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5 Common Types of House Mold

5/23/2019 (Permalink)

Stachybotrys also known as black mold

Five Common Tips of Mold in Homes

If you’ve discovered mold in your home in City Summerlin, NV, you may wonder what species it is and whether or not you should be worried. All mold growth, no matter the type of mold, can be harmful to your home and may need to be addressed by a mold remediation specialist. Here are five common types of mold found in homes.

1. Cladosporium

Often found on dead or live plant material, this type of mold lives both outside and in homes. It is often dark green, brown, or black in color. It grows on damp wallpaper, HVAC insulation, wet carpet, and acrylic painted walls.

2. Trichoderma

While trichoderma is most commonly found in forests, wood, and soil, it can make its way into your home, especially where water damage has occurred. This type of mold can also be brought indoors via surfaces that come into contact with it outdoors before entering your home, such as clothing, shoes, and pets.

3. Penicillium

While some species of penicillium have done the world plenty of good by aiding in the treatment of bacterial infections, this fungus can be problematic if found in your home. You might find this mold species growing on your fruits and vegetables or living on your walls, carpets, or furniture. Penicillium is often easy to identify since it can be either yellow, green, or blue in color.

4. Stachybotrys Chartarum

More commonly known as black mold, mold growth from this type of fungus is often found in HVAC systems and other areas with consistent moisture. It can be either green or black in color and has an identifiable musty smell.

5. Aspergillus

High humidity levels can cause this common type of mold to be found in your home. One type of Aspergillus, called Aspergillus fumigatus, is often found in pillows.

While these five types of mold are very common, there are many more species out there. Mold growth of any kind can be very serious, and you may need to have it taken care of immediately.

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