Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Wind Driven Rain Ruins Room

When the wind blows hard enough that the rain hits under the shingles and eaves of a roof. The top of this window also had its seal damaged over time which allo... READ MORE

Storm Damage In Las Vegas Home

This Las Vegas home was unfortunate to have flooding after the monsoon rains passed through. The homeowners were devastated with the damage that was in their ho... READ MORE

Containment During Storm Damage

This home had a containment built to keep damages from spreading further. Flooding came though the main floor but soaked and broke through the top floor. The pr... READ MORE

Thermal camera to detect storm damage

This classroom had water leaking into this room. The corner of the roof had blown up during high winds and storm which allowed the water to come in and leave th... READ MORE

Storm Damage to Las Vegas Home

Storm Damage to Las Vegas Home This home had water damage from heavy rains. Rain water had gone behind the cabinets and caused mold to start growing. The entire... READ MORE

Las Vegas Storm Damage – Portion of Roof Blown Off

The flood damage at this Las Vegas home occurred during a powerful rainstorm carrying high gusty winds. A portion of the customer’s roof was blown away while th... READ MORE