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Mold Removal Begins With an Assessment of the Problem

9/27/2021 (Permalink)

Mold growth on wall and hand removing damaged materials. If you are facing a mold problem, especially if it’s black mold, your best course of action would be to bring in mold cleanup experts.

Mold is a problem that has plagued homeowners since the beginning of time. There are many strains of mold out there, waiting for the opportunity to move into your home. Your job is to fend them off by keeping your home as dry and as clean as possible. It is a good idea to perform a regular mold assessment so that you can detect it in the early stages. This is especially true if moisture is a persistent problem.

Testing provides answers to some typical homeowner questions.
• What is that strange smell?
• Is that mold growing on the wall?
• What kinds of mold do I have?

Consider Bringing in a Mold Expert
If you want a complete and accurate mold assessment, skip the personal test kits and go straight to the experts. A certified mold specialist in Summerlin, NV, would have the knowledge and skills to determine your mold situation, but an environmental hygienist would do just as well. They can test your air and surfaces for mold. They can also take samples of various materials throughout your house looking for evidence of a mold problem. With this approach, experts can determine the types, levels, and likely locations of mold.
Understand the Final Report and Recommended

Course of Action
When the assessment is complete, your expert will deliver the final report. It will tell you, in detail, about the mold and mildew in your home. It will also recommend a course of action if one is required.

When reading the mold assessment report, the one thing that homeowners do not want to see is mention of a black mold problem. They may not understand exactly what that mold is or does, but they know that they want it out of the house quickly.

If you are facing a mold problem, especially if it’s black mold, your best course of action would be to bring in mold cleanup experts who know how to safely, quickly, and completely handle these situations.

4 Steps for Removing Mold From Air Ducts

7/30/2019 (Permalink)

Black mold in air duct

How To Get Rid Of Fungus From Air Ducts

A strong, musty odor in your commercial building in Sun City Summerlin, NV, can be a sign of black mold growth. If you can't see the growth on the wall or if the smell is pervasive throughout your building, it's likely in your HVAC ducts. The following steps can help you get rid of the fungus and improve your building's air quality.

1. Call Specialists

Mold remediation specialists are trained, licensed professionals who can handle a mold problem swiftly and thoroughly. They usually arrive within hours of your call, assess the situation and formulate a plan to resolve the issue. They can get rid of the growth so that it is less likely to return.

2. Seal Area

While mold remediation of your air ducts is in progress, the air flow to the rest of the building will have to be closed off. This keeps the high concentration of black mold spores contained so that you do not start to have problems elsewhere.

3. Disinfect Ducts

The goal by the end of the process is to have clean ducts and to ensure that the fungus has not spread to the insulation around the HVAC system. Technicians use industrial strength disinfectant or other processes to remove the mold.

4. Reduce Moisture

Mold doesn't grown in your air ducts unless there is excess moisture or humidity. To prevent the return of mold, specialists can pinpoint the specific problem that led to the growth. The can also advise you on how to lower the moisture in both the ducts and the air in your building to keep mold growth from returning.
Don't ignore the signs of black mold, especially if you notice that its musty smell permeates the air throughout your building. As soon as you suspect there's a problem, you need to call someone who can fix it. Quick response time can help solve the problem and keep it from coming back.

5 Common Types of House Mold

5/23/2019 (Permalink)

Stachybotrys also known as black mold

Five Common Tips of Mold in Homes

If you’ve discovered mold in your home in City Summerlin, NV, you may wonder what species it is and whether or not you should be worried. All mold growth, no matter the type of mold, can be harmful to your home and may need to be addressed by a mold remediation specialist. Here are five common types of mold found in homes.

1. Cladosporium

Often found on dead or live plant material, this type of mold lives both outside and in homes. It is often dark green, brown, or black in color. It grows on damp wallpaper, HVAC insulation, wet carpet, and acrylic painted walls.

2. Trichoderma

While trichoderma is most commonly found in forests, wood, and soil, it can make its way into your home, especially where water damage has occurred. This type of mold can also be brought indoors via surfaces that come into contact with it outdoors before entering your home, such as clothing, shoes, and pets.

3. Penicillium

While some species of penicillium have done the world plenty of good by aiding in the treatment of bacterial infections, this fungus can be problematic if found in your home. You might find this mold species growing on your fruits and vegetables or living on your walls, carpets, or furniture. Penicillium is often easy to identify since it can be either yellow, green, or blue in color.

4. Stachybotrys Chartarum

More commonly known as black mold, mold growth from this type of fungus is often found in HVAC systems and other areas with consistent moisture. It can be either green or black in color and has an identifiable musty smell.

5. Aspergillus

High humidity levels can cause this common type of mold to be found in your home. One type of Aspergillus, called Aspergillus fumigatus, is often found in pillows.

While these five types of mold are very common, there are many more species out there. Mold growth of any kind can be very serious, and you may need to have it taken care of immediately.

Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover Mold Damage?

1/21/2019 (Permalink)

Mold from water damage in Sun City Summerlin, NV

Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover Mold Damage?

If you discover mold issues in your home, you’ll likely want to file a claim with your homeowners insurance company so they can provide coverage for cleanup. However, most standard homeowners insurance policies only include fungus growth under very specific circumstances. By keeping a few general guidelines in mind when addressing mold, you can discern if your residence in Sun City Summerlin, NV, will be covered under insurance.

1. Confirm the cause of the mold. Homeowners insurance usually only provides mold coverage if the mold is the result of a “covered peril.” That is, a specific incident beyond your control must have occurred that subsequently caused mold to form. Examples of covered peril include ice that formed under your shingles melting into the attic, a fire that required first responders to use water to put it out, or a frozen pipe that burst and flooded your basement while you were away from home.

2. Determine if mold could have been prevented. If there was any reasonable way you could have intercepted fungus growth from occurring in your home, most insurance companies will deny coverage to remove it. Failing to monitor old pipework in your basement to prevent leaks, neglecting to repair or replace an aging roof that can retain water, or allowing shower mold to progress instead of cleaning it yourself are all scenarios where an insurance company will argue that you could have avoided mold formation.

3. Contact a professional to advise you. Call your homeowner's insurance representative at the first sign of mold to confirm if you have any coverage for cleanup and/or associated repairs. If you don’t, ask about adding a mold insurance rider to your existing policy for any future mold incidents. Even if you are covered, most policies have caps on the amount of mold benefits you can receive, so you should also contact a qualified mold remediation specialist for additional assistance.

Fungus growth can be a serious threat to your home. Knowing if your homeowner's insurance will assist you with cleanup or if you alone are financially responsible will help you decide the appropriate steps to take in addressing the issue.

Saving Your Houseplants From Mildew

9/27/2018 (Permalink)

Mold damage in Las Vegas, NV

If you’re finding that you have plant mildew, it could be that the building where your plants reside in Las Vegas, NV, is too wet or humid. Found only on live plants, mildew is a parasite that does not grow on other surfaces.

What It Looks Like

If you are noticing that your plants have a white or light gray powdery substance on them, this is most likely mildew growth. It will appear on the softer parts of your plants such as the leaves, buds and stems. It can also show up on the flowers and fruit. It isn’t generally seen on the woodier parts of a plant.

What Causes It

Several things may contribute to your plants developing a mildew problem:

  • An overly humid or wet environment
  • Overwatering
  • Too many plants together in the same area
  •  A plant that is unhealthy or weak, making it more vulnerable

Now that you’ve identified the problem and its source, there are several steps you can take to clear up plant mildew and prevent it from returning in the future.

What You Can Do To Remove It

Plants that are indoors should be moved outside if possible. This will often improve air movement and provide a drier environment for your plants. Carefully trim the affected areas off of your plant, starting with the most heavily infected parts. Treat your plants with an appropriate mildewcide.

What You Can Do To Prevent Future Mildew Growth

Make sure your plants are well cared for and strong. Healthy plants are less likely to succumb to this parasitic infection. Keep your plants in as bright an area as they can tolerate. When watering, water plants from the bottom. Try to keep from getting a lot of water on the leaves of your plant. There are also mildew-resistant soils you can use. Consider getting your home assessed for mold to be sure there isn’t a recurring moisture problem.

Plant mildew can be a disappointing problem to see on your favorite houseplants, but it is possible to remedy the situation and prevent its return. By implementing the above steps, you can enjoy the beauty of your houseplants without this parasite.

What to do if you find mold in your Summerlin Home?

8/15/2018 (Permalink)

What to do when you find Moldy Growth in Your Home in Summerlin and Sun City, Nevada

One of the major side-effects of water damage when it is not addressed correctly in Las Vegas is the possibility that this damage and residual moisture will cause dangerous microbes to grow to a level in a home or business in which the inhabitants of the home or business health is affected, or that the structure in these affected places are damaged also. Because thee growths can feed on the many parts of the structure that are organic, an almost endless food source is in place to feed not only the harmful toxic microbes, but all fungus, smelly odor and mildews in general.

The growth of this type of microbial growth occur so exponentially in homes and other buildings in Vegas because the right amount of moisture, and the aforementioned food source is all that is necessary to provide the conditions in which this problem can proliferate. If this moisture source is large enough, then along with this endless food source, the toxic growth can make a home or building Las Vegas unlivable in a mater of days. Even though this is an extreme situation, it does occur, but because both dangerous and non dangerous microbial growths that are not toxic always exist on most surfaces in most places in the world, it only requires the correct conditions to make this growth began to multiply exponentially.

Additionally, the proliferation of these dangerous microbes can exacerbate existing medical conditions and even create certain breathing maladies like asthma. If people are allergic, or the mold has proliferated beyond certain thresholds, the danger involved with toxic mold will exist for all inhabitants of the home or business. The very first step in eradicating this pressing issue is to remediate the source of moisture. This can be as simple as calling a plumber in Vegas to check for evident leaks, or even by utilizing the climate control capabilities of the building. HVAC systems remove moisture from the air, so one of the necessary components of the growth is eliminated. However, sometimes correcting moisture issues can involve a system of corrections to a building itself like improving venting or adding additional HVAC appliances that are expressly designed to remove excess moisture.

These issues are all expensive for treatment in the Summerlin Nevada and Sun City Nevada areas, so it becomes necessary to make an accurate assessment of the issue to determine the pertinent types of growths and the best method for eradicating such fungus, smelly odor and other microbial growths. The particular profession in the Sun City Nevada and Summerlin Nevada area that I necessary to employ to perform this type of treatment is an environmental hygienist. Sometimes the work of the environmental hygienist may only involve tracking down a source of odor and smell, but they are qualified and highly trained to asses any mold and microbial situation and apply the appropriate measures to eradicate this problem permanently. Visit for more information on mold remediation.

The 9 Steps Of Mold Remediation Services

6/25/2018 (Permalink)

At SERVPRO, everything begins with assessing the mold.

At SERVPRO, we know just how importance it is to protect homes and other property from the dangers that mold can cause to people living in those spaces. If your home is at risk of Las Vegas mold damage, we offer a complete remediation service, broken down into nine steps:

Step 1 - Mold Assessment
At SERVPRO, everything begins with assessing the mold. We will go to your home or property and do a full inspection of the infestation.

Step 2 - Securing Samples
It's not always necessary in every case, but sometimes our Las Vegas mold damage experts will realize that medical problems may be affected by mold, so a few core samples are taken for further off-site analysis.

Step 3 - Water Damage Clean-Up
If your home or business is providing a wet home for mold colonies to grow, we will send in our clean-up team to quickly take care of the problem.

Step 4 - Disposal of Contaminated Items
Unfortunately, some water damage events and mold infestations are too severe, and precious personal items and clothes get damaged beyond repair. At SERVPRO, we will safely dispose of mold-infested pillows, mattresses and other soiled porous items.

Step 5 - Drying
Once water leaks are repaired, it's important for our SERVPRO mold remediation crew to enter the space and carefully dry it, being extra cautious to avoid disturbing any mold spores.

Step 6 - Cleaning
Thankfully, many personal items and articles of clothing can be salvaged once they've been thoroughly dried out. To prevent future re-infestation, it is important to let our professional Las Vegas mold remediation team clean all items with a high-powered vacuum system.

Step 7 - Cleaning HVAC Systems
Sometimes mold and fungal spores enter through the air ducts and then rapidly circulate throughout the house or property. SERVPRO's elite team of mold remediation specialist will quickly and thoroughly clean and remove the spores from ventilation systems.

Step 8 - Restoration and Repair
SERVPRO is ready to help homeowners and property managers do almost anything necessary to restore their home or space to its original living conditions.

Step 9 - Debrief/Consultation
After the clean-up job is completely finished, our SERVPRO professionals will go over every step of the procedure with you, and offer tips about how to avoid mold infestations in the future.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

We live and work in this community too; we might even be neighbors. As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Summerlin North/Sun City is close by and ready to help with your mold-damaged property.

If a catastrophic storm or event occurs, we can call upon the resources of a national network of over 1,650 SERVPRO Franchises and special Disaster Recovery Teams strategically located throughout the country to respond to large scale disasters.

How Can I Detect Mold in My Home?

5/13/2018 (Permalink)

Give SERVPRO a call if you notice mold growing in your home or business.

Mold detection in your home isn’t always as simple as finding obvious fuzzy growths in the typical areas. Sometimes you need proper mold testing to identify hidden black mold and other substances in your Las Vegas, NV home, but when home mold testing kits aren’t reliable, how are you supposed to trust their results?

Trust an Indoor Environmental Specialist

Where home mold tests don’t do anything to concretely pinpoint hidden mold growth, the tools and techniques used by indoor environmental specialists offer more sensitive, accurate insights that can lead you right to the source of your mold problem. Other reasons you should trust an indoor environmental specialist include:

• Certification. Most indoor environmental specialists are certified in air quality management. This includes certifications in mold removal and remediation according to standards set out by a governing body.
• Safety. Indoor environmental specialists are equipped with the gear and knowledge needed to safely handle mold removal without further dispersing it into the air or causing additional spread of spores.
• Expertise. Indoor environmental specialists can provide recommendations not just on mold cleanup, but on mold prevention and repairs to water damage.
• Advanced techniques. A specialist’s more advanced techniques and tools will be able to find and identify hidden mold through a mold test.

When you hire a specialist, you’re assuring that the necessary precautions have been taken to properly remove all mold from your home, rather than only the mold you’re able to find through inspection with the naked eye and flawed DIY mold testing kits.

Is It Hard to Find an Indoor Environmental Specialist?

Not at all. Most home recovery and home remediation companies keep a certified indoor environmental specialist on staff to provide support for homeowners dealing with mold issues. Finding a local specialist should be as easy as picking up the phone. Visit for more information on mold. 

Can Mold Growth Be Prevented?

4/24/2018 (Permalink)

As a business owner in Las Vegas, NV you want to keep your company running at top efficiency. This means taking care of every aspect of the business, from the building you're in to the product you sell. Natural disasters, plumbing issues and other forms of water damage can surface even with the best maintenance. When water does fill your space, is mold a guaranteed secondary problem? With the help of a commercial mold remediation team, you may be able to use the following steps to prevent mold growth after flooding.

• Address Flooding Quickly: The longer water is able to sit in your building, the bigger the chance is that mold will start to develop. Depending on the source of the flood, fungus may start to grow in 24 to 48 hours after the initial introduction of water. You need to quickly determine what caused the flooding, turn off the water source if necessary and remove the water from your property.
• Dry Out Belongings: Once the standing water has been removed, the work is not over. Next, you have to make sure anything that is going back into the building is dry and clean. This could mean tearing out carpets and drywall to really dry out your building and take care of water damage.
• Monitor the Situation: Mold prevention does not happen overnight. It's a long process that continues throughout your ownership of the building. You need to monitor humidity levels to make sure a mold-friendly environment is not created. You can also have a professional do regular inspections of your space to ensure there are no hidden signs of mold damage.

Water damage can quickly lead to mold growth if you are not careful. While you may not be able to stop every type of flooding from affecting your building, you can act quickly to ensure mold does not start to grow. Visit for more information on mold. 

Black Mold: An Unwelcome Visitor

3/26/2018 (Permalink)

This is a big mold job SERVPRO was able to help with.

Fungus can be good, such as tasty mushrooms that get cooked up in kitchens. Other fungus, like black mold, is definitely bad. This is the kind of mold that people hope never shows up in their kitchens—or in any other room.

Understanding Mold

Black mold gives off tiny spores that can land and start to grow in humid, wet or water-damaged places. Mold also thrives in areas that don’t receive much air circulation. Basements, crawl spaces, bathrooms, ducts, attics, ceilings and window surrounds are particularly susceptible to mold growth.

Common causes of conditions leading to residential mold growth include the following:

• Broken or drippy pipes and other plumbing problems
• Issues with heating, cooling and ventilation units
• Poor insulation
• Leaky roofs and windows
• Flooding, seepage and storm damage

Mold has an unpleasant, musty odor and unsightly appearance, although it’s not always plainly visible. Any home in Las Vegas, NV that has experienced water damage could be a candidate for mold cleanup. Those needing mold remediation services should contact a qualified eradication specialist.

Banishing the Moldy Mess

Experienced professional mold cleaners may first ask several questions to help them determine the scope and nature of the job. Next they can carefully inspect the residence, using special tools to find “hidden” mold.

Professionals often use a variety of containment equipment, such as HEPA vacuums and negative air chambers, to prevent the spread of mold spores during residential mold eradication. They may also turn off any fans, furnaces or air conditioners so spores aren’t dispersed.

It may be necessary for the mold cleanup specialists to remove and dispose of porous materials that have harbored heavy growth, such as carpeting, drywall or insulation. The professionals may clean and sanitize affected surfaces and apply antifungal and antimicrobial treatments to kill mold and prevent new colonies. Finally, any necessary home restoration can begin.

Restoring a Fresh Home

Done properly, professional mold remediation can leave residents with a fresh, dry and disinfected home free of black mold. Residents can then rest assured that their unwelcome visitor has left the premises. Visit for more information on mold damage. 

3 Tips on Keeping Comfort in and Mold Damage Out

2/19/2018 (Permalink)

As with businesses in most climates, mold in Las Vegas, NV can turn into one big headache. Because all it needs is a small moisture problem to thrive, black mold in particular can become a subtle nuisance in commercial buildings both old and new. There are many different species, and it can grow on various surfaces, but mold generally has one aspect in common: it needs to go. Below are three mold cleanup tips that can help you tackle the problem and get back to your life.

1. Keep Humidity Below 45 Percent Indoors

Damp rooms—especially bathrooms—can provide the perfect setting for black mold. After all, mold requires water to grow. To best address this issue, be aware of humidity levels in your building’s bathrooms, kitchens, offices, and storage rooms. Contrary to what you may think, turning off HVAC systems and fans can help expunge the growth by keeping mold spores from spreading.

2. Don’t Attempt To Solve the Issue Alone

Although many DIY cleanup remedies may seem appealing, mold can be a pesky issue. Leave the hard part to the qualified professionals, and avoid attempting to dry the entire area. If mold is visible on any surface, chances are that it could also be spreading in other, more hidden areas as well, making the whole ordeal a potentially time-consuming task that takes away from your company’s productivity.

3. Address Any Leaks in the Building as Soon as Possible

If there is one takeaway from a mold invasion, it is that where water goes and settles, mold has a chance of following. Any excess water found in faucet leaks and other water sources are susceptible for mold. Watch out for affected surfaces such as tile or carpet, which can become difficult to manage. Turn off the water to fix the problem and keep mold from getting worse.

A black mold infestation occurring in any commercial building in Las Vegas, NV can seem a daunting problem. However, referring to the above tips can ease the stress and address the issue, all while you maintain peace of mind that the mold should eventually say goodbye.
Visit for more information on mold.

Signs of Mold Growth Behind Walls

8/14/2017 (Permalink)

Signs of Mold Growth Behind Walls

Black mold is far from the only type of mold that grows in homes today. Some people will see green mildew growing on a wall or a dark brown fungus in a basement and assume that they can clean mold in their home on their own. This can actually lead to the spores spreading to other spots in the home. Many people do not understand the mold removal basics either and can make the problem worse. If the home suffers from mold growth behind walls, the owner of that home needs to know what signs indicate the presence of that mold.

Musty or Smelly Odor

The problem with identifying mold growth behind walls is that it may stick to the drywall and not come through the plaster. A common sign of mold growth is a smelly odor. This odor generally smells slightly musty like water that didn't fully dry or old clothing. As the mold worsens inside the walls, the smell can spread to other rooms and become much stronger. Mold damage experts offering remediation and mitigation services will need to remove any of the damaged areas of the wall to remove the mold before repairing the holes they made and use deodorization products to reduce odors.

Dry Rot

A common sign of residential or commercial mold damage is dry rot. This is a type of rot most commonly found on wood surfaces, including floors and walls. A fungus growing in the home will actually feed off that wood. In the early stages, the spores look like mildew or a white powder on the wood's surface. As it keeps feeding, it will make the wood look dried out and damaged. Dry rot can eventually damage the wood to the point where it needs removed. Mold removal experts working for a restoration company can remove all traces of the mold or fungus and replace any of the wood areas damaged by the dry rot.

Mold Growth

Residential and commercial mold damage is one of the more common signs of mold growing inside a wall. The mold damage can take on many different forms and appear in a wide range of colors. Mildew generally looks pale green or light blue in color and is a common form of mold in a home that appears in the bathroom or kitchen. When the mold growth advances from inside the walls, it can appear on the exterior of the wall and inside the home too. Deodorization is a type of mold damage remediation that works on homes struck by black mold. With deodorization, the restoration company can remove the smelly odor left behind after the mold removal.

Cracks and Splits

Mitigation experts with experience in commercial mold damage will often look for cracks, splits and other issues when doing a mold damage inspection. They will look for any visible signs of mold in a home that can indicate mold growth and mold lurking inside walls. While some worry more about black mold, even mildew or another type of fungus is a good candidate for mold removal. Cracks on the ceiling are one sign that a property owner needs professional mitigation or remediation. This type of mold damage occurs when a water leak puts too much pressure on the ceiling and can be a sign of residential or commercial mold damage.

Turning to a restoration company is the first step in finding out which remediation and mitigation options are best for mold in a home. Commercial mold damage requires the same steps such as deodorization to eliminate a smelly odor and replacement of any dry rot affected areas. Mold growth behind walls can be harder to see but can show some visible signs of mold growth too. Professionals working for a restoration company can identify any black mold growing in the home and decide what to do about any mold growth behind walls that residents cannot see. Visit for more information on mold.

The Steps of Mold Remediation

7/21/2017 (Permalink)

The Steps of Mold Remediation

The growth of mold in the home can cause significant damage. The dry rot can weaken the structural integrity of the home making it more vulnerable to collapse. The presence of black mold in the property can also lower its value in the market since sellers are required to disclose everything. You need professional advice on mold mitigation so as to avoid its development in the house. However, should this fail, you need remediation steps. These are the processes involved in mold removal to ensure that it is completely exterminated from the home. To ensure the mold damage and the associated smelly odor is completely removed, choose a professional restoration company for the work.

Locating the black mold

Mold removal should be a thorough process. Leaving some black mold in some areas only gives it a chance to regrow. If you notice mold growth in the home, call in mold removal experts. They will come and carry out an assessment on the mold in the home and give an informed analysis on the extent of the growth. While there are some tests that you can purchase to check for mold growth, it is recommended that you use professionals who can perform a more detailed assessment on the dry rot. You might fail to find all the black mold leading to ineffective remediation. The professionals will go over every room in your house looking for the common signs of mold growth. These include damp areas, a smelly odor, dry rot, mildew, and fungus. They have the experience needed to ensure they check in some of the hard to reach areas such as under the floor coverings, inside walls, in the ceiling, and in the air conditioning units.

Assembling mold damage remediation supplies

In order to make the mold removal process effective, you should invest in strong fungicides. These should be able to remove all the fungus and mildew in the house and reduce the chances of mold growth. If you are concerned about the environment, you can either purchase environmentally friendly fungicides yourself or select a professional mold removal company that uses them. When cleaning up commercial mold damage, ensure that the area being worked on is properly covered. This would ensure that the mold remediation process does not cause further damage in your workplace. In addition to the supplies for cleaning up the mold damage, you also need equipment to replace those damaged by black mold such as the drywall or carpeting.

Mold damage work area preparation

For commercial mold damage cleanup, the remediation area should be cleared up. The restoration company knows how to use special plastic that cannot transmit fungus and mildew outside of the mitigation area. For the duration of the mitigation process, the air conditioning unit should be sealed off with duct tape. It should not be operated to avoid spreading mildew and fungus. A negative pressure machine can also be operated in the commercial mold damage cleanup area. It helps to allow air flow in the work area but does not spread the fungus and the mildew. If removing mold growth behind a wall when there is mold in the home, the work area preparation may need the removal of some segments of the wall. This allows the restoration company professional to remove all the dry rot in the house including mold growth behind a wall.

Protective gear against commercial mold damage

Cleaning up commercial mold damage also requires protective gear. This should be made of special material that does not allow spores to penetrate. The gear also helps the cleaners from the smelly odor as well as fumes from the deodorization process.

Mold in home cleanup

The last step is the actual cleanup. The restoration company professionals ensure they get all the areas including the mold growth behind the walls. After the cleanup, they also carry out deodorization to remove the smelly odor. The deodorization perfumes used should be capable of doing the work before you go back to your own air fresheners. The professionals should not forget the deodorization of remote areas affected by the mold. They can also offer mitigation advice to help prevent future re-occurrences. The advice can help you avoid mold growth behind wall since this is a common source area.
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How is Mold Removal Handled By a Professional?

6/20/2017 (Permalink)

How is Mold Removal Handled By a Professional?

If you are dealing with mold in the home or commercial mold damage, you might have been advised that it's a good idea to work with a professional mold removal company. However, you could be wondering what these companies actually do when it comes to the remediation and mitigation of fungus, mildew and mold. Obviously, this will depend on the specifics of your mold problem, but these are some basic steps that are taken by many mold remediation and mitigation companies.

Assessing the Problem

Before the mold removal company can get started, a team of professionals will first need to determine the extent of the mold damage. Your average homeowner or business owner might notice a smelly odor and might be concerned about things like deodorization or cleaning away visible mold, but a mold damage mitigation and removal company will take things much further than that. They will carefully inspect the area to determine just how much mold exists and why the mold grew in the home or commercial building in the first place. Then, they can get started in coming up with a good plan for mitigation and remediation.

Checking the Air

One thing that a lot of people do not realize is that mold damage isn't just visible with the eyes, but it can cause problems with the air quality within a home or commercial building as well. Therefore, many mold damage professionals will run a test to determine if the air quality has been affected by the mold damage. Then, they will have a better idea of how major the mold in the home or commercial mold damage really are.

Removing Mold-Infested Materials

Some things can be saved with mold removal, but other items cannot. A company that specializes in fungus, mildew and mold removal and remediation will look for any materials that will need to be thrown away due to the presence of mold, mildew and fungus. Carpeting might need to be removed, and in some cases, walls may have to be replaced. Furnishings that cannot be salvaged will also need to be disposed of. A team of professionals that is accustomed to dealing with mold in the home and commercial mold damage will know how to determine which items can be salvaged and which ones can't, and they will make sure that ruined items are disposed of in the proper way.

Cleaning and Sanitation

Fungus, mildew and mold in the home can make a big mess that you might not be able to completely see with your own two eyes. Therefore, simply wiping everything down with your favorite cleanser is generally not going to be an effective means of getting rid of home and commercial mold damage, even if you might see results in the beginning.

Mold can quickly grow and spread beyond what you can see, and all of the mold and mold spores will need to be cleaned up if you want to prevent the problem from spreading once again. A professional team that specializes in handling mold removal will clean every inch of your home or commercial property to get rid of the presence of mold and to leave the area squeaky clean and nice and sanitary.

Getting Rid of Odors

As you might have already noticed, a smelly odor can go along with mold growth. You might think that spraying your favorite odor eliminating spray is a good deodorization method, but this just covers up the problem. Instead, specific deodorization methods will need to be taken if you want to effectively get rid of the smelly odor that goes along with mold for good. Luckily, a team that is experienced with handling mold removal can help with getting rid of these odors so that you will never know that the mold was there in the first place.

Dealing with mold in your home or business can be challenging. Luckily, if you hire a professional team, you should be able to count on them to take these steps to get your home or property back in good condition, from removing the mold itself to taking care of deodorization to get rid of the smelly odor that might be left lingering behind.
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Top Mold Removal and Remediation Tips

6/2/2017 (Permalink)

Top Mold Removal and Remediation Tips

If your home or office gets smelly during summer, then you likely have a mold problem. The presence of a smelly odor that results from a mold infestation makes the occupants of a room experience great discomfort when breathing. Residential and commercial mold damage can be controlled by these simple mold removal strategies:

• Scrubbing with Soap to Eliminate Mold Damage

This method works best in cases where the mold damage has not grown too deep. All you need to do in remediation is to scrub the mildew or fungus with soap and water, and your problem will simply disappear. Soap is not the most effective mold removal agent, but it can significantly lead to the mitigation of your problem’s severity.

• Spray with a Tea Tree Oil Solution

Tea tree oil is a strong anti-fungal ingredient, which makes it perfect for mold removal and remediation. Simply add a teaspoon of tea tree oil to a cup of water and shake or mix the liquid thoroughly. You can then spray the mixture on the mold-infested areas of your home or office. You only need to spray lightly then wipe the surface after.

You don’t even have to shop for a spraying bottle if you don’t already have one for mold remediation and removal. Another effective option is to use a piece of cloth that is soaked with the liquid. Use this cloth to wipe moldy areas of your home. To prevent the spread of mold, you can also use this mixture to clean up dark and moist sections of your house, especially during summer.

In the case of commercial mold damage, you can let the furniture sprayed sit outside for a while since the smell of tea tree oil can be very strong.

• Baking Soda for Mildew Removal

Baking soda is a common mold removal or mitigation ingredient. It is an ideal option for persons experiencing commercial mold damage since it can get rid of the fungus fast enough for you to resume your daily routine.

If your fungus problem has not yet gotten out of hand, you should use a baking soda paste to scrub the affected areas of your home. It is made by mixing baking soda and water in the ratio of 1:1. This concoction should get rid of the problem in your house in no time.

For larger fungus infestations, add 2 teaspoons of baking soda to a cup of water and shake the mixture. Place it in a spray bottle and use it on the mold in home infested furniture and corners.

Besides getting rid of the fungus in your house, baking soda is also known to work as a deodorization agent. It means it can absorb the smelly odor of the fungi effectively. In addition, this ingredient can be a preventive measure for mildew or mold. You will have to let the baking soda solution dry in the warm corners of your house for it to work. The remaining layer of baking soda will prevent the future growth of mold in home in sections like its corners.

Tips on How to Prevent Mold Damage

Mold is a bother to deal with. Commercial mold damage is, especially sickening since you have to get your work done in an uncomfortable environment. If you don’t want to deal with mold in home environments, you can take steps to prevent their growth. Mold remediation is not that tough since the first and most apparent step would be to always clean up moisture in your home or office. Improving the air flow in your living or working environment can also prevent the growth of mold in home or office settings considerably.

Deodorization after Mold damage

Mitigation of the smelly odor of fungus can be done using deodorization agents. The most effective ingredients for deodorization are baking soda, cat litter, and charcoal briquettes. All you need to do is let the deodorization agent sit in the region of mildew infestation for some time, and the smelly odor will be absorbed.
Visit for more information on mold removal and remediation.

Mold Remediation Solutions By SERVPRO of Summerlin

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A house full of moisture or wet walls is a perfect place for mold to grow. Mold, otherwise harmless in outside environment, can create a lot of hassles if grown inside the house Other than that it produces pungent smell which makes the place inhabitable. Therefore, there is a need of expert team with sufficient knowledge and work experience to deal with such problem. SERVPRO is one of the reputed firms in this field and has proved its mettle on various occasions. To know how and what makes them the best let’s see some of the points:

  1. Response at the quickest possible time: Mold remediation Las Vegas needs to be done at earliest notice because molds colony spreads quickly. If goes untreated then it can spread to rest part of the house without much time. Therefore it is essential that a team of expertise can arrive at the quickest possible time for mold remediation. SERVPRO has been known in las Vegas for its prompt services. Not only does it provide the best service but it makes sure to reach the scenario and do the evaluation, analysis, and remediation at the quickest time possible.
  2. Expert team: Equipped with the latest equipment, and trained with latest technologies, SERVPRO has been leading the market with best methodology and practices. This makes it possible to make a quick recovery from any problem. Mold remediation Las Vegas team has been able to serve its local people with the greatest ease due to this reason.
  3. All time availability: What makes SERVPRO the best is that they are available at all the times. So whenever the need arises one can expect to get the best service of SERVPRO at any time. The team will look into the matter and will take necessary precautions and steps required for complete mold remediation and moisture removal.
  4. Locally available at all major places: The best part is that the service is available locally in Las Vegas. This makes it the best candidate for handling any major problem related to mold or water retention. Local availability of an expert team means a person can reliably give the task to SERVPRO.

The above points are some of the facts that make SERVPRO great. But other than that there are many other things that undergo to make SERVPRO the first choice when mold remediation need arises. Choose only SERVPRO and rest be assured of quality treatment. For more information please visit

3 Signs That You Need Mold Mitigation

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4 Signs That You Need Mold Mitigation

Unless it was built in the middle of a dessert, any home is bound to be susceptible to mold and mildew. And in most cases, by the time a homeowner realizes that their house is in need of a mold cleanup, the damage has already been done. As such, it is vital for every home or business owner to understand microbial growth and know how to detect fungus in its earliest stages of growth.

Only a qualified environmental hygienist can properly assess the damage and determine the right mitigation strategy. But anyone can identify a fungus infestation early on as long as they know what to look for. Here are 3 tell-tale signs that your home or business is in need of a mold cleanup:

1. Odor

A strong, pungent, musty smell means that mold and mildew have pretty much taken over the building. However, if you know where to look, a slight odor of fungi can also be an early warning sign. For instance, closing all the windows and doors in a room for about an hour can weed out the source of the musty smell. And, in case the smell is only noticeable when the heating or air conditioning is on, the HVAC probably needs a proper mold cleanup.

2. Visible Microbial Growth

Most people assume that they know what mold looks like. However, some types of microbial growth tend to hide in plain sight. Environmental hygienists say the most common place to look for visible mildew is the bathroom. It can usually be found growing between tiles, on the grout.

Even if the grout has a very small spot of mildew, it may be a sign that there's a moisture problem in the bathroom. Chances are, there's a much larger amount of microbial growth behind the tiles. Only a qualified environmental hygienist can determine if that's the case and decide on the best mitigation strategy.

3. Damp Basement

When it comes to mold cleanup inside a home, the first place an environmental hygienist checks is always the basement. It's usually the least ventilated and most humid room in the house, which makes it a perfect habitat for fungus. In addition to that, the basement is rarely used so it gets cold at night, leading to condensation.

Professional mold mitigation implies eliminating all existing mold. But it's even more important to eliminate the reason why it began to grow in the first place. So, if the basement needed a mold cleanup, any true mitigation expert will recommend steps to decrease the moisture levels and prevent the problem from becoming a reoccurring one. Visit for more information on mold removal and remediation.

What to do When Your Find Mold in Your Home

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What to do When Your Find Mold in Your Home

As a property owner in Las Vegas, it is important to keep your property well maintained throughout the year. One of the ways in which you can maintain your property is to be on the lookout for microbial growth. Whenever you see things such as mold in your Las Vegas property, it will be in your best interest to look for ways to safeguard it. You will need to find where the microbial growth is located and then seal it until you can contact a home restoration company. Since mold in your Vegas property can lead to contamination and damage, it will be important to try to sanitize the area as well as keep others away from it. By following these steps, you will be in position to preserve the condition of your Vegas property.

Another type of microbe growth you will need to look for in your Summerlin Nevada property is fungus. Whenever you find fungus in your Summerlin Nevada property, you will want to do the same things you do with other forms of microbe growth. It will be important to safeguard the area where the microbe growth is and then attempt to use detergents and cleaners to help clean the surrounding area of the property where it is located. Along with doing these things, you will need to contact a home restoration property to eliminate any microbe growth or smelly odor in your Sun City Nevada property. Home restoration companies will have the equipment and tools to help restore your Sun City Nevada property by locating and then washing out the microbe growth and the smelly odor it is likely to leave behind.

After finding microbe growth in your property, contacting a home restoration company is one of the best things that you can do. They will provide you with an initial consultation to schedule an appointment and then come over to evaluate the situation. The company will send over an environmental hygienist to inspect the property and find out where the microbe growth is. A home restoration environmental hygienist will also look to see if it is spreading to other areas of the property as well. Once they determine the extent of the microbe growth, they will then begin the treatment process. During the treatment process, a home restoration professional will get certain chemicals and equipment to first remove the microbe growth. They will then begin sanitizing the area in order to get rid of any excess growth left behind. After this is all done, your property will be restored.

The individual who comes to your property to eliminate the microbe growth will then give you instructions on how to best manage your home in terms of microbe growth. A home restoration professional will go over procedures on how to prevent future growths from occurring as well as ways on how to get rid of them if they do return. With these instructions, property owners will be in better position to keep their properties free of any microbe growth more easily.

SERVPRO Summerlin North Sun City: Best for Mold Mediation in Las Vegas

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SERVPRO Summerlin North Sun City: Best for Mold Remediation in Las Vegas


Mold is a huge nuisance in the household. It can further blacken the existing grout lines on the shower walls, discolor drywalls, it shows up as black spots on the sidings, darkens the decks, and grows on wood and often end up rotting them.


All houses are prone to mold infestations, there are few to none that are thoroughly secured from mold. The trick lies in trying to stop them before they grow in size and destruct the house as well as the health of each and every member of the house. We need to eliminate the small infestations as well as the big ones that often go out of hand.


Mold infestations happen if there is a water leakage and it takes around forty eight hours to spread. Before curbing mold infestations, we must try to curb the source of water leakage and prevent any water damage. Mold spores thrive on moisture and we need to kill its source. Humidity acts as an aggregator in mold infestations. We must not try to dry these ourselves and implement homemade techniques to curb mold spores. Mold produces allergens and irritants, if you find any such moldings; call us on our helpline number for mold remediation or log on to our website to find out about our services. Click on / to know more.


Why us?


We are trained to reach disaster sites in the least amount of time. Mold infestations are quick to spread; we will be there to help you out. We have highly trained professionals who are vetted and tested for their mold remediation skills. We implement latest technology and expert techniques to curb a mold infestation. We use the best equipment provided to help fight the mold off. If you call us, rest assured, your problems will be taken care of.

Find out Quick & safe Service for Water Damage Remediation

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SERVPRO provides quick & safe remediation services for water damage in Las Vegas, Water damage can be devastating to your residence. The best exploit one can take is to stop further damage and remediation any risky health problem.

Flood water remediation requires emergency hiring a professional such as our expert is the most excellent bet you can have. If the damage is not dealt immediately with, it can cause permanent damage to your home in Las Vegas, Where there is extreme water & moisture or found molds will require going because they create a health risk.

Our water damage remediation procedure is not only for the residential property but commercial property as well. Water damage can crop up in walls, basements, ceilings and other areas. We understand that remediation necessitates:

  • Accurate estimation: the level of the damage is determined.
  • Treatment and resurgence: best and safe equipment is used for the purpose of dehumidifying, drying, disinfecting and deodorizing.


We usually have a team for emergency answer hotline, supporting the communities in these worrying situations. The technicians who handle water damage emergencies are repeatedly IICRC certified remediation professionals, experienced flooding and water failure scenarios on residential, industrial and commercial scales.

Our professional will arrive at your place of emergency within 30 minutes, for the most part. We know that time is of the spirit and rapid attention to your emergency will reduce the period and cost of the remediation. The experts reach your destination ready to assess the water damage and start drying out immediately. The trucks are able to with gear and goods necessary for water remediation job. We truly present dependable, competent and modified service for a variety of ruin recovery conditions.

 Water damage reinstatement professional engage in the complete repair and renovation of your home or office following natural collapse or artificial things as well. Water restoration scenarios involve flood loss prevention and water drying and removal. Our company have expertise in loss restraint. Many household items such as furniture, electronics, clothing, photographs, books, artwork and many others can be recovered in restoration facilities that specialize in recovering personal property from flood emergencies. Water damage restoration professional can store your salvaged personal substance until your reinstatement job is complete.

We provide the services of emergency water remediation situation involve mold influx if left unprocessed for longer than one to two days. Thus, mold remediation is a necessary service water damage restoration experts engage in routinely, structural drying, Mold removal dehumidification & disinfection are critical to the  completion of most restoration task.

Our professional's water damage remediation routinely works, frankly with homeowners' insurance companies to file claims. Usually, when water damage restoration service provider bill insurance companies directly, the paperwork formalities is filled out properly and the process flows easily so the claim is timely processed quickly and without delays.

To conclude, our professional make it our duty to bring the intelligence of safety you once had in your home back to you. You can find us for water Damage Remediation Las Vegas estimates and services.


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Call SERVPRO of downtown Las Vegas if you are looking for a restoration of your property that has suffered damages from a fire. One of the trickiest things about fire damage restoration is that when a property is facing damage from fire and smoke. Automatically it will be facing damage from water used in the firefighting efforts. SERVPRO can help you from your distress very quickly by its specialized fire damage equipment and recovery techniques. With the amount of expertise and experience, they can help you through the tough time.  SERVPRO will carefully restore your gutted property back to its formal glory quicker than you expect.

Fire damage restoration Las Vegas can be very quickly handled by SERVPRO. It is a mandatory protocol to start the restoration process as fast as possible to minimize any further damage. SERVPRO with its 24/7 emergency services responds to your problem as fast as possible with world-class expertise on the subject. With franchises all over the country and Canada, SERVPRO is one of the pioneers and business leaders in this field which can cater to clients demands fast. Call SERVPRO immediately if you are stressed out about a fire damage issue.

SERVPRO has utmost specialization in this field with experts of different categories needed for the restoration process. SERVPRO hosts expert Fire and smoke restoration technicians, Upholstery and fabric cleaning technicians, Odor control technicians as well as water damage restoration technicians who by their training and experience help you to restore your property from fire damage. There is no real alternative to true expertise if you are looking for a perfect solution to your problem and SERVPRO has it.

SERVPRO values its customers the most. It is extremely important to us that we deliver our best service to our clients and that is why to thrive for. SERVPRO’s primary goal will always be how fast we can restore the property hand lower the restoration cost. By using our specialized training and advanced equipment, we tirelessly work on the fire damage restoration process so that our clients can get back to their homes or organizations as soon as possible.

SERVPRO being a part of the Las Vegas community is a locally run business. We thrive to make the Las Vegas community a better band safer place by doing our little part. Fire damage restoration Las Vegas thus should only mean SERVPRO. Being an integral part of the Las Vegas Community, we can respond to your fire damage emergency with lightning fast speed.

How to deal with mold infestation

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How to deal with mold infestation

There are companies that are known to deal with mold and they offer the services like mold remediation and indoor air quality. When it comes to mold, there is no need to test it. If you smell or if you can see the mold, then you already have the mold problem. Mold is normally the sign of something which is even bigger such as buildup moisture and inadequate ventilation. The homes that have high moisture and high relative humidity or stagnant water may be susceptible to mold growth.

When it comes to looking for a mold remediation service provider, look for skilled, reliable and honest company. The following are some of the suggestions about how you can find good contractors and consultants. You should get many estimates while making sure that the parties do bid at the same work. Ensure that the contractor comes to the job site and do not agree to the telephone estimates. Ask for references from the past customers and call them to make sure that they were satisfied with the job done on their properties. Gets a written report about the inspection including the areas that were inspected, the reasons behind the mold growth and how the problem should be dealt with?

You have to see how the contractor deals with you, if he comes on the right time or if he cleans up after doing the inspection. You should keep in mind that it is not possible for the house to be mold free.  Do not hire a company that tells you that they will get rid of the entire mold.  Check if there is any complaint that has been fired against the company before you hire it. Make sure that the company has been accredited and also licensed.

The first things that mold remediation Las Vegas should do are to know the reason behind the infestation if it is a plumbing leak or a roof. The mold may get spread in the property within 72 hours and it can produce the allergens with the irritants that have the potential of causing the health problems. When you suspect that the business or the home has the mold, call the immediately.  The company will come to assess the home or the business if you really suffer the mold and if the mold is found, then they will use their expertise, equipment and training to get rid of it.