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Saving Your Houseplants From Mildew

9/27/2018 (Permalink)

Mold damage in Las Vegas, NV

If you’re finding that you have plant mildew, it could be that the building where your plants reside in Las Vegas, NV, is too wet or humid. Found only on live plants, mildew is a parasite that does not grow on other surfaces.

What It Looks Like

If you are noticing that your plants have a white or light gray powdery substance on them, this is most likely mildew growth. It will appear on the softer parts of your plants such as the leaves, buds and stems. It can also show up on the flowers and fruit. It isn’t generally seen on the woodier parts of a plant.

What Causes It

Several things may contribute to your plants developing a mildew problem:

  • An overly humid or wet environment
  • Overwatering
  • Too many plants together in the same area
  •  A plant that is unhealthy or weak, making it more vulnerable

Now that you’ve identified the problem and its source, there are several steps you can take to clear up plant mildew and prevent it from returning in the future.

What You Can Do To Remove It

Plants that are indoors should be moved outside if possible. This will often improve air movement and provide a drier environment for your plants. Carefully trim the affected areas off of your plant, starting with the most heavily infected parts. Treat your plants with an appropriate mildewcide.

What You Can Do To Prevent Future Mildew Growth

Make sure your plants are well cared for and strong. Healthy plants are less likely to succumb to this parasitic infection. Keep your plants in as bright an area as they can tolerate. When watering, water plants from the bottom. Try to keep from getting a lot of water on the leaves of your plant. There are also mildew-resistant soils you can use. Consider getting your home assessed for mold to be sure there isn’t a recurring moisture problem.

Plant mildew can be a disappointing problem to see on your favorite houseplants, but it is possible to remedy the situation and prevent its return. By implementing the above steps, you can enjoy the beauty of your houseplants without this parasite.

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