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How to Easily Navigate Storm Related Damages

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How to Easily Navigate Storm Related Damages

The weather is very unpredictable. In most cases, storms cause flooding, wind damage, frozen pipes, roof leaks and ice damage. While most people may have taken precautionary home restoration measures to protect against flooding, the first step of cutting down loses and bring a business up and running is to opt for a plan in storm remediation. The following are steps for storm damage remediation.

What type of weather requires storm remediation?

Many places with fluctuation weather conditions can cause storm damage. The heavy rains cause river flooding and a rise in ground water which result in massive flooding to homes and businesses. When the temperatures become too low like in winter, the flood water freezes resulting in frozen pipes, ice damage and ice damming. Furthermore, the extreme cold weather results in ice dam which can cause a roof to collapse.

Water restoration coverage can protect a business when an ice dam causes roof damage. Check with the right insurance to ensure they cover any additional frozen pipes and ice damming in their storm remediation.

Apart from heavy rains and winter, hail storm can make a business owner to seek hail damage and ice damage repair. Even good quality shingles maybe unable to shield against wind damage and ice dams. The telltale signs that it’s time to get a roof repair includes water stains on the ceiling caused by flooding.

Knowing the extent of damage

A storm damage is often accompanied by flooding, a rise in ground water, flood water, and wind damage which translates to roof damage. When there’s roof leak in a business space, then it’s time to consider roof repair and adding a flood pump. While a professional agents can help assess the extent of roof damage, correcting hidden signs early can help prevent the roof leak from becoming worse through services in storm remediation. The hurricane damage signs to have on a checklist include:
• Missing shingles is a sign of a roof damage. Taking photographs can help the home restoration company to gauge the problem.
• Inspect the roof for signs of storm damage such as a fallen tree or ice dam. Apart from river flooding, the patios and decks can also pinpoint to hail damage.
• Even if the roof looks fine, the storm damage could have made the structure weak. In the process, the roof leak can start weeks or even months after the hurricane damage. Therefore, always have emergency numbers to contact insurance company who can arrange to check for any roof repairs and then give storm restoration services.
• Never try to climb on the roof as the roof damage is a sign of an unstable structure that can easily collapse with strenuous weight. Instead, wait for experts as they have the experience of how to tackle roof repair and extensive knowledge in storm remediation.

Preventing flood damage

Operating a business in an area that frequently rains or has ice damage requires water restoration methods. Using a flood pump is one primary way to protect a building. Ground water and any excess moisture that comes in through flood water can be removed using a flood pump. Frozen pipes result in inadequate drainage which can cause the flood water to rise. However, when a flood pump is strategically placed, it can increase the speed of water restoration by removing flood water.

Protection from storm damage

While people who are more at risk must have a home restoration service those with a business need a strategic help in storm remediation. The water restoration plan should aim to cover ice damming, hail damage, ice dam, wind damage, hurricane damage and any ground water damage that can make a business to come to a halt. Without storm restoration service, ice damming and the effects of river flooding can reduce the value of the property.

When choosing a home restoration and storm restoration services, the flood pump should be inclusive as it will dry the space when there’s water from river flooding. The storm restoration should also cover hurricane damage, ice dams, and hail damage.
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The Many Forms of Commercial Fire Damage

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The Many Forms of Commercial Fire Damage

Did you suffer from a fire in your business, office, or commercial property or building? A fire restoration company will be able to help you deal with the fire damage, soot damage, and smoke damage. Commercial fire damage comes in many forms. First of all, there is the regular fire damage, which includes burnt walls, ceilings, floors, and furniture. Next, there is the soot damage and smoke damage. Blackened walls and furniture are common after a fire, and so are bad odors that permeate the entire business. These odors are caused by soot and spread throughout your building through its HVAC systems. Firefighters may also cut holes in your walls to make sure that there is no trace of the fire left in between the walls. The firefighters may also shatter windows if necessary. For example, the firefighters may need to shatter the windows to be able to get the fire hose inside if there is no other route from the fire truck to the inside of that room. In addition, the firefighters may shatter windows and cut holes in order to allow ventilation inside.

Commercial fire damage also comes in the form of water damage. Water from the fire truck and fire hose will be used to put out the fire. Sometimes, it will come from the fire sprinkler system, and sometimes the fire suppression system will go off. This will drench your home, cause flooding, and soak your walls and furniture. You will also need to repair the electrical wires and the equipment in the utility room if there was a utility room fire or an electrical fire.

A fire restoration company will take a tour throughout your home to assess the extent of the commercial fire damage. Do not enter the building before they do so, as it may not be safe to enter. The fire restoration company will likely look for the source of the fire and will want to know whether the utility room fire originated from an electrical fire. They will look at the extent of the flooding caused by the fire truck and fire hose. They will check to make sure that the fire sprinkler system worked. They will check the fire suppression system as well. If the fire sprinkler system did not work, or if the fire suppression system is broken, they will look for the cause of why it did not go off.

Next, the fire damage restoration company will deal with the soot damage and the smoke damage. They will clean your walls from any soot. They will freshen your building and remove any bad odors. They will work until there is no longer any trace of any soot damage or smoke damage. They will also work to remove any water that was left over from the fire truck's fire hose. They will use special pumps to pump out any excess water. They will dry out your soaked walls and furniture using special equipment that removes all moisture.

The fire damage restoration company will then strengthen the structure of your building. They will remove certain boards and beams which can not be repaired. They will repair and reinforce certain beams and boards that can be repaired. They will probably paint the inside of your building. The fire restoration company will do any additional renovations that will help repair the damage and return your building back to normal. They will help repair your utility room after a utility room fire. The commercial fire damage restoration company will also give you advice on how to prevent another electrical fire. The company can make sure that your fire sprinkler system has no problems, and that your fire suppression system has no issues, so that damage is mitigated if another electrical fire or utility room fire occurs.
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Preventing Fire Damage 101

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Preventing Fire Damage 101

Fire in home or fire in business is something that many property owners would never want to be mentioned near them. It can cause devastation and the amount of loss that may never be recovered in the near future. Many of the property owners have taken up action to safeguard their homes or business against fire damage. They have installed fire sprinkler systems that prevent the spread of fire damage.

In the event of a fire in home or fire in business, the firefighter department of the area rushes to salvage the situation by suppressing the fire. Fire suppression is a rigorous process that involves the breaking of the doors and windows. The extent of damages left behind by the firefighters adds that to the fire damage, soot damage, smoke damage and smoke smell, you need an expert to help you.

Finding a professional commercial fire damage restoration company

In the event of a fire in home or fire in business occurs very fast that you cannot think straight. The good thing is that the majority of the restoration companies operating in the area are professionals. However, it would be necessary to check the background of the restoration companies. This will allow you to find out more about a majority of them before deciding.

Why professional commercial fire Restoration Company is the best

Using professionals, you can be sure that the work will be done promptly. Upon their arrival, the first thing they do is to assess the fire damage and come up with the plan of the best way to deal with the situation. There is soot damage that needs cleaning and the repainting of the wall to make sure that it is back to normal. The smoke damage and smoke smell have to be removed to ensure that the rooms are habitable. Various techniques could be used for fire cleanup on the walls and vents from soot damage.

Smoke damage and particularly smoke smell spreading in all the rooms is toxic and should be eliminated. The professional fire damage restoration services also ensure that the house is boarded up to prevent intruders. The importance of boarding up the premises is because walls and roofing repair may not be completed in a single day. Therefore, boarding up provides a secure working location and protects the important items from being vandalized.

Professionals fire damage restoration services

The work of a professional fire damage restoration service includes draining the water from the rooms, repairing damaged items and general repair of the rooms such as walls, wiring system, and plumbing. A fire cleanup restoration company would have professionals specialized in various aspects of commercial fire damage. The fire cleanup process is completed in speed to prevent the occurrence of other water damage related problems.

Property owners are advised not to wait for a long time before calling commercial fire damage restoration services. Delays could lead to water damage, which is an additional complication that could be costly. Other than boarding up the property, they would also ensure that soot damage, smoke damage, and smoke smell are not found on the property. It is a complete makeover to enable the business to be back on its feet soonest after commercial fire damage.

Finding the most reliable restoration company for your commercial fire damage problem would expedite the exercise and ensure that you get back to work or your normal life quickly. They also do the documentation of the various items and damages that occurred. You can use this documentation to file for commercial fire damage compensation from your insurance company.

Professional fire cleanup services are essential because they know what to do and you will be involved in every step to ensure that things go back as they were before the fire. Fire in business or fire in home is something that occurs when you are not expecting it; you need to be prepared in advance and choose restoration company to protect you from panicking if it happens.
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Emergency Ready Profile - Phone Application

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Emergency Ready Profile - Phone Application

In times of emergency it is crucial to be prepared. The Emergency Ready Profile application is a great step in the right direction of preparedness. Download the application in App Store by searching SERVPRO. You can also login and see profiles at The application allows the user to:

  • Add multiple building profiles.
  • Take pictures of shut off locations for fire sprinklers, water, and gas.
  • Add insurance information
  • Add local police and firefighter phone numbers

There are many other features within the application. One of the most popular is that of sharing the profile. Once the ERP is finished the owner of the profile can share with anyone who needs to be prepared. Now all your emergency personnel can find the shut off location just by opening their shared profile.

Disaster Preparation in Summerlin North, Sun City

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Disaster Preparation in Summerlin North, Sun City 

Disaster preparation in Sun City and Summerlin North is very important because you need to be sure that you are ready for things that could happen in the Las Vegas area. The water damage that happens could be easily handled, and the fire damage that you have can be prevented if you are ready. You also need to make sure that you have a mitigation service who is going to offer you the fast service you need with your emergency plan.  

The first part of your plan has to be how you are going to prevent fires. You know that they could happen, but the only way to make sure that they do not get out of control is to have extinguishers in the house. You can actually put sprinklers in the house, too. This means that you will be able to set everything up on your own, and then you will have something that will go off. That works in the office when you are not there, and it stops the fire quickly.

The mitigation service you get for fire damage and water damage will help you when you are in a bad place, and they will give you fast service when you need it. They can also help you set up an emergency plan that you can use when you are at home or in the office. You need to have something that tells you just what to do, and that is why these plans are so important.  

Having an Office Disaster Plan

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The Las Vegas area has a lot of potential to give you problems, and you just want to be sure that you can get the help that you need when you need it.

Disaster preparation in Sun City and Summerlin North is important, and you need to be sure that you have had a look at what you can do with the plans that you are given.

You want to have a plan that everyone in the house or the office knows, and you need to make sure that it was thought out ahead of time so that there is no problem. You do not want to be stuck when you do not have a plan, and that is why you need to do all the planning ahead of time to prevent any confusion about how your house or business will be saved. Someone can come in and fix up everything for you, and they can help you prevent these problems in the future.

Myths and Facts About Fire Sprinklers

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Myth:When a fire occurs, every sprinkler will activate and everything in the house will be ruined.

FACT: In the event of a fire, typically, only the sprinkler closest to the fire will activate, spraying water directly on the fire, leaving the rest of the house dry and secure. Roughly eighty-five percent of the time, just one sprinkler operates.

Myth: The water damage caused by fire sprinklers will be more extensive than fire damage.”

FACT: Home fire sprinklers can significantly reduce property loss and damage due to a fire. The sprinkler will quickly control the heat and smoke from the fire, limiting damage to other areas of the house, giving residents valuable time to get out safely. Any resulting water damage from the sprinkler will be much less severe than the damage caused by water from fire-fighting hose lines. Fire departments use up to eight-and-a-half times more water to extinguish a home fire as fire sprinklers would use to extinguish the same fire.

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Importance of Professional Water Damage Restoration

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Importance of Professional Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is among the most devastating moments one can experience in life. Anyone who has experienced water in home and water in business occurrence can live to tell about the dreadful moment. In the process, the water gains access to most of one’s important structures hence resulting into flood damage. Research finds that apart from tornadoes, the supply line break or pipe break is another common factor to flooded home. It is therefore important that in case of any pipe break or supply line break, one should not ignore the case. Instead, it is commendable to seek help from restoration professionals. This will ensure no flood damage is experienced. In case of a flooded home, one will need the services of the water damage, restoration company for water cleanup and drying. There are several mitigation tips one can inquire for, from the restoration company in case of flood damage.

Availability of Restoration Company

Locally based renovation companies are the best in case you are looking to hire one. For one reason, they are much closer compared to others and they are able to offer a quick response. This is with the frequent issues of supply line break or pipe break that have recently become common. In addition, it is much easier and better when one works closely with the local restoration urgencies for convenience and accuracy. This is observed especially in cases of insurance transactions where one must be sure of quality services paid for. With this in place, the occurrence of floods can never be an issue.

Avoid Risks of Self Flood Damage Restoration

As we all know, flood damage can be quite a big and tiring task to execute. Besides, one is not always armed with efficient tools to undergo the process of a flooded home. So, for some reasons, it can be very dangerous to implement it on your own. In addition, this can only lead to more severe damages than was expected. For instance, in the process of fixing the pipe break/supply line break, the condition might worsen than to improve. On the contrary, a restoration company has numerous established machines that are suitable for the whole mitigation processes. Besides, they are professionals and are qualified to carry out any form of water restoration.

Complete Help on Water in Home Restoration

In the event of water in business or water in home, it is recommended that you should not handle it yourself. The mitigation process of water damage can be an overwhelming task to an individual. It is therefore important that you seek help from experts. The flood damage experts are equipped with sufficient tools, which enable quick mitigation processes, hence completing the water cleanup and drying process. This as opposed to the individual process, can take longer and as a result, it can lead to further water damage to one’s property.

Efficiency on the Course of Water Cleanup

The restoration company is responsible for all your water in home nightmares. Whether you are experiencing water in home or water in business, leave it all to the mitigation experts. Once consulted, the water damage professionals will first ensure your safety. They therefore, will start on repairing or replacing the source of water to your flooded home. This can be as a result of pipe break and supply line break. Afterwards, the restoration team will ensure a quick water cleanup with their efficient machines. This will eventually save on much harm to your structure.

The Process Improvement and Remediation

Mold growth is also as a result of a flooded house, water in home and water in business. It is among the water damage that occurs as a result of moisture. One way to escape such cases is to consult the mitigation services. These services normally ensure a perfect water cleanup and drying. This is especially essential in an instance when you experience mold growths around your appliances. Since we do not have the necessary equipment, the water cleanup and drying processes are well left to the water restoration professional.
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Getting Back on Your Feet After a Fire

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Getting Back on Your Feet After a Fire

More often than not, fire is the leading culprit causing soot damage and smoke damage of unimaginable extent. Fire can occur under a myriad of circumstances e.g. electrical fire, utility room fire, destroying most if not everything in its path.

Fire suppression measures by a firefighter can leave a property owner dealing with different kinds of fire damage. Soot damage, water damage, as well as smoke damage consequently adding on to loss levels, leaving him completely devastated. Especially in the event of commercial fire damage. The buildings fire sprinkler system is also responsible for some element of water damage.

The process of starting over is tedious and quite unbearable to say the least but also necessary after all, life has got to move on. Commercial fire damage can cost the owner revenue loss, joblessness and lack of productivity. It is therefore imperative that he quickly works to revert his property back to the state it was before the occurrence of fire.

It is advisable to first consult the services of a fire restoration expert to help in the fire restoration process. This will save him time and effort that he otherwise wouldn't have in the event that he was going through the process by himself.

This situation calls for certain measures to be input as a form of precaution during the fire restoration process. This process need not wait too long to commence, if anything property owners are advised to begin immediately.

There are different kinds of fire. This includes, electrical fire and utility room fire which can all lead mainly to commercial fire damage. What steps does he take to recover after the fire is put off? Do you call the fire truck, look for a fire hose, or turn on the water sprinkler system? Below is a guide on procedures to follow.

Emergency Contact

Property owners should have firefighter contacts on speed dial to aid in fire suppression in case of fire. Most companies have their contacts readily available all over towns and neighborhoods. The firefighting companies have restoration experts accompanying them making it convenient for them to begin the restoration efforts after firefighters are done. Their machinery includes a fire truck, fire hose among others. They have all the necessary equipment to carry out restoration.

Assessment of Damage Caused

At this point a firefighter keenly goes through the whole building affected by fire. They do this to get an idea of the extent of fire damage, soot damage and smoke damage. Thereafter the property owner is presented with a quotation detailing the extent of fire damage. The quotation explains whether it was an electrical fire or a utility room fire. The quotation is important as it acts as a point of reference for insurance companies. Insurance companies depend on quotes by restoration experts to determine compensation.

Guarantee Security of Your Property

Doors and windows weaken to a huge extent as a result of fire. This makes it easy for burglars and looters to take advantage. It can be horrifying for the property owner to undergo further loss.

Soot Damage and Smoke Damage Extraction

This involves sanitation and cleaning up of soot and smoke caused by electrical fire or utility room fire. All the furniture is cleaned, walls, ceiling and other areas. A fire fighter can use a fire hose, a fire truck for this purpose. A fire sprinkler system also comes in handy in this situation.

Water Damage Control

After the fire suppression takes place, through the help of fire sprinkler systems, a fire truck and fire hose, there is extreme water damage in addition to the fire damage. Fire restoration contractors revert to employing specific techniques aimed at extracting water and drying. This can be done by turning off the fire sprinkler system and using dehumidifying equipment which can help clear smoke damage and soot damage altogether.

Total Restoration of Premises

This is the final stage of fire restoration. In case of commercial fire damage, works like painting and re-building of walls, ceilings, plumbing works and polishing of tiles used in flooring is done. Efforts like installing a fire hose with water supply are put in place to aid in fire suppression in case of another fire.
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A Guide to Storm Damage Restoration

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A Guide to Storm Damage Restoration

Of recent, there has been significant hurricane damage or ice damming which has resulted into wind damage and flooding. Globally, many areas have witnessed an adverse hurricane damage and change in weather pattern which resulted either in wind damage, ice damming or major flooding. The result of this has been massive losses into the homeowners and the community as a whole as a result of storm damage. One of the significant and critical occurrences is storm damage, ice damming and flooding. The hurricane damage has resulted in severe losses as the homes have been washed away or the items in the house. It has made it expensive, especially roof repair and storm remediation. So what next after the storm and the Flood?

Seek professional help

In case of river flooding, hail damage or ice damming in the house does not hesitate to seek professional help in home restoration. They will have the solution to the roof repair and storm remediation. by the use of the machines like flood pump.The expertise has the skills to remove the flood water thus reducing the storm damage. With a modern flood pump, the flood water in the room will get removed quickly and efficiently though storm restoration manuals. Also, the storm recovery firms have enough workers that will work out to see that your home restoration is quickly. As storm restoration is a new service, the market has been invaded by different companies; it’s advisable always to seek services from a reputable company who have the ability to solve occurrences such as wind damage or hurricane damage. In the determination of storm restoration ability this you can check their review on their website, and the years they have been in storm remediation operation. The longer the company has been in storm remediation. operation, the higher the chance that they are skilled and with the right workers and flood pump to remove ground water. Remember not all the storm restoration company can remove the moisture and ensure they accurately perform roof repair. Care should be taken to ensure you only get the services of storm remediation firms who are test proven in the industry to remove ground water.

Procedure for job conduct

Experts in the ice damage will start by accessing roof damage, hail damage or ground water.It is important as it determines the level of the storm damage or hail damage to enable storm remediation. Earlier contact with the restoration companies prevents the severity of the storm damage that results from maybe soaking of essential items and acceleration of the roof damage thus increasing the cost of roof repair. The storm remediation companies offer both internal services (roof damage and ground water) and external service (river flooding or wind damage) with the help of flood pump thus making the stay comfortable. The storm remediation firms having pumps and tracks will ensure that within a few hours your home will be returned to normal. Also, the assessment of the roof damage, hail damage or ice dam level is necessary for the claim of insurance coverage and storm restoration and hence home restoration after flooding.


With the environmental friendly water restoration and risk-free equipment, the water restoration companies will extract all the waters most safely hence achieving better home restoration. It prevents further roof damage that could be incurred if other methods like manual means were used to remove the water. The other advantage is that the company will repair the broken parts or roof leak. If the river flooding is severe, the water restoration firm can evacuate the occupants of the rooms, clear the frozen pipes and move them into a safer place.

Other benefits of using the storm restoration companies are that they got the capabilities to airlift the victims if they are in a river flooded or ice damaged areas. The range of equipment ensures that drying and the dehumidification process goes on smoothly hence achieving better water restoration. It makes it possible to return to the rooms after a short spell of time. The machine eradicates the moisture from electrical appliances, dry furniture, and kitchenware and also prevents the roof leak or ice damage. It is important as it prevents frozen pipes from spoiling which could result in significant losses in roof repair or ice damage.

Restoration process

After drying flood water and emptying the frozen pipes, the recovery process begins to prevent further ice damage or ice dam. The wallboards, electrical wiring, and roof leak get checked for any defaults. It is followed by the analyzing of flood water or ice dam damage level of the items. Based on the degree of the roof leak the protection mechanism for the house begins. It is important as it protects the equipment from the roof leak , frozen pipes and the mold. Lastly, the remodeling occurs making it possible to resume normal activities.

The river flooding or ice dam area is not safe for the children and the adults. It can become breeding grounds for the disease-causing pests which would result in the death of the occupants. Quick cleaning and drying of the flooded areas would result in a safer environment and reduce the losses.
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