and franchise professionals at our top-notch IICRC approved training facility. This ensures that all of our customers receive the highest level of service from technicians trained in the latest techniques.
Our professionals make it their mission to provide prompt and professional service so that the insurance adjuster can focus on processing the claim and not on dealing with vendors. Our team is Here to Help with fast, friendly and professional service.

4 Tips for Avoiding Workplace Fires

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White wall with a big hole and black soot. Fire prevention in your workplace is an ongoing process.

Even a small fire in the break room can derail an entire day's worth of work, so fire prevention in your Sun City, NV workplace is a high priority. In addition to worrying about the lost work, personnel could be injured and business property, such as structures and equipment, may be lost. As a business owner, there are some key steps you can take:

1. Identify Areas of Risk

Contact the National Fire Protection Association for literature about preventing a business fire. You should also ask your local fire marshal or your insurance company for recommendations. Fire damage and restoration professionals can be a good resource as well.

2. Create a Fire Safety and Prevention Plan

With this information, create a plan, share it with the staff, and regularly train personnel. Your plan should include steps for preventing damage, responding to fires, and safely evacuating the property.

3. Minimize the Risks

Use the information and recommendations from fire prevention and safety experts, walk through your property to address existing areas of risk and to identify other potential problems:

-Electrical issues, such as inappropriately used extension cords
-Objects stacked around heaters and furnaces
-Frayed and overloaded cords
-Overloaded power outlets
-Fire control systems that aren't well-maintained

Be sure to routinely inspect your property for these issues and any others you discover.

4. Install and Maintain Fire Safety Equipment

Your fire plan must include fire extinguishers and smoke detectors. Follow established standards and codes when installing these devices. You also need emergency kits placed according to business codes. If you have resources available, consider the installation of a sprinkler system. Be sure you understand where devices are installed and how to properly maintain them.

Fire prevention in your workplace is an ongoing process. When you identify risks, create a plan, inspect your property, and properly use and maintain fire safety equipment, your risk of fire damage decreases.

Understanding Mold Damage and Exposure Claims

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Mold When a mold infestation happens, it means much more than cleaning it up.

Dealing with mold in your Summerlin, NV, property is often a complex process that requires the assistance of a mold remediation and restoration specialist. Depending on the extent of the damage, that may put a dent in your budget. More importantly, it may affect the people within the structure. Along with finding the right help, understanding mold insurance claims may add to the frustration. General policies usually provide some coverage, but there are limits and not all claims may be accepted.

Fungus Coverage For Remediation

While every policy is different, most will not validate claims if the mold was caused by a lingering issue, such as a slow leak left unrepaired or ongoing humidity issues that have not been resolved. Mold insurance claims are often valid if there is a sudden pipe burst or extensive water unleashed due to extinguishing a fire. In those events, the coverage typically includes the following:

  • Direct damage or physical loss of covered property, such as drywall removal and replacement, as well as costs associated with mold removal.
  • Expenses incurred from accessing the fungus growth, such as having to tear out and replace insulation or drywall.
  • Testing costs after cleanup is completed to ensure the issue has been properly eliminated.

Liability Coverage For Exposure

Any time mold is found means there is the potential that a tenant, employee or customer may file a mold claim. Along with general commercial coverage, liability coverage may be essential to avoid a lawsuit. Even if the infestation is nontoxic, associated issues have led to some high-dollar cases. Added insurance provides peace of mind. As with any insurance, it is imperative to talk with your insurer and clearly understand any policies.
When a mold infestation happens, it means much more than cleaning it up. Ensuring you have the right coverage for your property is essential in both making mold insurance claims and being protected against an exposure claim.

3 Phases During Construction That Contractors Need To Prevent Water Damage

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Group of construction engineer team in standard safety uniform work planing in construction site During a construction project, it is crucial to form a waterproofing plan and stick to it.

Three Phases During Construction

Even the smallest efforts can help contractors reduce the amount of loss they experience during construction. There are several times when they need to think about preventing water damage. Each time is crucial to ensuring that contractors don't have to worry about water pipe repair or hiring a water remediation company.

1. Before Construction
During the first phase, contractors should take the time to develop a quality control plan. Following this plan will ensure that specific steps are taken to reduce the need for water pipe repair and other timely solutions.
Additionally, the potential for water infiltration and drainage solutions should be considered. Contractors must think about how their building materials fit with the area's water levels. If a potential threat is identified, they should consult an engineer about the situation. If necessary, they may need to install drainage systems to make construction possible. This will minimize damage to a building over time. Contractors could also add pumps for dewatering purposes.

2. During Construction
During construction in Sun City Summerlin, NV, it is important to enforce the quality control plan. This ensures the ongoing project follows the plan and avoid potential water threats. Any subcontractors should also abide by this plan. To enforce this, the manager should document the project with photographs, reports, and inspections. It is also crucial to continue implementing dewatering solutions to prevent the need for water pipe repair jobs.

3. During Testing
After the roof has been installed, contractors are responsible for testing the water-tightness of the building. This often starts with the roof and works down. If any problems, like a broken pipe, are discovered, they should be fixed immediately.
During a construction project, it is crucial to form a waterproofing plan and stick to it. This ensures that you avoid a flooded structure while working. Be sure to have someone enforcing this plan. Once finished, perform tests to ensure water-tightness. Fix any problems that you discover.

4 Signs You Need a New Carpet

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wet carpet, mold growth on wall Mold is a sure sign that you need to replace your carpeting

Sometimes, you need to replace your carpet. However, it can be hard when to know that it is time. Fortunately, some pretty obvious signs let you know when to replace your flooring.

Here Are a Few Of The Most Prevalent Signs

1. Mold
Mold is a sure sign that you need to replace your carpeting. Anything from a spill to a pipe break can lead to water in your rug. This water can cause mold spores to grow. Therefore, you should always monitor your flooring for signs of mold.

2. Rips
No matter how clean your house is, a ripped rug can make it look disgusting. Tears can also give away your floor's age. Carpeting can get rips just a few years after being installed. If you take care of it, it can last much longer before getting rips. However, once you start noticing rips, you need to replace your flooring.

3. Stains
If your carpet has staining, it is time for a new one. Stains can be caused by a pipe break, muddy animals, or accidental spills. Short of hiring a professional remediation company, there is no way of getting these stains out. These stains can devalue your home. Therefore, it is time to replace.

4. Style
Carpeting can quickly go out of style in Summerlin, NV. After all, that shag you are still hanging on to went out of style a long time ago. While you may love your rug, it could make selling the home more difficult. Adding a new rug can also increase the value of your home. So if your carpeting is out of style, you have a problem. It would be best if you replaced it before trying to sell your home.
Whether a pipe break required you to have a water damage restoration and left you with moldy flooring or your rug is really out of style, you should consider replacing your rug. Replacing your carpet after you notice any of these signs can improve your home's value and keep it looking clean and stylish.

Cleanup After a Fire Can Determine Your Business's Recovery

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Visible damage to a commercial building following a structure fire Leave the fire cleanup process to professionals in Las Vegas, NV

Fire Cleanup Process

Did you know that a fire could require extensive water cleanup measures at your businesses in Sun City Summerlin, NV? Smoke cleanup is also a necessary step to deal with the aftermath of a fire. A professional service that knows how to handle fire cleanup properly can get your business ready to operate again.

Water Damage
Firefighters use powerful hoses that emit gallons of water to extinguish flames. Although the goal is to prevent fires from spreading, the power exerted by hoses and the water they leave behind can also cause extensive damage due to soaking and flooding of:

  • Carpets and upholstery
  • Electronics and furniture
  • Drywall and floors
  • Files and inventory

It is necessary to begin urgent water cleanup measures as soon as possible after putting out a fire to prevent mold formation, which could lead to further complications. A professional water extraction service can apply powerful equipment to dry out your space, monitor humidity levels and look for mold formation signs. If mold is present, it is essential to begin remediation methods to prevent additional damage that could be extensive and costly.

Smoke Damage
After a fire, smoke can linger, causing soot particles from burning objects to attach themselves to surfaces and penetrate the air. Without the proper techniques and tools for soot cleanup, further irreparable damage is possible. Professional restoration services can analyze the damage and apply the appropriate dry or wet cleaning techniques to increase the chances of salvaging your property; however, soot-damaged objects are often irreparable.
The soot cleaning process should include air scrubbing, which can effectively remove microscopic soot particles that attach themselves to air molecules. This process usually accompanies the use of ozone and hydroxyl generator machines to eliminate lingering odors after soot or water cleanup.
Putting your business back together after a fire can be overwhelming, but you don't need to handle the job alone. Leave the fire cleanup process to knowledgeable professionals in Las Vegas, NV, who have the experience necessary to help you recover from any disaster.

Category 3 Water Damage: What It Is and How to Deal With It

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wet carpet in commercial building Water damage in a commercial building

Has your building in Sun City Summerlin, NV, been impacted by category 3 water damage? Or, perhaps, you've heard this term thrown around often, and you're unsure of what it means. Whatever the case, it's always best to be informed and prepared.

What Causes It

This water damage can come from many sources, all contaminated in some regard.

  • Flash flood water
  • Toilet overflow
  • Sewage backup
  • Heavy rain
  • Damaged sewer lines

All of these sources of water are only the start; there is a big qualifier for category 3 flood water. It's is the fact that it occurs specifically when this contaminated water from any of these sources absorbs into materials such as drywall, flooring, or other porous surfaces.

How to Deal With It
The best well to deal with any type of contaminated flood water, especially one this severe, is to always contact a water damage and cleanup professional. They can assess the damage and decide the most efficient course of action for restoring your building to working order.

Why Professionals Are Essential
Another risk with category 3 water damage is the fact that it spreads so quickly. The materials your walls and flooring are made of are the perfect food source for the contaminants in the dirty water. This is especially true in high-humidity areas. It's simply unsafe and unwise to attempt to clean anything up yourself, but the professionals will have specialized cleaning equipment that's meant for this specific scenario. Professionals will also be sure to completely clean the affected areas thoroughly, thus preventing hidden mold growth in the future. They can also be contracted to take care of reconstructing your building, as well as the cleanup.
With some basic knowledge under your belt and being informed of the necessity of a professional, you can be sure that your building will be restored to working order both safely and efficiently.

3 Legitimate Reasons To Doubt the Accuracy of Home Mold Testing Kits

11/19/2020 (Permalink)

Mold Armor DIY test kit. For testing mold at home. Mold testing using at-home kits will most likely give you inaccurate or unusable answers

Here Are Three Reasons To View Home Mold Kits With Some Skepticism

In the modern digital age, people have access to more information than ever before. There are blogs, websites and videos filled with instructions and ideas for DIY projects that offer a mix of accurate and sketchy information. However, there are some activities better handled by professionals. Mold testing is one of these.
While it is possible get a mold kit and try to perform DIY mold treatment in your home in Summerlin, NV, testing is best performed by a trained environmental hygienist, and the actual mold cleanup is best done by a professional cleanup and restoration service. 

1. Unreliable Results
Mold testing kits cannot be trusted to provide reliable results. They only show if mold is in the home. The problem with this is that mold is everywhere; there is no home that does not have mold. It even contaminates the air you breathe. Therefore, these home testing kits are guaranteed to return a positive result.

2. Unscientific Procedures
These kits often use an unscientific procedure. Many are not scientifically sound due to numerous factors:

  • There is often no control sample.
  • They can be unknowingly exposed, contaminated or expired due to lack of an expiration date, which can lead to inaccurate measurement.
  • There is the possibility of the samples being improperly handled when sent off for analysis.
  • There is no controlled airflow for measurement by volume (the measurement usually used in guidelines).

3. Official Recommendation Shortage
The general uselessness of home mold kits is known by trustworthy sources as well. They are not recommended by Consumer Reports and in fact are even warned against by organizations within the mold industry, such as the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists. They are also almost never certified.
Mold testing using at-home kits will most likely give you inaccurate or unusable answers. If you suspect the presence of mold in your home, it is best to consult professionals to minimize damage to the home.

Important Things To Know About Your Home's Supply Lines

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Water piping tube installed externally along the bathroom wall to supply water for a heater. Supply line damage is just one source of unwanted water coming into a home

Important Things To Know About Your Home's Supply Lines

It is not uncommon for a homeowner in Las Vegas, NV, to face the problem of supply line damage. These workhorses of the home's plumbing system bring in the water supply from the outside, either by way of a municipal water line or a well system. The pipes are bigger than the other pipes in a home and can carry large volumes of water. A supply line can be made of different materials, with plastic and steel braided being the most likely. While plastic lines are often easier to work with and are less expensive, they generally do not last as long as steel pipes. They are also more vulnerable to breakage.

Dealing with a supply line leak
A leak in the plumbing system could be a one-time event or it could be sign that the plumbing system is in need of major work. A plumbing contractor should be brought in to investigate the situation and fix the supply line damage. A few other steps should be taken at this time, too:

  • Contact insurance agent
  • Call in a water cleanup crew
  • Document expenses
  • Move vulnerable items from the leak

A professional water remediation team will be able to dry out the affected area and look for signs of secondary damage. Technicians will look to make sure the leaking water has not resulted in a mold problem.

Handling other forms of water damage
Supply line damage is just one source of unwanted water coming into a home. Other common sources of problematic water include a leaking roof, a faulty appliance and a bathroom leak. Each situation is unique and the cleanup and restoration process must be versatile. For example, if the water comes from a contaminated source there is a danger to humans and pets. Professionals will wear personal protective equipment when cleaning the home. They will also engage in a vigorous sanitizing process that ensures the home is free of pathogens.

How To Remove Smoke Odor

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hand with a plastic glove and cloth cleaning tile with smoke Smoke odor removal services in Sun City Summerlin, NV

Removing Smoke Odor

If there is smoke damage at your Sun City Summerlin, NV, business, the residual odor can be very difficult to eliminate. Fortunately, a variety of removal techniques can be employed.

Masking the Odor
Some people try to cover up the smell of smoke. Unfortunately, this does not work. The following items do not remove smoke odor:

  • Candles
  • Incense
  • Air freshener

Although these items may temporarily mask the odor, the smoke smell will return when the pleasant aroma fades.

Removing the Odor
While the above methods only add an extra layer of fragrance to the area, there are techniques that actually get rid of the particles causing the smoke odors. The following are three common and effective methods of smoke cleaning:

  • Air purification
  • Thermal fogging
  • Ozone treatment

After addressing the smoke damage itself, air purification is a good starting point for odor elimination. The machines circulate the air and trap the smoke particles that pass through the filter. HEPA and activated carbon filters are ideal choices. Make sure to change the filters according to the manufacturer’s instructions so that the machine is always at its best.
If air purification does not completely eliminate the odor, an ozone treatment or thermal fogging session may be necessary. When ozone is released, the molecules attach to the smoke particles and create a new compound that does not have a smoky odor. For other businesses, thermal fogging may be the best approach. With this technique, the temperature in the building is increased. This causes porous materials to expand so that the deodorizing fog can reach into even the most difficult places.
Although all business owners can safely run an air purifier, ozone treatments and thermal fogging often require the help of an experienced fire restoration service to be carried out safely and correctly. Whether you are dealing with soot damage, smoke damage or other fire-related problems, it is important to restore your business to preloss condition so you and your employees can get back to work.

5 Common Water Issues in Commercial Buildings

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Clogged toilet Clogged toilet

Common Water-Related Problems

Staying on top of smaller issues in your commercial building is one of the best ways to prevent them from snowballing into larger problems. Remaining vigilant is especially important when it comes to plumbing issues, such as leaking pipes or backed up toilets. Make sure you regularly check your building in Las Vegas, NV, for the following common water-related problems.

1. Low Water Pressure
Low water pressure can indicate several different issues, such as leaking pipes. Any water that escapes through the leak naturally won't come out of the faucet where it's supposed to, leading to suboptimal water pressure.

2. Damaged Building Foundation
Structural damage in your building, such as cracked, bulging or otherwise warped foundation, can signal the presence of a serious leak. These deformities are often a result of flood water accumulating within your building's structure and can indicate a hidden pipe break.

3. Clogged Drains
Customers are much less likely to treat your commercial bathrooms with the same respect that they'd treat a residential one. This can lead to many undesirable items getting flushed down your pipes, resulting in clogs. At the very least, this leads to an unsightly bathroom. In severe cases, it can result in toilet backup or sewage overflow.

4. Pinhole Leaks
Pinhole leaks are especially common in older buildings, where the copper or cast-iron pipes aren't built to last as long. These tiny holes can cost thousands in wasted water. Keep an eye out for these silent leaks by watching for a spike in your monthly water bill or a drop in your building's water pressure.

5. Leaking Toilets and Faucets
Much like pinhole leaks, dripping faucets and toilets can slowly, yet steadily, drive up your monthly water bill. Make sure you take the time to inspect your commercial bathrooms to make sure none of the appliances are dripping or leaking. Repair any problems you come across.
Leaking pipes, dripping faucets, and clogged drains are all common plumbing issues for commercial building owners. Staying on top of the issue can help reduce the amount of damage your building suffers and keep your business running smoothly. Contact water restoration experts for professional help.

5 Simple Sump Pump Maintenance Tips

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New sump pump with an attached yellow emergency backup pump in case of breakdown to be submersed in a pit to drain A sump pump is extremely helpful when it comes to removing excess water and protecting your property

Check Out The Following Tips To Keep Your Device Working

A sump pump is extremely helpful when it comes to removing excess water and protecting your property in Sun City Summerlin, NV, from flood damage. Like any other household device, you need to make sure you're taking the proper steps to maintain your pump and keep it working properly for years to come. Check out the following tips to keep your device working at peak efficiency.

1. Remove Debris from the Discharge Pipe
The discharge pipe works exactly the same as any other pipe in your home; it won't be able to properly pump water if there's debris inside. Regularly check the discharge pipe for obstructions and remove any that you find.

2. Remove Clogs from the Intake Screen
Your sump pump tends to collect a lot of dirt, gravel and other obstructions as it works. Regularly inspecting the intake screen and removing debris can help keep it running at peak efficiency.

3. Check the Outlet and Cord
The unit should be plugged into a working ground fault circuit interrupter. It's also important to regularly check to make sure that the cord plugged into the pump is still in good shape.

4. Test the Pump Regularly
Testing is an important part of proper pump maintenance. You can easily do this by pouring a bucket of water in the basin of the device. Watch as the water level rises. The device's float should trigger the machine to activate and drain the excess water.

5. Replace the Pump's Battery
Some pumps can operate on a backup battery, just in case the electricity shuts off. Check with the manufacturer to see how often the backup battery needs to be replaced. Most devices require battery changes every two to three years.
Pump maintenance is extremely easy and can help keep your device running properly for years to come. Contact flood remediation experts for professional assistance if your sump pump isn't running properly.

Think You’ve Got Mold? Get Your Home Tested

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Scientist show molds in agar culture. Mold testing

Get Your Home Tested By Professionals

While mold may be everywhere, nobody wants to grow a colony. If your Las Vegas, NV, home shows signs of an infestation, it’s best to get the problem taken care of by a mold damage and remediation expert. They will ensure proper mold cleaning and restoration is done to keep the problem from coming back. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to tell if you have mold. When that happens, mold testing is one way to help determine the severity of the problem.

Mold Tests
If a strong musty odor is wafting in areas of your home, you likely have a fungi problem. If you have inspected walls, flooring and ceilings for potential signs and find nothing, it may be time to call in an environmental specialist to test your home. Testing can provide the following peace of mind:

  • Locate the source of growth
  • Measure the number of spores in the air
  • Identify mold species
  • Ensure it has been properly removed after mold cleaning

A variety of tests are done and samples are taken to provide clarity regarding a potential mold issue. It is best to use a certified professional who has the expertise and collection and analyzation to get the best results.

Once the tests are done and indicate there is a problem, the mold remediation process can begin. An assessment and inspection will be completed to determine the scope of the cleanup. During the mold cleaning, a professional will ensure that affected areas and items are properly contained and air filtration devices are used to clean spores from the air. After the mold is removed, any materials that needed to be removed will be replaced, restoring your home back to normal.
While no one wants mold, sometimes finding it can be tricky. Instead of letting it spread, count on an array of mold professionals to ensure your home remains a safe and pleasant environment.

Performing a Water Heater Flush

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Man's hands unscrewing a screw-nut on a water heater with a wrench on a boiler Performing a water heater flush in Summerlin, NV

Steps To Perform A Water Heater Flush

Performing a successful water heater flush is an excellent way to help maintain your device and prevent unnecessary damage or repairs. The process is very simple, even if you don't have any prior plumbing experience. Follow the steps below to perform a flush for the water heater in your home in Summerlin, NV.

1. Turn Off the Heater's Power.
This process varies depending on whether you have a gas or electric models. For a gas model, simply extinguish the pilot light. If you have an electric model, turn off the line in the circuit box that supplies the heater.

2. Designate a Proper Drainage Area and Connect the Hose.
You need to designate an area where you can drain the water. It should be a spot that can handle lots of warm water flow, without running the risk of flooding your property. Connect one end of your garden hose to the drain valve before running the opposite end of the hose into your designated drainage area.

3. Drain Your Tank.
Open your drain valve to let the water out. Allow it to flow for several minutes. During this time, head into your kitchen and turn on the hot water faucet in the sink. This helps the water run more smoothly. After a few minutes, shut off the supply valve. The water flow will gradually begin to slow before it stops altogether. Reopen the drain valve to perform one more quick flush before shutting it off again.

4. Refill the Tank.
Close the valves and turn the water supply back on. Keep an eye on the faucet in your kitchen. Once the water starts running smoothly, you'll know that the heater's tank is full.

5. Reactivate the Heating Element.
Refer to step one to reactivate the power in your heater. You have now performed a successful water heater flush.
Proper water heater maintenance is essential if you wish to keep your device running properly for a long time. For more assistance or information, contact water remediation experts.

5 Ways To Prevent Large Pipes From Bursting

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Rusty burst pipe spraying water after freezing in winter. Old worn large pipe rusty pipe gave leak Rusty burst pipe spraying water after freezing in winter. Old worn large pipe rusty pipe gave leak

Five Ways To Prevent Large Pipes From Bursting

Commercial buildings run the risk of frozen pipes whenever temperatures drop. Pressure can build up in a frozen pipe and cause the pipe to burst, leading to a major leak and severe water damage in a commercial property located in Las Vegas, NV. Here are five ways to prevent the large pipes that supply commercial properties with water from freezing and bursting, and necessitating water line repair, cleanup, and restoration.

1. Check exterior seals before temperatures drop. Cold air enters buildings through open cracks or holes. Use caulk and insulation to keep cold air out of wall cavities.

2. Seal and insulate the interior of the building or vulnerable pipes. Protect attic penetrations, electrical and mechanical chases, and any exposed pipes vulnerable to freezing.

3. Maintain a moderate interior temperature. Controlling the temperature inside of a building makes it less likely that pipes will freeze. You may want to install a monitoring system to maintain a safe temperature at all times of day, regardless of whether the building is occupied.

4. Relieve pipe pressure by allowing faucets to drip. Pressure buildup causes frozen pipes to burst. Allowing faucets to drip can relieve pressure between the ice blockage and faucets, reducing the likelihood that a pipe will burst.

5. Install and monitor backup and detection systems. Consider installing a detection system that relies on wireless sensors located near water sources to detect broken pipes or valves as soon as damage occurs. You may also want to install a backup power system to maintain interior temperatures or a monitoring system for fire suppression sprinklers.

These five tips can significantly reduce the risk of frozen pipes in a commercial property in Las Vegas, NV. If a pipe does freeze and burst, you should contact a plumber for water line repair as well as a certified commercial water damage restoration service to begin remediation and repair efforts.

3 Ways Lightning Can Damage a Home

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Thunderbolt over the house with dark stormy sky on the background and moon shining through the cloud If your home is hit, the first concern should be checking for a lightning fire

Potential Hazards a Storm Can Cause

When the storm starts to rumble and bolts flash in the sky, it may not seem that surprising. Unfortunately, if lightning strikes your Sun City Summerlin, NV, or nearby, it may cause a house fire or other unexpected damage. A lightning fire isn’t as uncommon as it might seem. Below are three potential hazards a storm can cause.

1. Fire
If your home is hit, the first concern should be checking for a lightning fire. Even if it is evident, one could have started in the attic or other areas of the home. Since most items in your house are highly flammable—from the wood it was likely built with to the pictures on the wall and clothes in the closet—it won’t take long for a small, undetected fire to unleash massive damage. The moment a fire is detected, be sure to evacuate and call 911. Safety should also come before everything else. After the fire is out, a fire damage and restoration professional can help you get your home back to normal.

2. Power Surges
The phrase “as fast as lightning” is aptly called that. It strikes fast and travels fast. Modern homes rely on numerous outlets to provide a comfortable atmosphere, cold food, TVs to watch and cellphones to charge. If the bolt uses electrical wiring as a path, that massive surge can damage anything that is plugged in. While surge protectors are important for overloaded outlets, they won’t do much to protect a home from a direct strike.

3. Shock Waves
Mother Nature has a lot of power behind her. When that crack sounds and it is close to your home, the shock waves can shatter windows, crack foundations, and break concrete and stone. It can also result in shrapnel that gets embedded into your home’s walls and turn a yard into a trench.
Although most people won’t experience a lightning fire, never say never. Always take safety precautions during a storm and stay mindful of potential hazards.

What Mold Odor May Mean for Your Business

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Close-up of person hand wearing gloves measuring wetness of a moldy wall Mold testing

Here's What You Should Know

If you have a mold smell at your Sun City Summerlin, NV, business then you may have cause for concern. Understanding what this odor could mean may help you prevent long term problems for the property. Here’s what you should know.

1. Mold May Be Present

If you have a pervasive fungus smell in a place of business there's a chance that mold could be present. Mold can give off this odor as a byproduct of sporing. It's usually a damp, musty scent that is fairly recognizable.

2. Where To Look For It

If you're looking for the source of a mold smell, 3 may want to check areas that have been affected by water damage or contain plumbing. Mold also likes dim conditions, so the areas under cabinetry, between walls, or in basement spaces may be the first place you want to look. It’s also recommended that you contact a local professional for help finding and removing any mold.

3. Tests Can Be Performed to Find It

It's important to know that a local mold remediation service can perform several tests which may help you locate the source of the mildew smell. These tests usually fall into three categories. An air sample test is used to capture any mold spores that might be floating in the air of a certain area. A surface test usually involves an adhesive strip being placed along a surface and then lifted to catch spores that may be resting on top of the material. They may also use a sample test which involves taking a piece of suspected material. All three types of tests can be used to determine if mold is present, and may also tell what type of mold you may be dealing with.

If you notice a mold smell and your place of business, you may want to contact a local mold remediation service in order to identify the problem. This odor may mean that mold is present and these professionals will know where to look for it. They should also be able to test the area to determine if and what type of mold could be present.

How Do I Fix a Toilet That Won’t Stop Flushing?

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Toilet, Flushing Water, close up How Do I Fix a Toilet That Won’t Stop Flushing?

Follow These Four Steps and Prevent A Toilet Overflow Or Toilet Flood

Do you have a commode in your building that’s not working correctly? Is it always running and putting you at risk of a toilet overflow? The good news is that it’s easy to stop a toilet from running. You’ll need:

  • A flat-head screwdriver
  • A wrench
  • A paperclip
  • Towels

Residential toilets use a water tank and gravity to send waste through the pipes. Commercial bathrooms have flushometers, which push high-pressure water around the bowl. They use less water and are good for busy areas because there’s no tank to refill.
Follow these four steps to fix a manual flushometer and prevent a toilet overflow or toilet flood.

1. Turn Off the Water
Turn off the main water line for the building, then turn off the water flow to the individual toilet on the control stop (where the unit connects to the wall). Remove the cap, insert the screwdriver into the slot and turn it to the right.

2. Take Off the Flushometer Lid and Flange Cover
Loosen the lid with the wrench and twist it off. You can put a thin towel over the top so you don’t scratch the chrome finish. It’s normal if some water comes out of the flange cover.

3. Clean the Gasket
Take the gasket out and clean it. It probably has a lot of built-up sediment and debris. It may have a small hole, called a weep hole, that you can clean out with the unfolded paperclip.

4. Put the Parts Back and Turn On the Water
Replace the cleaned gasket, and put the flange cover and flushometer lid on. Use the screwdriver to turn the water back on at the control stop and turn the water main back on.
If following the above steps didn’t fix the issue, you’ll need to get a new gasket.
If you have damage from a toilet overflow, contact a water damage restoration specialist in Las Vegas, NV, to clean and repair your building.

3 Storm Damage Cleanup Myths

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Floodwaters in a bathroom after storm damage Storm damage in Las Vegas, NV

Here Are A Few Restoration Myths You Can Keep In Mind

When powerful storms strike Las Vegas, NV, you may be left with serious damage to your home including flooding, hail defacement, and severe water issues that may affect your home’s yard, roof, and gutters. As you work to repair your home, there are a few restoration myths you can keep in mind to ensure the future safety and value of your home.

1. You Can Air Dry Carpeting
If your carpets take on water damage after flooding, you may think that air drying them will allow them to recover. However, the padding underneath may still be wet or damp and encourage mold growth, which may spread over time. As mold grows, your carpets may begin to smell musty, no matter how often you shampoo them. Before you dry your carpeting with fans or hire a carpeting company to assist you, check the padding first and replace or dry it thoroughly as needed.

2. Hail Causes Only Minor Damage
Hailstorms can be quite violent, especially if the size of the hailstones is considerable. Your home’s roof and gutters may take on the damage that can lead to basement and yard flooding unless they are properly inspected and repaired. After a hailstorm, check your gutters and make sure they are still firmly attached and that they have not been pinched or pierced by hailstones. If these issues are overlooked, your home may flood during the next bad storm.

3. DIY Flood Repair Is Simple
Because widespread flood damage throughout your home is possible after a storm, choosing do-it-yourself options may be dangerous as well as difficult. Removing floodwaters filled with human or animal waste or other toxins is best left to flood remediation and cleanup service that has the machinery and experienced technicians to complete the job thoroughly and safely.
Storms in Las Vegas, NV, can ravage your property and cause hail damage, flooding, and other serious types of water issues. Understanding the myths behind storm cleanup may help you secure your home and ensure repairs are made properly.

How To Spot Hidden Leaks

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A Few Ways to Keep a Close Watch on Your Commercial Property for Hidden Leaks

If you see water spraying out of the faucet in the break room, there's no denying that you have a water leak. While no one is glad to find a problem with the plumbing, obvious leaks are the easiest to identify and thus resolve. It's the hidden leaks that often end up causing the most damage because they can go undetected for a long time. Here are a few ways to keep a close watch on your commercial property in Summerlin, NV, for hidden leaks.

Outdoor Leaks

A pipe break underground can leak water for a while before you know there's a problem. Some signs to watch for include:

  • Unusually large water bill
  • Unexplained wet or swampy spots on the lawn
  • Sewer odors

These signs are an indication that your plumbing is not only leaking but leaking badly enough to have reached the ground's surface. Call your plumber immediately to investigate and fix the problem.

Pipe Leaks

Indoor damage, such as water spots on the ceiling or walls, means you probably have a broken pipe somewhere. If a pipe is leaking under the sink, you can see and repair that easily. If you have a water leak behind a wall or ceiling tiles, however, water restoration specialists will likely have to remove part of the wall or ceiling to stop the leak and repair the damage. Soggy drywall and insulation must be replaced to fully restore the area.

Toilet Leaks

An overflowing toilet can cause a lot of water damage in a short amount of time, but you usually know exactly when it happens. If the leak is under the toilet or in the supply line, the problems may go undetected for a while. If the restroom is upstairs, the damage may extend to the floors below it. Have custodial staff check for excess water whenever they clean the restrooms to identify potential problems.

Sometimes a water leak is obvious, but often it is hidden from plain sight. When you know the signs to look for, you are more prepared to address issues.

4 Ways To Secure a Building After a Fire

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Boarded up storefronts Board up services in Summerlin, NV

Securing Your Building After Fire Damage

The aftermath of a fire is a confusing time for just about everyone. At first, it can be difficult to see where the damage to your building in Summerlin, NV, begins, and ends. That's why it pays to have professionals on hand for a fire cleanup. A quality fire remediation franchise will bring the tools, training, and experience to make sense of the mess. Once technicians arrive on the scene, they will do a building inspection and assess the complete damage to the property. They will look to secure the property from additional damage by using a number of methods.

1. Board Up and Tarp Services. It is not unusual for a building to be in a need of roof repair after a fire. The fire department sometimes must break through roofs to allow the fire to relieve pressure, or sometimes the fire simply destroys a roof. In either case, the situation must be taken care. The quickest solution is to place a tarp over the roof to keep out rain. Broken windows and doors may need to be boarded up as well.

2. Safety Precautions. The initial stages of the fire cleanup call for identifying hazards such as electrical components that could cause shocks. For this reason, trained personnel will consider shutting off the electrical power supply.

3. Wild Animals. Sometimes animals are present in a building soon after a fire. They might have lived inside the building or along its foundation. Animals such as rats and snakes could be more likely to be agitated in such times. Professionals can take care of the situation or call the local animal control.

4. Falling Items. A commercial fire does a number on the structural integrity of a building. This means heavy boards and portions of drywall could collapse. Exposed nails and jagged edges pose a threat to anyone in the building. A fire cleanup will return the building to good condition again, but a priority is securing the building for everyone's safety.

Why Mold Smells, and How To Get Rid of the Stench

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Woman covering her nose while looking at a wall with mold Mold damage in Sun City Summerlin, NV

How To Eliminate Mold Smells

When water damage affects your home in Sun City Summerlin, NV, residents may detect signs of mycotoxin, a byproduct of fungal reproduction that gives off an unpleasant, stale smell. This is an early sign of infestation, indicating that treatment is needed to rid the home of mold growth. If observed, prompt action should be taken to eliminate the contamination and the stench.

1. Look for a Source
Mold spores exist naturally in the air. These microbes decompose structures, helping the environment to degrade logs and replenish the soil. However, inside the home, they could pose a problem, ruining boards, dry wall and ceiling. They grow where warmth, water, and organic matter combine, rotting pieces and establishing a musty odor. To get rid of it, begin searching for a spot that may have excess fluid or moisture. Investigate sinks, showers, windows, closets, and basements. Your nose should guide you. In addition, keep an eye out for water stains or unusual spotting on the walls. If you can't find it yourself, a water remediation team can complete an evaluation, including looking behind walls and within the HVAC system. Once found, fix the original issue.

2. Dry and Purify
You'll have to consider several things to truly regain fresh air. Less mold indicates fewer mycotoxins, so decrease those and you'll reduce the funk. Eliminate excess humidity by running dehumidifiers, prohibiting further fungal development. Then, HEPA Air Filtration devices can be used to remove the traces of aroma.

3. Replace and Rebuild
Mold remediation includes removing porous materials harmed by the microorganisms. For example, cleaners cannot penetrate deeply, leaving remnants behind; therefore, take out baseboards or drywall that were affected. Flooring, especially carpet, may also be tossed. By doing so, you'll reduce the level of pollution. Those items can be patched or replaced.
If you detect a must, it's possible mycotoxin is present. Be proactive, hunting down the cause. Then, concentrate on airing spaces out, sanitizing the room, and restoring structures.

Professional Smoke Odor Removal Methods

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Ozone generator This method of smoke cleaning does the opposite of air filtration

Below Are The Three Main Methods

A fire in your Las Vegas, NV, means more than fixing charred walls and replacing burned items. Even after everything is removed and fix, the smoke odor has a sneaky way of not going away. Neither gas nor a solid, it contains particles that can elusively linger. Even after a small fire, proper smoke cleaning should be part of the restoration process. A professional fire and smoke damage remediation expert has an arsenal of advanced tools to get your home back to smelling fresh. Below are the three main methods used.

Air Filtration

These devices work like an air scrubber using a multi-layer system.

A fan pulls the air in and pushes it back out. In between that process, the air is cleaned. The fans often have different settings to adjust how quickly it works, as well as noise control.
A prefilter works to catch larger particles before the air enters the main filter. This includes pet fur and hair.
A HEPA filter traps tiny particles, allowing only fresh air out. A true HEPA filter is designed to remove 99.97% of particles measuring .3 microns and larger.

Ozone Machines
This method of smoke cleaning does the opposite of air filtration. They are designed to create and emit ozone, which is three oxygen molecules. The third molecule attaches itself to odor pollutants, especially smoke damage, and eliminates it.

Thermal Foggers
These devices use heat and pressure to create a vapor from a liquid deodorize that is released in the home. This fog has microscopic particles that can reach nearly every spot in a home to remove odor. As they permeate throughout a home, they absorb odor-causing particles, making it an ideal technique for smoke cleaning. This process is only used when people and pets are not present.
Fire and smoke damage may leave long-lasting effects if not properly treated. Count on an expert to your home back to “Like it never even happened.”

Reasons to Start Your Franchise Today

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SERVPRO van SERVPRO helps people and communities recover safely and get back on their feet

Starting a SERVPRO franchise is an excellent way to build a meaningful business. If you're looking for work opportunities in Summerlin, NV, consider learning the ins and out of starting your franchise soon. Being the owner of a certified disaster response company that helps your community in times of crisis brings you pride and fulfillment as well as financial security. After emergencies - large and small - SERVPRO helps people and communities recover safely and get back on their feet.

Helping Communities Recover

Running your own franchise gives you the freedom of having a locally owned business presence and also the power and resources of corporate knowledge and support. Operating a SERVPRO franchise gives you the chance to manage an establishment that helps your community in times of need. Specializing in water and fire cleanup and restoration, your work will help individuals and other institutions recover after disasters. The value you can add to your city is commendable, and the corporate office helps you with every step of your career-building journey.

Helping Businesses Succeed
Starting a franchise is an option that sets you up for success. The goal of corporate is to help you build a successful enterprise that serves you and your community. With the resources, training, and support of the national organization, you can pursue your dream of starting a business of your own while also helping others. You don't have to learn everything on your own and flounder when you encounter a tough situation. With the SERVPRO model, you will be able to build a quality team and provide top-notch service to your clients and community.
Consider starting your SERVPRO franchise today if you want to create a successful and meaningful business of your own. You can help your customers restore their homes and properties while making your career and financial dreams become reality. Your neighbors will thank you for all the work you do to keep Summerlin, NV healthy, and safe.

Know the 3 Types of Contaminated Water

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Background of blue water and on the middle a sign that says water categories Know the three types of water categories

Know the 3 Types of Contaminated Water

The moment you see water in your Sun City Summerlin, NV, home, getting it cleaned up as quickly as possible is vital to mitigate damage. Before diving into the cleanup process, it is important to understand that not all water is equal. There are three main types of contaminated water. Depending on which type you are faced with will determine the necessary precautions to be taken during cleanup.

1: Clean Water
This type of water issue comes from a clean source, such as a supply line, faucet, melting snow or toilet holding tank. It is considered sanitary water that does not contain contaminants harmful to humans and animals. While this is the best type of water damage to deal with, if left unchecked, it can lead to mold and other issues that bump it into the next category within 48 hours.

2: Gray Water
This type of contaminated water often comes from dishwashers, showers, washing machines or other appliances that may have chemicals or bacteria that could be harmful if ingested. Although it may seem relatively safe, it can still be an irritant when cleaning. Like the first category, if gray water sits too long without being addressed, it can quickly become the third category.

3: Black Water
The level of contamination in this category is considered hazardous. It often contains raw sewage, chemicals, pathogens, and other harmful organisms. This unsanitary water, which can be caused by natural flooding or sewage backups, can quickly absorb into the porous materials of a home, creating much bigger issues than just the water itself. Instead of addressing this category, it is best to call a water remediation and restoration expert to safely handle the cleanup and get your home back to normal without any lingering issues.
While water may just look like water, there is a chance it could be contaminated water. Instead of jumping into cleanup mode, it is important to verify the type of water damage and get the appropriate help for safe, proper cleanup.

What To Know About Restoring Documents After Water Damage

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Wet documents Wet documents can be restored with professional help

What To Know About Restoring Documents After Water Damage

After flooding at your Summerlin, NV, place of business, there’s a chance that wet documents could be left behind. These important files are often needed for operations, budgeting, client information, or other reasons beaning they’re not something you want to lose. This is paperwork you may want to be restored as soon as possible. Here’s what you may want to know about this process.

1. A Professional Can Help

One of the first steps toward restoring your paper documentation is to contact a local water damage restoration service. These professionals have the tools needed to salvage your damaged files without causing further damage. It’s a good idea to talk to them beforehand about your files so that you can know what to expect from this process.

2. The Document Can Be Freeze Dried

Often times the process of document drying includes freeze drying the damaged materials. This method of dealing with wet documents is the same process used by the Library of Congress in their own restorations. This means that you can feel confidant in the fact that your business paperwork can be saved and restored for future use.

3. Sterilization is Also Possible

Your paper documentation can also be sterilized after the drying procedure has been completed. This is achieved via a gamma irradiation process, to help ensure that these documents are free from any bacteria, parasites, pesticides, or other materials that could be carried by flood water. After this, your restoration team may even be able to help you digitize these files if you so desire.

It’s important to know that wet documents can be restored with professional help. Many restoration services have the ability to freeze dry this paperwork, as well as sterilize it. Soon these files can be safe to use again in your daily business operations. Remember, if you have any questions your restoration team should be able to help.

4 Things To Know About Mold

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Removing mold from the wall in the house. Hand in blue glove tears off wallpapers damaged by fungus Mold removal in a Sun City Summerlin, NV building

Four Important Things To Know About Mold

Business owners in Sun City Summerlin, NV, should understand the ins and outs of mold growth. After all, it's a situation that can happen very quickly and easily, catching proprietors by surprise. In fact, people may wonder how something so natural could become so deleterious. Here are four important things to know about mold.

1. Fungus Loves Hydration
High humidity helps mold thrive. In fact, it's a special love potion for the microorganism, encouraging breeding in a very short time. Therefore, you should try to maintain a dry space, removing any additional moisture from the air. Do this by running your air units regularly, adding dehumidifiers in over wet rooms, and placing absorbent products in dark, dank locations.

2. Spores Are Already There
You can't keep spores out. They exist in nature as decomposers, and they are everywhere. You pick them up when you walk outside, the wind blows them in through the doors and windows. In fact, they even creep into the space through the air handler. To prevent mold growth, you simply have to remind yourself to clean regularly. Wash spaces, vacuum floors, and clean up spills. Don't leave any water lingering around.

3. Bleach Doesn't Always Kill It
The water damage you saw could develop a funky scent and black spots if it's allowed to linger. You may think a household cleaner is enough, but it isn't those little microbes that have seeped into the material, finding a nice cozy home. Spraying it with something may get the outside, but it doesn't necessarily get into the problem.

4. Rot Needs Removal
Your infestation is cared for by bringing in a mold restoration team that can evaluate the area and determine a cleanup procedure. To effectively reduce your risk, you'll need to take out what has been ruined. That means tearing out carpet or drywall, replacing it with something new. Doing so takes the active fungal growth away.
It's not a simple issue. Mold growth needs professional attention. To avoid severe situations, keep it dry and clean often. When something happens, though, take it seriously.

3 Reasons to Make Home Repairs Quickly After a Storm

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Warped wooden floor from water damage Warped wood damaged by flood waters in Las Vegas, NV

Here's What You Should Know

After a storm, you may want to wait until your flood insurance adjuster can visit your Las Vegas, NV, home. However, it’s okay and even advised to begin repairs before they arrive. There are a few reasons for this. Here’s what you should know.

1. Acting Quickly Can Prevent Additional Damage

Acting quickly is one way to avoid additional damages such as warped wood, soaked carpeting, damaged personal items, and even mold. Your insurance agent may recommend working with a local restoration service to help clean up and repair any flood damage, as these professionals can have the tools to do so quickly and safely. One of the first steps they may take is removing flood water from the home.

2. Some Repairs Can Start Early

While waiting for your flood insurance adjuster some repairs can start early. This is especially true if a restoration service is working on the home as they can document everything as they go. Some things you can start before the adjuster arrives include the removal of any flood water, and boarding or tarping over damaged areas to help prevent additional damage from occurring.

3. Long Term Problems Can Also Be Avoided

When you act quickly to make repairs you can help prevent possible long term problems that could arise from storm damage. Removing flood water quickly can help you avoid mold damage, as well as possible structural problems that can occur when the wood of the home has been soaked. The professionals working on your home restoration should know how to help you avoid long term issues such as these.

After experiencing storm damage in your home you should contact your flood insurance provider however, you don’t have to wait for them to visit before you can begin repairs. Especially if you're working with a preferred vendor. Making repairs as quickly as possible can help prevent additional damages and long term problems.

Replace Lost Revenue With Insurance

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Causes of business interruption Interruption insurance may not be right for all small businesses

A company thrives on incoming revenue. Without revenue it can be difficult to meet payroll, fix equipment, pay the energy bills and replace inventory. Unfortunately, as a business owner in Sun City Summerlin, NV, you know that many disasters can happen to your business, including storms, fires, and floods. While commercial property insurance will pay for damages from covered perils, it will not pay for lost revenue due to a closed business. That is the province of interruption insurance. When a business is shut down for a period of time, this coverage replaces the money and profits you are losing out on while the property is being restored.

Business Interruption Information
As always, when dealing with complicated insurance issues, it is best to consult with your insurance agent. Interruption insurance may not be right for all small businesses. The coverage provides the following benefits:

  • Replaces lost revenue while the company is closed
  • Pays for operating expenses during this time period
  • Is added to your commercial insurance policy
    Increases peace of mind

The coverage can be combined with an extra expense policy. This provides an incentive for a company to stay open in challenging times. Extra expenses such as building a temporary warehouse to service customers would likely be covered.

Fire Restoration Information

Working with a qualified storm mitigation company is another way to meet the financial challenges of a business interruption caused by a commercial fire. A company that works on the philosophy of Faster to any size disaster knows that time is of the essence. A professional team that works 24/7 and 365 days a year can arrive on site fast and begin putting things back in order. After an inspection and assessment, a plan of recovery, with a solid estimate of costs, is put together. The goal is to safely clear away all signs of damage and allow your company to get back to work again.

How To Keep Safe in a Thunderstorm

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Lightning rod on roof Maintain a lightning rod if one is on the property

How To Keep Safe in a Thunderstorm

A severe thunderstorm can unleash massive amounts of energy on your business in Summerlin, NV, in a short amount of time. It is a rain storm with a big bite. Winds can easily exceed 60 miles per hour. Hail stones sometimes as large as an inch in diameter can pound windows and roofs. Flooding can occur. Your focus when dealing with a big storm is the protection of your property and the safety of your employees and customers. The safety concern can be broken down to a before, a during and an after. Before a storm the following actions are helpful:

  • Trim trees and shrubs that might fall on buildings
  • Maintain a lightning rod if one is on the property
  • Educate employees with drills and information
  • Designate a safe area

During the Storm

When the rain storm is underway, employees should be urged to stay away from windows and skylights, especially if lightning is active. If it is too dangerous, workers should head to the safest place in the building, and all outdoor activities should be cancelled. It is crucial the everyone stays away from electrical systems and uses battery-powered devices. If possible, listen to local news outlets for real time information on the storm. As long as it is still safe, shutter windows and close doors securely to protect against high winds.

After the Storm

This is the time to verify that everyone is okay, and to seek medical attention as needed. A quick assessment of the property will give you a good idea if any dangerous damage exists, such as downed power lines or flooded areas. For help with recovery from a severe rain storm, a professional storm remediation team in your area has the tools and the training to respond to a disaster. All water from flooding should be considered contaminated. A trained team will have the necessary PPE equipment to deal with an emergency cleanup.

Restoration After A Fire Loss In Las Vegas

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Dirty air duct When is the last time you had your air ducts cleaned?

Restoration After A Fire Loss In Las Vegas

There are many homeowners in the Las Vegas, Summerlin Nevada and Sun City Nevada that are looking for a simple way to make their home safe again. The house will not have clean air, and they must get a team on the site as soon as possible. This article explains how someone will ensure their home has been cleaned properly using the techniques of the day. Someone who has been searching for a simple way to repair their home will ensure they have a home that is worth going back to.

#1: Fire Damage And Its Extent

The water damage from fire, soot damage, and smoke damage must be repaired as soon as possible before the home is overtaken with the dirt and soot that is left behind. There are many different people who are struggling with home fires and damage because they did not have it repaired, and they will notice the house is recovering the air quality it once had. Vegas homeowners must make the call quickly, and they will learn how to keep their homes in better condition.

#2: The Simplicity Of The Service

There are many people taking services that are quite simple, and they start with water damage from fire. They will continue with soot damage or smoke damage, and they will scrub the house until they believe it is clean. The house itself will be repaired in like manner, and it will look s it did before it was damaged.

#3: Waiting For The Exterior Repairs

Exterior and carpentry repairs are important as they will help close up the house. The company cannot do anything on the interior of the house. They will ensure the exterior of the house looks as it should, and they will do quite a lot of work that ensures the home looks as it did before. They will paint everything to ensure it matches, and they will use the repair time to check for any gaps in the home's air system.

#4: Cleaning Air Ducts

Las Vegas air quality is a concern as the air ducts may not have been cleaned before, and every Summerlin Nevada or Sun City Nevada homeowner must ensure they have had the ducts cleaned. They will see the repair company go into the ducts, and they will notice how simple it is to increase the quality of air in the house. The house will begin to smell fresh, and they will notice a difference when the tests are continued. Anyone who lives in Vegas must have the system cleaned at least once a year, and they will have it tested to ensure the house is in the finest condition.

The home that is struck by fire must be cleaned as soon as possible, and it will be cleaned by an emergency crew that arrives at the home with a plan of action. They will check to ensure the house has been cleared of all debris, and they will clear the homeowner to reenter the space. 

How to Identify Toxic Black Mold in Your Home

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Black mold Mold in Las Vegas, NV

To most humans, mold seems pretty gross – yet, the vast majority of molds are not only harmless, they’re entirely beneficial to the world. However, some homes in Las Vegas, NV, have been found to harbor a more insidious form, commonly called black mold. This type can cause significant damage to building materials, and it needs to be eradicated from indoors. Only a mold inspection from a qualified local expert can determine if your home has mold damage that needs remediation.

The World Is Full of Mold

Mold is one of many forms of fungus. There are at least 120,000 species of fungus identified and probably at least 2 million yet to be individually labeled. Fungi have three key properties:

  • Fungi can’t feed via photosynthesis like plants do; they need to feed off other life forms.
  • Fungi are immobile like plants (except their spores) but are actually more closely related to animals.
  • Fungi can be beneficial to its host organism, harmful to it or neutral.

Black Mold May Not Be Black

Also known as Stachybotrys chartarum, it can be black, grey or a dark green color. Only a professional mold inspection can properly determine if house mold is S. chartarum or a harmless type.
Black mold requires cellulose to feed upon, but it isn’t commonly found outdoors. Instead, it’s strongly attracted to building materials with a large amount of cellulose, such as drywall, wood studs, carpeting, wallpaper and some types of insulation.
All these materials are absorbent, so when they receive water damage, they encourage mold growth. Once a colony is established, it can invade hidden areas and cause substantial damage to the walls and even the structure of the home.
If you suspect that a mold growth is S. chartarum, you’ll need a mold inspection that can locate excess moisture behind walls and trace down the source of water damage. Once the source is fixed, they can begin the process of mold cleanup, removing heavily damaged materials and reducing the humidity levels with air scrubbers. SERVPRO will make it “Like it never even happened.”

Essential Tips on Handling a Fire Loss in Summerlin and Sun City Nevada

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Fire loss in a kitchen Fire damage in Summerlin, NV

Essential Tips on Handling a Fire Loss in Summerlin and Sun City Nevada

Often times fire issues come when we least expect them. It is likely for one to get devastated after such a horrible experience, especially if the right restoration measures are not taken. Therefore, even with so much agony and pain from fire and soot damage, you will be required to brace yourself and immediately roll the recovery ball. Here are some steps to take when in such a predicament:

Contact the professionals from the fire department. They come in handy and advise on whether it is yet time to reoccupy your house. Experts from Las Vegas will ascertain when the degree of air quality is fit for the habitats, and also when the effects of smoke damage are fully dealt with.

Check with your home insurers. Normally there are so many issues that arise from fire issues. Among them is water damage from fire. The Summerlin Nevada professionals advise that you follow up with your insurers so that they advise on every step to take.

Avoid Power Re-connection Without Approval by the Relevant Department. There are times we have seen men and women from Sun City, Summerlin Nevada rush to do utility rewiring, and it turned out to be dangerous. It happens when unsafe appliances are connected, which should have otherwise been replaced.

There are lots of things you will buy when the calamity of fire damage catches up with you. We are advised to preserve the receipts. In the future, your Vegas insurance companies might ask for them for the purpose of verification, particularly because of the income tax. Bear in mind that there are several essentials you might have to purchase to enhance air quality.

We have to understand that as fire burns, smoke emanates, and out of it we suffer smoke damage. On settling on the surface, it goes further into causing soot damage, which is not easily removable from fabrics. As well, soot is harmful to the human race when inhaled, hence the need for people across Las Vegas and Sun City Nevada to get informed. Here are more damage cases to expect:

Dealing with Water Damage from Fire

Normally this is not a simple process considering that there will be so much water left after putting out the fire. We all know that the wetness fosters mildew growth, which is a threat to healthy living. Basically, water removal takes two phases;

Manual removal of water. Hi-tech wet vacuums are powered and used to suck water from your setting. They also slurp water from your other valuables. Reliable Sun City Nevada firms will come in handy for you.

Drying. After all the water has been sucked, dehumidifiers will be necessary to completely dry the atmosphere. De-humidification is also done on the walls to ensure minimal chances of mold development if any.


We see that fire damage can be such great pain. We may never fall victim, but should it happen, there is a way out. When you know how best to confront the issue through ideal recovery options, you will regain all your salvageable valuables. For the completely damaged ones, Vegas residents already understand how best to go about compiling a comprehensive report to their insurers for compensation.

5 Tips for Being a Good Landlord

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Cropped image of beautiful couple talking with realtor, who is showing where to sign the documents As a landlord, it is important to build a strong relationship with residents in your property

Check Out These Five Landlords Tips

You are a landlord in Summerlin, NV, who rents out properties not just because you enjoy doing so, but also because it provides a viable income. Good businesses attract exceptional customers, including tenants. As a landlord, it is important to build a strong relationship with residents in your property from the beginning and keep the momentum going, even with plumbing issues. Check out these five landlord tips to keep you on the right track.

1. Communication Does Matter

Make sure tenants can get in contact with you when necessary. If you want to keep your personal life separate from your business, provide a company number that residents can reach you on, along with a business email address.

2. Safety is Priority

Keep your tenants safe by making sure there are no safety hazards in or around the property. You should also make sure there is ample lighting around the building so tenants can feel secure.

3. Promises Are Important

Fulfilling promises that you have made to tenants builds trust and shows that you run a dependable business. If you tell a tenant that a plumbing issue like an overflowing toilet will be resolved on Friday, make sure it is fixed that day and not next Wednesday. You can hire a commercial plumbing company to get the job done quickly.

4. Privacy Does Matter

It is understandable that as a landlord, sometimes you will have to show up at a property for things like inspections and repairs, but no one likes a nosy landlord who shows up just to snoop around. Give your tenants the privacy that they deserve and give advanced notice when you do have to drop by.

5. Documentation is Key

Documentation is an absolute must-have when it comes to renting out a property. Make sure all tenants sign a lease and provide a copy for yourself and residents. Keep documentation for all types of repairs, including leaks.
Being an excellent landlord involves exercising good business practices. To keep tenants satisfied, you should keep promises, like fixing plumbing issues, ensure safety, respect tenants' privacy, keep documentation and provide open communication.

What You Need To Know About Renters Insurance

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Renters insurance form and dollars on the table. In general, a fire is a fire, and with renters insurance, you should be protected

It is true that renters insurance is like a lot of things in life: it can seem over-complicated at first, but with a little explanation it becomes more understandable. If you rent a property in Las Vegas, NV, obtaining insurance is a good idea whether you own a lot of valuable items or even if you do not. That's because insurance has the ability to cover you for damage caused by a fire that affects other people and their belongings. As with all types of insurance, each policy may have unique features and it is important to understand what is covered and what might be excluded.

What Is Typically Covered

In general, the primary purpose of renters insurance is to cover your contents in the case of a residential fire or other disaster. Your clothes, furniture, jewelry, paintings and books could all be rendered useless by fire damage, and insurance is designed to cover those losses. A policy that includes replacement costs will provide bigger compensation for losses, but it may also include a higher premium than a cash value policy. Other types of coverage could include the following:

  • Liability coverage in case you negligently cause a fire
  • Medical payment coverage to others (though this is usually limited)
  • Loss of Use coverage in case you need a place to stay while the apartment is being fixed
  • Fire restoration coverage by a qualified fire mitigation company

For the best insurance, it pays to check around. Get the coverage that is suited to your needs and fits your budget.

What Might Not Be Covered
In general, a fire is a fire, and with renters insurance you should be protected. If you own an item that has a high value, such as an expensive bicycle, you could need to specifically insure that item. It always is a good idea to talk at least once a year to your insurance agent to make sure your insurance is not out of date due to changes in your lifestyle.

How to Tackle a Leaking Sink in Three Easy Steps

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Under Sink leaking Under-sink leaks are the leading cause of costly kitchen repair in Sun City Summerlin, NV

Common Causes of Leaks In a Sink

Under-sink leaks are the leading cause of costly kitchen repair in Sun City Summerlin, NV, especially when they go undetected for a long time. Besides keeping you up at night, a leaky faucet can also damage cabinets, floors and even lead to mold buildup in the walls. Fortunately, fixing this issue can be surprisingly inexpensive and straightforward.
Here are some common causes of leaks in a sink:

  • Worn-out washers
  • Loose water supply connection
  • Clogged P-trap
  • Damaged O-ring

Shut off the Water

The first step to mitigating a flood risk is turning off the water supply immediately you notice a leak. Find a valve that is attached to a pipe sticking from the wall and runs to the basin. Turn it clockwise all the way to cut off the delivery. In case that does not work, look for the main valve that runs water to the bathroom and turn it off.

Call Insurance

Once the leak is under control, the next cause of action is to call insurance and inform them of your situation. However, it is worth noting that most “water in home policies” don’t honor claims for slow, constant leaks or regional flooding. They typically cover unexpected plumbing malfunctions.

Call Restoration

Next, call a restoration company and inform them of your predicament. They should send an expert to asses the damage, placing it in one of four categories for water damage. Generally, each number represents the severity of the invasion, with four being the worst hit.
Water removal will start immediately after that, followed by an intense moisture extraction procedure. At this point, the house is ready for cleaning and restoration.
Now you know what to do when your house gets flooded. The idea is to cover your property for flooding. That way, you can bounce back on track in no time, as there will be minimal impact on our finances.

Recovering After Fire Loss in Summerlin, NV

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Overlooking mountains from the street. Fire mitigation specialist can help them know if their home is worth saving after a fire has occurred.

Climatologists and geologists surveyed the state of Nevada in 2018 to figure out how wildfire activity will impact the region. They discovered that the state of Nevada will have 20 more days per year dealing with natural fire related incidences.

The city of Summerlin Nevada and its counterpart Sun City Nevada are two metropolitan areas that will be impacted by the spread of natural wildfires. Both of these locations are small cities. They have small populations but the property owners are affluent and older people.

These cities not only deal with the spread of wild fire they also have to deal with fire from lightening strikes, accidents and in a few cases even arson. Fire cleanup is an important part of the services that is available to Summerlin residents and for the people living in Nevada.

When a fire impacts a home it will create quite a few problems including:

•        Soot damage.

•        Smoke damage.

•        Degrade the air quality

•        Make a home or business an unlivable place            to dwell.

Fire restoration and fire cleanup services are very important for removing soot damage, smoke damage and it is also useful for improving the air quality inside of a structure destroyed by fire.

Fire damage creates a huge headache for many property owners because they just do not know if they have to get rid of their property or if they are able to maintain it. Believe it or not property owners can even suffer from water damage from fire.

That's right. A person's plumbing system can create water damage from fire. This situation can cause lots of water to fill up a home. Water damage from fires is just another major issue with fire damage that many people are not aware of when it happens. 

Fire restoration is important for many residents that dwell in the Nevada area. The city of Las Vegas is another city that experiences fire. The heat, the dry conditions and the blazing temperatures are all a recipe to get a fire started. Vegas fires happen more often than people would believe.

Las Vegas is a huge city that often deals with the scourge of fire related problems. House fires that result from accidents typically occur. However, local residents have to be wary of arsonists and wildfires that impact the area.

Vegas fire officials are keeping a close watch on the city to ensure that fire does not destroy Sin City. Since this place is a major tourist destination; officials there have to keep property and its citizens safe from the damages of fire.

Fire restoration within Summerlin and Sun City is necessary for maintaining a person's property after it has been impacted by fired damage. Fire mitigation services typically require:

* Structural inspection.

* Smoke and soot removal

 * An examination of the electric and plumbing systems to ensure that they have not been damaged.

How To Avoid Space Heater Fires

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Electric fan heater at home A space heater can save heating bills in your Summerlin, NV home

A space heater can provide extra warmth. It can also save on heating bills by allowing you to set the thermostat in your home in Summerlin, NV, on low while still heating the specific rooms you are using to a comfortable temperature. A burned space heater doesn't help you, though. To avoid space heater fires, you need to follow a few simple tips.

Give It Space

The heating elements on a space heater give off an impressive amount of heat, but they can turn into a fire hazard quickly if they are crowded. There are several guidelines to make sure you have enough space around your heater:

  • Maintain radius of three feet from flammable objects
  • Don't use near combustible substances, such as gasoline
  • Keep children and pets away from heater
  • Set it on a level surface so it doesn't topple over

Turn It Off

To avoid having a burned space heater when you leave the room, remember to turn it off. Space heaters should never be left unattended while they are on, especially if you leave the house altogether. In fact, it's a good idea to unplug the heater when you are not at home. Keep an eye out for a frayed or otherwise damaged cord.

Keep It Clean

Keep your space heater clean to minimize fire risk. Dust and other debris can turn a functioning space heater into an electric fireplace in a hurry. Replace filters regularly according to the manufacturer's recommendation so that dirt does not infiltrate the heating mechanism. Follow maintenance instructions so that it not only lasts a long time but also does not become a safety issue.

A burned space heater can turn convenience into a nightmare. By following these simple guidelines, you can increase your creature comforts while still keeping you and your family safe. To avoid having to call for fire cleanup with a restoration company, choose a space heater that is safe and use it safely.

Smoking out the smoke of Fire Damage by professional help

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firefighter holding a hose trying to put out a fire. Leave it to the Professionals for “Fire Damage Restoration in Las Vegas."

The procedure of fire restoration by the professionals can be just limited to a thought. Homes and business buildings can be crushed by the harm brought by fire accidents.  At the point when the fire-fighters leave, it might appear like the danger is gone and the house is protected from further damages. Yet without experts to clean the smoke harm the building will stay away for the indefinite future to the ordinary. While the standards behind fire restoration are genuinely straightforward, it requires a considerable measure of experience and labor to perform sufficiently, and this implies it shouldn't be done of your own.

One viewpoint that gives genuine feelings of serenity includes knowing when the right proficient has been employed. That is one reason why it is critical to enlist a firm that is connected with the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification.

The U.S. Fire Administration reports 740 deaths caused by home fires somewhere around in 2009 and 2011. Much of the time, playing it safe like changing to flame less candles or wiping out the build up from the dryer vent would have kept the catastrophe in any case. There are three key terms to comprehend while considering the danger of fire in your home – counteractive action, moderation, and rebuilding.

Fire damage can give you huge losses. We provide revamping services at cheap rates. Visit our website www.SERVPROdowntownlasvegas.com,book an appointment online to call in the professionals to your home.

The main thing our trained professionals will do when on location is to distinguish every single influenced material and the wellspring of any scents. The only way to legitimately clean smoke and fire harm is to be done very carefully. The fiery debris build-up is effortlessly exasperated and can spread through the working easily, bringing about almost everything to need reclamation. The professionals will recognize what can and can't be rescued and will expel any developed fiery debris deposit that is covering surfaces.

What if you don't hire professionals?

 On the off chance that an expert isn't hired to clean smoke and fire damage, the expenses for restoration will go up following a couple of weeks. Metals may be supplanted, the cover will for all time stain and glass might be seriously scratched, which will require substitution. It will likewise get to be clear that the smell brought on by the fiasco may even now be available and sufficiently exceptional to occupy. Since ash is still there. If you are thinking it's ok to do it yourself then stop proper chemical cleaning is required, which is not possible without the help of professionals.

3 Tips for Drying Your Business After a Flood

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Five air movers and a dehumidifier placed in a library, drying up damaged area after water damage. Drying up after flooding in a Summerlin, NV library

3 Tips for Drying Your Business After a Flood

If you need some after water damage tips for your Summerlin, NV, business, one of the main things you should focus on is getting the property dry. This can help prevent long term problems. Here are three tips for drying your business after a flood.

1. Call a Professional

One of the first things to do after your business experiences flooding is to call a water damage restoration service. These professionals will have the training and equipment needed to help remove the water from the space as well as some cleaning tips for the next steps, You may see them use pumps or water rated vacuums for the bulk of this job. A dehumidifier may also be used.

2. Use a Dehumidifier

Listed among many damage tips is the use of a dehumidifier. These machines can pull the moisture from the air as it evaporates from damp surfaces. This can reduce the humidity of an area and help speed up the drying time. Doing so can be important to your restoration as the longer flood water is allowed to sit in a space the more damage it may cause.

3. Be Thorough

Whether you’re dealing with a pipe burst or storm flooding, you will still want to be as thorough as possible about drying out your business property. After the bulk of the water is pumped out of the space you can use a squeegee or towels to get into tight areas along the walls. Don't forget to check closet spaces or under cupboards as well.
When it comes to water damage tips one of the first you should follow is to dry the area as quickly as possible. Calling a professional restoration service can help speed the process along, as their team with have training and equipment that can help. Use a dehumidifier to help pull water from the space, and be as thorough as possible.

3 Things Business Owners Can Do To Decrease Mold Exposure

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Mold growth on wall Mold from water damage in Las Vegas, NV

3 Things Business Owners Can Do To Decrease Mold Exposure

A company requires more than sharp decisions and customer service. Business owners in Las Vegas, NV, must also consider protecting the building's structure as well. Should anything happen to it, the expense could be extensive and require shutting down operations during repairs. Therefore, proprietors should consider several methods to decrease mold exposure, including air conditioning inspections, carpet cleaning, and plumbing improvements.

1. Reduce Airborne Exposure

Mold spores travel by air and physical movement, so it's virtually impossible to eradicate them completely; however, you could decrease the transmission. Over time, these particles get picked up and can fly through the air vents, accumulating in ducts and additional spaces. Have the system inspected and cleaned. High-powered vacuums suck up the dust and the microbes harboring there. In addition, consider using filters that pick up smaller particles.

2. Wash and Clean Regularly

Sanitize the spaces often, removing any debris. Keep in mind that mold spores can bury themselves in anything absorbent; therefore, fibers are excellent places to hide. You can pull them up by using a HEPA filtered vacuum. In addition, hire carpet cleaning crews to do a thorough wash. Their equipment has the ability to get further into the pad, drawing out the microbes.

3. Fix Water Issues Immediately

Mold problems occur when water interacts with fungus and organic matter. Therefore, if leaks are ignored, mold can quickly spread. Pay attention to plumbing equipment, ceilings and windows as even a small complication could become a major issue. As soon as a problem is noticed, have it mended, and, if you suspect mold has grown, contact a mold remediation company to evaluate the situation.
While you can't eliminate fungus all the way, you can take steps to minimize advancement. Establish a regular schedule for air duct inspection, carpet cleaning and daily sanitizing. Finally, should moisture accumulate take swift action to dry the region and fix the initial trouble. These habits might prevent your business from needed mold remediation.

The Benefits of Calling the Pros After a Disaster

1/22/2020 (Permalink)

Four SERVPRO vehicles parked in front of a building Call the professionals who provide 24-hour service to help you recover

Dealing with an emergency such as a fire or flood at work can be overwhelming. Even minor issues can take time, money and resources to clean up. If a disaster causes significant damage in your building, you need to enlist the help of a professional company in Summerlin, NV. Cleanup specialists provide 24 hour service and expertise.

Your Role

Immediately following an emergency incident at work, you must first make sure everyone is safe and out of harm's way. Next, do the following to make sure you start the cleanup and restoration process quickly:

  • Turn off the electricity in the building.
  • Call your insurance company to file a claim.
  • Call a certified professional disaster response company to report the damage.

Anytime Response

You can't afford to put off mitigating the damage left behind a fire, flood, severe storm or other incidents. The best emergency cleanup teams are always open, so they can come to your workplace and begin to assess the damage quickly. You should count on these professionals to return your call within an hour, arrive on the scene within four hours and give you a report of the cleanup and restoration plan within eight hours. These crews can be at your office day or night, on holidays or the weekend.


Not only do the professionals provide a fast response, but they also work quickly and effectively. Teams will bring experience along with the right tools and techniques to clean up the mess left behind the disaster, making your workplace safe again. The crew will salvage every item possible and will restore other materials such as flooring, walls, ceiling and roofs. With 24 care, you can rely on these specialists to get your workplace back to proper order.
Even the worst disasters don't have to derail your business. Call the professionals who provide 24-hour service to help you recover.

The Truth About Stainless Steel Braided Water Supply Lines in Your Bathroom

12/23/2019 (Permalink)

White commercial toilet Supply line damage in Summerlin, NV

The Truth About Stainless Steel Braided Water Supply Lines in Your Bathroom

While many people incorrectly assume that supply line damage can’t occur to stainless steel braided lines, there are numerous unlucky individuals who have had to learn the hard way that this simply isn’t true. This situation can quickly lead to extensive water damage to your home in Summerlin, NV, especially if you are not home when the line breaks. Understanding why a bathroom supply line leak occurs and knowing what to do if the scenario does arise is important for preventing flooding and damage to your home.

Causes of Broken Supply Lines

If your braided supply line is broken and it’s causing a bathroom leak, there are a few reasons why it might have happened:

  • Corrosion: Although stainless steel is resistant to many types of corrosion, it can be corroded over time by certain cleaning chemicals like chlorine.
  • Loose or Cracked Coupling Nuts: Since supply line nuts are often made from a cheap plastic, they are prone to cracking which can cause leaks.
  • Crimp Points: The tubing underneath the stainless steel can be damaged due to bending the supply line or corrosion around the crimp collar.

How To Address Supply Line Damage

If you notice your supply line is leaking or it has already burst, immediately call a water damage specialist. If you know how, shut off the water supply immediately. If not, the specialist can turn it off for you when they arrive or direct you to do so over the phone. While waiting for the specialist to arrive, attempt to quickly dry up any water that has started building up in your home. It is important to note that many companies offer lifetime warranties for their supply lines, so take advantage of that to bring down the cost.

Dealing with stainless steel braided supply line damage in your bathroom is an extremely stressful situation that can damage your home. Knowing this ahead of time can help you prepare for the worst and know what to do if a leak does occur.

Important Steps to Fire Restoration

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Boarded window of a house after fire damage Fire damage can often compromise windows, walls, and roofs

Important Steps to Fire Restoration

The thought of a fire raging through your Sun City Summerlin, NV, home can be enough to keep you up at night. When this bad dream becomes reality, you need to trust the professionals to help you put the pieces back together and rebuild. Though this experience is devastating, proper fire restoration can ease your burdens and get back on the road to recovery.

The Professional Difference

You should never consider hiring anyone less than the best when it comes to damage cleaning after a fire. A professional fire restoration team has what it takes to make this process as fast and smooth as possible. The pros will do the following:

  • Coordinate efforts with your insurance company.
  • Work diligently on a timeline.
  • Use the latest and most proven techniques and equipment to do a thorough job.


Before the team can get to work on fire restoration, it has to assess the situation. The technicians will evaluate the scope of the job and will determine what steps they need to take. Once the team has a plan of attack, it will begin by removing water, drying wet places, and cleaning and sanitizing affected areas and items. Next, the team will board up and tarp exposed areas of the structure such as the roof, windows and doors. This won’t only help prevent further damage from the elements and other potential issues, but it will act as a security measure to keep vandals out.


Smoke damage and damage from the fire itself can require a complete rebuild in some cases. The restoration company will get to work on repairing destroyed areas of your home such as the drywall, flooring, the roof or other portions. The team will work as quickly and efficiently as it can so you can return to the comforts of home.

It’s critical to call in the right help for fire restoration. When you do, you can have as minimal disruption to your life as possible.

What To Expect With Sewer Backup After a Storm

12/17/2019 (Permalink)

The inside of a building flooded Flooded building in Sun City Summerlin, NV

What To Expect With Sewer Backup After a Storm

After a storm in Sun City Summerlin, NV, it’s not uncommon for sewer backup, to occur. Fortunately, there are a few ways to deal with this problem in your place of business if you know what to expect. They include

1. Flooding
When rain water exceeds the amount the sewage system can contain, it can create an overflow. This pushes sewage backup back through the pipes and into your business property resulting in flooding. Sewage overflow may be found around sinks or toilets, or other open drain areas. If this occurs at your business it’s best to contact a flood damage restoration service to conduct the cleanup process.

2. Broken Pipes
When a sewer backup occurs it forces water through the plumbing system increasing the pressure beyond normal use. Thus it may also pose a risk to any older or loose pipes. This is why many professionals recommend checking over the affected pluming for any breaks or weak spots that may have occurred after the incident. If a broken pipe is found it’s best to have it fixed quickly in order to help prevent any future flooding issues.

3. Contaminated Water
It’s important to remember that because flooding can come in contact with sewage it is considered black water. This means that there may be bacteria, parasites, and other undesirable materials in the water, and exposure to bare skin could lead to illness. As such it’s important to wear safety gear such as gloves, waders, boots, and face masks any time you need to enter the contaminated area. It’s also important to sanitize the affected space after the cleaning has finished.
When dealing with sewer backup in your place of business it’s not uncommon to come across flooding and broken pipes. It’s also important to remember that sewer water is considered contaminated. Fortunately, a professional restoration service should have the tools and safety equipment needed to clean the mess and sanitize the area.

Does Insurance Cover Broken or Leaky Pipes?

12/5/2019 (Permalink)

Broken water pipe Broken pipe in Summerlin,NV

Does Insurance Cover Broken or Leaky Pipes?

A broken or leaking pipe can cause a major flood in your Summerlin, NV, home. Will insurance cover the costs of repairs?
The best way to find out what your policy includes is to talk to a representative. Contact your insurer and ask to speak to one of the following:

  • An agent
  • An advisor
  • A broker

How To Know What Is Covered

Property owners usually must pay to repair small leaks in their pipes themselves. However, your insurer should give you money to fix a broken pipe that causes massive flooding in your home.
Floods caused by storms are usually not covered by homeowners' insurance. You should purchase separate flood insurance coverage instead.

How To Ensure Your Claim Is Accepted

Your insurer will deny coverage if it is determined that the broken pipe resulted from your negligence. You thus need to prove that you have performed regular maintenance on your home. Have a licensed plumber inspect your pipes annually, and make sure you have proof of any work he performs. These small repairs could save you lots of money in the long run. You should also replace your pipes once they have exceeded their intended lifespan.
Allowing frozen pipes to burst can also be a sign of negligence. That’s because a frozen pipe can be easily prevented. Just keep the heat on throughout the winter, even if you are out of the house.

What To Do If Your Claim Is Denied

If your insurance denies your claim, you can try to get this decision overturned. Talk to a consumer advocacy group or get a second opinion from another professional. You could also try talking to your local insurance commissioner or the insurance company's ombudsman.
As long as you keep your house properly maintained, a home flood caused by a leaking pipe should be covered by your insurance. The insurance money may not cover the cost of replacing the broken pipe. However, it can help you pay for cleanup and restoration services.

Are Home Mold Test Kits Reliable?

12/3/2019 (Permalink)

Mold testing Contamination can also be introduced by improper handling and extremes of temperatures during shipment to labs.

If you are concerned about mold growth in your home, you might be tempted to purchase a mold detection kit at your local hardware store. Unfortunately, these mold testing kits are often unreliable indicators of mold problems in your home. Three aspects of DIY mold test kits you may wish to consider are:

Mold test kits only test for the presence of mold. Mold is almost always present in homes. If you leave a piece of bread out on your counter, eventually mold will probably start growing on it. Detecting that mold is present with a kit, does not necessarily mean you have a mold problem any more than finding a piece of moldy bread in your kitchen does.

Test results without an inspection are often not meaningful. Mold testing samples can provide both false positive and negative results. A visual inspection usually needs to be done to correctly interpret the results of a mold test. It is generally best if that inspection is conducted by a trained mold remediation professional.

Test results can be affected by contamination or improper handling of kits. Many mold kits don’t have any sort of expiration date and may linger on store shelves for years before being purchased by consumers. The longer kits stay on the shelves, the more chance there is that the product could become contaminated, which could affect the test results. Contamination can also be caused by bad handling and extremes of temperatures during shipment to labs. Labs are often not certified or held accountable for the proper processing of kits.

Mold testing is generally much more reliable when conducted by a professional, who can properly interpret sample results and do a visual inspection, then when done with a DIY mold kit. If you suspect you have a mold problem, you may wish to contact a mold remediation specialist in Summerlin, NV. Instead of spending money on a kit that may not produce accurate results.

What To Expect From Fire Damage Restoration Professionals

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Worker wearing a white hard hat. Fortunately, fire damage mitigation and restoration professionals can handle most of the overwhelming work.

Fires mean a lot of quick destruction and are particularly devastating for your home. Once the firefighters leave, you're left with a lot of fire, water, and smoke damage. While you wait for them to arrive, you can limit traffic throughout the home to prevent further damage to carpeting and upholstery. Cover any essential traffic areas with clean towels or drop cloths. Clear out the freezer and refrigerator if the power is off. Cover air registers with layers of cheesecloth and change the heater and AC filters.

If you aren't sure whether something is safe to do, then wait for the professionals to arrive. A lot of damage can be done by trying to wash walls or clean electrical appliances without the proper training.

Inspect and Assess

One of the first steps fire restoration professionals will take is mitigation. This step includes inspecting the home to determine the level of damage caused by fire, water, and smoke. During this assessment process, technicians may also take any immediately necessary steps, such as tarping up holes in the ceiling or walls.

Repair or Replace

At this time, restoration professionals may help you decide what can be saved and what needs to be replaced. Some specialized damage cleaning services, such as dry cleaning, may save particularly valuable items, such as expensive carpets or treasured family heirlooms.

Water Removal

Other steps of the restoration process include removing water from your home, drying out and dehumidifying the property, and cleaning up soot. If there's a lingering smoke odor, this will be addressed at this time as well. Any cleaning and disinfection will take place during this part of the process.

After the rest of the mitigation and fire restoration process is complete, your home should be as close to its original condition as possible. Professionals generally complete remodeling and painting steps as their work draws to a close. If your Summerlin, NV home is damaged by a fire, get professionals involved as quickly as possible to prevent further damages.

Important Steps to Making a Flood Damage Claim

11/12/2019 (Permalink)

The hand of someone unplugging electrical cords Unplug electronics

Important Steps to Making a Flood Damage Claim

Unfortunately, disasters and mishaps can happen in your home. This is why you have insurance. If you like in an area of Las Vegas, NV, that has a high risk for flooding, you hopefully have coverage to protect yourself and your property. If water does damage the structure of your home or your possessions, it's important to properly make a flood claim so you can have peace of mind.

Initial Steps

Discovering significant water damage can be a shock. However, you must act quickly and decisively so you can get the right help to recover from this ordeal. Your immediate response is critical. Make sure you follow these guidelines:

  • If you can do so safely, move belongs away from standing water.
  • Unplug electronics.
  • Do not disturb anything that is already wet.
  • Take photos of the damage.
  • Contact a professional disaster cleanup team.

Getting in Touch With the Insurance Company

Your next responsibility is to inform your flood insurance agent and report the incident. To correctly file an insurance claim, you need to provide as much detail as possible of the flood. Be prepared to tell your agent when the flood started (or when you discovered it), how it started, the extent of the damage, what was damaged and whether there were any injuries. You should provide the insurance company with the photos you took.

Coordinating Efforts

Part of the flood claim requires the insurance company to work closely with the restoration team. This will ensure that your policy takes effect and pays for the repairs. Any delays in these conversations or in getting a cleanup team on the job will slow down the coverage process. Often, your insurance agency will recommend a flood cleanup company.
You may not be able to predict when water damage will occur, but you can understand the right way to make a flood claim. A quick response is always best.

How To Clean a Gas Range Stove

10/22/2019 (Permalink)

Bottles with detergent and cleaning tools on blue background Cleaning supplies

Not everyone takes the time to wipe up their stove after every meal in Sun City Summerlin, NV. Who's got the time? So that means your gas range will require one big clean every once in awhile. Consider doing this every 6 months to help prevent a fire and the subsequent fire damage remediation.


First, remove the grates and burner caps from each burner. Set them to soak in your kitchen sink full of warm, soapy water. You will also want to brush off the loose crumbs before you start scrubbing. Then make sure that you have all the supplies you need to get started on your range cleaning:

  • Vinegar and water mixture
  • Dish soap
  • Small scrub brush
  • Cleaning cloths
  • Needle or pin
  • Hand vacuum

Scrub Time

To begin the next stage, thoroughly spray the vinegar mixture onto the gas range hood. Let it sit for a couple of minutes, then wipe away. There may be additional grease buildup concentrated around the burners- apply dish soap to the small brush, scrub in small circles and rinse with a damp rag. You should also use this brush to scrub the grates and caps that have been sitting in the sink.

Nooks and Crannies

Once the washing is done, it's time to get into all the tight spots that debris likes to settle into. Start by removing the burner heads, there is probably gunk built up in and underneath them that can create a smoke smell. Wash what you can with a rag, but you will probably need to use the pin in order to clear out the detailing. Crumbs also like to work their way under the range so you will need to lift it up; most open like a car hood. Use the vacuum to suck up any loose crud you find.
Once everything dries, you can start putting your gas range stove back together. It will look as good as new. All that's left is to get started cooking a large meal, so that you can start the cycle all over again.

There’s Water in My Light Fixture!

10/22/2019 (Permalink)

water in a light fixture Finding water in light fixtures can mean a real potential for fire and/or structural damage to your house

There’s Water in My Light Fixture!

Noticing water dripping from a light fixture in your home can come as quite the surprise, and not the good kind. Your mind races. What’s causing this leak? What kind of damage is it doing? Who should I contact? Water in light fixtures can be a pretty serious situation and must be handled delicately from the beginning. So, what kind of risks does this situation actually pose?

1. Electrical Shock

When you discover water in or around one of your light fixtures, you should immediately head to your breaker box and switch off your home’s electricity. An electrical current can flow through anything that’s in contact with the water, so be extremely careful about what you touch and even where you step. If you have a non-contact voltage tester, you can test a dry electrical source to make sure the electricity is off. Also, shut off the home’s main water valve to stop the leak as much as possible.

2. Electrical Fire

By the time you notice water in light fixtures, it will have probably been leaking for a while. This can cause corrosion to electrical wires, along with mold buildup. Wire damage can cause short-circuiting, which can lead to a fire.

3. Ceiling Damage/Collapse

Most likely you’ll notice that the ceiling around the leak is damp. Discoloration, bowing or sagging can be a sign of water damage. In extreme cases, the ceiling could collapse, sending light fixtures, ceiling fans, etc. crashing to the floor. Keep everyone away from this area until it is determined to be safe.
If your home in Las Vegas, NV experiences a water leak, it’s important to determine exactly where the leak is coming from as quickly as possible. Finding water in light fixtures can mean a real potential for fire and/or structural damage to your house and a very risky situation for you and your family. Call on water damage restoration professionals to make sure your home is safe again.

Preparing Employees To Evacuate the Building

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People escape to fire exit door Have an annual fire drill

Here Are Three Steps To Help Organize a Fire Drill

When a disaster strikes, sometimes it's necessary to vacate the premises, ensuring people are safe from harm. It's not enough to just run for the door, though. Employees need preparation. As the owner of a business in Summerlin, NV, you are responsible for the safety of these employees; therefore, take time to create an effective action plan and practice it occasionally. Here are three steps to help organize a fire drill.

1. Meet With a Committee

Try not to go this one alone. In this case, you want to collaborate and understand this situation from multiple view points. As a team, put together an emergency evacuation notebook, and make sure you include the following points:

  • Gather employee contact information
  • Establish multiple alert procedures
  • Designate meet up locations
  • Have copies of main escape routes
  • List jobs delegated to staff members

Once this has been completed and reviewed, share it with employees. In addition, post all evacuation maps and procedures for others to view, placing them in highly visible areas.

2. Have an Annual Fire Drill

At least once a year, practice your plan. First, you want to send out the signal for evacuation, ensuring that all means of communication are working appropriately. As soon as the warning is issued, all safety staff should report to designated locations, completing any needed shut down actions. Meanwhile, the rest of the employees should begin relocating quickly to the areas outside the building. Once outside, leaders or managers should take a head count, checking to make sure all are accounted for.

3. Review With Staff

When the drill is complete, discuss its effectiveness with staff. Were paths easy to navigate? Was notice quick enough? Did everyone find the areas free of hazards? Listen closely to concerns, and adjust your protocols as needed.
During emergencies, there is little time to think clearly; however, practicing a fire drill and implementing safety procedures, gives people an idea of what to do. The fire restoration company can repair a building getting it to look “Like it never even happened.” The crew cannot, however, give back a life.

How To Lower Your Business Interruption Claim

9/30/2019 (Permalink)

Water damage on a floor of a theater Water damage on a Summerlin, NV theater

Flooding can cause a lot of damage to your commercial property. If your building in Summerlin, NV, has extensive flood damage, it may take a while to get it fixed. In the meantime, you probably still want to keep your business running, and that's where your business interruption policy comes into play. You can lower the amount you have to list on the claim by taking quick action.

What Do Most Business Interruption Policies Cover?

Your property policy likely covers the cost of repairing the building itself after a broken pipe or other problem floods it. There are other expenses associated with the interruption the remediation process causes, though:

  • Projected profit loss due to interruption
  • Recurring operating expenses
  • Additional training needed on new equipment
  • Relocation expenses
  • Extra expenses that result from interruption

You want to be able to use your policy when flooding makes it necessary, but it's in your best interest to lower expenses all the same. In order to keep your premiums as low as possible, it's good to be able to show the insurance company how you have minimized the amount you ask for on the claim.

How Does Swift Remediation Lower Interruption Costs?

Calling water restoration specialists as soon as you know you have a large water damage problem can jump start the mitigation process. Within hours, they can arrive at your building to give you an assessment of the problem and what it will take to fix it. Waiting to call them not only delays the time for starting (and thus finishing) repairs but also can lead to further damage. The longer flood waters are left to their own devices, the more damage they cause. A delay can also lead to mold growth, which requires extra remediation and a longer interruption.
The quicker you make the call to technicians to start the remediation process, the shorter time you are likely to need your interruption policy to cover your business. You can lower the amount you claim with fast action.

Tips for Flight Cancellations

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Flight chart displaying canceled flights If your flight is canceled, there are a few things you can do to make rescheduling a little easier

Pre-flight Preparation Tips

A canceled flight is at best a nuisance and at worst an expensive headache. Luckily, a little pre-flight preparation can help you be ready for a cancellation.

Before a Cancellation

Flight cancellations are unpredictable, and being mindful of the possibility of one can help your travels go more smoothly. Here are some storm tips for air travel that will make an unexpected cancellation due to inclement weather less of a hassle:

  • Keep luggage to a minimum. Retrieving checked luggage after a cancellation can be time-consuming.
  • Avoid flying during bad weather if you can.
  • Try to avoid layovers. Even if the weather was great when you took off, you might run into a flight-delaying storm in another city.

After a Cancellation

If your flight is canceled, there are a few things you can do to make rescheduling a little easier. You may want to call the airline directly rather than waiting in line to book another flight. Depending on how many flights are canceled, this may or may not be faster than waiting in line. Calling in as soon as you receive notice of the canceled flight will speed up the process, so make sure you have the number of the airline stored in your phone or in another easily-accessible place. While you are waiting on hold or waiting in line, it is a good idea to check your airline’s cancellation policy. You may be eligible for some form of compensation which can help pay for meals and lodging while you wait on the next available flight. The most important thing you can do, though, is practice patience. Staying calm will make the experience more pleasant for you, your travel companions and the staff you interact with.
If your canceled flight was due to a storm, you may return home to discover that your house was damaged during that same storm. If this is the case, a certified restoration team can help you get your home back to pre-storm condition quickly.

Do I Need a Certified Mold Remediation Company?

9/18/2019 (Permalink)

Two green vans, one green vehicle, and a green  box truck on a parking lot SERVPRO is a certified mold remediation company

Learn Why You Need a Certified Mold Remediation When You Face Mold Damage in Your Home

When you experience a flood and subsequent mold damage, it’s tempting to pick the first remediation company you can find. But acting too quickly can be an expensive mistake if the company you choose isn’t certified. Why? Besides not always doing the best job, uncertified companies are not necessarily covered by your insurance company. Learn more about why, if you are facing mold damage in your Las Vegas, NV property, a certified mold remediation company is the only way to go.

Understanding Mold Certification

Many businesses have the experience and equipment to do mold cleanup. But doing it safely and effectively is a different story. That’s why the IICRC, or Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, has created standards for mold remediation and a certification process. A business certified by IICRC has met standards involving:

  • Ethics
  • Technical knowledge
  • Procedures
  • Accountability

While you can choose an uncertified company, going with a certified provider can offer you peace of mind.

Why It Matters

The IICRC standards may not seem important but they have a direct impact on the quality of mold remediation in your home. Certification ensures accountability, compelling a business to maintain a certain quality of work or risk losing their certification. This ultimately works in your favor.
Certified companies also have to prove their knowledge and expertise to retain their standing - ensuring that if you work with a certified provider, you’re getting one of the best in the field. Additionally, lots of insurance companies are disinclined to pay for work by an uncertified mold removal company. The result: Working with a certified company can end up costing you less for mold removal as your insurance will cover it.
Mold can be messy, destructive and unsightly. Don’t cut corners when it’s time to get it removed. Find a certified mold remediation company and be assured the job will be done right.

How Drain Cleaners Can Damage Pipes

8/20/2019 (Permalink)

Drain cleaners can damage your pipes

Different Kinds Of Cleaners And How They Can Damage Your Pipes

Bathrooms and kitchens are both vulnerable to having a clogged drain. When hair, grease, oil, fat, or soap build up, they stop up a sink or shower, leaving you with a real mess on your hands. Some homeowners in Summerlin, NV, turn to a chemical drain cleaner they can buy at the store, but they may not realize that they could be doing more harm than good. Let’s look at the different kinds of cleaners and how they can damage your pipes.

The Big Three

Most chemical drain cleaners fall into one of three categories:

  • Acid, such as sulfuric or hydrochloric, not typically sold to the public
  • Oxidizing, such as bleach, nitrate, or peroxide
  • Caustic, such as lye or potash

The chemicals work in a similar way; they create heat through a chemical reaction, which in turn can help break through a clogged drain. You can also find enzymatic cleaners, which rely on bacteria or enzymes to digest the elements of a clog, and they can be particularly helpful for sewage cleaning or septic systems.

Out of Harm’s Way

Unfortunately, chemical drain cleaners can damage your pipes in the process of breaking down the clog. Older metal pipes may soften, warp, or leak because of the heat caused by the chemical reaction, and even working pipes can be damaged through repeated use of these products. The drain cleaner may also not totally dissolve a clog, which means it could get stuck somewhere else in your plumbing system that may be more difficult to reach. In addition, these harsh chemicals are dangerous for you, your family, and your pets, and they aren’t good for the environment either.

An Easier Solution

Rather than rely on what you can find in the stores, you should seek out the expertise of residential water repair specialists in Summerlin, NV. They are Here to Help and have the proper equipment to locate and clear a clogged drain without relying on harmful chemicals. You can have the results you want without hurting your plumbing in the long run.

Protect What’s Inside through Roof Maintenance

8/13/2019 (Permalink)

Water stains on ceiling

You have invested a lot in your Summerlin, NV-based business. The building you do that business out of is also an investment, as well as one that provides protection. If a roof leak happens, it can not only turn into a costly repair if not repaired, it can also result in damage on the inside and downtime due to extensive repairs.

Get an Inspection

Luckily, ensuring a roof does what it’s suppose to is easy with regular inspections and maintenance. Instead of waiting to see shingles on the ground from wind damage or a rapidly growing ceiling stain, make the roof part of general maintenance. Depending on if your building has a flat or sloped roof, there will be different things to look for, but a typical inspection should include the following for any signs of damage:

  • Main surface area
  • Drainage devices like drains and gutters
  • Structural units and access points, including vents, skylights, equipment, etc.
  • Edging, flashing, soffits and expansion joints

Complete Repairs Quickly
The interior of the building should be included in the inspection. Water stains on the ceiling or walls indicates there is likely a roof leak and should be immediately addressed. What could be a minor could turn into a major one if overlooked.

Cleanliness Counts
Along with regular inspections, keeping things clean can help extend the life of your roof. If gutters get clogged, rainwater won’t have a natural place to flow. Instead, it can pool on the roof or leak down the sides of the building. Additionally, though it may seem odd, cleaning the roof itself is important. Surprisingly, the wind doesn’t take all the debris away. Leaves and other contaminants can build up and slowly deteriorate shingles and other roofing elements.
Catching a roof leak early on can help save business owners from big headaches down the road. When your time is limited, don’t go it alone. Count on local professionals to complete inspections and repairs.

How To Remove Smoke Odor Following a Fire

8/6/2019 (Permalink)

Smoke damage

A business fire is not something that people in Las Vegas, NV look forward to or ever want to deal with. Fire damage is just one part of what must be dealt with. Even when you have cleaned and rebuilt, you could be faced with smoke odor if proper smoke cleaning is not performed throughout your building.

Places Does Smoke Odor Linger and What can be Done?

The truth is that smoke damage and odor can be deposited anywhere air can circulate. That doesn’t leave many places untouched. Here are some common areas that may retain strong odors.

In fabrics and upholstery – dry cleaning may help
In porous surfaces such as sheet rock or ceiling tiles – thoroughly washing, followed by odor blocking primer may help
Heating and cooling ductwork – a good scrub where possible and an ozone machine can dissipate odors
Carpeting and rugs – may need to be shampooed or possibly replaced

What can be Done About Smoke Smell
Fire damage and subsequent water damage are a big deal, but so is the damage from smoke. Because smoke is so pervasive, professional smoke cleaning is a good idea. A fire and smoke restoration company in Las Vegas, NV, can find and clean all of those hidden areas, as well as disinfecting the bacteria that often accompanies smoke odor. They will also have access to ozone machines, thermal foggers and Air Filtration Devices that may also help eliminate residual odors.

What is Smoke Damage
In addition to the smell, smoke damage is common in a fire. Staining and discoloration may occur from deep smoke penetration and there may also be evidence of soot – The unburned, greasy residue that is left behind when materials containing fats are not completely consumed. Paper filters will need to be replaced, as they cannot be fully cleaned.
Smoke cleaning is the final process to bring your business back to feeling and smelling fresh after a fire. Get the help you need to restore a safe work environment for yourself and your employees and you will be back in business.

4 Steps for Removing Mold From Air Ducts

7/30/2019 (Permalink)

Black mold in air duct

How To Get Rid Of Fungus From Air Ducts

A strong, musty odor in your commercial building in Sun City Summerlin, NV, can be a sign of black mold growth. If you can't see the growth on the wall or if the smell is pervasive throughout your building, it's likely in your HVAC ducts. The following steps can help you get rid of the fungus and improve your building's air quality.

1. Call Specialists

Mold remediation specialists are trained, licensed professionals who can handle a mold problem swiftly and thoroughly. They usually arrive within hours of your call, assess the situation and formulate a plan to resolve the issue. They can get rid of the growth so that it is less likely to return.

2. Seal Area

While mold remediation of your air ducts is in progress, the air flow to the rest of the building will have to be closed off. This keeps the high concentration of black mold spores contained so that you do not start to have problems elsewhere.

3. Disinfect Ducts

The goal by the end of the process is to have clean ducts and to ensure that the fungus has not spread to the insulation around the HVAC system. Technicians use industrial strength disinfectant or other processes to remove the mold.

4. Reduce Moisture

Mold doesn't grown in your air ducts unless there is excess moisture or humidity. To prevent the return of mold, specialists can pinpoint the specific problem that led to the growth. The can also advise you on how to lower the moisture in both the ducts and the air in your building to keep mold growth from returning.
Don't ignore the signs of black mold, especially if you notice that its musty smell permeates the air throughout your building. As soon as you suspect there's a problem, you need to call someone who can fix it. Quick response time can help solve the problem and keep it from coming back.

How To Prepare Your Business for a Flood

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Prepare your business to be prepared for a flood due to heavy rains.

Extreme flooding can severely impact the daily operations of any business. Any commercial property owners in areas that are prone to flood damage need to develop comprehensive action plans and share those plans with all employees. Everyone needs to be aware of all evacuation routes and what to do in the event of a flood. With adequate preparation, your business in Las Vegas, NV can get back on its feet much sooner once the flood passes. 

4 Steps to Prepare Your Business for a Flood. 

  1. Back Up All Documents

Keeping physical copies of essential documents is important, but it is good to also save copies of all files on a flash drive in case something happens to the physical ones. Vital documents to back up include:

  • State and federal tax returns
  • Estate planning documents
  • Medical records
  • Insurance policies

Keep this flash drive in a safe place that could never be exposed to storm damage. You do not want to lose such critical documents 

  1. Clean Gutters

Maintaining a commercial building’s gutters is just as important as maintaining a residential house’s gutters. Severe flooding can cause the gutters to back up and break down. This can cause damage to the exterior of the building. It also poses a liability risk in case a collapsing gutter injures someone. 

  1. Keep Electronics Up High 

When a flood warning is in effect, business owners need to keep an eye out for all developments. As the flood approaches a building, it is prudent to unplug all electronics and store everything up high to keep them away from any water. Staying up to date with any flood warnings in Las Vegas, NV will also let you know when you and all employees should evacuate.

  1. Anchor Items in the Basement

The basement is typically where a company stores the water and fuel tanks. If you are unable to put these items in another room, then you should firmly anchor them in the basement according to your city’s codes. Flooding can significantly damage these items, and they are expensive to replace. 

Effective Smoke Odor Remediation Is a Major Part of Fire Damage Cleanup

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A thermal fogger can eliminate smoke damage

Home fires – even relatively small ones – can cause a massive amount of smoke damage. The toxic oils get into every nook and cranny and strongly resist removal efforts. Smoke cleaning in Summerlin, NV, is usually best left to the experts, who have specialized equipment to remove that stubborn smoke odor.

The Right Devices Make All the Difference

There are three devices that top fire cleanup organizations use to eliminate the smell of smoke:

  • Thermal foggers.
  • Ozone machines.
  • Air filtration devices.

Thermal foggers are used by professional damage mitigation companies for smoke cleaning. The device creates a fog that contains particles the same miniscule size as those in smoke to neutralize the odor. It will penetrate into areas not otherwise reachable by standard cleaning methods.

However, the device can cause burns to exposed skin, so it should only be used by professionals. They wear the proper protective gear and prepare your home for fogging by opening drawers and ensuring the maximum reach of the odor-fighting fog.

An ozone machine chemically alters the particles of smoke that float around, while a HEPA air filtration device helps remove toxic substances from a home by actively filtering the air. Larger homes may require multiple units for full effectiveness. Continued use of these devices will reduce the noticeable scent of smoke and gradually remove remaining contaminates.

Smoke Leaves Residual Toxic Elements

During a fire, many substances get turned into extremely fine particles that can easily damage lungs and potentially cause cancer and other illnesses. It’s absolutely critical to eliminate these noxious substances before a home is safe for habitation. Smoke cleaning in Summerlin, NV, is part of returning your home to its previous relaxing and safe condition. Your homeowner’s insurance policy should cover the cost of all reasonable fire remediation efforts, which includes removing the remaining toxic residue and eliminating the awful smoke odor. Talk to your insurance company about what your policy covers so you are prepared in a worst-case scenario.

Is Your Business Ready If Disaster Strikes?

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Commercial insurance can cover a variety of areas and elements of your property

Whether you own or lease your business property in Sun City Summerlin, NV, your business needs protection from catastrophic loss. Commercial insurance protects your business assets from loss due to several events:

  • Fire damage or explosion
  • Water damage from storms, plumbing failure or firefighting efforts
  • Theft and vandalism
  • Natural disasters
  • Other specified perils, such as earthquakes and floods

Read on to learn more about this type of insurance and how it works.

What Affects Your Premiums?

Unlike homeowners insurance, insurance premiums for commercial properties are usually a tax-deductible business expense. Your insurer will base your premiums on several factors:

• Construction – Are your premises and additions built with fireproof materials, as well as upgraded wiring and plumbing?

• Business use – A retail store or manufacturing company can have higher premiums than an office. Do you operate a hazardous business? Even sharing your premises with such a business can have the same effect.

• Location – Is it prone to storms, wildfires, high winds or other natural disasters?

• Protection – Are you near a fire hydrant or fire station? Does Sun City Summerlin, NV, have generally good fire protection? Does your building have a fire alarm, sprinkler system, or security system?

What Is Covered?

Commercial insurance can cover a variety of areas and elements of your property:

  • The building itself, as well as exterior signs and additions
  • Furniture and fixtures
  • Business equipment and computers
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Landscaping and fencing
  • Business and tax records
  • Inventory
  • Property belonging to others
  • Remediation costs such as cleaning and restoring fire damage

Land and foundation are not usually covered. Some high-valued items might need itemization in the policy at additional premium cost.

How Can You Keep the Process Quick and Painless?

Carefully document your property with photos and receipts. Read your policy carefully to be aware of exclusions, limitations of coverage, and deductibles. After experiencing a loss, keep receipts for cleanup and restoration services for smoke, water and fire damage, both to the structure and to its contents.

A disaster at your commercial property doesn't have to be an endless source of headaches. With planning, commercial insurance, and expert building restoration services, you are far more likely to make a disaster look “Like it never even happened.”

How-To Respond to Solar Panel Damage

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Protect your solar panels from damage

A lot of work goes into improving the durability of solar panels with the goal of reducing the amount of panel damage that occurs during storms and extreme weather. Some of the work and testing includes

  • Exposing panels to mechanical stress, extreme temperatures, humidity, and radiation and identifying areas of weakness
  • Aiming ping-pong-ball-sized ice and firing it at 70 miles an hour at a single module to determine the most effective methods of manufacture
  • Ongoing research into improving each element of the panels
  • Seeking funding to continue research

Researchers and manufacturers alike are interested in providing top-quality results for consumers who hope to lower their dependence on other energy systems.

Common Sources of Trouble

If you have solar panels installed on your roof, there are several things you can do to protect them from damage. One of the first steps is identifying the most common types of damage, such as falling debris, hailstorms, water damage, loose wiring, heat fade, dirty panels, and a lack of maintenance. Responding to these sources of panel damage may also help you prevent a lot of roof damage. On the other hand, neglecting the panels could lead to extensive damages that require the assistance of home repair and reconstruction professionals.

Responding to Problems

Of course, you can cut back overhanging trees, protect the panels from scratches, regularly clean the panels, and inspect them for damage. Another way to prevent extensive harm is to purchase several smaller panels that can be replaced individually, rather than installing one or two large panels. Routine maintenance should include resealing panels and keeping a record of your system's performance.
Some issues should not be approached by anyone other than a professional. For example, if there are electrical problems, it's best to work with a qualified electrician. Some complicated damages, such as problems with the inverter, should be turned over to a solar contractor or technician.

Research Solar Energy Systems

Panel damage reduces the efficiency of your solar energy system. The more you know about common causes of trouble and how to respond, the better you'll be at handling problems at your Las Vegas, NV, home.

5 Steps to Take if Your Home Has Been Damaged by Water

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Water damage in Las Vegas, NV

5 Steps to Take if You Have Water Damage

While it is not pleasant, sometimes dealing with water damage in your Las Vegas, NV, home becomes a necessity. Whether it’s from a broken pipe, damaged appliances or severe weather, here are some steps that you should take if you find yourself in this situation.

1. Turn Off the Electricity

Depending on the amount of water in your home, as well as its location, it can be a good idea to turn off the electricity before proceeding further. Do not attempt to turn off individual devices and instead use the breaker to turn off power to the whole house.

2. File a Claim

Once you are in a safe location, you should contact your insurance agent to file a claim. Doing this as soon as possible will get the process moving more quickly and will reduce the chances that your claim is denied. If the water is the result of an accident, such as a broken pipe, it will likely be covered.

3. Call a Professional Service

Because water in home environments will cause more damage over time, it is important to contact an emergency restoration company to begin work immediately. They will inspect the building to determine the extent of the damage and necessary repairs.

4. Relocate Your Items

If there is flooding in your home, then you may want to move some of your items to a dry location. You should be sure to document any damage and take pictures before moving anything, however. This will help with your insurance claim.

5. Cleanup and Repairs

Once the restoration company has completed their assessment, they can begin work on your home. This will likely include removing excess water so the area can dry, sanitizing and cleaning your home and belongings and replacing or repairing damaged walls and flooring.
A broken pipe or other emergency may seem like a disaster, but there is no need to panic if you follow these steps. A restoration service can quickly get your home back to its previous condition.

5 Common Types of House Mold

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Stachybotrys also known as black mold

Five Common Tips of Mold in Homes

If you’ve discovered mold in your home in City Summerlin, NV, you may wonder what species it is and whether or not you should be worried. All mold growth, no matter the type of mold, can be harmful to your home and may need to be addressed by a mold remediation specialist. Here are five common types of mold found in homes.

1. Cladosporium

Often found on dead or live plant material, this type of mold lives both outside and in homes. It is often dark green, brown, or black in color. It grows on damp wallpaper, HVAC insulation, wet carpet, and acrylic painted walls.

2. Trichoderma

While trichoderma is most commonly found in forests, wood, and soil, it can make its way into your home, especially where water damage has occurred. This type of mold can also be brought indoors via surfaces that come into contact with it outdoors before entering your home, such as clothing, shoes, and pets.

3. Penicillium

While some species of penicillium have done the world plenty of good by aiding in the treatment of bacterial infections, this fungus can be problematic if found in your home. You might find this mold species growing on your fruits and vegetables or living on your walls, carpets, or furniture. Penicillium is often easy to identify since it can be either yellow, green, or blue in color.

4. Stachybotrys Chartarum

More commonly known as black mold, mold growth from this type of fungus is often found in HVAC systems and other areas with consistent moisture. It can be either green or black in color and has an identifiable musty smell.

5. Aspergillus

High humidity levels can cause this common type of mold to be found in your home. One type of Aspergillus, called Aspergillus fumigatus, is often found in pillows.

While these five types of mold are very common, there are many more species out there. Mold growth of any kind can be very serious, and you may need to have it taken care of immediately.

Do’s and Don’ts of Business Water Damage

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Water Damage at a local Office in Las Vegas, NV. SERVPRO of Summerlin North/ Sun City was there to help mitigate the damage.

What should you do when water rises in your building and threatens to cause water damage? How do you tackle the problems that broken pipes bring, including the tremendous job of water cleanup? The better question may be “what should I never do?”

Things to keep in mind when floods hit your business:

  • Don’t panic. Have a plan instead.
  • Don’t use electricity in the area.
  • Don’t wait to act.
  • Don’t go it alone.

These are some actions that you should avoid, but what should you do instead?

Steps to prevent further water damage:

  1. Secure the Area

Your safety and the safety of those in your building should be your primary concern. If the flood is from a broken pipe, first shut off electricity to that area of your building to keep people from receiving an electric shock. Then, finish securing the area by stopping the water. You can do this either at the faucet itself or by turning off the main water to the business.

If the flood is from a rainstorm, get to higher ground and call for help. Always put your safety above the things in your building. The belongings can be replaced or restored; you are irreplaceable.

  1. Call for Help

Once it is safe to do so, call a professional restoration crew. These experts can restore the damage that water caused and get your life back to normal. Some such companies in Las Vegas, NV are open 24/7 to help, so there’s no reason to wait.

  1. Begin Cleanup

If the water came from broken pipes, you might not have to wait for the restoration crew to arrive to begin cleaning up. You can start removing porous materials and cleaning damaged belongings. The longer you wait, the more water damage can occur. If you’re not sure how to get started with water cleanup, ask the restoration company in Las Vegas, NV when you call.

5 Behaviors and Traits of Successful Landlords

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SERVPRO is a reliable and skilled company

Tips That Can Help a Property Holder Become a Thriving Landlord

Do you own rental property in Summerlin, NV? The idea of being a business owner in any real estate market can seem difficult, but here are some landlord tips that can help a frazzled property holder become a thriving landlord.

1. Know who to call. Watching online video tutorials or hiring a stranger from the classified ads can be the wrong way to save money on important repairs. Issues with plumbing should be addressed by a licensed professional with experience in commercial plumbing. Hiring skilled and reliable professionals to service your property can prevent the loss of revenue on faulty repairs and unqualified laborers.

2. Educate yourself. Landlording requires knowing local, state and federal laws and regulations. Understanding the required standards for your property can help you to stay out of legal trouble, and doing so allows you to financially prepare for the costs of upkeep.

3. Always be proactive. A leak in the roof or a burst pipe in the plumbing can cause extensive flood damage. Keeping your property in good condition may help avoid large, costly complications that can burden you and inconvenience your renters. Inspections and routine maintenance should be a priority so minor issues don’t become major expenses.

4. Don’t go with your gut. A good renter cannot be identified based on first impressions; therefore, you need to have a screening process. Background checks, credit reports and previous landlord contacts are ways to make certain you know who is signing the lease. Finding a great tenant through vetting helps guarantee the rent is paid on time.

5. Communicate clearly. Direct communication with tenants is vital. Establish a clear protocol so renters know how to contact you. Create clear boundaries regarding what issues warrant contact, as well as how you prioritize repairs and maintenance.

In order to be a successful landlord, you need to be mindful of your actions and priorities. Do not throw away money on the electrical work or plumbing repairs by hiring amateur handymen. Educate yourself regarding the law, and on how to keep your property in excellent condition. Be selective about who you rent to, and communicate well with your tenants.

Driving Tips During a Flood

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When a bad storm hits Las Vegas, NV floodwaters can rise in no time.

When a bad storm hits Las Vegas, NV floodwaters can rise in no time. Rather than barrel down your flooded street, you should take a few precautions when there is a lot of water on the road. Here are some tips on staying safe if you must drive after a heavy storm.

Steer Clear of Standing Water

Many drivers tend to ignore travel tips and get overconfident when flash floods occur. They expect that standing water is harmless. The truth is that there can be many unseen hazards beneath the surface:

  • Branches or other debris
  • Potholes or washed out pavement
  • Moving water

It is unlikely that you are able to discern how safe it is to drive through water when you can’t see to the bottom of it. Even a few inches can stall your vehicle or even move it off the road. Flood damage experts recommend that you find an alternate route or just wait until the water has a chance to drain.

Slow down

A flooded street is not a racetrack. Even if the water is shallow enough to navigate, you still need to reduce your speed so that you don’t stall your vehicle or hydroplane. If your tires cause water to fan out to the side, you are probably going too fast to be safe.

Don’t Use Others as a Gauge

Just because other drivers make it through flooded roads, that doesn’t mean you should try it. Flood conditions change rapidly. The car in front of you could have inadvertently knocked some debris into your path that will tear up your vehicle. Rely on your own good judgment rather than the whims of other people.

A flooded street is not meant to be a challenge. When in doubt, it is better to turn around and go back the way you came than try to rush through standing water. Safety should always come first.

Is Category 3 the Worst Water Damage?

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Category Three water may contain biohazards that pose health risks to humans and animals.

The categories of water damage used by restoration professionals refer to the degree of contamination, not the level of damage. Category Three flood water is highly contaminated and calls for the most extensive cleaning and disinfection measures. Find out more about Category Three black water and how it differs from Category One and Category Two damage.

Contamination Levels

Category Three water is more contaminated than Category Two gray water or clean Category One water. Black water may contain a variety of contaminants:

  • Bacteria
  • Chemicals
  • Dirt and debris
  • Solid waste

This category of damage is used to describe flood water and water that originates from a toilet overflow or sewer backup. It is crucial to clean and disinfect any areas, materials or contents of a building that are exposed to Category Three water.

Bacteria and Mold Risks

Category Three water may contain biohazards that pose health risks to humans and animals. The combination of organic materials and moisture that this type of water damage introduces to a structure can rapidly increase the risk of mold growth. It is important to thoroughly clean, disinfect and dry damaged areas, building materials and content to reduce these risks.

Effects on Materials and Contents

Porous building materials and contents that cannot be thoroughly disinfected should be discarded during mitigation and replaced as part of the restoration process. These materials and contents may include any of the following:

  • Drywall
  • Carpet
  • Insulation
  • Mattresses

It is safer to dispose of these materials than to attempt disinfection. If these materials or contents remain in place, they can increase the likelihood of mold growth or raise health risks.

Due to the level of contamination in Category Three water, it is necessary to work quickly to extract flood water and disinfect the affected area. Building owners can depend on the expertise and equipment of water damage restoration professionals in Las Vegas, NV.

Keeping Your Building Free of Mold Growth

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You can't control how humid it is outside, but your indoor humidity levels can be adjusted.

Your commercial property in Summerlin, NV needs good maintenance. A reliable schedule for maintaining the building can help you keep mold growth and the poor air quality that can result from it at bay. Frequent carpet cleaning and dusting are just a start, though. Here are some other things you can do to avoid a fungus problem in your building.

Maintain Proper Humidity Levels

You can't control how humid it is outside, but your indoor humidity levels can be adjusted. Try some of the following tips:

  • Install extra ventilation in rooms that may have extra moisture, such as restrooms or staff kitchenettes.
  • Place dehumidifiers throughout the building to dry it out.
  • Use the air conditioner or heater to keep air moving throughout the space.

As a general rule, indoor humidity should be between 40-50 percent. Keeping a low humidity level can help you avoid mold problems.

Facilitate a Regular Cleaning Schedule

In addition to carpet cleaning, you also need to keep your building free from dust and grime. Regular cleaning allows your janitorial staff to make your building look nice. It also affords them the opportunity to check up on areas that are prone to condensation or excess water and report the issues so they can get resolved.

Mitigate Water Damage Quickly

If water damage does occur, you can keep mold spores from forming fuzzy patches on surfaces by calling water mitigation specialists as soon as you know of the issue. Mold can start to grow in as little as 24 hours after flooding occurs, so a quick response is your best protection against secondary damage. Make sure everyone in your building is aware of reporting protocols so that fungus doesn't start to grow due to delayed notification.

Getting in the habit of good practices such as regular carpet cleaning and humidity control can help you keep mold from collecting in vulnerable areas. As a result, the people in your building can enjoy the fresh air of a mold-free environment.

Important Storm Services a Restoration Company Should Provide

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Helpful storm restoration services can make dealing with the effects of a disaster much easier.

Important Storm Services A Restoration Company Should Provide

After a storm has damaged commercial properties in Las Vegas, NV the storm restoration process can overwhelm many. Knowing what helpful services a restoration company can provide can be useful for insurance agents and business owners.

1. Timely and Thorough Assessments and Water Removal

After a storm, it’s often important for insurance agents’ clients to know that everything is being done to restore their properties, and a quick response by restoration professionals can be reassuring to business owners and insurance agents. A timely assessment can make the claims process much quicker. After an assessment, quickly removing all water from the building can stop the destruction from continuing.

2. Services To Restore a Variety of Items

An important part of storm restoration includes bringing damaged items back to life. Though a belonging that is ruined from a storm cannot be restored, it’s helpful to look for a restoration business that is capable of repairing a multitude of items. Generally, replacing items is more expensive and more time-consuming than restoring an item. Choosing to employ a company that can restore items made up of various materials (cloth, wood can also decrease the cost of a company’s insurance claim.

3. Ability To Manage Secondary Damage

Flood damage can be devastating on its own, but damage that occurs as the result of a flood can be equally costly and destructive. Mold growth can begin in a matter of days after a flood has occurred and can affect the structure and the appearance of a building. However, there are techniques professionals can use to decrease the likelihood of secondary damage such as mold growth. When choosing a company to assist in repairing commercial properties, it’s often wise to ask how additional problems can be avoided.

Helpful storm restoration services can make dealing with the effects of a disaster much easier. Quick and thorough assessments and water removals, the ability to restore various belongings and knowing how to mitigate secondary damage are valuable storm response services to look for when choosing a restoration company to employ.

Should I Hire A Hygienist To Check For Mold?

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If you’re facing mold damage, call a mold cleaning company to schedule air and surface testing and get ahead of the game.

Should I Hire A Hygienist To Check For Mold?

If you’ve ever tangled with mold, chances are you’ve heard of an environmental hygienist – someone many people hire at the outset of mold remediation. But with so many ways to detect mold on your own, you may wonder whether paying for this type of specialist makes sense. The fact is, environmental hygienists are uniquely equipped to do the testing needed for effective mold cleaning in your Las Vegas, NV home or business.

About Air Sampling

So, you’ve noticed the signs of mold or have seen frank mold damage. Straight to clean up, right? Not so fast. Actually, the next step for the smart home or business owner is finding the real source, using air samples and surface samples. Environmental hygienists collect these samples and use them to learn if mold is

  • Allergenic
  • Pathogenic
  • Toxigenic
  • A mixture of all three

Understanding the type of mold you are facing is an important part of getting rid of it. After testing, you can take steps to form a mold cleaning strategy. 

Can’t I do this myself?

There are dozens of DIY-oriented air sampling kits out there, and they have dozens of pitfalls. For example, they tend to miss where mold is concentrated due to their insensitivity. They don’t work well in secluded areas or worse, these non-specific tests may detect a stray spore and indicate a big mold problem where there is none. Add user error to the mix and a DIY air sampling kit can be an expensive mistake.

An environmental hygienist, on the other hand, has the training to conduct air samples and know what the results mean. They use special equipment to detect exactly where mold shows up in the air in your home – the first step to killing it. If you’re facing mold damage, call a mold cleaning company to schedule air and surface testing and get ahead of the game.

Have Pipes, Will Travel

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A water damage repair expert can remove the damage “Like It never even happened.”

Have Pipes, Will Travel

Las Vegas, NV gets downright cold every winter. It’s enough to make you want to head south for a warm, relaxing getaway. However, you might be anxious about leaving home at this time of year. What if the pipes freeze? According to a recent study, frozen pipes are one of the most common plumbing failures, resulting in losses twice as severe as other plumbing material failures. Don’t let the fear of a costly water pipe repair keep you from a sunny vacation. Inspect the following items to help prevent your house from damage caused by a broken pipe.


If you find worn or leaky hoses on these items, replace them. You may be surprised at the number of household items with hoses that can leave your house flooded if they are faulty:

  • Dishwashers
  • Refrigerators
  • Washing machines
  • Other appliances with water supplies

Pipes, Windows, and Roofs

When you think of leaks, you probably think of broken pipes. Make sure to inspect and fix any you find, including those under sinks. Also ensure windows are sealed and missing roof shingles replaced. These areas are more potential water leak sources, easily forgotten in your haste to head for the heat.

More Inspection

In addition to water pipe repair, consider other household items before you leave. Are rain gutters cleared? If you have a sump pump, is it working properly? Does it have a battery backup? Have you considered insulating pipes? Have you disconnected outdoor hoses? Did you leave the heat on, even if you turned it down a bit to save money? If you’re still concerned, consider shutting off the main water supply and drain all pipes before leaving. Open cabinets near pipes to allow warm air inside. Ask a friend or neighbor to check indoors while you’re gone and perform any water pipe repair that may be needed.

Inspection and maintenance go a long way to preventing water damage while on vacation. However, if you return to a flooded home despite your best prevention efforts, it’s not the end of the world. A water damage repair expert can remove the damage

Tips for Developing a Business Continuity Plan

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Three Things To Include In A Business Continuity Plan

Having a continuity plan in place can be an important step for many Summerlin, NV, businesses. These plans cannot only help you save time in the event of a storm or flood, but they can also help you get your business up and running if the worst should happen. Here are three things you may want to include in the plan for your business.

1. Know Which Issues Your Business is Most Likely to Face

Knowing if property may be in danger of flooding or storm damage can help you know what events to plan for. Look at the location of the property, such as if you're at the bottom of a watershed, as well as the regular weather patterns. This may also allow you to take preventive measures ahead of time, such as installing a drainage system.

2. Keep Track of Time Sensitive Business Details

Another thing many business owners choose to include in their continuity plan are time sensitive business details that may need to be taken care of regardless of if the business is currently open. These may include any bills that need to be paid, such as rent, as well as anyone that may need to be contacted if the company were to temporarily shut down for repairs.

3. Have a Recovery Strategy

In many cases constructing a plan can help you know ahead of time which recovery steps you may need to take. This will allow you to collect numbers for services such as a professional restoration team that can conduct cleaning and repairs. This can allow you record the contact information for a local and reliable team you trust to do the work before an incident happens.

Constructing a continuity plan can help your business in a number of aspects. Formulating this plan will allow you to know what issues the property is most likely to face, and create a recovery strategy. This plan will also allow you to keep track of any time-sensitive business details that you may need to stay on top of in the event your company needs to close for a while due to repairs.

3 Reasons To Choose a Local Franchise To Assist with Restoration After a Storm

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SERVPRO of Summerlin North/Sun City is experienced to manage major restoration services.

Why Is It Beneficial To Choose a Local Franchise For A Restoration Service? 

When a storm causes major damage to a home in Sun City Summerlin, NV, choosing a reliable restoration company is often essential. Choosing a local franchise to send their disaster recovery team after a storm can be beneficial for many reasons.

1. Access to Equipment

Storms can cause damage to the structure of a home and can also result in water damage inside a home. In order to completely restore a home affected by storm damage, a wide variety of equipment is often required, and a local company may have a difficult time accessing certain pieces of equipment that aren’t commonly used. However, a local franchise will likely have access to a wider variety of tools and equipment thanks to the corporate element of the company.

2. Lowers Cost

When choosing a restoration company to assist with a storm response, the estimated cost of the restoration process if often an important factor. If it is necessary to hire several companies during this process, costs can increase quickly. By choosing a local franchise, you can feel confident in knowing that the business’s disaster recovery team is experienced and knows how to get the best prices while doing high-quality work.

3. Able To Manage Major Tasks

The amount of damage a storm can cause to a home can be devastating, and it’s important to employ a company that can handle the job of restoring a home with extensive damage. While a smaller business may need more time to take on a major restoration, a local franchise will be prepared to manage larger restoration projects. A quick response is often vital in preventing a home from sustaining more damage.

A local franchise with a solid disaster recovery team has access to important equipment, can help lower the costs of restoration and can manage the effects of major disasters. If a homeowner needs a quick and efficient storm response, consider the storm damage and restoration experts.

Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover Mold Damage?

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Mold from water damage in Sun City Summerlin, NV

Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover Mold Damage?

If you discover mold issues in your home, you’ll likely want to file a claim with your homeowners insurance company so they can provide coverage for cleanup. However, most standard homeowners insurance policies only include fungus growth under very specific circumstances. By keeping a few general guidelines in mind when addressing mold, you can discern if your residence in Sun City Summerlin, NV, will be covered under insurance.

1. Confirm the cause of the mold. Homeowners insurance usually only provides mold coverage if the mold is the result of a “covered peril.” That is, a specific incident beyond your control must have occurred that subsequently caused mold to form. Examples of covered peril include ice that formed under your shingles melting into the attic, a fire that required first responders to use water to put it out, or a frozen pipe that burst and flooded your basement while you were away from home.

2. Determine if mold could have been prevented. If there was any reasonable way you could have intercepted fungus growth from occurring in your home, most insurance companies will deny coverage to remove it. Failing to monitor old pipework in your basement to prevent leaks, neglecting to repair or replace an aging roof that can retain water, or allowing shower mold to progress instead of cleaning it yourself are all scenarios where an insurance company will argue that you could have avoided mold formation.

3. Contact a professional to advise you. Call your homeowner's insurance representative at the first sign of mold to confirm if you have any coverage for cleanup and/or associated repairs. If you don’t, ask about adding a mold insurance rider to your existing policy for any future mold incidents. Even if you are covered, most policies have caps on the amount of mold benefits you can receive, so you should also contact a qualified mold remediation specialist for additional assistance.

Fungus growth can be a serious threat to your home. Knowing if your homeowner's insurance will assist you with cleanup or if you alone are financially responsible will help you decide the appropriate steps to take in addressing the issue.

Get To Know Your Fire Sprinklers

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A fire sprinkler system makes your business in Las Vegas, NV a much safer place

Get To Know Your Fire Sprinklers

A fire sprinkler system is a major contributor to a commercial building’s safety. Installing one in a business property in Las Vegas, NV, will help ensure that occupants can escape in time if there’s a fire. Although the spray emitted by the sprinklers may not fully extinguish every type of fire, it can suppress the blaze enough to allow employees and customers to evacuate safely.

1. They May Serve As an Early Warning System

Sprinkler systems also protect you by serving as self-activating fire alarms; they will turn on automatically if none of the building’s occupants are aware of a fire starting somewhere. The system can then minimize damage through fire suppression and help to contain the spread of a blaze until firefighters arrive to extinguish it.

2. They Can Unleash A Lot of Water

A sprinkler system can spray hundreds of gallons of water when it detects a fire. It may be the lesser of two evils compared to fire damage, but that much water can leave your place of business with serious moisture problems. Fire sprinkler cleanup requires special attention and remedial efforts that should be left to trained professionals.

3. It's Best To Leave the Cleanup to the Experts

Electronic devices should not be turned on or used if you suspect they may have been affected by sprinkler water or moisture. Prompt action needs to be taken to prevent irreparable damage or corrosion. A cleanup and restoration technician should inspect electronic equipment and determine the proper steps to take.

Mold and mildew may also take hold in structural areas that are not immediately apparent to the untrained eye. Critical documents, files and media storage can require specialized care and treatments to minimize or counteract moisture damage. These aren’t issues well served by a do-it-yourself approach.

A fire sprinkler system makes your business a much safer place; be prepared, however, to immediately summon the required cleanup services after an activation. A variety of water and fire damage restoration techniques can be used to get your business up and running again, but you’ll need to contact qualified, 24/7 emergency cleanup specialists as soon as possible in order to prevent further damage.

What To Do for a Flooded Toilet

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Water loss in a Las Vegas, NV bathroom

In busy Las Vegas, NV, there are few more disruptive tasks than having to clean a toilet overflow at home. Bathroom-goers rarely plan for sewer damage when they enter the facilities, yet most will encounter a flooded toilet at some point in their lifetime. After the initial panic rests, here is what to do in the face of unexpected plumbing issues.

Cut Off the Water Supply

Regardless of where the problem is coming from or the extent of sewer damage, a solution will be difficult to find without first bringing flowing water to a halt. This can be done in one of three ways:

  • Open the toilet tank and raise the floating cup. This action simulates a full tank and signals the system to stop flowing.
  • Turn the toilet tap into an “off” position. The valve to do this is usually behind the toilet and below the tank.
  • If all else fails, shut off the main water supply to the residence. The valve for this is normally in the basement.

Find and Fix the Problem

With water stopped and protective barriers in place, it is safe to explore the sewer damage to uncover a solution. A superficial clot can be remedied with a simple plunger or coil. Be sure to scoop excess water into a separate container before attempting to remove a clog with any tools. Plungers work to suck blockages out from the entrance of the bowl, while a coil can be inserted deeper into the toilet pipes to remove more stubborn roadblocks.

If the problem is still out of reach, it may be time to call in professionals. A water damage repair or sewage company is best equipped to handle severe or recurring cases of overflow, as this could indicate a more serious backup. Their professionals can perform a full plumbing assessment and take care to rid all mess and germs.

No matter when a flooded toilet occurs, a solution is within reach. Keep calm and follow the simple tips above to get back on dry land.

A Homeowner’s Guide to Efficient Content Cleaning Strategies

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Fire damage home in Summerlin, NV

In addition to incinerating objects, fires can also leave behind extensive soot and smoke damage. As a result, content cleaning can be a very tedious task. Depending on the extent of destruction, you may need to utilize a variety of methods, including dry-cleaning, to adequately cleanse and restore your salvageable possessions.

Essential Cleaning Supplies

There are several helpful supplies that you should have accessible during the cleanup process:

  • Dry chemical sponge
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Dishwashing detergent
  • Baking soda

Soot Removal

You can use a dry sponge to remove soot from walls and hard surfaces. As an alternative, add a small amount of dishwashing detergent to warm water and wipe contaminated objects clean.

Upholstery Tips

To cleanse soot from upholstered furnishings, use the hose attachment of your vacuum. Because bristles may grind residue into fabric, you should avoid using any brush accessory while vacuuming.

Once you remove debris, you can sprinkle baking soda on upholstered cushions, couches and chairs. Allowing the deodorizing agent to sit before re-vacuuming may help remove any lingering smoke aroma.

Dry-cleaning Advantages

Dry-cleaning may be the most efficient cleaning method for contaminated, non-washable fabrics. A specialized cleaning service can use counteractants or an ozone treatment to help eliminate stubborn smoke odors. Because of its delicate nature, you may also want to seek professional assistance restoring damaged leather items.

Effective Clothing Strategies

To help address soot and smoke damage, you should soak contaminated clothing in warm water and detergent before placing them in the washing machine. Because it may take several washings before fabric is thoroughly cleansed, you may want to devise an efficient content storage solution to help separate soiled and clean clothing.

Accomplishing a Tedious Task

No residence in Summerlin, NV, is immune from a potential fire. Although the process may be daunting, recognizing dry-cleaning and other effective content cleaning techniques can help every homeowner restore their belongings and complete an efficient fire cleanup.

Preventing Water Damage at Every Stage of Construction

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Commercial water mitigation and restoration in Sun City Summerlin, NV

Preventing Water Damage at Every Stage of Construction

When building in Sun City Summerlin, NV, one should be diligent about preventing water damage. The consequences, such as delayed progress and reduced profits, can be devastating to the contractor and the client. By following safety measures throughout the construction process, you can avoid or limit water pipe repair needed. In order to protect your project from water damage, essential steps need to be taken throughout the construction process.

1. Before Construction

Before building, the contractor must have a plan for quality control. This should be a written plan that one can refer to throughout all stages of the building project. This gives guidelines for water damage prevention, as well as how any water damage will be addressed. Also, a thorough inspection of building plans to determine any areas that could be prone to water damage is needed. By knowing the risk areas, the team is better able to mitigate the hazardous effects of a broken pipe or a flooded construction site.

2. During Construction

It can be prudent to have a designated worker to maintain the quality standards of the water damage prevention plan. In this role, the worker must recognize any activity during the construction process that strays from the quality control plan. This worker must especially notice the work done by those outside of the primary contracting team, such as subcontractors. If a problem arises that does cause water damage, your water damage specialist should take action to prepare the team for water pipe repair and cleanup.

3. After Construction

When the project is complete, you should perform a final quality check. This check should insure that all plumbing systems are properly installed and functioning. Make your client aware of the safety measures that were implemented before and during construction, and advise the client on how to contact you in case a problem with the water system should arise.

By maintaining quality standards throughout the project, it is less likely that your construction team will be burdened with water pipe repair and more concerned with getting the project done in a timely and efficient manner. The project should be more productive with your effort made to prevent water damage.

SERVPRO downtown Las Vegas provides great fire damage restoration services

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It’s by accident that a house may catch fire and when we call the firefighters to help they risk their lives to save a home. Putting out a fire is attributed to using lots of water in such events. When the fire engines leave you will need a specialist that will hold your hand during such a stressful and confusing time. That’s when SERVPRO of Summerlin North/ Sun City will spring into action to restore the fire damage. We restore burnt walls, scorched household goods, carpets, etc. and remove the smoke odor brought on by the fire.

We are available 24/7 every day when you have such emergencies. We respond quickly and can provide board up services to avoid damage to your house or business by natural elements. This will go a long way in reducing the cost and the time it takes to do the restorations. We are the best when it comes to fire damage Restoration in Summerlin North, we have set the standard for the quality of work to deliver. We have enhanced the skills of our technicians when it comes to fire & smoke restoration, odor control, upholstery & fabric restoration and water damage restoration. The skills of our company are useful when you want to restore a burned house back to "Like it never even happened."

Every restoration job is different, but there are steps we take when we want restore a burned home. After you have contacted us, we will come and inspect the damages to know the extent and develop a plan on how the restoration will be conducted. The first things we restore are roofs and windows to enhance security and also protect the house from more damage from the elements like sun and rain. Next, water and smoke and soot are removed from surfaces, then cleaning and sanitation is carried out to restore things to the original state. We also remove the smoke odor from the house completely.

Our state of the art equipment comes in handy; we use air scrubber and deodorization agents to remove the smoke odor. Our improved disinfection products stop the growth of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms in the house.

We have the expertise and skills to restore your house. We all know that a house carries part of your memory and there in no greater joy than restoring a memory. You can contact us through phone which you can get from our website.

Managing Water Losses In Summerlin Or Las Vegas

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Water Loss in Summerlin, NV

Managing Water Losses In Summerlin Or Las Vegas

Water damage or flood damage in the Las Vegas area must be repaired as soon as possible, and the mitigation services will use drying and air movement techniques that ensure the house is clean and safe. This article shows how a home or business may be cleaned up properly, and there are many different people who need the service to come to their home as soon as possible.

#1: Responding To An Emergency

Vegas, Summerlin and Sun City Nevada homeowners and business owner must ensure they have called the mitigation company in an emergency, and they will learn quickly how simple it is to improve the state of their home or building. They will have the company arrive for the water in home or water in business issue, and the space will be cleaned up properly.

#2: Nevada Business Must Be Cleaned Properly

Summerlin Nevada business owners will find it simple to call the mitigation company for help, and they will see the water removed from the space after flood damage occurs. There is quite a lot of water damage that may cause the building to rot or collapse, and it must be removed quickly using an industrial vacuum. The crew will shut off a water pipe that is flooding the space, and they will begin checking for places where flood water is entering the building. They understand that there are many ways to keep the building dry, and they will start with preventative measures for future.

#3: Preventing Future Damage

Drying and air movement are important for the homeowner or business owner, and the building will become dry as a result. Preventing water in home or water in business damage is simple once the company has been set with the task of keeping out all the water. They will change the landscaping to help the water move away from the building, and they will install waterproofing items that are helpful. The water will be kept out of the space, and they may choose to install a sump pump.

#4: Las Vegas Homeowners Experience Saturated Ground

The ground in Vegas is often saturated, and there are homeowners in Sun City Nevada and Summerlin Nevada who will see a flash flood because the ground is packed so tight. The ground will push water into the house, and the waterproofing becomes quite important because a waterproofing agent will stop a small flood from getting out of control. 

Summerlin, Nevada and other cities in the area will become quite wet when rain begins to fall or a pipe bursts. There are techniques that will help keep water out of a space, and it will be removed in an emergency situation. Mold or mildew may begin to grow because water was left to stand, and the company that responds to the emergency will take out all the water using their professional equipment. They will allow the homeowner or business to move back into the space, and they will certify the building repaired in every sense. Visit http://www.SERVPROsummerlinnorthsuncity.com for more information on water damage.

Steps for Removing Mold From Your HVAC Ducts

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Black mold on air duct in a Summerlin,NV business

How to Remove Mold from Your Air Ducts

You walk into your commercial property in Summerlin, NV, one day, and you notice a musty odor. The smell doesn’t seem to be centered in any particular area, and you don’t see anything around the sink in the break room or on the walls. Then you look at your air conditioner vent and see black dust on the edge where the air blows out. The bad news is that you have black mold. The good news is that there are clear steps to take care of it.

1. Call the Experts

Taking care of mold in your air ducts is a job for professional remediation technicians. They have both the training and the tools needed to clean the growth and make sure it doesn’t return. They will first assess the nature and extent of the problem. Then they should be able to devise a plan and quote you an estimate on how much it will cost to resolve the issue.

2. Resolve the Underlying Issue

It doesn’t do any good to clean mold if the problem that caused it persists. Water damage and excess moisture must be fixed, or the problem will just return.

3. Remove Damage

Black mold tends to root into the surfaces on which it grows, so if it is embedded in your walls or in the insulation within them, those materials will have to be removed. Technicians dispose of affected materials in a safe manner that follows government standards.

4. Clean the Air Ducts

To clean ducts, experts use special equipment and chemicals. Since mold feeds on water, most water-based solutions are not strong enough to clean the mold. After donning personal protective equipment and sealing off the area, the technicians choose the appropriate method and clean it.

If you suspect you have black mold in your commercial building, it is in your best interest to call trained remediation experts as soon as you notice the problem. The sooner you call, the sooner they can begin the steps to fix it.

After a Commercial Fire, Assessing the Fire Damage Is a Top Priority

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Aftermath of a commercial fire in Sun City Summerlin,NV

Aftermath of A Commercial Fire

The fire is out but the adrenaline is still coursing through your veins. You clearly remember that dealing with the aftermath of a fire was not on your schedule for today. At this point, you would like to be just about anyone else in Sun City Summerlin, NV. The following steps will help you put this behind you and put your business back on track as quickly as possible:

1. Call your insurance company. Explain what happened, open a claim and request an immediate visit from an insurance adjuster.

2. Take pictures of the damage. The adjuster needs to see how the premises looked after the fire, but you want to start cleanup now. Satisfy both requirements by taking pictures of everything before you start the cleanup. The cameras on smartphones are perfect for this

3. Prepare a list of items subjected to fire damage. Your adjuster is going to need this information for your claim. On this list, you should include

  • Factory equipment including make and model.
  • Office furniture.
  • Office equipment including computers, copiers, fax machines, phones and scanners.
  • Vehicles.
  • Leased and rented equipment.

If you have a computerized fixed asset management package, most of the information should be there. Your equipment vendors might also be able to help you with a list of the items that were damaged or destroyed.

4. Once the adjuster gives you the green light, start the fire mitigation process. You need a company that specializes in commercial fire restoration services. The right restoration company will have your business up and running again quickly.

A Quick Recovery Depends on a Quick Response
When it comes to addressing fire damage, time is everything. The sooner you file your claim and the sooner the restoration team is on site, the sooner your business will be back to normal. After a fire, normal is good.

How To Deal With Sewage Backup in Your Bathtub

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Clogged drain in a Summerlin,NV home

There is no question about it, sewage backup in the bathtub of your home is the last thing you want to have to deal with. If you have discovered a sewer backup issue in your home in Summerlin, NV, then you may need the help of a water damage restoration specialist. Here is some information on what causes this issue and what actions you need to take, which depend on the severity of the backup.

Causes of a Bathtub Backup

There are several reasons that you may be experiencing sewage backup in your bathtub. Some of these causes originate from your home’s sewage system and others can be traced to factors outside of your control:

  • A clogged drain or sewer line
  • damaged or failing septic system
  • A natural disaster such as flooding

While sewer backup due to a clogged toilet may be an easy fix, other sources for the issue may be much harder to tackle. If you are unable to identify the cause of the backup on your own, it is a good idea to contact a professional to help you determine the appropriate solution.

When You Need To Contact a Professional

While you might be eager to save money by cleaning up the mess and fixing the problem yourself, you most likely will need the help of a professional. Sewage water contains toxins that are dangerous to any person or animal that comes into contact with them. Cleaning up the mess on your own is not an option if any of the following apply:

  • It is a very large backup that is spreading throughout your house.
  • The cause of the backup is a clogged main sewer line, septic tank issue, or flood.
  • The sewage water has been sitting there for over 24 hours.

Dealing with sewer backup is no easy task. If you are unsure if you can deal with the issue on your own, your best bet is immediately seeking the help of a professional.

What is the fastest way to clean up water in Vegas home?

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SERVPRO drying a home after water damage

Cleaning up water damage in your Las Vegas home

It is important if you have water damage in your home that you get a hold of a professional water damage restoration company like SERVPRO immediately. Our team will be on site immediately to start the extraction process. It is critical to get all of the water up, to prevent secondary damages from happening. These can include mold and other microbial growth. 

Once all of the water has been removed, SERVPRO will begin to place drying equipment throughout the home. This equipment will be monitored daily, to make sure the drying process is taking place. 

Once the monitoring shows that the structure is dry, SERVPRO will remove all of the equipment and help with any reconstruction that is needed.  

How To Safely Use Candles Indoors for Religious Purposes

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Candles can cause fire in your Sun City Summerlin,NV home

While avoiding indoor candle use is the safest practice for preventing a home candle fire, many Sun City Summerlin, NV, individuals and families have long held traditions and beliefs that revolve around the use of lighting candles. If you choose to light candles indoors, consider the following safety precautions to prevent a house fire.

Check Surrounding Areas

One of the easiest ways to start a candle fire is by mistakenly spreading the fire to a nearby object. Always use religious candles in conjunction with a sturdy candle holder set-up in a stationary place. Check the candle’s surroundings and look for things that might be easily ignited. Avoid placing candles in the following areas:

  • Windows with blinds or drapes
  • On top of upholstered surfaces or cloths
  • Near any object that has the potential to catch on fire

Guidelines for Continuously Burning Candles

When lighting a candle, start by placing it in a sturdy candle holder. If the candle must be hand-held, avoid passing the candle to anyone while the wick still contains a flame. To light another candle, place the unlit candle wick’s tip into the already burning flame. If traditions call for continuously burning flame, make sure the fire is always monitored by a responsible adult. Be cautious and keep a glass or metal container filled with water on hand in case the flame moves out of your control.

Consider Flameless Candle Alternative for Use Around Children or Pets

For a Sun City Summerlin, NV, religious practice that is performed around children or pets, consider using a flameless battery-operated candle. This safety measure can prevent children and animals from receiving harmful burns or mistakenly starting a fire. Never have a child use matches or lighters until they are at an age and maturity level to do so safely.

Candles can cause home fires. A candle fires often requires help from a smoke cleanup specialist. Protect your home and loved ones with these simple precautionary measures.

The Impact of Hail on Your Roof

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Hole on ceiling due to roof damage from hail in Summerlin,NV

Hazardous weather can bring about concerns for your business in Summerlin, NV, that you may not have even thought about before. Being caught unprepared when a hail storm strikes can leave you at a disadvantage. It could possibly even result in having to close while you make repairs. To avoid serious issues, it is a good idea to make sure you are ready to prevent or handle any hail damage that could occur.

Hail and Your Roof

The place most likely to see severe destruction from hail is your roof. Roof damage from hail may include these:

  • Cracks
  • Holes
  • Tears
  • Dents

Any damage could be just aesthetic or it could compromise your roof's function. Aesthetic issues are something you can fix whenever you can get to it, but functional problems should be handled right away.

Possible Issues Due to Roof Damage

If you fail to fix damage such as tears, holes and cracks, it can lead to more severe issues with an impact that goes beyond just your roof. Such concerns can lead to water leakage inside or water damage to the structural elements of the roof. It is essential after a hail storm to check out your roof and look for possible problems. If you see anything alarming, you should contact a professional to start repairs immediately.

Damage Prevention

Luckily, you do not have to wait for damage to occur. You can apply a hail-resistant coating to your roof that can help to minimize possible problems. You may also consider hail guards or wire mesh, which both can also offer protection.

Being ready for a hail storm in Summerlin, NV, will not only enable you to better take care of your business but also it allows you to minimize the roof damage that could occur. Preparing for hail can be one of the best investments you make in your business.

Fire Sprinkler Systems: What Every Manager Should Know

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Commercial water loss in Las Vegas, NV

Before allowing managers to perform routine fire sprinkler maintenance, you may want to reaffirm a few essential pieces of information.

1. Perform Regular Inspections

Fire sprinklers require regular inspections, and while it may not be necessary to have a professional examine the system monthly, you or a manager may want to perform visual checks to ensure there are no leaks or signs of separation. Lines that go without regular inspection can cause damage to the building. Even worse, damaged lines may not operate as intended, resulting in a more significant risk of fire loss.

2. Know the Location of the Shutoff

Additionally, knowing the location of the shutoff valve can prevent the risk of flooding after a fire. Managers and employees should be aware of this valve and its location in case it ever becomes necessary to use it. Beyond possibly needing to turn off the valve after a fire, if the system malfunctions, it may be required to use it sooner.

3. Ensure the Control Valve Remains Open

When performing routine sprinkler maintenance, you may want to have your managers make sure that the control valve is fully open. A control valve is what ensures that water remains active in the system. If this valve is not fully open, then water may not disperse through the lines when needed, or the pressure may not be enough to squelch the flames.

4. If the System Activates, Call the Fire Department

Whether the system activates due to an actual fire or a malfunction, you should call the Las Vegas, NV, fire department. The only instance where this is not the case is when you are testing the system. The fire department should be notified in any other situation, even if a fire is extinguished before their arrival. You may also want to reach out to a restoration specialist to get a better idea of the steps to take in the recovery process.

Fire sprinkler systems may be the most crucial safety element in your business, but you should ensure that every manager is at least aware of the above information before putting them in charge of your fire sprinkler maintenance.

What Causes Noisy Pipes?

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Pipe break in Summerlin, NV

Noises emanating from water pipes may indicate plumbing problems prior to a pipe break. Find out what the most common pipe noises are and how to address these issues with preventative maintenance before you experience a pipe burst.

Whistling or Hissing

These noises are common when you turn on a faucet or as a toilet tank refills after flushing. Whistling noises indicate that water is flowing through a narrow channel past an obstacle or restriction. Turn on faucets or flush toilets one at a time. When you find the culprit, shut off the water and check for a

  • Distorted faucet washer
  • Loose brass screw that holds the faucet washer in place
  • Malfunctioning toilet ballcock valve
  • Faulty toilet overflow

If you aren't sure how to perform these inspections or repairs, a plumber can help you prevent a pipe break.

Banging or Water Hammer

Banging or chattering noises are caused when the flow of water inside a pipe suddenly stops. This can occur when a faucet is abruptly closed, by a dishwasher or washing machine valve snapping off, or a water pump without a holding tank. Check to see whether visible pipes appear loose or vibrate. Look for missing or loose pipe straps and inspect T-fittings and elbow fittings near joists or studs to see if they are banging against the walls as the pipe vibrates. You may be able to quiet the problem by using

  • Anti-hammer devices
  • Small blocks of wood and pipe straps
  • Ball- or globe-shaped chambers

Hire a plumber if you are not sure where piping noises originate or how to stop them. You may also want to have noisy pipes inspected to reduce the chances of an unexpected pipe break. If a pipe burst does occur, you should first contact a plumber to fix broken pipe and then a residential water damage restoration company located in Summerlin, NV.

3 Ways To Prevent Sewage Backup

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Flood damage in a Summerlin, NV office

There are several ways to prevent a sewage backup from occurring in your home in Summerlin, NV. The most common causes of stoppages include improper disposal methods, but they can originate from flooding as a form of storm damage. Reduce the frequency and severity of backups with three prevention methods.

1. Properly Dispose of Waste

Avoid flushing paper products that are not rated for sewer disposal. Feminine products, paper towels, and even moist towelettes can cause backups to occur. These items should be disposed of in a trash can. Another common cause of stoppage is pouring grease or oils down the drain. These substances should be cooled and disposed of in the trash.

2. Use Root Killer In Lines

In addition to sewer cleaning products made to dissolve clogs and prevent a backup, you may also want to use a foaming chemical tree root killer. Many new formulations coat the inside of the pipe with an herbicide that prevents tree roots from re-forming. You may also want to repeat this treatment on an annual basis. Avoid formulas with copper sulfate, which can degrade pipes.

3. Install a Backwater Valve

A backwater valve can help you prevent sewer obstructions that originate in the city sewer main or lines. This valve can prevent sewage from flowing back into the basement of your house. Retrofitting a backwater valve may cost between $1,000 to $2,000, as concrete will likely need to be removed to access the sewer line.

Prevention is the most cost effective and environmentally-friendly prevention method. You may want to rely on sewer cleaning if you suspect the blockage is on your end. If backups occur due to flooding, installing a retrofitted backwater valve may be the best choice. If you are dealing with a backup due to a blockage or storm damage in your home in Summerlin, NV, contact a company that specializes in sewer damage restoration.

Saving Your Houseplants From Mildew

9/27/2018 (Permalink)

Mold damage in Las Vegas, NV

If you’re finding that you have plant mildew, it could be that the building where your plants reside in Las Vegas, NV, is too wet or humid. Found only on live plants, mildew is a parasite that does not grow on other surfaces.

What It Looks Like

If you are noticing that your plants have a white or light gray powdery substance on them, this is most likely mildew growth. It will appear on the softer parts of your plants such as the leaves, buds and stems. It can also show up on the flowers and fruit. It isn’t generally seen on the woodier parts of a plant.

What Causes It

Several things may contribute to your plants developing a mildew problem:

  • An overly humid or wet environment
  • Overwatering
  • Too many plants together in the same area
  •  A plant that is unhealthy or weak, making it more vulnerable

Now that you’ve identified the problem and its source, there are several steps you can take to clear up plant mildew and prevent it from returning in the future.

What You Can Do To Remove It

Plants that are indoors should be moved outside if possible. This will often improve air movement and provide a drier environment for your plants. Carefully trim the affected areas off of your plant, starting with the most heavily infected parts. Treat your plants with an appropriate mildewcide.

What You Can Do To Prevent Future Mildew Growth

Make sure your plants are well cared for and strong. Healthy plants are less likely to succumb to this parasitic infection. Keep your plants in as bright an area as they can tolerate. When watering, water plants from the bottom. Try to keep from getting a lot of water on the leaves of your plant. There are also mildew-resistant soils you can use. Consider getting your home assessed for mold to be sure there isn’t a recurring moisture problem.

Plant mildew can be a disappointing problem to see on your favorite houseplants, but it is possible to remedy the situation and prevent its return. By implementing the above steps, you can enjoy the beauty of your houseplants without this parasite.

Commercial Fire Preparation Tips

9/4/2018 (Permalink)

Fire damage in a Sun City Summerlin, NV home

Wildfires, electrical malfunctions and lightning strikes all have one thing in common - they could lead to a fire in Sun City Summerlin, NV, which threatens your commercial property. Although not many people wish to think about fire preparation ahead of time, as a business owner you understand that preparedness leads to a quicker recovery after a disaster occurs.

Protect Your Staff

When you own a business, the first step in disaster preparation is taking care of your employees’ health and safety needs:

  • Train your staff on protocol to follow in the event of a fire. Hand out or hang up maps of the building, clearly mark exits, assign emergency roles and practice evacuating the building.
  • Install smoke detectors and sprinkler systems to alert your staff and extinguish the flames for safe evacuation.
  • Make disaster supply kits and have them accessible to all employees in the case of an emergency.

Protect Your Inventory

Fire damage is devastating to the structure and contents of your building. Take the following fire preparation steps to minimize the negative impact:

  • Back up important company files and store the records either securely off-site or in the cloud.
  • Regularly update a list of inventory and equipment including photographs if possible. This makes it easier to document and recoup losses after a fire.
  • Store additional inventory in a secure off-site location.
  • Know where important equipment and combustible materials are located.

Protect Your Finances

When your business is closed, your finances suffer. An important part of disaster preparation is knowing who to call after a fire for a speedy recovery:

  • Maintain commercial property insurance. Understand your insurance coverage and know how to contact your agent. Consider adding business interruption insurance on to your policy.
  • Be prepared to act fast after a fire. You lose income every day your business is closed during the cleanup process. Have the number for a fire restoration specialist easily accessible.

Fire preparation is an important part of being a successful business owner in Sun City Summerlin, NV. Plan ahead to effectively protect your staff, inventory, and finances in the unfortunate event of a fire.

What to do if you find mold in your Summerlin Home?

8/15/2018 (Permalink)

What to do when you find Moldy Growth in Your Home in Summerlin and Sun City, Nevada

One of the major side-effects of water damage when it is not addressed correctly in Las Vegas is the possibility that this damage and residual moisture will cause dangerous microbes to grow to a level in a home or business in which the inhabitants of the home or business health is affected, or that the structure in these affected places are damaged also. Because thee growths can feed on the many parts of the structure that are organic, an almost endless food source is in place to feed not only the harmful toxic microbes, but all fungus, smelly odor and mildews in general.

The growth of this type of microbial growth occur so exponentially in homes and other buildings in Vegas because the right amount of moisture, and the aforementioned food source is all that is necessary to provide the conditions in which this problem can proliferate. If this moisture source is large enough, then along with this endless food source, the toxic growth can make a home or building Las Vegas unlivable in a mater of days. Even though this is an extreme situation, it does occur, but because both dangerous and non dangerous microbial growths that are not toxic always exist on most surfaces in most places in the world, it only requires the correct conditions to make this growth began to multiply exponentially.

Additionally, the proliferation of these dangerous microbes can exacerbate existing medical conditions and even create certain breathing maladies like asthma. If people are allergic, or the mold has proliferated beyond certain thresholds, the danger involved with toxic mold will exist for all inhabitants of the home or business. The very first step in eradicating this pressing issue is to remediate the source of moisture. This can be as simple as calling a plumber in Vegas to check for evident leaks, or even by utilizing the climate control capabilities of the building. HVAC systems remove moisture from the air, so one of the necessary components of the growth is eliminated. However, sometimes correcting moisture issues can involve a system of corrections to a building itself like improving venting or adding additional HVAC appliances that are expressly designed to remove excess moisture.

These issues are all expensive for treatment in the Summerlin Nevada and Sun City Nevada areas, so it becomes necessary to make an accurate assessment of the issue to determine the pertinent types of growths and the best method for eradicating such fungus, smelly odor and other microbial growths. The particular profession in the Sun City Nevada and Summerlin Nevada area that I necessary to employ to perform this type of treatment is an environmental hygienist. Sometimes the work of the environmental hygienist may only involve tracking down a source of odor and smell, but they are qualified and highly trained to asses any mold and microbial situation and apply the appropriate measures to eradicate this problem permanently. Visit http://www.SERVPROsummerlinnorthsuncity.com for more information on mold remediation.

How To Keep Your Rental Properties Free From Mold

8/13/2018 (Permalink)

When you own a rental property in Las Vegas, NV there are many things you may want to do before renting out an apartment or commercial space to a new tenant. Minor repairs and a new coat of paint may be the most visible improvements, but it’s also important to do regular checks to ensure that the space doesn’t need mold cleanup.

Mold comes in many varieties, and mold spores can grow wherever moisture is present, especially if an area isn’t well ventilated. It’s very important for landlords to check periodically for mold contamination and address any growth before it spreads. There are four main reasons that a rental property may need mold cleanup.

1. Storms and flooding can cause significant water damage. A thorough and immediate cleaning of any affected areas is crucial and may best be handled by a professional restoration specialist.

2. A leaky roof, damaged plumbing, or a broken appliance can bring unwanted water into a building, often in areas that cannot be seen. Landlords should make repairs as soon as they happen, then immediately dry and clean the affected areas, keeping them well ventilated to avoid mold contamination.

3. Clogged gutters and drain pipes may cause water to be misdirected into the building’s interior. Frequent gutter cleaning and tree trimming can help to prevent this problem.

4. Careless tenants may not be as exacting as you are about taking care of the space. Leaving wet towels on the floor or being inattentive to spills can create a breeding ground for mold growth. While this is not the landlord’s fault, owners can help deter such issues by checking the property periodically and informing new tenants of ways they can avoid the growth of mold spores.

Storms, water damage, clogs, and careless tenants cannot always be avoided. However, by making regular building checks and taking immediate action when mold cleanup is needed, landlords in Las Vegas, NV can effectively prevent and address mold before it spreads. Visit http://www.SERVPROsummerlinnorthsuncity.com for more information on mold. 

How To Grill Safely This Summer

8/13/2018 (Permalink)

Nothing says summer like hamburgers and hot dogs grilled on a BBQ fire in Las Vegas, NV. Make sure your grill fire stays on the grill this season with the following safety tips.

Universal Grill Safety

• Inform family and guests when the grill is on, so they keep a safe distance from the fire. Do not allow pets or young children near a hot grill.
• Never cook food on a grill when you are not home. If you are not outside, check on the grill frequently.
• Only use your grill outdoors away from the house, trees and other items that may catch fire. A grill fire requires adequate ventilation and space.
• Maintain your grill regularly by cleaning the grease buildup.

Charcoal Grill Safety

• Only use charcoal starter fluid at the onset of starting the fire, never squirt it on flames. Store it away from other heat sources, children and pets.
• Alternative ways to start a charcoal fire include a chimney stack or electric starter. Keep in mind that all methods produce a high level of heat, so take the necessary precautions to avoid burns.
• Always wait until the coals are cool to dispose of them. Do not throw them away in a flammable container or one that may melt.

Propane Grill Safety

• Always check and tighten the gas connections before starting the grill. One way to check for gas leaks is to spray the connections with a soap and water solution and watch for bubbles. Tighten the connections until no bubbles appear when sprayed.
• If you smell gas, or cannot get a leak to stop, turn off the gas tank and the grill. If that does not work, walk away from the grill until you reach a safe distance and call the fire department.

A cookout with your family and friends in Las Vegas, NV is an ideal way to spend a summer day. The excitement of a grill fire ends, however, when the BBQ fire leaves the grill. If a fire spreads, you are left with BBQ smoke damage as well. If this occurs, a fire restoration company helps you promptly and professionally repair the fire damage to your home and belongings. Visit http://www.SERVPROsummerlinnorthsuncity.comfor more information on fire damage. 

Pipes That Won’t Pipe Down

6/25/2018 (Permalink)

Face it, homes make lots of strange noises. Standing out from the rest, pipe noises will sure enough get and keep your attention. Noisy pipes can be a stressor for homeowners in Las Vegas, NV. As soon as the noises begin, your home may be susceptible to water and appliance damage. Finding the root of the problem is key in avoiding even bigger plumbing issues like a pipe break.

What Causes Pipes To Make Noises

Noises coming from your pipes may not seem like a big deal, but they can be. Those whistling, chattering, or banging sounds you hear should not be ignored. Appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerators, and washing machines may get damaged if the pipe issue persists. If you listen closely, you may be able to diagnose the problem. If not, a plumber can help you figure out the culprit. Noisy pipes may be a result of the following:

• Loose washer screws
• Obstructed water flow path
• Misshaped washers
• Water waves crashing into pipe walls

How To Silence the Noise

Once the issue is recognized, it often needs to be fixed immediately to prevent a pipe break and flooding. You can either do it yourself or hire a professional. The solution could be as inexpensive as a screw replacement to stop whistling or as costly as a water pressure regulator to end hammering.

What To Do if a Pipe Bursts

In the unwanted event of a pipe burst, you should fix the broken pipe and contact your local water damage remediation experts as soon as possible. They have specialized techniques and tools needed to get the water removed quickly and check for any signs of mold.

If left unresolved, a pipe break can wreak havoc on a home. Flooding can create electrical risks and damage, structural damage, and rotting floors. If you ever hear any pipe noises, get the issue checked and serviced before it’s too late.
Visit http://www.SERVPROsummerlinnorthsuncity.com for more information on water damage. 

The 9 Steps Of Mold Remediation Services

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At SERVPRO, everything begins with assessing the mold.

At SERVPRO, we know just how importance it is to protect homes and other property from the dangers that mold can cause to people living in those spaces. If your home is at risk of Las Vegas mold damage, we offer a complete remediation service, broken down into nine steps:

Step 1 - Mold Assessment
At SERVPRO, everything begins with assessing the mold. We will go to your home or property and do a full inspection of the infestation.

Step 2 - Securing Samples
It's not always necessary in every case, but sometimes our Las Vegas mold damage experts will realize that medical problems may be affected by mold, so a few core samples are taken for further off-site analysis.

Step 3 - Water Damage Clean-Up
If your home or business is providing a wet home for mold colonies to grow, we will send in our clean-up team to quickly take care of the problem.

Step 4 - Disposal of Contaminated Items
Unfortunately, some water damage events and mold infestations are too severe, and precious personal items and clothes get damaged beyond repair. At SERVPRO, we will safely dispose of mold-infested pillows, mattresses and other soiled porous items.

Step 5 - Drying
Once water leaks are repaired, it's important for our SERVPRO mold remediation crew to enter the space and carefully dry it, being extra cautious to avoid disturbing any mold spores.

Step 6 - Cleaning
Thankfully, many personal items and articles of clothing can be salvaged once they've been thoroughly dried out. To prevent future re-infestation, it is important to let our professional Las Vegas mold remediation team clean all items with a high-powered vacuum system.

Step 7 - Cleaning HVAC Systems
Sometimes mold and fungal spores enter through the air ducts and then rapidly circulate throughout the house or property. SERVPRO's elite team of mold remediation specialist will quickly and thoroughly clean and remove the spores from ventilation systems.

Step 8 - Restoration and Repair
SERVPRO is ready to help homeowners and property managers do almost anything necessary to restore their home or space to its original living conditions.

Step 9 - Debrief/Consultation
After the clean-up job is completely finished, our SERVPRO professionals will go over every step of the procedure with you, and offer tips about how to avoid mold infestations in the future.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

We live and work in this community too; we might even be neighbors. As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Summerlin North/Sun City is close by and ready to help with your mold-damaged property.

If a catastrophic storm or event occurs, we can call upon the resources of a national network of over 1,650 SERVPRO Franchises and special Disaster Recovery Teams strategically located throughout the country to respond to large scale disasters.

3 Ways To Care for Water Damaged Content

6/17/2018 (Permalink)

Give SERVPRO a call if you experience commercial water damage.

It is important to care for water-damaged content as soon as possible. Some delicate items can be immediately destroyed by water while others can be recovered with the right care methods. If you are dealing with the contents of a flooded company or another commercial building tenant, here are three ways that restoration experts handle contents which have sustained water damage.

1. Properly clean each item. The first step to caring for water damaged content is to clean damaged items. Depending on how damaged or delicate each item is, it may call for a particular cleaning method. This is where the expertise of restoration professionals comes in handy. Experts provide a variety of cleaning methods ranging from dry cleaning to spraying and wiping, foam, abrasion, and immersion.

2. Air dry the content. All contents should be dried in a well-ventilated area. You may dry contents indoors or outdoors. Keep in mind that direct sunlight can degrade items that have already sustained water damage. If you are dealing with a flooded company, you may want to depend on a restoration company that provides pack-out and move-in services. This process can also allow experts to work on restoring delicate documents, furniture, or other items in a specialized facility.

3. Lower humidity levels. In addition to ventilating the items with industrial air movers and fans, commercial property owners should also use dehumidifiers to decrease the amount of moisture in the air in the drying area. Dehumidifiers can also pull water out of semi-porous and porous contents.

A certified commercial restoration company will follow these three steps to restore the contents of a flooded company. Whether you are dealing with items damaged by a broken pipe, leaky roof, or sewer backup, professionals may be able to restore some of these contents. Contact content restoration experts in Las Vegas, NV as soon as water damage occurs. Visit http://www.SERVPROsummerlinnorthsuncity.com for more information on commercial water damage

What Is the Difference Between Storm Damage and Flooding?

6/12/2018 (Permalink)

Give SERVPRO a call if you experience flooding in your home or business.

Storms in Las Vegas, NV can cause a host of problems. Storm damage includes structural damage and other harm caused by wind, fallen tree limbs, and other factors. Flood damage is caused by dry land or a dry building being unexpectedly flooded with water or mud. A storm can bring about both kinds of damage, but for insurance purposes and when seeking out a repair service, it is important to distinguish between the two. The impact of both storms and floods are tied closely to the health of the following systems in a commercial building:

? Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems
? Roof, windows, and walls
? Landscaping, especially trees

Defining Storm Damage

Roofing, walls, and windows are all parts of the building envelope that can be breached during storms if they are not carefully maintained. Interiors can also be affected during the course of a storm. Regular maintenance can help minimize the damage done. For example, having trees neatly trimmed reduces the chance of old, dead limbs falling onto or into a structure. A roof leak that is merely a nuisance under normal conditions can be disastrous during a storm, and it may be the only sign of a roof that is in poor condition. Staying on top of seemingly small problems can prevent larger and more devastating issues down the road.

What About Flood Damage?

Floods can be caused by storms, rainfall failing to drain properly, and overflowing waterways. The source of the water is typically natural, although it can also result from issues with water piping. Flooding can fill an HVAC system with water and ruin flooring, electrical wiring, and walls. It may be necessary to seek out restoration services in Las Vegas, NV to maintain building function.

Maintenance of a commercial property includes preparing for the worst. Flood damage and damage from storms are two dangers to look out for, and they can be even more troublesome in buildings that are not sufficiently prepared. Visit http://www.SERVPROsummerlinnorthsuncity.com for more information on storm damage. 

Water Loss and Cleanup in Summerlin and Sun City, Nevada

5/31/2018 (Permalink)

Whether it stems from burst pipes or floods, water damage to your Nevada home means an unsafe environment for you and the potential loss of beloved items. Flood damage adds the danger of debris such as feces, and rodents and snakes in your home. Flood waters pick up everything in their path that floats, creating danger and tougher clean up as residents of Summerlin Nevada have experienced. The technicians at SERVPRO train in mitigation techniques that remove the water in your home or water in business, clean and restore salvageable items, and abate the damage to your home or business so it is safe again. You play an important part in handling a water loss though and your part starts before a drop of water falls in the Vegas area.

Four simple tasks can make it easier for you to deal with a water loss in Nevada.

  • Discuss your home insurance coverage with your insurance agent. Find out what types of water damage your policy covers. If you need additional insurance for flood coverage, obtain it. You can add to a policy that does not already cover clean up and mitigation services so it does.
  • Create a list of your home's contents and include the value of each item. Take a photo of each major item, such as the home entertainment system or refrigerator.
  • When water damage or flood damage does occur, phone your insurance agent immediately.
  • If you are home, immediately secure the area, then leave. Safety first. Carefully avoid electrical hazards and wet areas that could cause you to slip and fall.

Visit http://www.SERVPROsummerlinnorthsuncity.com for more information. 

SERVPRO can help restore your

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Whether you're dealing with water in home or water in business, SERVPRO recognizes that you need to get back to normal as quickly as possible. We have years of experience dealing with damage caused by water in Las Vegas, Summerlin and Sun City Nevada. 

  • Quick response leads to improved salvage. SERVPRO responds quickly and immediately begins mitigation work. This limits further damage and reduces your costs.
  • Using the latest technologies and advanced techniques, water removal begins the clean up process.
  • Technicians examine the structure for mold, mildew, rot damage, and the contents for potential salvage and restoration. They fully document the process.
  • Technicians begin drying the structure and its items. They may use fans in the interior to encourage air movement. SERVPRO may remove other items from the structure to dry outdoors to encourage air movement.
  • To ensure the drying process is complete, technicians use equipment that detects hidden moisture. It's important to ensure the dehumidification of the structure and each item, too.
  • The remediation team finishes the drying process by deodorizing and sanitizing the structure and its contents to ensure your safety.
  • Restoration begins on all salvageable items. SERVPRO takes a restore over replace attitude, knowing that you can't replace some keepsakes.

Summerlin, Sun City or Las Vegas home or business, whether damage occurred from floods, storm damage, a leaky appliance, plumbing, a faulty water heater, a sewer back up, or even water spray from firefighting efforts. You may live in the Vegas area, but that is no reason to gamble with your home or business. Whether you live in Sun City Nevada or Summerlin Nevada, we want to help you recover from your water loss.

Visit http://www.SERVPROsummerlinnorthsuncity.com for more information. 

My Business Caught on Fire, Now What?

5/28/2018 (Permalink)

Give SERVPRO a call if you experience a fire in your business.

One of the scariest things you can experience as a business owner in Las Vegas, NV is having your livelihood catch on fire. The flames are out, so now you can go back to business as usual, right? Wrong! Now the cleanup process for the smoke damage and soot damage begins. There are several important steps to follow throughout this time while you wait for your life to return to normal.

Immediately After the Fire

The first step is to take a deep breath and assess the situation. Before you attempt to go back into your place of business, keep the following in mind in terms of health and safety:

• Prior to smoke cleaning efforts, there may be things inside that could make you sick, such as items with smoke damage or standing water.
• Depending on the extent of the fire, there may be structural damage in floors and/or walls.
• An extinguished fire may start up again if left smoldering unknowingly.

During the Fire and Smoke Cleaning Process

Now that your safety is not at risk, it is time to evaluate the damage to your business and begin the process of recovery. Some belongings may have been lost to the fire and need to be replaced. However, most of what has not been damaged can be properly cleaned and restored to pre-fire condition. During this phase, it is important to keep excellent records and talk to the appropriate people:

• Contact the fire department for a copy of the fire report.
• As soon as possible, call your insurance company to find out the specific information required.
• Keep your mortgage company or landlord in the loop.
• Locate and hire a reputable restoration specialist to assess, clean and restore the smoke, water and soot damage left behind.

If you were impacted by a fire in Las Vegas, NV the process of getting back on your feet may not be something you considered before it happened. Fortunately, following the right steps and working with the right professionals should have your business back to pre-fire and smoke damage condition as soon as possible. Visit http://www.SERVPROsummerlinnorthsuncity.com for more information on commercial fire damage. 

How Can I Detect Mold in My Home?

5/13/2018 (Permalink)

Give SERVPRO a call if you notice mold growing in your home or business.

Mold detection in your home isn’t always as simple as finding obvious fuzzy growths in the typical areas. Sometimes you need proper mold testing to identify hidden black mold and other substances in your Las Vegas, NV home, but when home mold testing kits aren’t reliable, how are you supposed to trust their results?

Trust an Indoor Environmental Specialist

Where home mold tests don’t do anything to concretely pinpoint hidden mold growth, the tools and techniques used by indoor environmental specialists offer more sensitive, accurate insights that can lead you right to the source of your mold problem. Other reasons you should trust an indoor environmental specialist include:

• Certification. Most indoor environmental specialists are certified in air quality management. This includes certifications in mold removal and remediation according to standards set out by a governing body.
• Safety. Indoor environmental specialists are equipped with the gear and knowledge needed to safely handle mold removal without further dispersing it into the air or causing additional spread of spores.
• Expertise. Indoor environmental specialists can provide recommendations not just on mold cleanup, but on mold prevention and repairs to water damage.
• Advanced techniques. A specialist’s more advanced techniques and tools will be able to find and identify hidden mold through a mold test.

When you hire a specialist, you’re assuring that the necessary precautions have been taken to properly remove all mold from your home, rather than only the mold you’re able to find through inspection with the naked eye and flawed DIY mold testing kits.

Is It Hard to Find an Indoor Environmental Specialist?

Not at all. Most home recovery and home remediation companies keep a certified indoor environmental specialist on staff to provide support for homeowners dealing with mold issues. Finding a local specialist should be as easy as picking up the phone. Visit http://www.SERVPROsummerlinnorthsuncity.com for more information on mold. 

3 Tips for Cleaning Your Home After a Fire

5/8/2018 (Permalink)

Give SERVPRO a call if you experience residential fire damage.

Experiencing a home fire in Las Vegas, NV can be devastating and cause tremendous stress on you and your family. After overcoming the initial shock and ensuring everyone is safe, you can shift your focus to cleaning and restoring your property. Removing the smoke odor from your home is an important first step, but don’t forget about content cleaning as many of your personal items can be saved from fire and smoke damage.

1. Dry Clean Your Clothes

Much of the smoke odor and residual soot can be removed from your clothes by dry-cleaning. Other fabrics can benefit from dry-cleaning as well, such as drapes and furniture covers. Be thorough — smoke and soot can travel thorough your whole house and are not confined to rooms directly affected by the fire.

2. Don’t Forget Surfaces

Cleaning your carpets might seem like an obvious step in the restoration process, but other non-porous areas also need to be cleaned thoroughly. Ultrasonic cleaners use a cleaning solution in conjunction with pressurized waves to effectively cleanse metal, rubber, plastic, glass and ceramics. Investigate renting one of these machines as opposed to buying, or contact a restoration specialist and have your hard surfaces professionally cleaned.

3. Store Your Belongings and Relax

If this all seems too overwhelming to accomplish by yourself, you may want to investigate content storage, a service offered by many restoration specialists. The company will pack and move all of your stuff to its own facility where its technicians can more efficiently clean and deodorize your possessions, then store them until your home is safe and spotless. This is a great option if your fire damage is extensive, as it allows the contractor in your home more room to work and takes away some of the stress of tackling a huge project like cleaning everything in your home yourself.

Fires can leave a lasting mark on you and your property. Safety is always the most important thing after a fire, and luckily, cleanup can be made easy and stress-free through a combination of dry-cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning. Visit http://www.SERVPROsummerlinnorthsuncity.com for more information on fire damage. 

Can Mold Growth Be Prevented?

4/24/2018 (Permalink)

As a business owner in Las Vegas, NV you want to keep your company running at top efficiency. This means taking care of every aspect of the business, from the building you're in to the product you sell. Natural disasters, plumbing issues and other forms of water damage can surface even with the best maintenance. When water does fill your space, is mold a guaranteed secondary problem? With the help of a commercial mold remediation team, you may be able to use the following steps to prevent mold growth after flooding.

• Address Flooding Quickly: The longer water is able to sit in your building, the bigger the chance is that mold will start to develop. Depending on the source of the flood, fungus may start to grow in 24 to 48 hours after the initial introduction of water. You need to quickly determine what caused the flooding, turn off the water source if necessary and remove the water from your property.
• Dry Out Belongings: Once the standing water has been removed, the work is not over. Next, you have to make sure anything that is going back into the building is dry and clean. This could mean tearing out carpets and drywall to really dry out your building and take care of water damage.
• Monitor the Situation: Mold prevention does not happen overnight. It's a long process that continues throughout your ownership of the building. You need to monitor humidity levels to make sure a mold-friendly environment is not created. You can also have a professional do regular inspections of your space to ensure there are no hidden signs of mold damage.

Water damage can quickly lead to mold growth if you are not careful. While you may not be able to stop every type of flooding from affecting your building, you can act quickly to ensure mold does not start to grow. Visit http://www.SERVPROsummerlinnorthsuncity.com for more information on mold. 

Black Mold: An Unwelcome Visitor

3/26/2018 (Permalink)

This is a big mold job SERVPRO was able to help with.

Fungus can be good, such as tasty mushrooms that get cooked up in kitchens. Other fungus, like black mold, is definitely bad. This is the kind of mold that people hope never shows up in their kitchens—or in any other room.

Understanding Mold

Black mold gives off tiny spores that can land and start to grow in humid, wet or water-damaged places. Mold also thrives in areas that don’t receive much air circulation. Basements, crawl spaces, bathrooms, ducts, attics, ceilings and window surrounds are particularly susceptible to mold growth.

Common causes of conditions leading to residential mold growth include the following:

• Broken or drippy pipes and other plumbing problems
• Issues with heating, cooling and ventilation units
• Poor insulation
• Leaky roofs and windows
• Flooding, seepage and storm damage

Mold has an unpleasant, musty odor and unsightly appearance, although it’s not always plainly visible. Any home in Las Vegas, NV that has experienced water damage could be a candidate for mold cleanup. Those needing mold remediation services should contact a qualified eradication specialist.

Banishing the Moldy Mess

Experienced professional mold cleaners may first ask several questions to help them determine the scope and nature of the job. Next they can carefully inspect the residence, using special tools to find “hidden” mold.

Professionals often use a variety of containment equipment, such as HEPA vacuums and negative air chambers, to prevent the spread of mold spores during residential mold eradication. They may also turn off any fans, furnaces or air conditioners so spores aren’t dispersed.

It may be necessary for the mold cleanup specialists to remove and dispose of porous materials that have harbored heavy growth, such as carpeting, drywall or insulation. The professionals may clean and sanitize affected surfaces and apply antifungal and antimicrobial treatments to kill mold and prevent new colonies. Finally, any necessary home restoration can begin.

Restoring a Fresh Home

Done properly, professional mold remediation can leave residents with a fresh, dry and disinfected home free of black mold. Residents can then rest assured that their unwelcome visitor has left the premises. Visit http://www.SERVPROsummerlinnorthsuncity.com for more information on mold damage. 

Simple Ways To Save Your Textiles From Mildew After Water Damage

3/17/2018 (Permalink)

This home had a severe mold problem behind the cabinets in the kitchen.

Wet blankets, clothes and pillows may not be your first concern when broken pipes leave you in the middle of a water damage crisis in Las Vegas, NV. However, they can quickly get your attention as they begin to mildew and smell if neglected for longer than 24 hours. Even textiles in closed cupboards can mildew if they remain above standing water in excess of three days. Over time, this smell may be difficult to remove from your home completely. If you need assistance with odor removal, a professional restoration company typically has the equipment to help. Here are some tips for caring for your fabrics and pillows that may save them and retard the development of this odor during your water cleanup.

General Cleaning Guidelines

For machine and hand washable items, always run some clean water over them before washing. Follow with a presoak in powerful detergent and a final wash in the warmest water possible. Feather pillows should be washed for 15 minutes in warm water during the final wash. Do at least one extra rinse on all items.

These are some other important tips to remember following water damage:

• Never allow damp textiles to remain as they are or pile them together.
• Completely dry items either in the dryer or in the sun after washing.
• Follow up with ironing or steaming to further help kill germs.

Notes for Handling Special Textiles

For special textiles such as quilts and tapestries, keep in mind that these will likely be heavy when waterlogged. Use something flat and strong to transport them. Don’t try to unfold them if they seem unyielding. Wait for them to dry. Then rinse with clean water, blot dry with a towel and reshape to dry in the sun.

While fabrics may get overlooked in the big picture of water damage, they can cause some serious odors and loss. Having to replace these items and ridding your home of the possible mildew they may incur can only make matters worse. It’s very possible to restore your favored textiles and protect your home with some quick action on your part. Visit http://www.SERVPROsummerlinnorthsuncity.com for more information on water damage. 

Understanding Black Water and Its Effects on Your Business

3/12/2018 (Permalink)

When flood waters occur in Las Vegas, NV they can have a direct impact on your business. Vehicles, machinery and your commercial building itself can all be damaged. However, flood water is also considered black water, which differs from smaller indoor floods in several ways. Understanding this water’s dangers and how they might damage your business can be vital to how you handle the cleanup and protecting yourself, your employees and your customers.

Flood Waters and Their Dangers

Flooding that originates from rivers, streams and other large bodies of water due to hurricanes or torrential rainstorms can carry toxins into your business. Flood waters are typically categorized as Level 3 black water, which means they may contain elements such as:
• Harmful bacteria
• Human and/or animal waste
• Contagious viruses.

Even once flood waters recede, these contaminants may stay behind in your building’s walls, flooring and in the air after a flood.

Acting Quickly Is Key

Once storm damage impacts your commercial property, it’s a good idea to act quickly when it comes to starting the cleanup and restoration process. The contaminants contained in flood water can spread quickly, especially when moisture and stagnant air are present. You may want to block off all access to the building and call a professional flood cleanup company to come and assess the situation.

Why You Need Professional Flood Restoration

Because flood waters tend to carry so many different toxins, having your building restored by a professional storm cleanup company can be a wise choice for you as a business owner. Viruses and other pathogens can survive for some time if the flood-affected area is not properly treated. These companies can employ cleaning techniques that are not available commercially to ensure your business is safe to anyone who enters it after a flood.

Flood water can damage your Las Vegas, Nevada business in many ways. However, understanding the danger of black water and the importance of having it removed professionally can help restore your business to its former glory. Visit http://www.SERVPROsummerlinnorthsuncity.com for more information on commercial storm damage. 

3 Tips on Keeping Comfort in and Mold Damage Out

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As with businesses in most climates, mold in Las Vegas, NV can turn into one big headache. Because all it needs is a small moisture problem to thrive, black mold in particular can become a subtle nuisance in commercial buildings both old and new. There are many different species, and it can grow on various surfaces, but mold generally has one aspect in common: it needs to go. Below are three mold cleanup tips that can help you tackle the problem and get back to your life.

1. Keep Humidity Below 45 Percent Indoors

Damp rooms—especially bathrooms—can provide the perfect setting for black mold. After all, mold requires water to grow. To best address this issue, be aware of humidity levels in your building’s bathrooms, kitchens, offices, and storage rooms. Contrary to what you may think, turning off HVAC systems and fans can help expunge the growth by keeping mold spores from spreading.

2. Don’t Attempt To Solve the Issue Alone

Although many DIY cleanup remedies may seem appealing, mold can be a pesky issue. Leave the hard part to the qualified professionals, and avoid attempting to dry the entire area. If mold is visible on any surface, chances are that it could also be spreading in other, more hidden areas as well, making the whole ordeal a potentially time-consuming task that takes away from your company’s productivity.

3. Address Any Leaks in the Building as Soon as Possible

If there is one takeaway from a mold invasion, it is that where water goes and settles, mold has a chance of following. Any excess water found in faucet leaks and other water sources are susceptible for mold. Watch out for affected surfaces such as tile or carpet, which can become difficult to manage. Turn off the water to fix the problem and keep mold from getting worse.

A black mold infestation occurring in any commercial building in Las Vegas, NV can seem a daunting problem. However, referring to the above tips can ease the stress and address the issue, all while you maintain peace of mind that the mold should eventually say goodbye.
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Board-Up Services After Large-Loss Fire Incidents

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After a large-scale fire outbreak, commercial building owners in Las Vegas, NV have to contend not just with the immediate fire damage, but also with potential damages that create a compromised building. With the business’s windows and walls damaged or destroyed by fire, many owners fear further losses from rain, storms and break-ins. Fire restoration contractors often offer board-up services as part of their fire cleanup package.

Benefits of Preventative Board-Up Services

Following a disaster, many commercial building owners seek board-up services as part of restoration efforts. While this usually does not repair fire damage in itself, it offers various other benefits:

• The interior of the building is secured against rain or snow, strong winds, looting and other secondary sources of damage.
• The building’s exterior can also be protected from further cosmetic damage.
• Boarding up windows, doors and damaged walls provides temporary structural support until remodeling is finished.
• Board-up services often work with insurance providers to fit your business’s coverage.

Since restoration following massive fire damage can take a long time, boarding up a damaged building is a strong preventative option against potential damage in the meantime.

Tips for Business Owners Before and After Fire Damage

Before and during board-up and fire cleanup procedures, business owners can take steps to ensure that the work efforts move effectively and that financial concerns are addressed as painlessly as possible.

Some good ideas include being aware of your insurance policy and coverage, both as part of regular consultation with your insurance provider before disaster strikes and as soon as possible in the wake of an incident. Also, keeping documentation of your building’s structure and contents is a good idea, ideally with photos, videos and schematics as applicable. This helps both with the restoration efforts and insurance consultation.

Finally, know who to call for fire restoration in Las Vegas, NV. Having this information on hand prior to an event aids in swift response.
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Cleanup Procedures To Use After a Water Heater Fails

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A leaking water heater in Las Vegas, NV is not an uncommon problem in a home. Unfortunately, when a failed water heater causes damage, it can sometimes do so without any warning. This can result in you having to deal with excess water and a major cleanup process. You should know what causes a broken water heater and how to get the issue cleaned up promptly.

Knowing Why a Water Heater Fails

Whether you have a leaking water heater or one that broke completely, you probably want to know why it happened because this makes it easier to take preventative measures once you have a new one installed. Reasons for failure can include any of the following:

• Neglect and lack of maintenance
• Sediment buildup
• Internal rust
• High water pressure
• Improper sizing

Learning About the Cleanup Process

Hot water burns, a higher risk of a fire starting, mold growth, electrocution and water damage are all concerns when a water heater fails. Because of this, it is often critical to approach the cleanup process properly and safely. Start by turning off all of the utilities in the affected area, including the electricity and gas.

The next step is pumping out any excess water. Once it is gone, place fans and a dehumidifier in the space to finish drying it out and reducing any moisture in the air. Use soap and water to clean all areas that were touched by the water, and then go back over what you clean with a sanitizing solution. At this point, you can determine which belongings cannot be saved and how much restoration is needed to get your space back to its original state.

Mold can start to grow in 24 hours in some instances. Once mold is present, the cleanup process becomes considerably more lengthy and complicated, so you should clean up the water from a broken or leaking water heater as soon as you notice the problem.
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What Should I Throw Away After a Fire?

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What Should I Throw Away After a Fire?

If you have dealt with a fire on your property, you probably want to salvage as much as you can from the fire damage. While this is recommended—there are even restoration companies to help you—it is still important to throw away some items that can be severely damaged by high heat.

Food Items

With the prices of food as high as they are, you may want to save everything that didn’t burn. In reality, ingesting items that have been around a fire—even if they don’t look damaged—can be risky. When going through your home after a fire, toss out the following food items:

Raw items stored in the pantry
Boxed items or items stored in plastic or foil
Anything that has thawed
Dairy, meat and fresh produce
Anything stored in canisters

Even if the items look safe, it is still a good idea to toss them. They may have come into contact with fumes, fire-extinguisher dust or other dangerous debris. When in doubt, throw it out.


Medicine is another expensive item that you may be tempted to save, but just like food, it could have come into contact with fumes or extinguisher dust that makes it dangerous to ingest. Throw away any medications. Replace over-the-counter medicines as you can, and talk to your insurance agency and doctor about how to replace any prescription medications.


Whether you prefer drugstore brands or high-end professional cosmetics, they likely aren’t safe to use after a fire. Melted or warped packaging could release chemicals into the products themselves. They could also be covered in fire debris that is unhealthy to put onto skin.

When dealing with high heat and fire damage in Las Vegas, NV it is better to be safe than sorry. Throw away anything you have doubts about to ensure the safety of you and your family. Visit http://www.SERVPROsummerlinnorthsuncity.com for more information on fire damage.

How To Deep Fry Your Turkey Without Cooking Your Goose

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How To Deep Fry Your Turkey Without Cooking Your Goose

Everyone loves a succulent holiday turkey, and the deep fried turkey trend offers up a decidedly delicious spin on the traditional roasted bird. With the popularity of home turkey fryers in Las Vegas, NV comes added risk of devastating fires and painful burns. Don’t let a turkey fire ruin your holidays.

Here are some handy tips to deep frying your turkey with a spotlight on fire safety.
-Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for safe operation of your fryer.
-Inspect the fryer and all its fittings for leaks and for proper function before fry-day.
-Thaw the turkey first, as frozen meat can cause the hot oil to splatter and burn you.
-Position your fryer securely on brick, concrete, or packed bare dirt, never on asphalt, wood, or grass.
-Never use an outdoor fryer indoors, in a garage, or even under an overhang. The risk of fire or carbon monoxide poisoning is too great.

In addition to these tips, there are some best-practices to keep in mind when you get ready for the big day: Always stay near your fryer and pay close attention as you cook. Keep the oil temperature at or below 350°, and use protective mitts and eyewear, just in case. Have an appropriate fire extinguisher handy, and reread the instructions on fry-day -- type B/C is appropriate for grease fires. (Remember to never use water to put out a grease fire—it will spread.) Also, do not hesitate to call the fire department or 911 if a fire cannot be extinguished immediately.
If the worst happens, and you need a hand, consider calling a professional restoration service, so you can enjoy your holiday in peace.

No backyard grill master wants to be remembered each holiday as the guy who started the turkey fire in the neighbor’s garage or deep fried his own hand, so keep it safe, delicious, and fun this year. Visit http://www.SERVPROsummerlinnorthsuncity.com for more information on fire damage.

How To Get Rid of Smoke Odor After a House Fire

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How To Get Rid of Smoke Odor After a House Fire

House fires can be particularly devastating, and even after a Las Vegas, NV fire remediation team has come into clean and restore your home, the after effects of fire damage can linger for months – especially smoke odor. Smoke has a way of seeping into the walls, fabrics and floors of a home, allowing the smell of it to live on long after the fire has been extinguished. If you don’t want to deal with the smell of smoke after the fire has been put out, implement these smoke cleaning techniques right away.

Pinpoint the Cause

In most instances, the smell of smoke is not coming directly from burnt wood, but rather from leathers, plastics and other materials that contain harmful chemicals. It is important to identify where the smoke smell is coming from in your home, as this will dictate how you should clean it, or if you should seek professional assistance. If you smell residual smoke in your home, pinpoint the cause and contact your local smoke damage remediation team for guidance. Create some sort of ventilation in the time being.

Remove the Source of the Odor

More often than not, smoke cleaning involves removing the source of the odor. There will be some things that you can salvage and clean, but there are others that may be a total loss. Some examples of items that are usually damaged beyond repair if not cleaned in time include:

Tile grout
Laminate flooring
Wood floors

Clean Everything With Odor Counteractant

Once you have gotten rid of all the items that are non-salvageable, you can begin to clean. Professional fire remediation teams in City, State, recommend using a thermal fogger combined with an ozone treatment, which attacks the source of the odor without using harmful chemicals. Ozone treatment is also helpful in killing mold and water damage, which can help counteract the damage caused by the fire hose.

Smoke cleaning is an essential step after a house fire. If you want to ensure your home is free of smoke odor after a fire, contact a fire damage restoration team. Visit http://www.SERVPROsummerlinnorthsuncity.com for more information on fire damage.

How to Easily Navigate Storm Related Damages

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How to Easily Navigate Storm Related Damages

The weather is very unpredictable. In most cases, storms cause flooding, wind damage, frozen pipes, roof leaks and ice damage. While most people may have taken precautionary home restoration measures to protect against flooding, the first step of cutting down loses and bring a business up and running is to opt for a plan in storm remediation. The following are steps for storm damage remediation.

What type of weather requires storm remediation?

Many places with fluctuation weather conditions can cause storm damage. The heavy rains cause river flooding and a rise in ground water which result in massive flooding to homes and businesses. When the temperatures become too low like in winter, the flood water freezes resulting in frozen pipes, ice damage and ice damming. Furthermore, the extreme cold weather results in ice dam which can cause a roof to collapse.

Water restoration coverage can protect a business when an ice dam causes roof damage. Check with the right insurance to ensure they cover any additional frozen pipes and ice damming in their storm remediation.

Apart from heavy rains and winter, hail storm can make a business owner to seek hail damage and ice damage repair. Even good quality shingles maybe unable to shield against wind damage and ice dams. The telltale signs that it’s time to get a roof repair includes water stains on the ceiling caused by flooding.

Knowing the extent of damage

A storm damage is often accompanied by flooding, a rise in ground water, flood water, and wind damage which translates to roof damage. When there’s roof leak in a business space, then it’s time to consider roof repair and adding a flood pump. While a professional agents can help assess the extent of roof damage, correcting hidden signs early can help prevent the roof leak from becoming worse through services in storm remediation. The hurricane damage signs to have on a checklist include:
• Missing shingles is a sign of a roof damage. Taking photographs can help the home restoration company to gauge the problem.
• Inspect the roof for signs of storm damage such as a fallen tree or ice dam. Apart from river flooding, the patios and decks can also pinpoint to hail damage.
• Even if the roof looks fine, the storm damage could have made the structure weak. In the process, the roof leak can start weeks or even months after the hurricane damage. Therefore, always have emergency numbers to contact insurance company who can arrange to check for any roof repairs and then give storm restoration services.
• Never try to climb on the roof as the roof damage is a sign of an unstable structure that can easily collapse with strenuous weight. Instead, wait for experts as they have the experience of how to tackle roof repair and extensive knowledge in storm remediation.

Preventing flood damage

Operating a business in an area that frequently rains or has ice damage requires water restoration methods. Using a flood pump is one primary way to protect a building. Ground water and any excess moisture that comes in through flood water can be removed using a flood pump. Frozen pipes result in inadequate drainage which can cause the flood water to rise. However, when a flood pump is strategically placed, it can increase the speed of water restoration by removing flood water.

Protection from storm damage

While people who are more at risk must have a home restoration service those with a business need a strategic help in storm remediation. The water restoration plan should aim to cover ice damming, hail damage, ice dam, wind damage, hurricane damage and any ground water damage that can make a business to come to a halt. Without storm restoration service, ice damming and the effects of river flooding can reduce the value of the property.

When choosing a home restoration and storm restoration services, the flood pump should be inclusive as it will dry the space when there’s water from river flooding. The storm restoration should also cover hurricane damage, ice dams, and hail damage.
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The Many Forms of Commercial Fire Damage

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The Many Forms of Commercial Fire Damage

Did you suffer from a fire in your business, office, or commercial property or building? A fire restoration company will be able to help you deal with the fire damage, soot damage, and smoke damage. Commercial fire damage comes in many forms. First of all, there is the regular fire damage, which includes burnt walls, ceilings, floors, and furniture. Next, there is the soot damage and smoke damage. Blackened walls and furniture are common after a fire, and so are bad odors that permeate the entire business. These odors are caused by soot and spread throughout your building through its HVAC systems. Firefighters may also cut holes in your walls to make sure that there is no trace of the fire left in between the walls. The firefighters may also shatter windows if necessary. For example, the firefighters may need to shatter the windows to be able to get the fire hose inside if there is no other route from the fire truck to the inside of that room. In addition, the firefighters may shatter windows and cut holes in order to allow ventilation inside.

Commercial fire damage also comes in the form of water damage. Water from the fire truck and fire hose will be used to put out the fire. Sometimes, it will come from the fire sprinkler system, and sometimes the fire suppression system will go off. This will drench your home, cause flooding, and soak your walls and furniture. You will also need to repair the electrical wires and the equipment in the utility room if there was a utility room fire or an electrical fire.

A fire restoration company will take a tour throughout your home to assess the extent of the commercial fire damage. Do not enter the building before they do so, as it may not be safe to enter. The fire restoration company will likely look for the source of the fire and will want to know whether the utility room fire originated from an electrical fire. They will look at the extent of the flooding caused by the fire truck and fire hose. They will check to make sure that the fire sprinkler system worked. They will check the fire suppression system as well. If the fire sprinkler system did not work, or if the fire suppression system is broken, they will look for the cause of why it did not go off.

Next, the fire damage restoration company will deal with the soot damage and the smoke damage. They will clean your walls from any soot. They will freshen your building and remove any bad odors. They will work until there is no longer any trace of any soot damage or smoke damage. They will also work to remove any water that was left over from the fire truck's fire hose. They will use special pumps to pump out any excess water. They will dry out your soaked walls and furniture using special equipment that removes all moisture.

The fire damage restoration company will then strengthen the structure of your building. They will remove certain boards and beams which can not be repaired. They will repair and reinforce certain beams and boards that can be repaired. They will probably paint the inside of your building. The fire restoration company will do any additional renovations that will help repair the damage and return your building back to normal. They will help repair your utility room after a utility room fire. The commercial fire damage restoration company will also give you advice on how to prevent another electrical fire. The company can make sure that your fire sprinkler system has no problems, and that your fire suppression system has no issues, so that damage is mitigated if another electrical fire or utility room fire occurs.
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Preventing Fire Damage 101

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Preventing Fire Damage 101

Fire in home or fire in business is something that many property owners would never want to be mentioned near them. It can cause devastation and the amount of loss that may never be recovered in the near future. Many of the property owners have taken up action to safeguard their homes or business against fire damage. They have installed fire sprinkler systems that prevent the spread of fire damage.

In the event of a fire in home or fire in business, the firefighter department of the area rushes to salvage the situation by suppressing the fire. Fire suppression is a rigorous process that involves the breaking of the doors and windows. The extent of damages left behind by the firefighters adds that to the fire damage, soot damage, smoke damage and smoke smell, you need an expert to help you.

Finding a professional commercial fire damage restoration company

In the event of a fire in home or fire in business occurs very fast that you cannot think straight. The good thing is that the majority of the restoration companies operating in the area are professionals. However, it would be necessary to check the background of the restoration companies. This will allow you to find out more about a majority of them before deciding.

Why professional commercial fire Restoration Company is the best

Using professionals, you can be sure that the work will be done promptly. Upon their arrival, the first thing they do is to assess the fire damage and come up with the plan of the best way to deal with the situation. There is soot damage that needs cleaning and the repainting of the wall to make sure that it is back to normal. The smoke damage and smoke smell have to be removed to ensure that the rooms are habitable. Various techniques could be used for fire cleanup on the walls and vents from soot damage.

Smoke damage and particularly smoke smell spreading in all the rooms is toxic and should be eliminated. The professional fire damage restoration services also ensure that the house is boarded up to prevent intruders. The importance of boarding up the premises is because walls and roofing repair may not be completed in a single day. Therefore, boarding up provides a secure working location and protects the important items from being vandalized.

Professionals fire damage restoration services

The work of a professional fire damage restoration service includes draining the water from the rooms, repairing damaged items and general repair of the rooms such as walls, wiring system, and plumbing. A fire cleanup restoration company would have professionals specialized in various aspects of commercial fire damage. The fire cleanup process is completed in speed to prevent the occurrence of other water damage related problems.

Property owners are advised not to wait for a long time before calling commercial fire damage restoration services. Delays could lead to water damage, which is an additional complication that could be costly. Other than boarding up the property, they would also ensure that soot damage, smoke damage, and smoke smell are not found on the property. It is a complete makeover to enable the business to be back on its feet soonest after commercial fire damage.

Finding the most reliable restoration company for your commercial fire damage problem would expedite the exercise and ensure that you get back to work or your normal life quickly. They also do the documentation of the various items and damages that occurred. You can use this documentation to file for commercial fire damage compensation from your insurance company.

Professional fire cleanup services are essential because they know what to do and you will be involved in every step to ensure that things go back as they were before the fire. Fire in business or fire in home is something that occurs when you are not expecting it; you need to be prepared in advance and choose restoration company to protect you from panicking if it happens.
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Emergency Ready Profile - Phone Application

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Emergency Ready Profile - Phone Application

In times of emergency it is crucial to be prepared. The Emergency Ready Profile application is a great step in the right direction of preparedness. Download the application in App Store by searching SERVPRO. You can also login and see profiles at www.ready.SERVPRO.com. The application allows the user to:

  • Add multiple building profiles.
  • Take pictures of shut off locations for fire sprinklers, water, and gas.
  • Add insurance information
  • Add local police and firefighter phone numbers

There are many other features within the application. One of the most popular is that of sharing the profile. Once the ERP is finished the owner of the profile can share with anyone who needs to be prepared. Now all your emergency personnel can find the shut off location just by opening their shared profile.

Disaster Preparation in Summerlin North, Sun City

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Disaster Preparation in Summerlin North, Sun City 

Disaster preparation in Sun City and Summerlin North is very important because you need to be sure that you are ready for things that could happen in the Las Vegas area. The water damage that happens could be easily handled, and the fire damage that you have can be prevented if you are ready. You also need to make sure that you have a mitigation service who is going to offer you the fast service you need with your emergency plan.  

The first part of your plan has to be how you are going to prevent fires. You know that they could happen, but the only way to make sure that they do not get out of control is to have extinguishers in the house. You can actually put sprinklers in the house, too. This means that you will be able to set everything up on your own, and then you will have something that will go off. That works in the office when you are not there, and it stops the fire quickly.

The mitigation service you get for fire damage and water damage will help you when you are in a bad place, and they will give you fast service when you need it. They can also help you set up an emergency plan that you can use when you are at home or in the office. You need to have something that tells you just what to do, and that is why these plans are so important.  

Having an Office Disaster Plan

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The Las Vegas area has a lot of potential to give you problems, and you just want to be sure that you can get the help that you need when you need it.

Disaster preparation in Sun City and Summerlin North is important, and you need to be sure that you have had a look at what you can do with the plans that you are given.

You want to have a plan that everyone in the house or the office knows, and you need to make sure that it was thought out ahead of time so that there is no problem. You do not want to be stuck when you do not have a plan, and that is why you need to do all the planning ahead of time to prevent any confusion about how your house or business will be saved. Someone can come in and fix up everything for you, and they can help you prevent these problems in the future.

Myths and Facts About Fire Sprinklers

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Myth:When a fire occurs, every sprinkler will activate and everything in the house will be ruined.

FACT: In the event of a fire, typically, only the sprinkler closest to the fire will activate, spraying water directly on the fire, leaving the rest of the house dry and secure. Roughly eighty-five percent of the time, just one sprinkler operates.

Myth: The water damage caused by fire sprinklers will be more extensive than fire damage.”

FACT: Home fire sprinklers can significantly reduce property loss and damage due to a fire. The sprinkler will quickly control the heat and smoke from the fire, limiting damage to other areas of the house, giving residents valuable time to get out safely. Any resulting water damage from the sprinkler will be much less severe than the damage caused by water from fire-fighting hose lines. Fire departments use up to eight-and-a-half times more water to extinguish a home fire as fire sprinklers would use to extinguish the same fire.

For more information follow this link http://www.firesprinklerinitiative.org/advocacy-tools/fact-sheets/myths-vs-facts.aspx#activation

Importance of Professional Water Damage Restoration

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Importance of Professional Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is among the most devastating moments one can experience in life. Anyone who has experienced water in home and water in business occurrence can live to tell about the dreadful moment. In the process, the water gains access to most of one’s important structures hence resulting into flood damage. Research finds that apart from tornadoes, the supply line break or pipe break is another common factor to flooded home. It is therefore important that in case of any pipe break or supply line break, one should not ignore the case. Instead, it is commendable to seek help from restoration professionals. This will ensure no flood damage is experienced. In case of a flooded home, one will need the services of the water damage, restoration company for water cleanup and drying. There are several mitigation tips one can inquire for, from the restoration company in case of flood damage.

Availability of Restoration Company

Locally based renovation companies are the best in case you are looking to hire one. For one reason, they are much closer compared to others and they are able to offer a quick response. This is with the frequent issues of supply line break or pipe break that have recently become common. In addition, it is much easier and better when one works closely with the local restoration urgencies for convenience and accuracy. This is observed especially in cases of insurance transactions where one must be sure of quality services paid for. With this in place, the occurrence of floods can never be an issue.

Avoid Risks of Self Flood Damage Restoration

As we all know, flood damage can be quite a big and tiring task to execute. Besides, one is not always armed with efficient tools to undergo the process of a flooded home. So, for some reasons, it can be very dangerous to implement it on your own. In addition, this can only lead to more severe damages than was expected. For instance, in the process of fixing the pipe break/supply line break, the condition might worsen than to improve. On the contrary, a restoration company has numerous established machines that are suitable for the whole mitigation processes. Besides, they are professionals and are qualified to carry out any form of water restoration.

Complete Help on Water in Home Restoration

In the event of water in business or water in home, it is recommended that you should not handle it yourself. The mitigation process of water damage can be an overwhelming task to an individual. It is therefore important that you seek help from experts. The flood damage experts are equipped with sufficient tools, which enable quick mitigation processes, hence completing the water cleanup and drying process. This as opposed to the individual process, can take longer and as a result, it can lead to further water damage to one’s property.

Efficiency on the Course of Water Cleanup

The restoration company is responsible for all your water in home nightmares. Whether you are experiencing water in home or water in business, leave it all to the mitigation experts. Once consulted, the water damage professionals will first ensure your safety. They therefore, will start on repairing or replacing the source of water to your flooded home. This can be as a result of pipe break and supply line break. Afterwards, the restoration team will ensure a quick water cleanup with their efficient machines. This will eventually save on much harm to your structure.

The Process Improvement and Remediation

Mold growth is also as a result of a flooded house, water in home and water in business. It is among the water damage that occurs as a result of moisture. One way to escape such cases is to consult the mitigation services. These services normally ensure a perfect water cleanup and drying. This is especially essential in an instance when you experience mold growths around your appliances. Since we do not have the necessary equipment, the water cleanup and drying processes are well left to the water restoration professional.
Visit http://www.SERVPROsummerlinnorthsuncity.com for more information on water damage.

Getting Back on Your Feet After a Fire

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Getting Back on Your Feet After a Fire

More often than not, fire is the leading culprit causing soot damage and smoke damage of unimaginable extent. Fire can occur under a myriad of circumstances e.g. electrical fire, utility room fire, destroying most if not everything in its path.

Fire suppression measures by a firefighter can leave a property owner dealing with different kinds of fire damage. Soot damage, water damage, as well as smoke damage consequently adding on to loss levels, leaving him completely devastated. Especially in the event of commercial fire damage. The buildings fire sprinkler system is also responsible for some element of water damage.

The process of starting over is tedious and quite unbearable to say the least but also necessary after all, life has got to move on. Commercial fire damage can cost the owner revenue loss, joblessness and lack of productivity. It is therefore imperative that he quickly works to revert his property back to the state it was before the occurrence of fire.

It is advisable to first consult the services of a fire restoration expert to help in the fire restoration process. This will save him time and effort that he otherwise wouldn't have in the event that he was going through the process by himself.

This situation calls for certain measures to be input as a form of precaution during the fire restoration process. This process need not wait too long to commence, if anything property owners are advised to begin immediately.

There are different kinds of fire. This includes, electrical fire and utility room fire which can all lead mainly to commercial fire damage. What steps does he take to recover after the fire is put off? Do you call the fire truck, look for a fire hose, or turn on the water sprinkler system? Below is a guide on procedures to follow.

Emergency Contact

Property owners should have firefighter contacts on speed dial to aid in fire suppression in case of fire. Most companies have their contacts readily available all over towns and neighborhoods. The firefighting companies have restoration experts accompanying them making it convenient for them to begin the restoration efforts after firefighters are done. Their machinery includes a fire truck, fire hose among others. They have all the necessary equipment to carry out restoration.

Assessment of Damage Caused

At this point a firefighter keenly goes through the whole building affected by fire. They do this to get an idea of the extent of fire damage, soot damage and smoke damage. Thereafter the property owner is presented with a quotation detailing the extent of fire damage. The quotation explains whether it was an electrical fire or a utility room fire. The quotation is important as it acts as a point of reference for insurance companies. Insurance companies depend on quotes by restoration experts to determine compensation.

Guarantee Security of Your Property

Doors and windows weaken to a huge extent as a result of fire. This makes it easy for burglars and looters to take advantage. It can be horrifying for the property owner to undergo further loss.

Soot Damage and Smoke Damage Extraction

This involves sanitation and cleaning up of soot and smoke caused by electrical fire or utility room fire. All the furniture is cleaned, walls, ceiling and other areas. A fire fighter can use a fire hose, a fire truck for this purpose. A fire sprinkler system also comes in handy in this situation.

Water Damage Control

After the fire suppression takes place, through the help of fire sprinkler systems, a fire truck and fire hose, there is extreme water damage in addition to the fire damage. Fire restoration contractors revert to employing specific techniques aimed at extracting water and drying. This can be done by turning off the fire sprinkler system and using dehumidifying equipment which can help clear smoke damage and soot damage altogether.

Total Restoration of Premises

This is the final stage of fire restoration. In case of commercial fire damage, works like painting and re-building of walls, ceilings, plumbing works and polishing of tiles used in flooring is done. Efforts like installing a fire hose with water supply are put in place to aid in fire suppression in case of another fire.
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A Guide to Storm Damage Restoration

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A Guide to Storm Damage Restoration

Of recent, there has been significant hurricane damage or ice damming which has resulted into wind damage and flooding. Globally, many areas have witnessed an adverse hurricane damage and change in weather pattern which resulted either in wind damage, ice damming or major flooding. The result of this has been massive losses into the homeowners and the community as a whole as a result of storm damage. One of the significant and critical occurrences is storm damage, ice damming and flooding. The hurricane damage has resulted in severe losses as the homes have been washed away or the items in the house. It has made it expensive, especially roof repair and storm remediation. So what next after the storm and the Flood?

Seek professional help

In case of river flooding, hail damage or ice damming in the house does not hesitate to seek professional help in home restoration. They will have the solution to the roof repair and storm remediation. by the use of the machines like flood pump.The expertise has the skills to remove the flood water thus reducing the storm damage. With a modern flood pump, the flood water in the room will get removed quickly and efficiently though storm restoration manuals. Also, the storm recovery firms have enough workers that will work out to see that your home restoration is quickly. As storm restoration is a new service, the market has been invaded by different companies; it’s advisable always to seek services from a reputable company who have the ability to solve occurrences such as wind damage or hurricane damage. In the determination of storm restoration ability this you can check their review on their website, and the years they have been in storm remediation operation. The longer the company has been in storm remediation. operation, the higher the chance that they are skilled and with the right workers and flood pump to remove ground water. Remember not all the storm restoration company can remove the moisture and ensure they accurately perform roof repair. Care should be taken to ensure you only get the services of storm remediation firms who are test proven in the industry to remove ground water.

Procedure for job conduct

Experts in the ice damage will start by accessing roof damage, hail damage or ground water.It is important as it determines the level of the storm damage or hail damage to enable storm remediation. Earlier contact with the restoration companies prevents the severity of the storm damage that results from maybe soaking of essential items and acceleration of the roof damage thus increasing the cost of roof repair. The storm remediation companies offer both internal services (roof damage and ground water) and external service (river flooding or wind damage) with the help of flood pump thus making the stay comfortable. The storm remediation firms having pumps and tracks will ensure that within a few hours your home will be returned to normal. Also, the assessment of the roof damage, hail damage or ice dam level is necessary for the claim of insurance coverage and storm restoration and hence home restoration after flooding.


With the environmental friendly water restoration and risk-free equipment, the water restoration companies will extract all the waters most safely hence achieving better home restoration. It prevents further roof damage that could be incurred if other methods like manual means were used to remove the water. The other advantage is that the company will repair the broken parts or roof leak. If the river flooding is severe, the water restoration firm can evacuate the occupants of the rooms, clear the frozen pipes and move them into a safer place.

Other benefits of using the storm restoration companies are that they got the capabilities to airlift the victims if they are in a river flooded or ice damaged areas. The range of equipment ensures that drying and the dehumidification process goes on smoothly hence achieving better water restoration. It makes it possible to return to the rooms after a short spell of time. The machine eradicates the moisture from electrical appliances, dry furniture, and kitchenware and also prevents the roof leak or ice damage. It is important as it prevents frozen pipes from spoiling which could result in significant losses in roof repair or ice damage.

Restoration process

After drying flood water and emptying the frozen pipes, the recovery process begins to prevent further ice damage or ice dam. The wallboards, electrical wiring, and roof leak get checked for any defaults. It is followed by the analyzing of flood water or ice dam damage level of the items. Based on the degree of the roof leak the protection mechanism for the house begins. It is important as it protects the equipment from the roof leak , frozen pipes and the mold. Lastly, the remodeling occurs making it possible to resume normal activities.

The river flooding or ice dam area is not safe for the children and the adults. It can become breeding grounds for the disease-causing pests which would result in the death of the occupants. Quick cleaning and drying of the flooded areas would result in a safer environment and reduce the losses.
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Recovering Your Home After Flood Damage

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Recovering Your Home After Flood Damage

Business and homeowners need to understand that a few inches of water in business or home can lead to severe property damage. Whether the water damage was caused by supply line break or pipe break, it's important to have a structured water cleanup practice. These tips will help you in initiating a restoration and cleanup process to assist you in the mitigation of water or flood damage.

Properly dry flood water from commercial properties or house

Drying needs to be undertaken once the water cleanup exercise from your flooded home is done. If the resulting water in the home has affected a small area, then buckets can come in handy. However, when dealing with flooded homes that are much bigger, then you will need to seek the help of a restoration company since they have the right equipment to handle such water damage. Additionally, poking holes in the walls will ensure that the resulting water in home or business is eliminated.

Pipe break and supply line break are among the leading causes of flooded homes. That said, if your furniture isn't soaked for more than 48 hours, then there is a possibility for effective mitigation against any further flood damage. Home and business owners need to remember that drying doesn't fully restore their items and it's important for them to evaluate the sentimental or monetary value of the items before the restoration of any items in your flooded home can begin.

Drainage systems need to be cleared

Clogged sewer and water drainage system are among the causes of water in business or home. If the external and internal water drainage is redirected off the building then it can go a long way in easing water damage. To ensure effective mitigation of the water damage resulting from water in homes, it's important that you check on shower drainage and home sinks for clogs. You can also get in touch with a reliable restoration company who will undertake regular maintenance to reduce the risk of water in homes that mostly results from pipe break or supply line break.

Get rid of any irreparable equipment or furniture

There are some types of equipment and furniture that aren't water friendly, and as a result, they might have been severely damaged in your flooded home. Some people do have a sentimental attachment to their items, but despite the value you place on your item, it's important that they are removed after water cleanup exercise is done so that the drying process can begin. Such a mitigation measure is important since it reduces the chances of mold growth which can lengthen the period of flood damage restoration. Sometimes the process can be tedious, especially if the resulting flood damage covers a large area and it may advisable to get in touch with a reliable restoration company to help you out.

Let in fresh air

Once the water cleanup exercise as a result of water in business or home is complete, you should ensure there is proper air circulation, and this can be achieved by opening up doors and windows. Also, before opening your house, you should make sure that the drainage is cleared and floods have subsided so that you aren't exposed to further water in business or home that might have resulted from pipe break or supply line break.

Get rid of any resulting moisture

Water damage restoration needs general re-application and repair of different finishes within your home. The structural maintenance includes new wall paintings and ceilings, but this can only be done once the affected areas are properly dried with the help of a restoration company. It's also important to note that the drying process begins by disposing of any item or furniture that was soaked in water. Other items such as carpets and rugs should be properly dried and hanged outside if the weather is favorable. The internal wall skirting, lining, and the panels to baths and showers should also be removed to prevent mold infestation.
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Common Causes of House Fires

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Common Causes of House Fires

Though many people do not worry about fires, that all changes once they have a fire in a home. Fires do not always break out in the middle of the day or when people are awake and alert. Those fires can occur in the middle of the night or when the family is away at work and school. While fire damage restoration companies can assist with the fire cleanup, they can also help those living there pinpoint the cause of the fire based on some of the more common causes of house fires.

Smoking Inside

Smokers often do not notice the odor of their cigarettes. Their noses learn to recognize that odor as a natural thing in the same way that pet owners do not notice the smells of their own pets. It takes only minutes for a smoker to fall asleep with a cigarette in hand or mouth. That lit cigarette can smolder on the bed or carpet and create a flame big enough to set the whole house on fire. Unless the smoker wakes and puts out the flames quickly, that cigarette can cause both soot damage and smoke damage.

Overloaded Breaker/Fuse Box

Though modern homes are less likely to suffer from fire damage because these buildings feature modern circuit breakers, any type of home can suffer from some fire damage because of its electrical system. Fuse boxes use individual fuses that need replacing regularly, and circuit breakers use circuits in specific rooms and areas. Using too many things on the same breaker or fuse can lead to a fire in a home. A fire in a business can occur for the same reason. Property owners may notice a smoke smell early on that indicates a problem with the breaker or box.

Home Wiring

Faulty wiring is the number one cause of the fire in business and home calls that fire damage restoration companies receive. The wiring can only last for a certain number of years. As the wiring fails, it may release a smoke smell that comes out from the nearest outlet. Commercial fire damage experts working for a restoration company offer fire cleanup services to take care of a home or business, including the board up of windows, removal of smoke damage and cleaning of any soot damage.

Improper Storage

Improper storage of certain chemicals can lead to property owners calling commercial fire damage experts for help with their fire cleanup needs. These chemicals can include cleaning supplies, extra gasoline kept on hand and any other flammable material. Any type of spark like one that comes off a bad wire can release a smoke smell first and then cause a fire in a home. Whether it's a fire in a business or home, a restoration company will remove all the soot damage and smoke damage and do an inspection of the fire damage to let the owner know what will happen next.


Parents may not realize that residential and commercial fire damage can occur because of curious kids. A child might plug too many electronics into the same outlet or extension cord, insert a metal object into an outlet or try to melt objects in the microwave. That curious kid can cause so much fire damage that fire damage restoration professionals will need to board up the home, use products to eliminate the smoke smell in the home and use other products to remove any soot damage.

The causes of commercial fire damage are quite similar. A fire in a business can cause significant that a restoration company will need to handle. Fire damage restoration professionals board up windows, handle basic fire cleanup, the removal of smoke damage and the elimination of soot damage. Whether it's a fire in a home or a fire in a business, a solid restoration company will offer residential and commercial fire damage services that protect the home like the board up of all openings. Visit http://www.SERVPROsummerlinnorthsuncity.com for more information on fire damage.

Signs of Mold Growth Behind Walls

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Signs of Mold Growth Behind Walls

Black mold is far from the only type of mold that grows in homes today. Some people will see green mildew growing on a wall or a dark brown fungus in a basement and assume that they can clean mold in their home on their own. This can actually lead to the spores spreading to other spots in the home. Many people do not understand the mold removal basics either and can make the problem worse. If the home suffers from mold growth behind walls, the owner of that home needs to know what signs indicate the presence of that mold.

Musty or Smelly Odor

The problem with identifying mold growth behind walls is that it may stick to the drywall and not come through the plaster. A common sign of mold growth is a smelly odor. This odor generally smells slightly musty like water that didn't fully dry or old clothing. As the mold worsens inside the walls, the smell can spread to other rooms and become much stronger. Mold damage experts offering remediation and mitigation services will need to remove any of the damaged areas of the wall to remove the mold before repairing the holes they made and use deodorization products to reduce odors.

Dry Rot

A common sign of residential or commercial mold damage is dry rot. This is a type of rot most commonly found on wood surfaces, including floors and walls. A fungus growing in the home will actually feed off that wood. In the early stages, the spores look like mildew or a white powder on the wood's surface. As it keeps feeding, it will make the wood look dried out and damaged. Dry rot can eventually damage the wood to the point where it needs removed. Mold removal experts working for a restoration company can remove all traces of the mold or fungus and replace any of the wood areas damaged by the dry rot.

Mold Growth

Residential and commercial mold damage is one of the more common signs of mold growing inside a wall. The mold damage can take on many different forms and appear in a wide range of colors. Mildew generally looks pale green or light blue in color and is a common form of mold in a home that appears in the bathroom or kitchen. When the mold growth advances from inside the walls, it can appear on the exterior of the wall and inside the home too. Deodorization is a type of mold damage remediation that works on homes struck by black mold. With deodorization, the restoration company can remove the smelly odor left behind after the mold removal.

Cracks and Splits

Mitigation experts with experience in commercial mold damage will often look for cracks, splits and other issues when doing a mold damage inspection. They will look for any visible signs of mold in a home that can indicate mold growth and mold lurking inside walls. While some worry more about black mold, even mildew or another type of fungus is a good candidate for mold removal. Cracks on the ceiling are one sign that a property owner needs professional mitigation or remediation. This type of mold damage occurs when a water leak puts too much pressure on the ceiling and can be a sign of residential or commercial mold damage.

Turning to a restoration company is the first step in finding out which remediation and mitigation options are best for mold in a home. Commercial mold damage requires the same steps such as deodorization to eliminate a smelly odor and replacement of any dry rot affected areas. Mold growth behind walls can be harder to see but can show some visible signs of mold growth too. Professionals working for a restoration company can identify any black mold growing in the home and decide what to do about any mold growth behind walls that residents cannot see. Visit http://www.SERVPROsummerlinnorthsuncity.com for more information on mold.

Categories of Flood Damage

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Categories of Flood Damage

One of the most important skills a team of professional cleaners from a restoration company possesses is water damage mitigation. This service involves the restoration of a home or business after it has experienced water damage. Professional water cleanup is especially useful when there is water in home or water in business that may have been caused by such wet disasters as snow destruction, flood, and water supply line break. A water damage restoration company does not just help in cleaning up the premises, but also in drying and repairing any substructures that have been damaged. The following are three main categories that describe the type of liquid involved and the required water in business mitigation process.

Categories of Flood Damage

Category one: This category involves flood damage as a result of water from a clean source such as toilet tanks, faucets pipe break, and drinking fountains.
Category two: This category used to be referred to as water gray. Sources may include overflows from dishwashers, washing machines or toilets as a result of a supply line break, which might lead to a flooded home.
Category three: This is by far the worst classification of flood damage and is also referred to as black water. Sources include sewer pipe break, toilet overflow with feces, the stagnant liquid that has supported the growth of bacteria, as well as flooding from streams and rivers.

The Classes of Destruction

Class one: This is the easiest class to deal with and has a low evaporation rate. In most cases, it is only one area such as a single room that has experienced water in home due to a pipe break. On the other hand, it could be a little part of the carpet, and the water damage may have affected materials that have a lower permeance rate, including concrete and plywood.
Class two: This has a fast evaporation rate and it affects an entire room, carpeting, cushions and the wetness could have wicked up the walls. There could be moisture remaining in other structural materials as well.
Class three: This class has a very fast rate of evaporation. Water may have come from above probably due to a pipe break. This may soak the ceiling, walls, insulation, sub floors, and the carpet could be all saturated.
Class four: This fourth class is labeled as a special drying situation. This means that there has been enough time for water in business, especially from a supply line break to drench materials that have a lower permeance, including brick, stone, and hardwood.

Tools for Flood Damage Mitigation and Restoration

Experts from a water damage restoration company know that a flooding emergency requires prompt attention. Therefore, they hurriedly arrive in a flooded home or office and immediately begin to assess the extent of water damage, after which they start drying out the water immediately after settling. They use high-end drying tools for removing all the water in home resulting from a supply line break. These tools are usually designed for all kinds of restoration and repair efforts. One of the biggest dangers of having water in business is the growth of mold, which can cause dry rot and subsequently produce smelly odor. Mold mitigation is one of the services offered by a restoration company alongside odor removal and the structural drying of a flooded home.

The Water Cleanup Process

Professionals from a water cleanup company begin the remediation process by removing all the water in home. They then examine all the content in a flooded office or home as a way of establishing which items can be salvaged and which ones cannot, right before beginning the drying process. These services require the use of more technologically advanced tools, such as dehumidifiers and air movers. They also ensure that all the items affected by water in business are thoroughly disinfected, dried, and deodorized for a complete restoration.

The knowledge and training involved in water in home mitigation enable a technician to tell the difference between all categories, classes, and tools needed to mitigate flood damage as effectively as possible. It is therefore important to seek a water cleanup company that has a well-trained team as a way of reducing the damages that could be experienced in a flooded home.
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What Is Fire Damage Restoration?

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What Is Fire Damage Restoration?

Fire damage restoration is a process that allows for damage from a fire in a home or a fire in a business to be reversed so that the property can become usable again. Generally, a professional fire cleanup company is employed to manage the devastating effects of a fire. Fire damage, soot damage, smoke damage, and smoke smells can all be removed and managed by the appropriate technician and the appropriate equipment. In addition to this, the logistics of allowing the fire department, the police department, and the contractors onto the property in order to deal with other effects of the fire in the home or fire in the business is often managed by the same restoration company.

The first step in restoring a property after fire damage is assessment. Since fires occur at all times, restoration companies operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week and respond almost immediately. The sooner commercial fire damage can be contained, the easier it is to reverse. A licensed professional will present to the property and assess the level of fire damage, soot damage, and smoke damage as well as how pervasive the smoke smell is. He or she will then provide an estimate to the property owner, who will be involved in making decisions in the future.

The property is almost always flooded after a fire in the home or a fire in the business due to firefighting. This is a major hassle for most individuals, but can be managed with the use of industrial water extractors and dehumidifiers. Air current movers are also employed to completely dry out the property as well as to remove the smoke smell. The air is continuously purified until it is safe to breathe.

Fire cleanup also requires that the property be secured, so all damaged windows and doors are boarded up by a professional. Boarding up all entry points to a property ensures that intruders cannot cause any additional damage. Commercial fire damage can cause locks to malfunction, so security will need to be evaluated professionally. After boarding up the property, restoration can proceed to the next step.

Once a property has been secured and dried, fire damage restoration can occur in earnest. There are a variety of techniques employed by a restoration company in order to reverse fire damage, soot damage, or smoke damage. The use of these techniques depends on their appropriateness as determined by the kinds of damage that are found. Most likely, the smoke smell that lingers after a fire will have to be removed by an odor control technician who is employed by the restoration company. He or she will work through any surfaces, carpeting, upholstery, or fabrics and determine whether or not they are salvageable.

Any debris is removed by the restoration company with the help of cranes and trucks if necessary. Reconstruction of the property once large pieces of debris are removed can also be performed by the company or contracted out to an independent contractor. Fire cleanup often includes major construction work in order to restore the property to full function.

Personal items are removed and evaluated for soot damage and smoke damage. Sentimental value and salvageability are considered when the property owner and the restoration company discusses whether or not to perform fire damage restoration on them. Commercial fire damage and often render expensive equipment completely unusable.

Fire cleanup is a complicated process that varies depending on the extent of fire damage as well as the type of property it occurs on. A fire in a home requires different attention than a fire in a business, and only a professional can determine the difference. Commercial fire damage can require all entry points to be boarded up, since businesses are open to the public. Only a professional restoration service can ensure complete security and restoration once a disaster like a fire has occurred.
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The Steps of Mold Remediation

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The Steps of Mold Remediation

The growth of mold in the home can cause significant damage. The dry rot can weaken the structural integrity of the home making it more vulnerable to collapse. The presence of black mold in the property can also lower its value in the market since sellers are required to disclose everything. You need professional advice on mold mitigation so as to avoid its development in the house. However, should this fail, you need remediation steps. These are the processes involved in mold removal to ensure that it is completely exterminated from the home. To ensure the mold damage and the associated smelly odor is completely removed, choose a professional restoration company for the work.

Locating the black mold

Mold removal should be a thorough process. Leaving some black mold in some areas only gives it a chance to regrow. If you notice mold growth in the home, call in mold removal experts. They will come and carry out an assessment on the mold in the home and give an informed analysis on the extent of the growth. While there are some tests that you can purchase to check for mold growth, it is recommended that you use professionals who can perform a more detailed assessment on the dry rot. You might fail to find all the black mold leading to ineffective remediation. The professionals will go over every room in your house looking for the common signs of mold growth. These include damp areas, a smelly odor, dry rot, mildew, and fungus. They have the experience needed to ensure they check in some of the hard to reach areas such as under the floor coverings, inside walls, in the ceiling, and in the air conditioning units.

Assembling mold damage remediation supplies

In order to make the mold removal process effective, you should invest in strong fungicides. These should be able to remove all the fungus and mildew in the house and reduce the chances of mold growth. If you are concerned about the environment, you can either purchase environmentally friendly fungicides yourself or select a professional mold removal company that uses them. When cleaning up commercial mold damage, ensure that the area being worked on is properly covered. This would ensure that the mold remediation process does not cause further damage in your workplace. In addition to the supplies for cleaning up the mold damage, you also need equipment to replace those damaged by black mold such as the drywall or carpeting.

Mold damage work area preparation

For commercial mold damage cleanup, the remediation area should be cleared up. The restoration company knows how to use special plastic that cannot transmit fungus and mildew outside of the mitigation area. For the duration of the mitigation process, the air conditioning unit should be sealed off with duct tape. It should not be operated to avoid spreading mildew and fungus. A negative pressure machine can also be operated in the commercial mold damage cleanup area. It helps to allow air flow in the work area but does not spread the fungus and the mildew. If removing mold growth behind a wall when there is mold in the home, the work area preparation may need the removal of some segments of the wall. This allows the restoration company professional to remove all the dry rot in the house including mold growth behind a wall.

Protective gear against commercial mold damage

Cleaning up commercial mold damage also requires protective gear. This should be made of special material that does not allow spores to penetrate. The gear also helps the cleaners from the smelly odor as well as fumes from the deodorization process.

Mold in home cleanup

The last step is the actual cleanup. The restoration company professionals ensure they get all the areas including the mold growth behind the walls. After the cleanup, they also carry out deodorization to remove the smelly odor. The deodorization perfumes used should be capable of doing the work before you go back to your own air fresheners. The professionals should not forget the deodorization of remote areas affected by the mold. They can also offer mitigation advice to help prevent future re-occurrences. The advice can help you avoid mold growth behind wall since this is a common source area.
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Getting Rid of Mold Following Water Damage

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Getting Rid of Mold Following Water Damage

Water damage is one of the leading causes of emergency repair in the United States and is an absolute nightmare to handle without the consult of experts. The primary reason that this damage is so difficult to deal with is the fact that it can cause devastation in nearly every area of a home or building. Water damage can cause negative effects with woods surfaces and floors, expensive appliances, roofing systems, furniture, carpets, and more. One of the more devastating results of water damage to a property is the increase in the presence of deadly black mold following the damage.

Black mold has become known as a highly debilitating, air-borne fungus that thrives in dark, damp, warm environments. Buildings which have been subject to water damage including weather associated flooding, pipe bursts, and plumbing issues are all highly susceptible to further damage from black mold infestation. This dangerous substance can initially breed in unseen places and, after the homeowner has become heavily distracted with the water damage restoration process, it can expand in size and effectiveness. A large amount of black mold can eat through wood and pipes (it feeds on any organic substance to survive) and can also damage the lung capacity in humans and animals, especially in infants.

There are several steps that homeowners should take to ensure that black mold does not become a problem during water damage restoration services. Following the massive entrance of water in home environments, home owners should immediately contact restoration service providers to inquire about the level of damage and the water cleanup method that can be used in the particular circumstance. Damage restoration experts will then likely gather relevant information about the property damage, including whether or not there was flood damage or if there has been any attempt at water cleanup prior to the company being contacted. After conducting drying assessment and deciding the correct course of treatment for a particular home or business, experts will advise the owner regarding repairs that are needed to properly restore the building.

At this point, clients should have an expert thoroughly check the building to ensure that black mold cannot be found. If the damaging water in home environments is not properly dried and expelled black mold can be found in as little as one month following the initial damage. If the damaging water in business facilities or homes was left to sit for any period of time (a situation that usually occurs properties wrecked by flood damage) black mold experts should be encouraged to inspect the building as soon as it is safe to be entered. By expediting this process, owners run less of a risk that the mold will have spread to other areas of the building.

Mitigation in restoration services can lead to the overall health of a family or group of business professionals. Damage mitigation often includes the assessment of damages, a thorough attempt at drying and other water cleanup practices, and estimate of future repairs which need to be made. In the case of black mold, mitigation can be the difference between paying an average repair bill and paying an enormous one. Flood damage can cause black mold to grow at a rapid rate because of the standing water and the humid climate it creates. For this reason, the customer should ensure that mitigation services don't simply include water cleanup and drying, but that it includes a clean sweep of the areas affected by water in the home environment to ensure that black mold is adequately treated.

The drying process can sometimes be beneficial to clients who fear that flood damage and other damage from water in business or home facilities have caused. This process involves the use of customized tools that are designed to treat areas that are highly susceptible to black mold due to the location of water in business facilities. After the areas that have been severely affected by water in home environments have been searched and treated, clients should follow up with mold prevention treatments on a regular basis for the next full year. Clients should also remember that damage from water in business locations are quite dangerous with regards to the development of black mold because employees can hold the business liable for any health concerns they may experience due to negligence.
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What to Expect When Restoring a Home or Business after a Fire

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What to Expect When Restoring a Home or Business after a Fire

Fire damage restoration in a home or business is quite the undertaking. While it takes time for homeowners to recover from the trauma of the fire itself, fire damage restoration is essential in starting fresh and preventing the risk of further damage. The process of removing fire damage may not be simple, but it is vital to start immediately.

Damage and Time

When dealing with a fire clean up, or commercial fire damage, time will not be on your side. To better understand the necessity of acting fast, consider the following timeline of events:

• The First Several Minutes: When there is a fire in a business or home, soot residue seeps into porous materials, appliances, and plastics causing discoloration. A smoke smell begins consumes all areas affected by fire damage.
• The First Several Hours: Discoloration turns into deep stains the longer it sits, and can easily become permeate soot damage. This can affect walls, tile grout, appliance finishes, counter tops, and furniture. Smoke damage begins to set in place.
• The First Several Days: Stains have now become permanent. Furniture and floors become so damaged they must be replaced. Soot damage and smoke damage continue to worsen.
• Continuing Damage: A fire in a home or business break down the building's structure typically causing it to fall apart. If the fire was in a home, personal items will eventually begin to corrode.

Acting quickly is the key to fire cleanup. Smoke damage and soot damage are the first after effects to become permanent. Ideally, restoration should start the same day a fire is extinguished. It’s best to have a trained professional company complete this task. They will have the knowledge and tools readily available for even large scale commercial fire damage projects. Below is an outline of the process of fire cleanup and restoration, and what to expect.

Secure the Building

Whether there was a fire in a home or a fire in a business, the first step is securing the area for those working on the scene. Fire damage is capable of breaking down the core of buildings, so a temporary roof is often put into place to help maintain structure. During the day, windows and doors can remain open to help ventilate the area. However, when no one is around, boarding them up will help protect a home or business from the outside elements and possible looters.

Contents Inspection

When the home or business is safe to enter, professionals will begin an inspection with the goal of finding every point of fire damage, soot damage, and smoke damage. This enables them to give an accurate quote for the restoration. They will look for objects exposed to soot residue, and areas overwhelmed by a smoke odor. Obviously, when putting a fire in a business or home out, large amounts of water are used, so expect them to also search for contents damaged by water. Some items may be moved off site to a restoration facility.


Specialists trained in fire damage restoration can now begin the cleaning phase. Using high-efficiency vacuum cleaners, a crew will start by removing soot from carpets and upholstery. Clothing should be washed according to labels, and a mild alkaline detergent should be used. A fire in a home or business can also effect the exterior of the building. A power washer is best for washing wood or brick, and the building should be cleaned from top to bottom.

Odor Removal

During a fire cleanup it’s vital to remove any smoke smells. Deodorizing sprays and disinfectants can temporarily help with this, but smoke has a way to seeping into every nook and crack. Ventilation alone will not be enough to remove a smoke smell. Commercial fire damage is especially susceptible to this. It’s best to have a professional capable of tracking the path of smoke investigate every possible hiding spot. Specialists have access to ozone technology, a powerful non-consumer technology, which can permanently remove all smoke smells.

The process of fire damage restoration is very time consuming, and shouldn’t be considered as a DIY project. Commercial fire damage can be extremely large scale and take several weeks to finish. Time is of the essence, and the treatment after a fire in a business or home must be done delicately and correctly. If self fire cleanup is unavoidable, make sure to wear protective thick clothing, gloves, and masks.
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How is Mold Removal Handled By a Professional?

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How is Mold Removal Handled By a Professional?

If you are dealing with mold in the home or commercial mold damage, you might have been advised that it's a good idea to work with a professional mold removal company. However, you could be wondering what these companies actually do when it comes to the remediation and mitigation of fungus, mildew and mold. Obviously, this will depend on the specifics of your mold problem, but these are some basic steps that are taken by many mold remediation and mitigation companies.

Assessing the Problem

Before the mold removal company can get started, a team of professionals will first need to determine the extent of the mold damage. Your average homeowner or business owner might notice a smelly odor and might be concerned about things like deodorization or cleaning away visible mold, but a mold damage mitigation and removal company will take things much further than that. They will carefully inspect the area to determine just how much mold exists and why the mold grew in the home or commercial building in the first place. Then, they can get started in coming up with a good plan for mitigation and remediation.

Checking the Air

One thing that a lot of people do not realize is that mold damage isn't just visible with the eyes, but it can cause problems with the air quality within a home or commercial building as well. Therefore, many mold damage professionals will run a test to determine if the air quality has been affected by the mold damage. Then, they will have a better idea of how major the mold in the home or commercial mold damage really are.

Removing Mold-Infested Materials

Some things can be saved with mold removal, but other items cannot. A company that specializes in fungus, mildew and mold removal and remediation will look for any materials that will need to be thrown away due to the presence of mold, mildew and fungus. Carpeting might need to be removed, and in some cases, walls may have to be replaced. Furnishings that cannot be salvaged will also need to be disposed of. A team of professionals that is accustomed to dealing with mold in the home and commercial mold damage will know how to determine which items can be salvaged and which ones can't, and they will make sure that ruined items are disposed of in the proper way.

Cleaning and Sanitation

Fungus, mildew and mold in the home can make a big mess that you might not be able to completely see with your own two eyes. Therefore, simply wiping everything down with your favorite cleanser is generally not going to be an effective means of getting rid of home and commercial mold damage, even if you might see results in the beginning.

Mold can quickly grow and spread beyond what you can see, and all of the mold and mold spores will need to be cleaned up if you want to prevent the problem from spreading once again. A professional team that specializes in handling mold removal will clean every inch of your home or commercial property to get rid of the presence of mold and to leave the area squeaky clean and nice and sanitary.

Getting Rid of Odors

As you might have already noticed, a smelly odor can go along with mold growth. You might think that spraying your favorite odor eliminating spray is a good deodorization method, but this just covers up the problem. Instead, specific deodorization methods will need to be taken if you want to effectively get rid of the smelly odor that goes along with mold for good. Luckily, a team that is experienced with handling mold removal can help with getting rid of these odors so that you will never know that the mold was there in the first place.

Dealing with mold in your home or business can be challenging. Luckily, if you hire a professional team, you should be able to count on them to take these steps to get your home or property back in good condition, from removing the mold itself to taking care of deodorization to get rid of the smelly odor that might be left lingering behind.
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Cleaning Up Floodwater In A Home Or Business

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Cleaning Up Floodwater In A Home Or Business

Water damage is always difficult to deal with, but when the water is contaminated, restoration can be a dangerous process. When dealing with flood damage, the cleaning crew has to take precautions against pollutants and microbes from dirty water.

When the floodwaters recede, the first step is to make sure the building is safe to enter. This might entail gaining permission from local authorities or having a safety inspection done. Then, the water must be removed as quickly as possible. This can be achieved by pumping it out if necessary. Wet vacs can be used for water cleanup too, as long as there is a source of electricity. Cleaning up flood damage also entails removing debris and mud that were swept in with the water. When there is no more standing water in the home, then it's time to take stock of the damage. The extent of damage depends on how long there was water in the home. If there was high humidity for several days due to the standing water, mold will be a big concern.

Standing water in a business building is also a big concern because there are often valuable documents and sensitive electronic equipment that are threatened by the flood damage. One short-term solution is to gather paper documents and store them in a freezer. This stops the deterioration process until the papers can be sorted and dealt with later.

Once the water cleanup has removed most of the water, it's time to start the restoration process. Every surface in the building or home needs to be disinfected if it isn't going to be thrown out. This can be a long process, which goes much quicker when a mitigation crew is working on the job. Plus, a professional crew is experienced in knowing what items can be kept and what must be destroyed. Drywall, for example, must be removed if it is saturated with water.

One aspect that definitely requires a professional mitigation team is mold removal. If the home or building is wet for a few days, there could be mold present, even if it is hidden behind the walls or under the floor. This type of mold can be dangerous and needs to be removed by an experienced mold mitigation team.

Drying out the water in the home or business is the next step. This may require industrial fans and dehumidifiers. Opening windows for air circulation helps as well. Drying out water in a business building needs to be done as quickly as possible since every day the business is closed due to flood damage is a day of lost revenue. Drying out a building means every hidden spot needs to be checked for water and dampness. The entire place must by dry or mold can grow later on. A moisture meter is handy for detecting wet spots left behind after drying out water in the home or business. Using one of these meters reduces the risk of mold that will require future mitigation.

Water damage in a home may require more meticulous work since there are so many fabrics in a home that can be difficult to dry out. Water damage in the living room may be bad enough that the carpet, sofa, and chairs must be thrown out. This is especially true when the water damage is from contaminated floodwater. Restoration of water in a business building has its challenges too, since the work has to be completed quickly and the building has to be completely free of contaminants and mold to be made safe for employees and customers.

Water cleanup is usually just the beginning when dealing with the aftermath of a flood. Drying out water in a business building or home is no easy job and there is a constant risk to the crew. This is usually a job that should be left to restoration professionals that can do the water cleanup safely and then replace damaged materials, such as flooring and drywall, so the home or building looks like new and is safe to use.
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A Few Steps to Take After a Big Fire on Your Property

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A Few Steps to Take After a Big Fire on Your Property

There is no doubt that fire damage could be detrimental to a person's business or home. This is one reason why fire damage restoration becomes a vital service that could end up not only saving money but saving the property from further damage. The following are a few steps that should be taken after a big fire.

Immediate Response

Of course, the first thing that needs to happen after a fire is that the fire department must be called to deal with the fire. This should help prevent further damage to the property or neighboring properties. The next step is to call the emergency department of a trusted fire damage specialist. This will help point out things like smoke damage or soot damage. Knowing the extent of the damage of a fire in a home or a fire in a business will help create the fire damage restoration plan.

Quick Fixes

Fire damage can make a home uninhabitable. This is why fire cleanup is necessary. No matter if it is commercial fire damage or residential, there are bound to be issues that need to be addressed right away. For example, fire restoration experts will need to fix things like holes in the ceiling if the initial evaluation uncovers these issues. Rain and vermin could come into the property.

Personal Assessment

It is important to have a list of items owned before an accident, but one can be drawn up after the event. Having all property written down makes it easier to see what was damaged during the fire and what simply cannot be found. Of course, there is only so much a person can do if there is a strong smoke smell throughout the property. Those dealing with a strong smoke smell after a fire in the home or a fire in a business may have to exercise a bit of restraint before assessing the property.

Smell be Gone

Fire cleanup will help eliminate any smells. This is especially needed if the fire damage caused severe smoke damage, which means the smoke smell is overwhelming and needs to be removed before the property can be livable. The fire cleanup will also help remove soot damage and other dark spots on the property. Removing soot damage, smoke damage, and the smoke smell are some of the basic steps towards full fire damage restoration after a commercial or residential fire.

Fire Restoration

Returning the property to how it looked before the fire in the home or fire in a business is the goal. Dealing with commercial fire damage or a fire in the home can be stressful, but the restoration will help alleviate some of the stress. Smoke damage and soot damage will be taken care of with the restoration process. Unrepairable items or contaminated items will be disposed of during the fire cleanup. Office desks that were damaged during the fire in a business might be repaired by the team or completely replaced. Fire damage could also damage the electrical system, which can be a hazard. Electrical issues due to home or commercial fire damage will be dealt with during the fire damage restoration.


The worst is over, but this could happen again to any home or business. This means it would be wise to start preparing just in case this happens again. Not only should everyone learn a few fire precautions like avoiding fire hazards or learning how to use an extinguisher. This might also be a good time to insure the property and every piece of furniture and equipment owned. All of these steps should ensure that the owner rests a little easier knowing that his or her property is safely insured against fire damage.

These are just some steps that should be taken after a fire. It is okay to talk to a fire restoration specialist to ask for additional advice regarding home or commercial fire damage since he or she will be able to offer helpful tips.
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Top Mold Removal and Remediation Tips

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Top Mold Removal and Remediation Tips

If your home or office gets smelly during summer, then you likely have a mold problem. The presence of a smelly odor that results from a mold infestation makes the occupants of a room experience great discomfort when breathing. Residential and commercial mold damage can be controlled by these simple mold removal strategies:

• Scrubbing with Soap to Eliminate Mold Damage

This method works best in cases where the mold damage has not grown too deep. All you need to do in remediation is to scrub the mildew or fungus with soap and water, and your problem will simply disappear. Soap is not the most effective mold removal agent, but it can significantly lead to the mitigation of your problem’s severity.

• Spray with a Tea Tree Oil Solution

Tea tree oil is a strong anti-fungal ingredient, which makes it perfect for mold removal and remediation. Simply add a teaspoon of tea tree oil to a cup of water and shake or mix the liquid thoroughly. You can then spray the mixture on the mold-infested areas of your home or office. You only need to spray lightly then wipe the surface after.

You don’t even have to shop for a spraying bottle if you don’t already have one for mold remediation and removal. Another effective option is to use a piece of cloth that is soaked with the liquid. Use this cloth to wipe moldy areas of your home. To prevent the spread of mold, you can also use this mixture to clean up dark and moist sections of your house, especially during summer.

In the case of commercial mold damage, you can let the furniture sprayed sit outside for a while since the smell of tea tree oil can be very strong.

• Baking Soda for Mildew Removal

Baking soda is a common mold removal or mitigation ingredient. It is an ideal option for persons experiencing commercial mold damage since it can get rid of the fungus fast enough for you to resume your daily routine.

If your fungus problem has not yet gotten out of hand, you should use a baking soda paste to scrub the affected areas of your home. It is made by mixing baking soda and water in the ratio of 1:1. This concoction should get rid of the problem in your house in no time.

For larger fungus infestations, add 2 teaspoons of baking soda to a cup of water and shake the mixture. Place it in a spray bottle and use it on the mold in home infested furniture and corners.

Besides getting rid of the fungus in your house, baking soda is also known to work as a deodorization agent. It means it can absorb the smelly odor of the fungi effectively. In addition, this ingredient can be a preventive measure for mildew or mold. You will have to let the baking soda solution dry in the warm corners of your house for it to work. The remaining layer of baking soda will prevent the future growth of mold in home in sections like its corners.

Tips on How to Prevent Mold Damage

Mold is a bother to deal with. Commercial mold damage is, especially sickening since you have to get your work done in an uncomfortable environment. If you don’t want to deal with mold in home environments, you can take steps to prevent their growth. Mold remediation is not that tough since the first and most apparent step would be to always clean up moisture in your home or office. Improving the air flow in your living or working environment can also prevent the growth of mold in home or office settings considerably.

Deodorization after Mold damage

Mitigation of the smelly odor of fungus can be done using deodorization agents. The most effective ingredients for deodorization are baking soda, cat litter, and charcoal briquettes. All you need to do is let the deodorization agent sit in the region of mildew infestation for some time, and the smelly odor will be absorbed.
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Mold Remediation Solutions By SERVPRO of Summerlin

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A house full of moisture or wet walls is a perfect place for mold to grow. Mold, otherwise harmless in outside environment, can create a lot of hassles if grown inside the house Other than that it produces pungent smell which makes the place inhabitable. Therefore, there is a need of expert team with sufficient knowledge and work experience to deal with such problem. SERVPRO is one of the reputed firms in this field and has proved its mettle on various occasions. To know how and what makes them the best let’s see some of the points:

  1. Response at the quickest possible time: Mold remediation Las Vegas needs to be done at earliest notice because molds colony spreads quickly. If goes untreated then it can spread to rest part of the house without much time. Therefore it is essential that a team of expertise can arrive at the quickest possible time for mold remediation. SERVPRO has been known in las Vegas for its prompt services. Not only does it provide the best service but it makes sure to reach the scenario and do the evaluation, analysis, and remediation at the quickest time possible.
  2. Expert team: Equipped with the latest equipment, and trained with latest technologies, SERVPRO has been leading the market with best methodology and practices. This makes it possible to make a quick recovery from any problem. Mold remediation Las Vegas team has been able to serve its local people with the greatest ease due to this reason.
  3. All time availability: What makes SERVPRO the best is that they are available at all the times. So whenever the need arises one can expect to get the best service of SERVPRO at any time. The team will look into the matter and will take necessary precautions and steps required for complete mold remediation and moisture removal.
  4. Locally available at all major places: The best part is that the service is available locally in Las Vegas. This makes it the best candidate for handling any major problem related to mold or water retention. Local availability of an expert team means a person can reliably give the task to SERVPRO.

The above points are some of the facts that make SERVPRO great. But other than that there are many other things that undergo to make SERVPRO the first choice when mold remediation need arises. Choose only SERVPRO and rest be assured of quality treatment. For more information please visit SERVPROdowntownlasvegas.com/mold-remediation.

Tips for Water Damage for Property Managers

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Tips for Water Damage for Property Managers

Water damage can be incredibly damaging to properties of all kinds and sizes. As a property manager, you want to try your best to ensure that any properties you are in charge of managing are kept as pristine as possible. You cannot do this when dealing with water problems and water-related damage. The fact of the matter is that Las Vegas commercial damage can be a lot more disastrous than you might think. For one, it can promote the growth of mold that you may not even be able to see. It can also damage things on the property to the roof, foundation and general building materials like beams and sheetrock on the walls.

As a property manager, it is essential that you establish a preparedness plan that will help to prevent Las Vegas commercial damage altogether. This might include regular inspections of the property you're managing as well as routine repairs to anything that might be working in a less desirable manner. Such as downspouts on gutters or roofing that tends to leak at times. One thing to keep in mind is that your tenants may not always alert you that there is a problem for a variety of reasons. One reason may be because they don't think the issue is a problem, or they may not even notice that there is a problem altogether. Because of this, it might be beneficial for you to conduct routine maintenance inspections to make sure that everything is in working order.

Because water damage can be incredibly problematic for property managers, it is especially important to prevent and fix issues as soon as you notice them. This can help to prevent problems from getting much worse, such as mold growth that has been caused by a flood or leak in some area of the property. Having a good maintenance team who can conduct routine inspections is also a vital part of any property manager's job.

If you are already experiencing Las Vegas commercial water damage or any of the issues that come from water damage, it is a good idea to contact SERVPRO so that they can come in and provide the clean up that you need. From water damage restoration to mold remediation, SERVPRO is there to assist any property manager or company when it comes to their property running to its full efficiency. Water damage can be a problem, but this doesn't mean that the problem cannot be fixed.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Summerlin North/Sun City is locally owned and operated—so we are part of this community too. We are also part of a national network of over 1,650 SERVPRO Franchises and special Disaster Recovery Teams strategically located throughout the country to respond to large scale disasters.

How the Professionals Deal with Extensive Damage from a Fire

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How the Professionals Deal with Extensive Damage from a Fire

When it comes to Las Vegas fire damage, things can get pretty messy relatively quickly for you, your home or your business. Fire damage can leave soot, broken beams, damaged walls, damaged items and even damaged plumbing and electrical lines. Because of the overall damage that can be left behind after a fire is taken care of, it is vital that you hire the professionals at SERVPRO to care for the situation for you. They can provide fire restoration that can get your home or business back up to running order without all of the issues mentioned above.

When you're working with the professionals of SERVPRO for your Las Vegas fire restoration needs, they will begin the process by assessing the overall damage. They will check the area in which the fire was present, and this will give them an idea as to what needs to be done to get the issue restored back to new. They can also look for other areas of the home or office that might have been affected by the fire as well. To make sure that these areas do not have the same issues or develop them over time because they were forgotten.

Once the assessment has been made, SERVPRO will send in the experts to begin the Las Vegas fire restoration when it is most convenient for you. This might include changing out beams, changing flooring and doing anything else that is needed to make sure that the home is not only cleaned but is safe as well. The whole point is for you to be living in a safe and clean environment, and SERVPRO knows that only the proper fire restoring can do this for you when it concerns having dealt with a fire in the past.

When you have a fire in the home, you're not only dealing with the damage left by the fire, but you may also be dealing with damage left by the water that was used to get rid of the fire. Because of this, you need the professional expertise of SERVPRO to get the job done. Tackling this type of cleanup project on your own can leave you feeling frustrated and downright confused, so hiring in the experts at SERVPRO is the better option. They will take care of all the damage cleanup for you so that you can simply enjoy your home and not worry about the problem you've recently dealt with yourself.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Summerlin North/Sun City is locally owned and operated, so we are part of this community too. When you have a smoke or fire damage emergency, we’re already nearby and ready to help. We take pride in being a part of the North Las Vegas community and want to do our part in making it the best it can be.

Call a Certified Summerlin North Technician for a Water Damage Cleanup.

Call a Certified Technician for a Water Damage Cleanup

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Call a Certified Technician for a Water Damage Cleanup 

SERVPRO has a commitment to remain updated concerning the latest technology for this industry. After a water disaster, a customer contacting SERVPRO is having one of the worst experiences of their life, leading to needing a professional, and calm team of technicians. Many water cleanup companies do not have training from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification organization, unlike SERVPRO. Without proper standards, technicians provide poor services that can create additional problems in a building. Fortunately, SERVPRO offers Summerlin North water damage cleanup from thoroughly trained technicians.

Importance of Fast Water Damage Remediation
Water pipe or roof leaks are often undetected for several weeks, but the damage is typically localized and fast to remediate. However, major disasters such as sewage backups or flooding from rivers can cause a lot of damage from contaminated water. Clean water from leaking pipes is not contaminated with pathogens that cause illnesses. When the invading water is filthy, it destroys organic materials such as flooring, drywall and carpeting inside buildings. SERVPRO technicians understand how to remove contaminated moisture from surfaces without developing a skin infection or respiratory illness. Removing water and pathogens as soon as possible helps to prevent additional damages from mold growth and mildew odor.

Save Valuable Possessions
In addition to saving a flooded building’s interior and exterior structures, a fast response time from SERVPRO technicians can prevent losses of possessions such as furniture, appliances and electronics. Removing moisture from wood floors, paneling and cabinets can stop the items from warping or developing stains. With fast Summerlin North water damage cleanup from SERVPRO and with the correct equipment, a property owner can save thousands of dollars.

Why it is Vital to Hire a Certified Water Damage Remediation Company

Most customers contacting SERVPRO have never needed to hire a Summerlin North water damage cleanup company before. They are not aware that many remediation companies are not certified and have poorly trained employees, unlike SERVPRO. The training and certification from the IICRC leads to technicians understanding exactly what to do for each type of damage in a building. With a strict code of ethics after completing training classes and passing an examination, SERVPRO technicians are able to return a flooded building to its previous condition.

Breathe in a Clean Environment

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Breathe in a Clean Environment

Mold refers to the fungus that grows in the form of multi cellular thread-like structures known as hyphae. The single celled fungi are known as yeast. Molds are almost everywhere. They can easily grow from tiny spores floating in air. The moist and damp environment is the typical home for molds.

It often starts with tiny black spots and grown into large colonies. These black lines are usually found in shower, on damp walls or painted siding. Excess of molds may lead to rotting. When these increase in number, you can easily detect a particular musky odor. 

Mold remediation is the process of removing mold growth from a home and to prevent it from reoccurring. The process includes various steps for ensuring the removal of mold growth. All the damp and moist sources that cause molding are changed and treated.

It is not a do-it-yourself thing. You need to hire professionals to get rid of this problem. Exposure to molds can lead to some serious illness issues and professionals know how to keep themselves protected during the removal process. They keep their skin covered using goggles, rubber gloves and filter masks. It is very important to contact professional Mold Remediation Las Vegas Team as soon as you discover the mold growth because if ignored it may lead to severe property and health loss. These professionals work to remove mold by removing the source of mold growth. They seal the area and use mediation methods such as wet vacuums, HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Vacuums and damp wiping with disinfectant to remove the mold. Every damp surface is penetrated to remove the mold. Items eliminated during the mold removal process are sealed in plastic bags and disposed efficiently to prevent further contamination. It is advisable to remove clothes worn during the process.

The step wise procedure is as follows:

  1. Wear protective equipment
  2. Contain mold spores
  3. Set up negative pressure
  4. Remove the mold
  5. Prevent mold returning
  6. Clean belongings
  7. HEPA Vacuum
  8. Dispose of the mold

In spite of hot and arid climate of Las Vegas, it is equally affected by black mold which can cause severe health issues. It is quite hazardous for your property and health as well. It can cause breathing problems, blurred vision, nasal problems and headaches. For effective mold mediation contact: www.SERVPROsummerlinnorthsuncity.com

Preparing For The Worst: Natural Disaster Prepping

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Preparing For The Worst: Natural Disaster Prepping

It's in the television news reports; it's all over the Internet; natural disasters are impacting homes and entire neighborhoods. Often, there is little to no warning before the earth moves, weather strikes with heavy Las Vegas storm damage, an ocean crashes into shoreline homes, or the air becomes turbulent. When such a calamitous event occurs, individuals and families need to be prepared to keep their heads straight and their wits about them to survive. Preparation beforehand is a hundred times better than dealing with the results unprepared.

Here are some helpful tips to help keep you and your family prepared before, and safe after, a natural catastrophe:

1. Keep important documents in a portable fireproof safe. Items like insurance papers, birth certificates, I.D. copies, and SSN cards are crucial. Include photos of your home, each room, and all valuable or important possessions, either in photo form or on a disc format. Also include important emergency, rescue and relatives' telephone numbers, and lists of any prescription medications.

2. Designate at least one family member to take CPR and First Aid classes; learn about the available accommodations at the nearest emergency shelter. Post relevant telephone numbers prominently.

3. Devise an escape plan that includes the family and closest neighbor, including a designated place to meet should anybody get separated.

4. Compile an emergency stash of supplies in a waterproof, fireproof — if possible — container. Include:

    •    Canned goods
    •    Blankets
    •    Matches, flint, magnesium rod, or all three
    •    Multi-tool
    •    Enough water for at least two weeks for every individual
    •    Paper and pencil
    •    Personal hygiene products
    •    One set of spare clothing and shoes for each family member
    •    Flashlights and spare batteries
    •    Radio with NOAA Weather reception capabilities and spare batteries
    •    Comprehensive First Aid kit

Whether your survival situation includes Las Vegas storm damage, fire damage, flood damage, earthquake damage, or is a result of human damage such as a nuclear disaster or invasion, preparation is crucial to survival. If you have any weapons, they should be considered in your preparations. If possible, food items should include staples like rice and pasta in waterproof containers. If you have young children, try to include a stuffed animal for play and comfort. Prepping for any kind of Las Vegas catastrophic event should always include psychological and emotional, as well as physical, considerations.

Locally Owned Company with National Storm Resources

SERVPRO of Summerlin North/Sun City is locally owned and operated, so we are part of this community too. When you have a flooding or storm emergency, we’re already nearby and ready to help. We take pride in being a part of the North Las Vegas community and want to do our part in making it the best it can be.

High Quality Storm damage restoration services from SERVPRO

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High Quality Storm damage restoration services from SERVPRO

Any area affected by a storm suffers varying degrees of damage to individuals and their property in the form of storm damage. The clean-up, restoration, and reconstruction constitute a daunting task for an individual whose property has suffered significant structural damage. The task of repairing such structural damage to preloss state should not be handled in an amateur fashion and is best left for a professional service.

Storm damage restoration is basically comprised of three broad steps that must be taken immediately after the disaster in order to prevent further damage:

·         assessment of the situation, the damage occurred and potential for further damage to structures affected by the storm

·         insurance-related paperwork to allow for funds for the restoration to bring the property back to the condition it was in before the storm

·         the reconstruction and physical work required for the storm damage restoration

However, an individual need not trouble themselves with these uphill tasks on their own and can avail professional services to mitigate further damage due to the storm. As a part of the community, it becomes even more important for a speedy restoration so that measures to protect yourself, other members of thecommunity and your own property can be taken.

If you are residing in the Las Vegas area and looking for storm damage restoration Las Vegas, you should considering opting for the services of SERVPRO of Downtown Las Vegas.Following are the benefits that can be reaped from association with SERVPRO:

1.     All the professionals employed by SERVPRO are equipped with the modern resources, techniques and trainings that are specially adapted for all situations as disaster management tools.

2.     The most striking feature is the ability of the personnel to respond to calls for emergency at a pace that allows you the much required peace of mind after weathering the storm.

3.     A certified, dedicated and trusted professional service such as SERVPRO can provide a complete line of emergency services which will help you to minimize the damage caused by the storm in the form of impact damage as well as water damage to any electrical systems around the property.

If there is an instance of fire due to the storm or a case of bad waterlogging, they can interrupt the otherwise normal functioning life very drastically and disrupt your daily schedule. It can be harmful for your business operation to sustain such a loss of productivity. Information on how SERVPRO of Downtown Las Vegas can better serve you as it has been serving the local community of Las Vegas for a long time can be found at www.SERVPROdowntownlasvegas.com

Not only are the commercial services offered unparalleled in terms of the quality and trust endowed upon them by the community over the years, but the additional services provided by the company to take handle the paperwork when it comes to dealing with the insurance company is also reliable. Full information about the certifications that the company holds can be found on the website www.SERVPROdowntownlasvegas.com. Visiting the profile will instil confidence in anyone who wishes to acquire the services of this trusted professional name.

How Does Flood Damage Harm Your Home Or Business?

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How Does Flood Damage Harm Your Home Or Business?

Flood damage is a serious problem in homes around America as they are struck with internal and external flooding. They may see water everywhere, and there are many things they cannot do to save themselves. This article explains how water cleanup and water damage restoration may be done to ensure the building is saved from destruction. There are many options when dealing with water damage or flood damage, and each one is listed below for the reader.

#1: The Water Cleanup Starts Now

Drying, air movement and water cleanup may start as soon as possible, and there are quite a few people who will find it necessary to use the water restoration and mitigation company because the damage is so widespread. They must have someone come to the home at any hour to assess the damage, and they will learn what the plan is for their water in home or water in business catastrophe. They may feel helpless, but they will not know what to do until someone comes along with a plan for the water damage.

#2: How To Dry The House

Drying and air movement is a simple technique that involves open windows and fans in the house. The combination of the two will ensure there is enough air circulating to keep the house dry, and there will be a period of a day or two where the house is drying before the crew may begin repairs.

#3: Water In Home

Water in home problems must be addressed quickly because the family has no place to go. They must move out until the damage is repaired, and they will notice how much better the house looks once they return. A water in home plan will complete a full battery of water damage restoration and mitigation items, and it will help the family move back to their home as if nothing has changed.

#3: Water In Business

Water damage restoration and mitigation for a business is a bit different. The water in business plan must be handled in such a way that the business may reopen. There are many different ways the air movement and drying may be done, and it is important that all business managers and employees are included in the air movement process. They will help address the flood damage and water damage much faster, and they will learn how to keep the building clear in the future.

#4: Quick Response To Emergencies

Water cleanup for water damage and flood damage may be handled in such a way that the building is returned to the owner quickly, and it will be done using a plan that has been used many times by the water damage restoration and mitigation company. They have expertise in the field that will leave them ready to do the job quickly, and they will review all the information on the job with their client. There is no need to fear during a home flood or water in business event because there is a company to help. Visit http://www.SERVPROsummerlinnorthsuncity.com for more information on water damage.

The Process of Water Damage Restoration

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The Process of Water Damage Restoration

Water damage or flood damage can be a nightmare. Whether you have water in home or water in business, you need a licensed, professional water damage restoration team to begin water cleanup activities right away. The sooner an experienced water damage restoration company begins their mitigation efforts, the sooner the drying out of your property can begin. It's essential the drying process begin within 24 hours of the time you realized you had issues related to water in home or water in business. After 24 hours, mold, mildew and many other pests can begin to invade your property.

The sooner proper air movement and drying efforts begin in your property after water damage or flood damage the better. Having water in home or water in business for any extended period of time can lead to the decaying of walls and floor and serious foundation issues. Once you realize you have water in your home or business, you should get to safety, contact your insurance company and call in a water damage restoration company to begin mitigation efforts. Your insurance company can recommend a water damage restoration company for you to use, but you can make the final choice. However, time is of the essence when you have water damage or flood damage.

Mold is a serious concern when you have water damage or flood damage cause by water in home or water in business. One of the first mitigation actions a water cleanup company should take is to establish effective air movement so drying can begin. That will also improve air quality inside the structure. If the water in home and the water in business isn't removed promptly by an experienced water cleanup company, the water damage or flood damage will be much worse. Without proper air movement drying cannot take place. Drying is one of the most important steps in the mitigation process when people have water in their home or business.

When there's water damage or flood damage caused by an influx of water in home or water in business, choosing the right water damage restoration company is vital. The mitigation actions they take will determine how long drying and proper air movement will take. With water cleanup, time is an important factor. The longer water sits in a home or business, the more extensive and expensive the water damage restoration process will be. However, it's also important to choose the right water cleanup company to do the job. A shoddy job can leave hidden moisture and lead to mold and decay problems in the future.

A good water damage restoration company will quickly work to remove the water and establish proper air movement. This combination will lead to faster drying of the water damaged areas and make the water cleanup process a lot more effective. If the water cleanup company has the right equipment, trained personnel and experience, their mitigation efforts will be successful and you'll be able to safely return to your home or business faster. Visit http://www.SERVPROsummerlinnorthsuncity.com for more information on water loss.

Dealing with Fire Loss and Damage

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Dealing with Fire Loss and Damage

According to the National Fire Protection Association, the fire department responds to a fire every 20 seconds in the United States. One thing no one ever sees coming is a fire. They never suspect that it will happen to them, that they will be the victims of fire damage, smoke damage, or soot damage.

Yet, the statistics are against them. People may think they're safe, but the chances are, many will experience a fire in home, a fire in business, commercial fire damage, or fire loss.

It's not just fire in home loss that turns out to be expensive, it's fire cleanup, and that's another aspect that people don't think of until it's too late. Most people are in shock after they experience fire loss and don't know exactly what to do.

Here are some interesting facts about soot and smoke damage:

Soot damage can cause airborne risks.
Soot damage demands a detailed cleanup of the entire building to improve air quality.
soot damage is oily and often hard to clean, hire a professional for this task.

Smoke damage is a filmy residue left behind after a fire.
Smoke damage is acidic in nature, causing discoloration and corrosion.
Smoke damage from a "high oxygen" content fire is easier to remove than "low oxygen."

Provided that a person has fire loss insurance, which is a MUST, here are a few steps that can streamline the insurance claim process in the case that a fire does occur: Contact the insurance agency RIGHT AWAY, take pictures of the fire damage, and anything that is undamaged. This will greatly speed up the process. Commercial fire damage, fire in home, and fire in business all require different type of insurance.

Minor Fire Loss

In the case of minor fire loss, where the fire damage is equivalent to a relatively low dollar amount, a person can open windows to improve air quality, ensure there is no hidden fire damage (they should call the fire department if unsure), and generally they can sort the situation quickly, depending on whether it is fire in home, fire in business, or commercial fire damage.

Victims may only need the insurance company to cover the cost of fire cleanup, such as removing soot damage, and smoke damage. They can hire a private company to handle this, keep the receipt and have the insurance company cover the expense. Victims may have to pay a deductible depending on your coverage.

Major Fire Loss

For major fire damage things can be more complicated. The fire damage will be equal to a much higher dollar amount. There are still private companies that handle this kind of fire cleanup, but victims may need the services of a contractor. Air quality will be much worse. In fact, air quality may be a serious issue. Some fire in home or fire in business can cause the air quality to become poisonous. Some fire damage can affect certain materials or lead to gas leaks. It's import that whoever handles the fire cleanup addresses this air quality danger.

Some other helpful facts about fire cleanup are:

Commercial fire damage may require fire in business insurance.
Commercial fire damage may require immediate board-up to protect from vandalism.
Commercial fire damage can be mitigated by the installation of sprinklers. Visit http://www.SERVPROsummerlinnorthsuncity.com for more information on fire loss.

The Basic Roles of a Fire Damage Restoration Company

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The Basic Roles of a Fire Damage Restoration Company

A fire in home or fire in business can be a very traumatic experience. So, fire in home and fire in business representatives should do everything that they can to minimize the damage that has been done. From talking to a fire in home and fire in business professional restoration team to making sure all of the family and staff has been removed from the site fire in home and fire in business site, there is a lot that will need to be done in order to eliminate the damages and restore them to a pre-conditioned commercial fire damage state.

To make sure the air quality and the fire cleanup process is taken care of properly, it is very important that the right type of fire damage company has been contacted. Meaning it is very important that the owners of these sites do a thorough job of researching who to call and when. Specifically, if the owner is looking to hire the best fire loss, soot damage, smoke damage, high air quality and fire clean up specialists in the industry. This is because this team of fire loss, soot damage, smoke damage, high air quality and fire clean up specialists have the expertise to ensure the site is restored as thoroughly and quickly as possible.

Typically, when a fire loss, soot damage, smoke damage, high air quality and fire clean up specialists is onsite the jobs will run much smoother because their main focus is to save their clients money as well as time. In fact, based on the knowledge that these fire loss, soot damage, smoke damage, high air quality and fire clean up specialists have ascertained over the years, they will not only get things back to their pre-fire damage state, but will also ensure everyone involved can have peace of mind that it will be done right the first time. Additionally, when the fire loss, soot damage, smoke damage, high air quality and fire clean up specialists are involved, the client will also find they are highly recommended for making sure the quality of the work is done with the highest required to the fire damage customer. As a result, the fire damage team will work diligently to ensure all of the fire in home and fire in business memories that can be salvaged is done without any unnecessary hassles or problems.

In addition to making sure the company can salvage all of the fire damage items that they can, these companies can also provide Commercial fire damage and fire cleanup services on a timely basis. Commercial fire damage and fire cleanup services can vary from one fire damage site to another so people will need to do a thorough job of assessing these situations as soon as the team enters the Commercial fire damage and fire cleanup property. The work that needs to be done on the Commercial fire damage and fire cleanup site can vary in the amount that will need to be done so the owner and their staff will need to be available for what needs to be done at all times. Visit http://www.SERVPROsummerlinnorthsuncity.com for more information on fire loss.

3 Signs That You Need Mold Mitigation

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4 Signs That You Need Mold Mitigation

Unless it was built in the middle of a dessert, any home is bound to be susceptible to mold and mildew. And in most cases, by the time a homeowner realizes that their house is in need of a mold cleanup, the damage has already been done. As such, it is vital for every home or business owner to understand microbial growth and know how to detect fungus in its earliest stages of growth.

Only a qualified environmental hygienist can properly assess the damage and determine the right mitigation strategy. But anyone can identify a fungus infestation early on as long as they know what to look for. Here are 3 tell-tale signs that your home or business is in need of a mold cleanup:

1. Odor

A strong, pungent, musty smell means that mold and mildew have pretty much taken over the building. However, if you know where to look, a slight odor of fungi can also be an early warning sign. For instance, closing all the windows and doors in a room for about an hour can weed out the source of the musty smell. And, in case the smell is only noticeable when the heating or air conditioning is on, the HVAC probably needs a proper mold cleanup.

2. Visible Microbial Growth

Most people assume that they know what mold looks like. However, some types of microbial growth tend to hide in plain sight. Environmental hygienists say the most common place to look for visible mildew is the bathroom. It can usually be found growing between tiles, on the grout.

Even if the grout has a very small spot of mildew, it may be a sign that there's a moisture problem in the bathroom. Chances are, there's a much larger amount of microbial growth behind the tiles. Only a qualified environmental hygienist can determine if that's the case and decide on the best mitigation strategy.

3. Damp Basement

When it comes to mold cleanup inside a home, the first place an environmental hygienist checks is always the basement. It's usually the least ventilated and most humid room in the house, which makes it a perfect habitat for fungus. In addition to that, the basement is rarely used so it gets cold at night, leading to condensation.

Professional mold mitigation implies eliminating all existing mold. But it's even more important to eliminate the reason why it began to grow in the first place. So, if the basement needed a mold cleanup, any true mitigation expert will recommend steps to decrease the moisture levels and prevent the problem from becoming a reoccurring one. Visit http://www.SERVPROsummerlinnorthsuncity.com for more information on mold removal and remediation.

Repairing Water Damage in Summerlin and Sun City, Nevada

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Repairing Water Damage in Summerlin and Sun City, Nevada

Calculating the extent of the possible water damage can often result in a very problematical undertaking, that more than a few people do not fully have a handle on, as people are normally unprepared to experience water in business in Las Vegas, Vegas, Summerlin, or Sun City Nevada. The individual, very often, only became aware that water had entered the building, and now they’re weighed down to expel it without delay. It is really important to bring in a service that is proficient with managing problems like this, and services for that can be found in Las Vegas, Vegas, Summerlin, and Sun City Nevada.

Service centers in Nevada, are designed to take care of floods encroaching on the building’s integrity, if water in home is a substantial predicament. Flood damage mitigation can be executed by generating a great amount of air movement to the structure. This is crucial for drying the structure, to avoid creating more damage from bacteria. There can be a hefty degree of work that must be accomplished should flood damage occur in Summerlin Nevada or Las Vegas, Nevada, even so, bringing in an agency to scrutinize the structure and issue water damage mitigation needs to occur in Summerlin Nevada. Removing dampness requires the drying of the property, creating good air movement is vital.

These behaviors aren’t problematical for people to engage with, if there is specialized gear involved, but it’s key to see that this, more or less requires time and is not easy to handle if there is water in business. The concept is to be confident that a person knows what is necessary. The person needs to dry everything that there is, plus move out the items if they are soaked. An expert service company can help with this.

People who employ experts can act fast, it is suggested that such services be recorded into a speed dial. If there is water in home it can be simpler to handle with water extraction vacuums. Services that handle this equipment can enact water cleanup by employing machine that scrutinize the structure and assure that it is dry.

The procedures to accomplish these feats take time and are highly bothersome, and many people recommend that it be left to individuals to bring in the help they require, by making certain that they bring in a service to the structure to correctly handle the damages, as it is often a great deal to correctly manage. The company or homeowner has to be prepared. An individual can hire a service to handle the drying of items, restoration of property and elimination of bacteria to help make the building dry.

These services are almost always stressful to go through, and that is in particular why a special consultant has to do the labor. They know the proper ways for handling the task, so that it is taken care of, as well as how to act fast so the individual can come back into their home. Visit http://www.SERVPROsummerlinnorthsuncity.com for more information on water damage.

What to do When Your Find Mold in Your Home

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What to do When Your Find Mold in Your Home

As a property owner in Las Vegas, it is important to keep your property well maintained throughout the year. One of the ways in which you can maintain your property is to be on the lookout for microbial growth. Whenever you see things such as mold in your Las Vegas property, it will be in your best interest to look for ways to safeguard it. You will need to find where the microbial growth is located and then seal it until you can contact a home restoration company. Since mold in your Vegas property can lead to contamination and damage, it will be important to try to sanitize the area as well as keep others away from it. By following these steps, you will be in position to preserve the condition of your Vegas property.

Another type of microbe growth you will need to look for in your Summerlin Nevada property is fungus. Whenever you find fungus in your Summerlin Nevada property, you will want to do the same things you do with other forms of microbe growth. It will be important to safeguard the area where the microbe growth is and then attempt to use detergents and cleaners to help clean the surrounding area of the property where it is located. Along with doing these things, you will need to contact a home restoration property to eliminate any microbe growth or smelly odor in your Sun City Nevada property. Home restoration companies will have the equipment and tools to help restore your Sun City Nevada property by locating and then washing out the microbe growth and the smelly odor it is likely to leave behind.

After finding microbe growth in your property, contacting a home restoration company is one of the best things that you can do. They will provide you with an initial consultation to schedule an appointment and then come over to evaluate the situation. The company will send over an environmental hygienist to inspect the property and find out where the microbe growth is. A home restoration environmental hygienist will also look to see if it is spreading to other areas of the property as well. Once they determine the extent of the microbe growth, they will then begin the treatment process. During the treatment process, a home restoration professional will get certain chemicals and equipment to first remove the microbe growth. They will then begin sanitizing the area in order to get rid of any excess growth left behind. After this is all done, your property will be restored.

The individual who comes to your property to eliminate the microbe growth will then give you instructions on how to best manage your home in terms of microbe growth. A home restoration professional will go over procedures on how to prevent future growths from occurring as well as ways on how to get rid of them if they do return. With these instructions, property owners will be in better position to keep their properties free of any microbe growth more easily.

SERVPRO Summerlin North Sun City: Best for Mold Mediation in Las Vegas

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SERVPRO Summerlin North Sun City: Best for Mold Remediation in Las Vegas


Mold is a huge nuisance in the household. It can further blacken the existing grout lines on the shower walls, discolor drywalls, it shows up as black spots on the sidings, darkens the decks, and grows on wood and often end up rotting them.


All houses are prone to mold infestations, there are few to none that are thoroughly secured from mold. The trick lies in trying to stop them before they grow in size and destruct the house as well as the health of each and every member of the house. We need to eliminate the small infestations as well as the big ones that often go out of hand.


Mold infestations happen if there is a water leakage and it takes around forty eight hours to spread. Before curbing mold infestations, we must try to curb the source of water leakage and prevent any water damage. Mold spores thrive on moisture and we need to kill its source. Humidity acts as an aggregator in mold infestations. We must not try to dry these ourselves and implement homemade techniques to curb mold spores. Mold produces allergens and irritants, if you find any such moldings; call us on our helpline number for mold remediation or log on to our website to find out about our services. Click on www.SERVPROsummerlinnorthsuncity.com / to know more.


Why us?


We are trained to reach disaster sites in the least amount of time. Mold infestations are quick to spread; we will be there to help you out. We have highly trained professionals who are vetted and tested for their mold remediation skills. We implement latest technology and expert techniques to curb a mold infestation. We use the best equipment provided to help fight the mold off. If you call us, rest assured, your problems will be taken care of.

Fire Loss and Cleanup in Summerlin and Sun City Nevada

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Fire Loss and Cleanup in Summerlin and Sun City Nevada

For many residents and property owners in Las Vegas and Summerlin Nevada, keeping the air quality at its best is a top priority. In order to preserve the air quality in Las Vegas and Sun City Nevada, it will be necessary for individuals to take action. One of the best ways to preserve the quality of air is to rely more on solar energy. This will require less use of fossil fuels and otherwise keep the air cleaner. Another thing that people can do to preserve the environment is to drive low emission vehicles. While most people take action to preserve the quality of air, there are times when accidents occur. One of the most common types of accidents that occur are fires that take place in buildings. Whenever a fire takes place, there will be a considerable amount of damage that is incurred. Therefore, property owners must use the services of a restoration company to get their properties back to their best possible condition.

When a fire occurs in cities such as Vegas and Summerlin Nevada, a considerable amount of damage will likely occur if it is not dealt with immediately. Some of the most common types of damage that occurs from fires are smoke damage, soot damage and water damage from fire. Things such as fire damage will also occur and can potentially have devastating effects on the surrounding environment. Fire damage will likely cause properties to break down where structures get weakened and can potentially begin collapsing which will likely result in significant property damage. Properties that experience smoke damage can have permanent blemishes on structures such as the walls, furniture and fixtures. Soot damage and water damage from fire will also cause a considerable amount of deterioration of a given property if not addressed in a timely manner.

Property owners in Vegas and Sun City Nevada who experience fires will need to seek out the services of a fire restoration company. A fire restoration company will be able to perform a number of tasks such as cleaning up areas where the fire and smoke occurred as well as sanitizing it. A restoration company will first come over to the property and inspect the damage and its effects. They will then bring in certain equipment to remove dirt, debris, smoke and toxins that were emitted by a fire. They will also perform a fire cleanup and eliminate water buildup as well. After completing a fire cleanup and eliminating smoke, soot and water, a restoration company will then give property owners advice on how to best maintain their properties and prevent a fire from occurring again.

With the help of a fire restoration company, a number of property owners will be able to get the guidance they need in order to keep their properties in the best possible condition. They will also be able to learn how to prevent fires from taking place by following a certain protocol. By following the advice of restoration companies, property owners will be able to keep their properties safe as well as preserving the environment. Visit http://www.SERVPROsummerlinnorthsuncity.com for more information on fire damage.

Find out Quick & safe Service for Water Damage Remediation

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SERVPRO provides quick & safe remediation services for water damage in Las Vegas, Water damage can be devastating to your residence. The best exploit one can take is to stop further damage and remediation any risky health problem.

Flood water remediation requires emergency hiring a professional such as our expert is the most excellent bet you can have. If the damage is not dealt immediately with, it can cause permanent damage to your home in Las Vegas, Where there is extreme water & moisture or found molds will require going because they create a health risk.

Our water damage remediation procedure is not only for the residential property but commercial property as well. Water damage can crop up in walls, basements, ceilings and other areas. We understand that remediation necessitates:

  • Accurate estimation: the level of the damage is determined.
  • Treatment and resurgence: best and safe equipment is used for the purpose of dehumidifying, drying, disinfecting and deodorizing.


We usually have a team for emergency answer hotline, supporting the communities in these worrying situations. The technicians who handle water damage emergencies are repeatedly IICRC certified remediation professionals, experienced flooding and water failure scenarios on residential, industrial and commercial scales.

Our professional will arrive at your place of emergency within 30 minutes, for the most part. We know that time is of the spirit and rapid attention to your emergency will reduce the period and cost of the remediation. The experts reach your destination ready to assess the water damage and start drying out immediately. The trucks are able to with gear and goods necessary for water remediation job. We truly present dependable, competent and modified service for a variety of ruin recovery conditions.

 Water damage reinstatement professional engage in the complete repair and renovation of your home or office following natural collapse or artificial things as well. Water restoration scenarios involve flood loss prevention and water drying and removal. Our company have expertise in loss restraint. Many household items such as furniture, electronics, clothing, photographs, books, artwork and many others can be recovered in restoration facilities that specialize in recovering personal property from flood emergencies. Water damage restoration professional can store your salvaged personal substance until your reinstatement job is complete.

We provide the services of emergency water remediation situation involve mold influx if left unprocessed for longer than one to two days. Thus, mold remediation is a necessary service water damage restoration experts engage in routinely, structural drying, Mold removal dehumidification & disinfection are critical to the  completion of most restoration task.

Our professional's water damage remediation routinely works, frankly with homeowners' insurance companies to file claims. Usually, when water damage restoration service provider bill insurance companies directly, the paperwork formalities is filled out properly and the process flows easily so the claim is timely processed quickly and without delays.

To conclude, our professional make it our duty to bring the intelligence of safety you once had in your home back to you. You can find us www.SERVPROdowntownlasvegas.com for water Damage Remediation Las Vegas estimates and services.


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Call SERVPRO of downtown Las Vegas if you are looking for a restoration of your property that has suffered damages from a fire. One of the trickiest things about fire damage restoration is that when a property is facing damage from fire and smoke. Automatically it will be facing damage from water used in the firefighting efforts. SERVPRO can help you from your distress very quickly by its specialized fire damage equipment and recovery techniques. With the amount of expertise and experience, they can help you through the tough time.  SERVPRO will carefully restore your gutted property back to its formal glory quicker than you expect.

Fire damage restoration Las Vegas can be very quickly handled by SERVPRO. It is a mandatory protocol to start the restoration process as fast as possible to minimize any further damage. SERVPRO with its 24/7 emergency services responds to your problem as fast as possible with world-class expertise on the subject. With franchises all over the country and Canada, SERVPRO is one of the pioneers and business leaders in this field which can cater to clients demands fast. Call SERVPRO immediately if you are stressed out about a fire damage issue.

SERVPRO has utmost specialization in this field with experts of different categories needed for the restoration process. SERVPRO hosts expert Fire and smoke restoration technicians, Upholstery and fabric cleaning technicians, Odor control technicians as well as water damage restoration technicians who by their training and experience help you to restore your property from fire damage. There is no real alternative to true expertise if you are looking for a perfect solution to your problem and SERVPRO has it.

SERVPRO values its customers the most. It is extremely important to us that we deliver our best service to our clients and that is why to thrive for. SERVPRO’s primary goal will always be how fast we can restore the property hand lower the restoration cost. By using our specialized training and advanced equipment, we tirelessly work on the fire damage restoration process so that our clients can get back to their homes or organizations as soon as possible.

SERVPRO being a part of the Las Vegas community is a locally run business. We thrive to make the Las Vegas community a better band safer place by doing our little part. Fire damage restoration Las Vegas thus should only mean SERVPRO. Being an integral part of the Las Vegas Community, we can respond to your fire damage emergency with lightning fast speed.

How to deal with mold infestation

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How to deal with mold infestation

There are companies that are known to deal with mold and they offer the services like mold remediation and indoor air quality. When it comes to mold, there is no need to test it. If you smell or if you can see the mold, then you already have the mold problem. Mold is normally the sign of something which is even bigger such as buildup moisture and inadequate ventilation. The homes that have high moisture and high relative humidity or stagnant water may be susceptible to mold growth.

When it comes to looking for a mold remediation service provider, look for skilled, reliable and honest company. The following are some of the suggestions about how you can find good contractors and consultants. You should get many estimates while making sure that the parties do bid at the same work. Ensure that the contractor comes to the job site and do not agree to the telephone estimates. Ask for references from the past customers and call them to make sure that they were satisfied with the job done on their properties. Gets a written report about the inspection including the areas that were inspected, the reasons behind the mold growth and how the problem should be dealt with?

You have to see how the contractor deals with you, if he comes on the right time or if he cleans up after doing the inspection. You should keep in mind that it is not possible for the house to be mold free.  Do not hire a company that tells you that they will get rid of the entire mold.  Check if there is any complaint that has been fired against the company before you hire it. Make sure that the company has been accredited and also licensed.

The first things that mold remediation Las Vegas should do are to know the reason behind the infestation if it is a plumbing leak or a roof. The mold may get spread in the property within 72 hours and it can produce the allergens with the irritants that have the potential of causing the health problems. When you suspect that the business or the home has the mold, call the www.SERVPROofnwlasvegas.com immediately.  The company will come to assess the home or the business if you really suffer the mold and if the mold is found, then they will use their expertise, equipment and training to get rid of it. 


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