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How Drain Cleaners Can Damage Pipes

8/20/2019 (Permalink)

Drain cleaners can damage your pipes

Different Kinds Of Cleaners And How They Can Damage Your Pipes

Bathrooms and kitchens are both vulnerable to having a clogged drain. When hair, grease, oil, fat, or soap build up, they stop up a sink or shower, leaving you with a real mess on your hands. Some homeowners in Summerlin, NV, turn to a chemical drain cleaner they can buy at the store, but they may not realize that they could be doing more harm than good. Let’s look at the different kinds of cleaners and how they can damage your pipes.

The Big Three

Most chemical drain cleaners fall into one of three categories:

  • Acid, such as sulfuric or hydrochloric, not typically sold to the public
  • Oxidizing, such as bleach, nitrate, or peroxide
  • Caustic, such as lye or potash

The chemicals work in a similar way; they create heat through a chemical reaction, which in turn can help break through a clogged drain. You can also find enzymatic cleaners, which rely on bacteria or enzymes to digest the elements of a clog, and they can be particularly helpful for sewage cleaning or septic systems.

Out of Harm’s Way

Unfortunately, chemical drain cleaners can damage your pipes in the process of breaking down the clog. Older metal pipes may soften, warp, or leak because of the heat caused by the chemical reaction, and even working pipes can be damaged through repeated use of these products. The drain cleaner may also not totally dissolve a clog, which means it could get stuck somewhere else in your plumbing system that may be more difficult to reach. In addition, these harsh chemicals are dangerous for you, your family, and your pets, and they aren’t good for the environment either.

An Easier Solution

Rather than rely on what you can find in the stores, you should seek out the expertise of residential water repair specialists in Summerlin, NV. They are Here to Help and have the proper equipment to locate and clear a clogged drain without relying on harmful chemicals. You can have the results you want without hurting your plumbing in the long run.

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