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The Steps of Mold Remediation

7/21/2017 (Permalink)

The Steps of Mold Remediation

The growth of mold in the home can cause significant damage. The dry rot can weaken the structural integrity of the home making it more vulnerable to collapse. The presence of black mold in the property can also lower its value in the market since sellers are required to disclose everything. You need professional advice on mold mitigation so as to avoid its development in the house. However, should this fail, you need remediation steps. These are the processes involved in mold removal to ensure that it is completely exterminated from the home. To ensure the mold damage and the associated smelly odor is completely removed, choose a professional restoration company for the work.

Locating the black mold

Mold removal should be a thorough process. Leaving some black mold in some areas only gives it a chance to regrow. If you notice mold growth in the home, call in mold removal experts. They will come and carry out an assessment on the mold in the home and give an informed analysis on the extent of the growth. While there are some tests that you can purchase to check for mold growth, it is recommended that you use professionals who can perform a more detailed assessment on the dry rot. You might fail to find all the black mold leading to ineffective remediation. The professionals will go over every room in your house looking for the common signs of mold growth. These include damp areas, a smelly odor, dry rot, mildew, and fungus. They have the experience needed to ensure they check in some of the hard to reach areas such as under the floor coverings, inside walls, in the ceiling, and in the air conditioning units.

Assembling mold damage remediation supplies

In order to make the mold removal process effective, you should invest in strong fungicides. These should be able to remove all the fungus and mildew in the house and reduce the chances of mold growth. If you are concerned about the environment, you can either purchase environmentally friendly fungicides yourself or select a professional mold removal company that uses them. When cleaning up commercial mold damage, ensure that the area being worked on is properly covered. This would ensure that the mold remediation process does not cause further damage in your workplace. In addition to the supplies for cleaning up the mold damage, you also need equipment to replace those damaged by black mold such as the drywall or carpeting.

Mold damage work area preparation

For commercial mold damage cleanup, the remediation area should be cleared up. The restoration company knows how to use special plastic that cannot transmit fungus and mildew outside of the mitigation area. For the duration of the mitigation process, the air conditioning unit should be sealed off with duct tape. It should not be operated to avoid spreading mildew and fungus. A negative pressure machine can also be operated in the commercial mold damage cleanup area. It helps to allow air flow in the work area but does not spread the fungus and the mildew. If removing mold growth behind a wall when there is mold in the home, the work area preparation may need the removal of some segments of the wall. This allows the restoration company professional to remove all the dry rot in the house including mold growth behind a wall.

Protective gear against commercial mold damage

Cleaning up commercial mold damage also requires protective gear. This should be made of special material that does not allow spores to penetrate. The gear also helps the cleaners from the smelly odor as well as fumes from the deodorization process.

Mold in home cleanup

The last step is the actual cleanup. The restoration company professionals ensure they get all the areas including the mold growth behind the walls. After the cleanup, they also carry out deodorization to remove the smelly odor. The deodorization perfumes used should be capable of doing the work before you go back to your own air fresheners. The professionals should not forget the deodorization of remote areas affected by the mold. They can also offer mitigation advice to help prevent future re-occurrences. The advice can help you avoid mold growth behind wall since this is a common source area.
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