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Getting Rid of Mold Following Water Damage

6/20/2017 (Permalink)

Getting Rid of Mold Following Water Damage

Water damage is one of the leading causes of emergency repair in the United States and is an absolute nightmare to handle without the consult of experts. The primary reason that this damage is so difficult to deal with is the fact that it can cause devastation in nearly every area of a home or building. Water damage can cause negative effects with woods surfaces and floors, expensive appliances, roofing systems, furniture, carpets, and more. One of the more devastating results of water damage to a property is the increase in the presence of deadly black mold following the damage.

Black mold has become known as a highly debilitating, air-borne fungus that thrives in dark, damp, warm environments. Buildings which have been subject to water damage including weather associated flooding, pipe bursts, and plumbing issues are all highly susceptible to further damage from black mold infestation. This dangerous substance can initially breed in unseen places and, after the homeowner has become heavily distracted with the water damage restoration process, it can expand in size and effectiveness. A large amount of black mold can eat through wood and pipes (it feeds on any organic substance to survive) and can also damage the lung capacity in humans and animals, especially in infants.

There are several steps that homeowners should take to ensure that black mold does not become a problem during water damage restoration services. Following the massive entrance of water in home environments, home owners should immediately contact restoration service providers to inquire about the level of damage and the water cleanup method that can be used in the particular circumstance. Damage restoration experts will then likely gather relevant information about the property damage, including whether or not there was flood damage or if there has been any attempt at water cleanup prior to the company being contacted. After conducting drying assessment and deciding the correct course of treatment for a particular home or business, experts will advise the owner regarding repairs that are needed to properly restore the building.

At this point, clients should have an expert thoroughly check the building to ensure that black mold cannot be found. If the damaging water in home environments is not properly dried and expelled black mold can be found in as little as one month following the initial damage. If the damaging water in business facilities or homes was left to sit for any period of time (a situation that usually occurs properties wrecked by flood damage) black mold experts should be encouraged to inspect the building as soon as it is safe to be entered. By expediting this process, owners run less of a risk that the mold will have spread to other areas of the building.

Mitigation in restoration services can lead to the overall health of a family or group of business professionals. Damage mitigation often includes the assessment of damages, a thorough attempt at drying and other water cleanup practices, and estimate of future repairs which need to be made. In the case of black mold, mitigation can be the difference between paying an average repair bill and paying an enormous one. Flood damage can cause black mold to grow at a rapid rate because of the standing water and the humid climate it creates. For this reason, the customer should ensure that mitigation services don't simply include water cleanup and drying, but that it includes a clean sweep of the areas affected by water in the home environment to ensure that black mold is adequately treated.

The drying process can sometimes be beneficial to clients who fear that flood damage and other damage from water in business or home facilities have caused. This process involves the use of customized tools that are designed to treat areas that are highly susceptible to black mold due to the location of water in business facilities. After the areas that have been severely affected by water in home environments have been searched and treated, clients should follow up with mold prevention treatments on a regular basis for the next full year. Clients should also remember that damage from water in business locations are quite dangerous with regards to the development of black mold because employees can hold the business liable for any health concerns they may experience due to negligence.
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